Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 7 An aggregated understanding of cellulase adsorption and hydrolysis for ball-milled cellulose
Lu MS, Li JB, Han LJ, Xiao WH
8 - 15 Daptomycin adsorption on magnetic ultra-fine wood-based biochars from water: Kinetics, isotherms, and mechanism studies
Ai T, Jiang XJ, Liu QY, Lv LL, Wu H
16 - 24 Biomass microspheres - A new method for characterization of biomass pyrolysis and shrinkage
Zolghadr A, Kelley MD, Sokhansefat G, Moradian M, Sullins B, Ley T, Biernacki JJ
25 - 33 Positive impact of biochar amendment on thermal balance during swine manure composting at relatively low ambient temperature
Liu HT, Wang LX, Lei M
34 - 39 Microwave-assisted co-pyrolysis of Chlorella vulgaris and wood sawdust using different additives
Chen L, Yu ZS, Xu H, Wan KY, Liao YF, Ma XQ
40 - 48 Performance and microbial protein expression during anaerobic treatment of alkali-decrement wastewater using a strengthened circulation anaerobic reactor
Yang B, Wang Q, Ye JS, Xu H, Liu YB, Li F, Song XS, Liu JS, Wang ZW, Sand W
49 - 55 Biodegradation of metal complex Naphthol Green B and formation of iron-sulfur nanoparticles by marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp CF10-13
Cheng SH, Li N, Jiang L, Li YT, Xu BH, Zhou WZ
56 - 62 Effect of hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin on the cometabolism of phenol and phenanthrene by a novel Chryseobacterium sp.
Xiao M, Yin XY, Gai HJ, Ma HL, Qi YF, Li K, Hua X, Sun M, Song HB
63 - 69 Characteristics of ultra-fine bubble water and its trials on enhanced methane production from waste activated sludge
Wang D, Yang XJ, Tian CX, Lei ZF, Kobayashi N, Kobayashi M, Adachi Y, Shimizu K, Zhang ZY
70 - 76 Carbonization and ball milling on the enhancement of Pb(II) adsorption by wheat straw: Competitive effects of ion exchange and precipitation
Cao YY, Xiao WH, Shen GH, Ji GY, Zhang Y, Gao CF, Han LJ
77 - 85 Enhancing the production of light olefins and aromatics from catalytic fast pyrolysis of cellulose in a dual-catalyst fixed bed reactor
Yang MF, Shao JA, Yang HP, Zeng K, Wu ZS, Chen YQ, Bai XW, Chen HP
86 - 92 Lactic acid production from glucose and xylose using the lactogenic Escherichia coli strain JU15: Experiments and techno-economic results
Parra-Ramirez D, Martinez A, Cardona CA
93 - 102 Evaluation of inhibitory effect and feasible utilization of dilute acid-pretreated rice straws on succinate production by metabolically engineered Escherichia coli AS1600a
Jampatesh S, Sawisit A, Wong N, Jantama SS, Jantama K
103 - 113 Arthrospira maxima OF15 biomass cultivation at laboratory and pilot scale from sugarcane vinasse for potential biological new peptides production
Montalvo GEB, Thomaz-Soccol V, Vandenberghe LPS, Carvalho JC, Faulds CB, Bertrand E, Prado MRM, Bonatto SJR, Soccol CR
114 - 121 Evaluating novel fungal secretomes for efficient saccharification and fermentation of composite sugars derived from hydrolysate and molasses into ethanol
Brar KK, Agrawal D, Chadha BS, Lee H
122 - 129 Efficacy of Cu(II) as an electron -shuttle mediator for improved bioelectricity generation and Cr(VI) reduction in microbial fuel cells
Li M, Zhou SQ
130 - 135 Both cell envelope and cytoplasm were the locations for chromium(VI) reduction by Bacillus sp. M6
Li MK, He ZG, Hu YT, Hu L, Zhong H
136 - 143 Microwave assisted hydrothermal preparation of rice straw hydrochars for adsorption of organics and heavy metals
Li Y, Tsend N, Li TK, Liu HY, Yang RQ, Gai XK, Wang HP, Shan SD
144 - 152 Effects of probiotics and nutrients addition on the microbial community and fermentation quality of peanut hull
Pan T, Xiang HY, Diao TT, Ma W, Shi C, Xu Y, Xie QH
153 - 158 Catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass: Selective deoxygenation to balance the quality and yield of bio-oil
Chen X, Chen YQ, Yang HP, Wang XH, Che QF, Chen W, Chen HP
159 - 168 Co-gasification of high ash biomass and high ash coal in downdraft gasifier
Thengane SK, Gupta A, Mahajani SM
169 - 176 Organic removal and synthesis of biopolymer from synthetic oily bilge water using the novel mixed bacterial consortium
Uma V, Gandhimathi R
177 - 184 Comprehensive characterization of microalgal isolates and lipid-extracted biomass as zero-waste bioenergy feedstock: An integrated bioremediation and biorefinery approach
Mishra S, Mohanty K
185 - 195 Specific quorum sensing signal molecules inducing the social behaviors of microbial populations in anaerobic digestion
Zhang YP, Li JZ, Liu FQ, Yan H, Li JL, Zhang X, Jha AK
196 - 202 Improving the production of a novel antifungal alteramide B in Lysobacter enzymogenes OH11 by strengthening metabolic flux and precursor supply
Tang B, Laborda P, Sun C, Xu GG, Zhao YC, Liu FQ
203 - 211 Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in manure-free piggery wastewater with high-strength ammonium for nutrients removal and biomass production: Effect of ammonium concentration, carbon/nitrogen ratio and pH
Zheng HL, Wu XD, Zou GY, Zhou T, Liu YH, Ruan R
212 - 219 Dynamics of a microbial community during ensiling and upon aerobic exposure in lactic acid bacteria inoculation-treated and untreated barley silages
Liu BY, Huan HL, Gu HR, Xu NX, Shen Q, Ding CL
220 - 230 Efficient L-lactic acid production from corncob residue using metabolically engineered thermo-tolerant yeast
Kong X, Zhang B, Hua Y, Zhu YL, Li WJ, Wang DM, Hong J
231 - 236 Synergy of hemicelluloses removal and bovine serum albumin blocking of lignin for enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis
Ding DY, Li PY, Zhang XM, Ramaswamy S, Xu F
237 - 243 Chlorella vulgaris as a green biofuel factory: Comparison between biodiesel, biogas and combustible biomass production
Sakarika M, Kornaros M
244 - 250 Theoretical modelling of the chemical reactivity of fresh under non-catalytic conditions
Wang XH, Song QS, Wang N, Su H, Zeng XJ, Yang WB
251 - 258 Microwave-assisted low-temperature hydrothermal treatment of red seaweed (Gracilaria lemaneiformis) for production of levulinic acid and algae hydrochar
Cao LC, Yu IKM, Cho DW, Wang D, Tsang DCW, Zhang SC, Ding SM, Wang LL, Ok YS
259 - 268 Additional reduction of antibiotic resistance genes and human bacterial pathogens via thermophilic aerobic digestion of anaerobically digested sludge
Jang HM, Choi S, Shin J, Kan E, Kim YM
269 - 276 Simultaneous fermentation of biomass-derived sugars to ethanol by a co culture of an engineered Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Wang L, York SW, Ingram LO, Shanmugam KT
277 - 287 Increased carbohydrate production from carbon dioxide in randomly mutated cells of cyanobacterial strain Synechocystis sp. PCC 6714: Bioprocess understanding and evaluation of productivities
Kamravamanesh D, Slouka C, Limbeck A, Lackner M, Herwig C
288 - 296 Economical lipid production from Trichosporon oleaginosus via dissolved oxygen adjustment and crude glycerol addition
Zhang XL, Chen JX, Wu D, Li J, Tyagi RD, Surampalli RY
297 - 304 Cost-effective wastewater treatment in a continuous manner by a novel biophotoelectrolysis cell (BPE) system
Sun H, Zhao WY, Mao XM, Ren YY, Wu T, Chen F
305 - 312 Quantitation of fast hydrolysis of cellulose catalyzed by its substituents for potential biomass conversion
Mu BN, Xu HL, Li W, Yang YQ
313 - 319 Photosystem I fluorescence as a physiological indicator of hydrogen production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Anandraj A, White S, Mutanda T
320 - 325 From batch to fed-batch and to continuous packed-bed reactors: Lipase catalyzed esterifications in low viscous deep-eutectic-solvents with buffer as cosolvent
Guajardo N, Schrebler RA, de Maria PD
326 - 334 Triacylglycerols accumulation and glycolipids secretion by the oleaginous yeast Rhodotorula babjevae Y-SL7: Structural identification and biotechnological applications
Guerfali M, Ayadi I, Mohamed N, Ayadi W, Belghith H, Bronze MR, Ribeiro MHL, Gargouri A
335 - 340 High-efficiency removal of Pb(II) and humate by a CeO2-MoS2 hybrid magnetic biochar
Li RH, Deng HX, Zhang XF, Wang JJ, Awasthi MK, Wang Q, Xiao R, Zhou BY, Du J, Zhang ZQ
341 - 349 Performance and potential appraisal of various microalgae as direct combustion fuel
Choi HI, Lee JS, Choi JW, Shin YS, Sung YJ, Hong ME, Kwak HS, Kim CY, Sim SJ
350 - 357 Piggery wastewater treatment by aerobic granular sludge: Granulation process and antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria removal and transport
Wang S, Ma XX, Wang YY, Du GC, Tay JH, Li J
358 - 367 Biomass production and biochemical profiles of a freshwater microalga Chlorella kessleri in mixotrophic culture: Effects of light intensity and photoperiodicity
Deng XY, Chen B, Xue CY, Li D, Hu XL, Gao K
368 - 376 Effect of ammonium nitrogen on microalgal growth, biochemical composition and photosynthetic performance in mixotrophic cultivation
Li XT, Li W, Zhai J, Wei HX, Wang QF
377 - 385 Production of natamycin by Streptomyces gilvosporeus Z28 through solid-state fermentation using agro-industrial residues
Zeng X, Miao WY, Zeng HW, Zhao K, Zhou YL, Zhang J, Zhao QX, Tursun D, Xu DY, Li F
386 - 393 Adsorptive remediation of cobalt oxide nanoparticles by magnetized a cellulose fibers from waste paper biomass
Kadam A, Saratale RG, Shinde S, Yang J, Hwang K, Mistry B, Saratale GD, Lone S, Kim DY, Sung JS, Ghodake G
394 - 403 Effects and mechanisms of ultrasound- and alkali-assisted enzymolysis on production of water-soluble yeast beta-glucan
Zheng ZM, Huang QL, Luo XG, Xiao YD, Cai WF, Ma HY
404 - 415 Enhanced accumulation of alpha-linolenic acid rich lipids in indigenous freshwater microalga Desmodesmus sp.: The effect of low-temperature on nutrient replete, UV treated and nutrient stressed cultures
Sijil PV, Sarada R, Chauhan VS
416 - 424 Effect of feed glucose and acetic acid on continuous biohydrogen production by Thermotoga neapolitana
Dreschke G, Papirio S, Sisinni DMG, Lens PNL, Esposito G
425 - 430 Enhancing methane production of excess sludge and dewatered sludge with combined low frequency CaO-ultrasonic pretreatment
Yuan HR, Guan RL, Wachemo AC, Zhu C, Zou DX, Li Y, Liu YP, Zuo XY, Li XJ
431 - 438 Turbo thin film continuous flow production of biodiesel from fungal biomass
Sitepu EK, Jones DB, Zhang ZY, Tang YH, Leterme SC, Heimann K, Raston CL, Zhang W
439 - 445 A pilot-scale biomass pyrolytic poly-generation plant performance study and self-sufficiency assessment
Cong HB, Zhao LX, Masek O, Yao ZL, Meng HB, Huo LL, Ma T, Hu EF
446 - 453 Enhanced butyric acid production using mixed biomass of brown algae and rice straw by Clostridium tyrobutyricum ATCC25755
Oh HJ, Kim KY, Lee KM, Lee SM, Gong G, Oh MK, Um Y
454 - 461 Effects of individual and combined zinc oxide nanoparticle, norfloxacin, and sulfamethazine contamination on sludge anaerobic digestion
Zhao L, Ji Y, Sun PZ, Deng JH, Wang HY, Yang YK
462 - 467 Rapid reformation of larger aerobic granular sludge in an internal-circulation membrane bioreactor after long-term operation: Effect of short-time aeration
Chen GP, Bin LY, Tang B, Huang SS, Li P, Fu FL, Wu LY, Yang ZW
468 - 477 Biomethane from Short Rotation Forestry and Microalgal Open Ponds: System Modeling and Life Cycle Assessment
Tasca AL, di Capaci RB, Tognotti L, Puccini M
478 - 486 Long-term evaluation of methane production in a bio-electrochemical anaerobic digestion reactor according to the organic loading rate
Park JG, Lee B, Park HR, Jun HB
487 - 495 Response of nitritation performance and microbial community structure in sequencing biofilm batch reactors filled with different zeolite and alkalinity ratio
Chen J, Wang RX, Wang XJ, Chen ZG, Feng XH, Qin MZ
496 - 505 On-board saline black water treatment by bioaugmentation original marine bacteria with Pseudoalteromonas sp. SCSE709-6 and the associated microbial community
Jiang L, Chen X, Qin M, Cheng SH, Wang YX, Zhou WZ
506 - 514 Integrated process for anaerobically digested swine manure treatment
Wang L, Addy M, Liu J, Nekich C, Zhang RC, Peng P, Cheng YL, Cobb K, Liu YH, Wang HL, Ruan R
515 - 520 One-step continuous/semi-continuous whole-cell catalysis production of glycolic acid by a combining bioprocess with in-situ cell recycling and electrodialysis
Hua X, Cao R, Zhou X, Xu Y
521 - 528 Lignin-first biomass fractionation using a hybrid organosolv - Steam explosion pretreatment technology improves the saccharification and fermentability of spruce biomass
Matsakas L, Raghavendran V, Yakimenko O, Persson G, Olsson E, Rova U, Olsson L, Christakopoulos P
529 - 537 Elucidating the impact of influent pollutant loadings on pollutants removal in agricultural waste-based constructed wetlands treating low C/N wastewater
Wang RG, Zhao X, Liu H, Wu HM
538 - 544 Kinetic understanding of nitrogen supply condition on biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate from benzoate by Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Xu ZY, Li XL, Hao NJ, Pan C, de la Torre L, Ahamed A, Miller JH, Ragauskas AJ, Yuan JS, Yang B
545 - 555 General distributed activation energy model (G-DAEM) on co-pyrolysis kinetics of bagasse and sewage sludge
Lin Y, Tian YL, Xia YQ, Fang SW, Liao YF, Yu ZS, Ma XQ
556 - 564 Sequential cultivation of microalgae in raw and recycled dairy wastewater: Microalgal growth, wastewater treatment and biochemical composition
Daneshvara E, Zarrinmehr MJ, Koutra E, Kornaros M, Farhadian O, Bhatnagar A
565 - 572 The effects of surfactants (sodium dodecyl sulfate, triton X-100 and cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide) on the dewaterability of microalgae biomass using pressure filtration
Taghavijeloudar M, Park J, Hashemi S, Han M
573 - 580 Effect of ciprofloxacin dosages on the performance of sponge membrane bioreactor treating hospital wastewater
Nguyen TT, Bui XT, Dang BT, Ngo HH, Jahng D, Fujioka T, Chen SS, Dinh QT, Nguyen CN, Nguyen PTV
581 - 591 Performance of a compost and biochar packed biofilter for gas-phase hydrogen sulfide removal
Das J, Rene ER, Dupont C, Dufourny A, Blin J, van Hullebusch ED
592 - 598 Innovative nanofiber technology to improve carbon dioxide biofixation in microalgae cultivation
Vaz BD, Costa JAV, de Morais MG
599 - 607 Recovery of proteins from biomass grown in pig manure microalgae-based treatment plants by alkaline hydrolysis and acidic precipitation
Lorenzo-Hernando A, Ruiz-Vegas J, Vega-Alegre M, Bolado-Rodriguez S
608 - 617 The algal trophic mode affects the interaction and oil production of a synergistic microalga-yeast consortium
Zuccaro G, Steyer JP, van Lis R
618 - 626 Effect of process parameters on enhanced biohydrogen production from tequila vinasse via the lactate-acetate pathway
Garcia-Depraect O, Rene ER, Diaz-Cruces VF, Leon-Becerril E
627 - 633 Fed-batch cultivation with CO2 and monoethanolamine: Influence on Chlorella fusca LEB 111 cultivation, carbon biofixation and biomolecules production
Rosa GM, Morais MG, Costa JAV
634 - 640 Ethanol fermentation from non-detoxified lignocellulose hydrolysate by a multi-stress tolerant yeast Candida glycerinogenes mutant
Zhao ML, Shi DC, Lu XY, Zong H, Zhuge B, Ji H
641 - 653 Biotechnological applications of inulin-rich feedstocks
Singh RS, Singh T, Larroche C
654 - 665 Current status of food waste generation and management in China
Li YY, Jin YY, Borrion A, Li HL
666 - 671 Microbial community responses to biochar addition when a green waste and manure mix are composted: A molecular ecological network analysis
Qiu XW, Zhou GX, Zhang JB, Wang W
672 - 676 CO2 fixation and production of biodiesel by Chlorella vulgaris NIOCCV under mixotrophic cultivation
Jain D, Ghonse SS, Trivedi T, Fernandes GL, Menezes LD, Damare SR, Mamatha SS, Kumar S, Gupta V
677 - 681 Bifunctional and recyclable Dawson-type polyoxometalates catalyze oxidative degradation of lignocellulose to selectively produce phthalates
Shi N, Liu D, Dang FL, Chen QT, Li M, Wen FS
682 - 686 Development of artificial neural network tools for predicting sugar yields from inorganic salt-based pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass
Moodley P, Rorke DCS, Bosco E, Kana G
687 - 691 Mechanochemical-assisted hydrolysis of pretreated rice straw into glucose and xylose in water by weakly acidic solid catalyst
Qi XH, Yan LL, Shen F, Qiu M