Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 8 The enhancement of iron fuel cell on bio-cathode denitrification and its mechanism as well as the microbial community analysis of bio-cathode
Li ZH, Zhang QH, Jiang QR, Zhan GQ, Li DP
9 - 17 Preparation of immobilized lipase by modified polyacrylonitrile hollow membrane using nitrile-click chemistry
Li YR, Wang HR, Lu JW, Chu A, Zhang L, Ding ZY, Xu S, Gu ZH, Shi GY
18 - 24 Nitrification/denitrification shaped the mercury-oxidizing microbial community for simultaneous Hg-0 and NO removal
Huang ZS, Wei ZS, Xiao XL, Tang MR, Li BL, Zhang X
25 - 32 Effects of biomass pyrolysis derived wood vinegar (WVG) on extracellular polymeric substances and performances of activated sludge
Zhang F, Yang HP, Guo DB, Zhang SH, Chen HP, Shao JA
33 - 42 Modeling the anaerobic co-digestion of solid waste: From batch to semi-continuous simulation
Kouas M, Torrijos M, Sousbie P, Harmand J, Sayadi S
43 - 47 Biogas production from the liquid waste of distilled gin production: Optimization of UASB reactor performance with increasing organic loading rate for co-digestion with swine wastewater
Montes JA, Leivas R, Martinez-Prieto D, Rico C
48 - 55 Magnetic chitosan-hydroxyapatite composite microspheres: Preparation, characterization, and application for the adsorption of phenolic substances
Fan SL, Huang ZQ, Zhang YJ, Hu HY, Liang XQ, Gong SX, Zhou J, Tu R
56 - 64 Ammonium removal characteristics of an acid-resistant bacterium Acinetobacter sp. JR1 from pharmaceutical wastewater capable of heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification
Yang JR, Wang Y, Chen H, Lyu YK
65 - 72 Energy-efficient substrate pasteurisation for combined production of shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) and bioethanol
Xiong SJ, Martin C, Eilertsen L, Wei MG, Myronycheva O, Larsson SH, Lestander TA, Atterhem L, Jonsson LJ
73 - 82 Thermal conversion of a promising phytoremediation plant (Symphytum officinale L.) into biochar: Dynamic of potentially toxic elements and environmental acceptability assessment of the biochar
Du J, Zhang L, Liu T, Xiao R, Li RH, Guo D, Qiu L, Yang XM, Zhang ZQ
83 - 88 Physicochemical characteristics and pyrolysis performance of corn stalk torrefied in aqueous ammonia by microwave heating
Hu J, Jiang BX, Wang J, Qiao YH, Zuo TY, Sun YH, Jiang XX
89 - 96 Enhancement of sugar production from coconut husk based on the impact of the combination of surfactant-assisted subcritical water and enzymatic hydrolysis
Muharja M, Umam DK, Pertiwi D, Zuhdan J, Nurtono T, Widjaja A
97 - 104 Benefit of solid-liquid separation on volatile fatty acid production from grass clipping with ultrasound-calcium hydroxide pretreatment
Wang SQ, Tao X, Zhang GM, Zhang PY, Wang HJ, Ye JP, Li F, Zhang Q, Nabi M
105 - 112 Augmenting nitrogen removal by periphytic biofilm strengthened via upconversion phosphors (UCPs)
Wang Y, Zhu Y, Sun PF, Liu JZ, Zhu NY, Tang J, Wong PK, Fan H, Wu YH
113 - 119 Performance and kinetics of triclocarban removal by entrapped Pseudomonas fluorescens strain MC46
Taweetanawanit P, Ratpukdi T, Siripattanakul-Ratpukdi S
120 - 126 High-efficiency cell disruption and astaxanthin recovery from Haematococcus pluvialis cyst cells using room-temperature imidazoliumbased ionic liquid/water mixtures
Choi SA, Oh YK, Lee J, Sim SJ, Hong ME, Park JY, Kim MS, Kim SW, Lee JS
127 - 133 Energy recovery potential of thermophilic high-solids co-digestion of coffee processing wastewater and waste activated sludge by anaerobic membrane bioreactor
Chen R, Wen W, Jiang HY, Lei Z, Li MZ, Li YY
134 - 144 Ice-templated graphene oxide/chitosan aerogel as an effective adsorbent for sequestration of metanil yellow dye
Lai KC, Hiew BYZ, Lee LY, Gan SY, Thangalazhy-Gopakumar S, Chiu WS, Khiew PS
145 - 152 Co-pyrolysis of microalgae and plastic: Characteristics and interaction effects
Tang ZY, Chen W, Chen YQ, Yang HP, Chen HP
153 - 161 Food waste fermentation in a leach bed reactor: Reactor performance, and microbial ecology and dynamics
Xiong ZY, Hussain A, Lee J, Lee HS
162 - 172 A novel hay-derived biochar for removal of tetracyclines in water
Jang HM, Kan E
173 - 179 Production of phenolic compounds using waste coir pith: Estimation of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters
Awasthi A, Dhyani V, Biswas B, Kumar J, Bhaskar T
180 - 189 Digestate mechanical separation: Efficiency profiles based on anaerobic digestion feedstock and equipment choice
Guilayn F, Jimenez J, Rouez M, Crest M, Patureau D
190 - 197 Direct conversion of cellulose into sorbitol catalyzed by a bifunctional catalyst
Li ZY, Liu Y, Liu CF, Wu SB, Wei WQ
198 - 206 Hyperthermophilic composting accelerates the humification process of sewage sludge: Molecular characterization of dissolved organic matter using EEM-PARAFAC and two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy
Yu Z, Liu XM, Zhao MH, Zhao WQ, Liu J, Tang J, Liao HP, Chen Z, Zhou SG
207 - 214 Numerical simulation and experiment on catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapors in V-shaped downer reactors
Zhang YC, Yi WM, Fu P, Li ZH, Wang NN, Tian CY
215 - 224 Electroporation of harvest residues for enhanced biogas production in anaerobic co-digestion with dairy cow manure
Durdica K, Davor K, Slavko R, Daria J, Robert S, Tisma M
225 - 231 An integrated approach for waste activated sludge management towards electric energy production/resource reuse
Xin XD, Hong JM, He JG, Qiu W
232 - 243 Digestate treatment with algae-bacteria consortia: A field pilot-scale experimentation in a sub-optimal climate area
Pizzera A, Scaglione D, Bellucci M, Marazzi F, Mezzanotte V, Parati K, Ficara E
244 - 251 Enhanced alure-type biological system (E-ATBS) for carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus removal from slaughterhouse wastewater: A case study
Tong S, Wang SW, Zhao Y, Feng CP, Xu BC, Zhu M
252 - 260 Biomass and lipid production from Chlorella vulgaris UTEX 26 cultivated in 2 m(3) raceway ponds under semicontinuous mode during the spring season
Ramirez-Lopez C, Perales-Vela HV, Fernandez-Linares L
261 - 266 Bioethanol production from bamboo with alkali-catalyzed liquid hot water pretreatment
Yang HY, Shi ZJ, Xu GF, Qin YJ, Deng J, Yang J
267 - 271 Adding maize cobs to vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlands treating marine recirculating aquaculture system effluents: Carbon releasing kinetics and intensified nitrogen removal
Li M, Sun LL, Song XF
272 - 280 Using non-ionic surfactant as an accelerator to increase extracellular lipid production by oleaginous yeast Cryptococcus curvatus MUCL 29819
Huang XF, Wang YH, Shen Y, Peng KM, Lu LJ, Liu J
281 - 286 A comparative investigation of fast pyrolysis with enzymatic hydrolysis for fermentable sugars production from cellulose
Jiang LQ, Zheng AQ, Meng JG, Wang XB, Zhao ZL, Li HB
287 - 295 Solid-state anaerobic digestion facilitates the removal of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile genetic elements from cattle manure
Sun W, Gu J, Wang XJ, Qian X, Peng HL
296 - 301 Co-liquefaction of Prosopis juliflora with polyolefin waste for production of high grade liquid hydrocarbons
Arun J, Gopinath KP, SundarRajan P, JoselynMonica M, Felix V
302 - 312 Microbial electrolysis using aqueous fractions derived from Tail-Gas Recycle Pyrolysis of willow and guayule
Satinover SJ, Elkasabi Y, Nunez A, Rodriguez M, Borole AP
313 - 320 Treatment of low C/N ratio wastewater and biomass production using co-culture of Chlorella vulgaris and activated sludge in a batch photobioreactor
Zhu SN, Qin L, Feng PZ, Shang CH, Wang ZM, Yuan ZH
321 - 328 Physicochemical and microbiological monitoring of anaerobic digestion at laboratory and low cost tubular digester
Quintero M, Alzate M, Patino F, Arboleda A, Pinzon Y, Mantilla A, Escalante H
329 - 334 Food waste-derived volatile fatty acids platform using an immersed membrane bioreactor
Wainaina S, Parchami M, Mahboubi A, Horvath IS, Taherzadeh MJ
335 - 342 Biohythane production of post-hydrothermal liquefaction wastewater: A comparison of two-stage fermentation and catalytic hydrothermal gasification
Si BC, Watson J, Aierzhati A, Yang LB, Liu ZD, Zhang YH
343 - 352 Improvement on bioprocess economics for 2,3-butanediol production from very high polarity cane sugar via optimisation of bioreactor operation
Maina S, Stylianou E, Vogiatzi E, Vlysidis A, Mallouchos A, Nychas GJE, de Castro AM, Dheskali E, Kookos IK, Koutinas A
353 - 360 Engineering of multiple modular pathways for high-yield production of 5-aminolevulinic acid in Escherichia coli
Zhang JL, Weng HJ, Zhou ZX, Du GC, Kang Z
361 - 370 A semi-mechanistic model describing the influence of light and temperature on the respiration and photosynthetic growth of Chlorella vulgaris
Manhaeghe D, Michels S, Rousseau DPL, Van Hulle SWH
371 - 378 Continuous production of aprepitant chiral intermediate by immobilized amidase in a packed bed bioreactor
Lin CP, Wu ZM, Tang XL, Hao CL, Zheng RC, Zheng YG
379 - 385 A novel electrochemical modification combined with one-step pyrolysis for preparation of sustainable thorn-like iron-based biochar composites
Yang F, Zhang SS, Sun YQ, Du Q, Song JP, Tsang DCW
386 - 394 Synergy of partial-denitrification and anammox in continuously fed upflow sludge blanket reactor for simultaneous nitrate and ammonia removal at room temperature
Du R, Cao SB, Li BK, Zhang HY, Wang SY, Peng YZ
395 - 402 Valorization of microalgal biomass by hydrothermal carbonization and anaerobic digestion
Marin-Batista JD, Villamil JA, Rodriguez JJ, Mohedano AF, de la Rubia MA
403 - 409 Development of methanogens within cathodic biofilm in the single-chamber microbial electrolysis cell
Li X, Zeng CP, Lu YB, Liu GL, Luo HP, Zhang RD
410 - 417 Dynamics of fungal diversity and interactions with environmental elements in response to wheat straw biochar amended poultry manure composting
Duan YM, Awasthi SK, Liu T, Chen HY, Zhang ZQ, Wang Q, Ren XN, Tu ZN, Awasthi MK, Taherzadeh MJ
418 - 424 Key role of cyromazine in the distribution of antibiotic resistance genes and bacterial community variation in aerobic composting
Guo HH, Gu J, Wang XJ, Tuo XX, Yu J, Zhang RR
425 - 429 Establishing a decision-support system for eco-design of biological wastewater treatment: A case study of bioaugmented constructed wetland
Zhao XY, Bai SW, Zhang XD
430 - 438 Enhanced volatile fatty acids production from waste activated sludge anaerobic fermentation by adding tofu residue
Huang XD, Zhao JW, Xu QX, Li XM, Wang DB, Yang Q, Liu Y, Tao ZLT
439 - 446 Pyrolysis of blend (oil palm biomass and sawdust) biomass using TG-MS
Salema AA, Ting RMW, Shang YK
447 - 458 Performance and microbial community of an electric biological integration reactor (EBIR) for treatment of wastewater containing ibuprofen
Feng Y, Long YY, Wang ZW, Wang XW, Shi N, Suo N, Shi YL, Yu YZ
459 - 467 Delignification overmatches hemicellulose removal for improving hydrolysis of wheat straw using the enzyme cocktail from Aspergillus niger
Wang JH, Chen XT, Chio CL, Yang C, Su EZ, Jin YC, Cao FL, Qin WS
468 - 478 Occurrence, diversity, and persistence of antibiotic resistant enterococci in full-scale constructed wetlands treating urban wastewater in Sicily
Russo N, Pino A, Toscano A, Cirelli GL, Caggia C, Arioli S, Randazzo CL
479 - 487 Development and benefit evaluation of fermentation strategies for poly (malic acid) production from malt syrup by Aureobasidium melanogenum GXZ-6
Zeng W, Zhang B, Li MX, Ding S, Chen GG, Liang ZQ
488 - 495 Fate of antibiotic resistance genes during anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: Role of solids retention times in different configurations
Zhang JY, Liu JB, Lu TD, Shen PH, Zhong H, Tong J, Wei YS
496 - 501 Effects of light-dark cycles on photosynthetic bacteria wastewater treatment and valuable substances production
Zhi R, Yang AQ, Zhang GM, Zhu YC, Meng F, Li XY
502 - 511 Hydrothermal pretreatment of source separated organics for enhanced solubilization and biomethane recovery
Razavi AS, Koupaie EH, Azizi A, Hafez H, Elbeshbishy E
512 - 517 Biotransformation of bakery industry sludge into valuable product using vermicomposting
Yadav A, Garg VK
518 - 524 Bacterial cellulose production by Acetobacter xylinum ATCC 23767 using tobacco waste extract as culture medium
Ye JB, Zheng SS, Zhang Z, Yang F, Ma K, Feng YJ, Zheng JQ, Mao DB, Yang XP
525 - 532 Fabrication of bean dreg-derived carbon with high adsorption for methylene blue: Effect of hydrothermal pretreatment and pyrolysis process
Wang B, Zhai YB, Wang TF, Li SH, Peng C, Wang ZX, Li CT, Xu BB
533 - 540 Process intensification of anaerobic digestion: Influence on mixing and process performance
McLeod JD, Othman MZ, Parthasarathy R
541 - 548 Evaluating environmental benefits of low-cost biogas digesters in small-scale farms in Colombia: A life cycle assessment
Garfi M, Castro L, Montero N, Escalante H, Ferrer I
549 - 556 Coupling of abiotic stresses and phytohormones for the production of lipids and high-value by-products by microalgae: A review
Zhao YT, Wang HP, Han BY, Yu XY
557 - 560 Selective inhibition of methanogenesis by acetylene in single chamber microbial electrolysis cells
Wang LG, Trujillo S, Liu H