Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Effect of diluted hydrolysate as yeast propagation medium on ethanol production
Zhang K, Wells P, Liang Y, Love J, Parker DA, Botella C
9 - 15 Chlorine migration mechanisms during torrefaction of fermentation residue from food waste
Wang YZ, Hu SQ, Li WJ, Gu J, Yuan HR, Ling X, Chen Y
16 - 23 Intermittent-vacuum assisted thermophilic co-digestion of corn stover and liquid swine manure: Salinity inhibition
Zhang RC, Anderson E, Chen P, Addy M, Cheng YL, Wang L, Liu YH, Ruan R
24 - 29 Evaluating the effects of coal gasification slag on the fate of antibiotic resistant genes and mobile genetic elements during anaerobic digestion of swine manure
Liu JY, Gu J, Wang XJ, Lu CY, Zhang RR, Zhang X, Zhang KY, Qiu L
30 - 36 Development of Aurantiochytrium limacinum SR21 cultivation using salt-rich waste feedstock for docosahexaenoic acid production and application of natural colourant in food product
Leong HY, Su CA, Lee BS, Lan JCW, Law CL, Chang JS, Show PL
37 - 47 Insights into the methanogenic degradation of N, N-dimethylformamide: The functional microorganisms and their ecological relationships
Kong Z, Li L, Wu J, Zhang T, Li YY
48 - 58 Hydrodynamic shear force shaped the microbial community and function in the aerobic granular sequencing batch reactors for low carbon to nitrogen (C/N) municipal wastewater treatment
He QL, Chen L, Zhang SJ, Chen RF, Wang HY
59 - 65 Integrating Spirulina platensis cultivation and aerobic composting exhaust for carbon mitigation and biomass production
Lu WD, Alam MA, Luo WS, Asmatulu E
66 - 74 Improved lignocellulose-degrading performance during straw composting from diverse sources with actinomycetes inoculation by regulating the key enzyme activities
Wei YQ, Wu D, Wei D, Zhao Y, Wu JQ, Xie XY, Zhang RJ, Wei ZM
75 - 83 Co-hydrothermal carbonization of corn stalk and swine manure: Combustion behavior of hydrochar by thermogravimetric analysis
Lang QQ, Zhang B, Liu ZG, Chen ZL, Xia Y, Li D, Ma J, Gai C
84 - 90 The mechanism of synergistic effect between iron-carbon microelectrolysis and biodegradation for strengthening phenols removal in coal gasification wastewater treatment
Ma WW, Han YX, Xu CY, Han HJ, Zhong D, Zhu H, Li K
91 - 99 High-efficiency inorganic nitrogen removal by newly isolated Pannonibacter phragmitetus B1
Bai H, Liao SA, Wang AL, Huang JH, Shu W, Ye JM
100 - 108 Optimization of hydraulic retention time and organic loading rate for volatile fatty acid production from low strength wastewater in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor
Khan MA, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Liu YW, Nghiem LD, Chang SW, Nguyen DD, Zhang SC, Luo G, Jia H
109 - 117 Modified Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 for modeling methane production from food waste in batch and semi-continuous anaerobic digestions
Zhao XF, Li L, Wu D, Xiao TH, Ma Y, Peng XY
118 - 124 Development of a strategy for the production of docosahexaenoic acid by Schizochytrium sp from cane molasses and algae-residue
Yin FW, Zhu SY, Guo DS, Ren LJ, Ji XJ, Huang H, Gao Z
125 - 135 Nutrients removal performance and sludge properties using anaerobic fermentation slurry from food waste as an external carbon source for wastewater treatment
Tang JL, Wang XCC, Hu YS, Pu YH, Huang J, Ngo HH, Zeng YG, Li YY
136 - 142 Comparative study on fast pyrolysis of agricultural straw residues based on heat carrier circulation heating
Fu P, Yi WM, Li ZH, Li YJ
143 - 149 Hydrothermal treatment of lincomycin mycelial residues: Antibiotic resistance genes reduction and heavy metals immobilization
Wang MM, Liu HL, Cheng XM, Zhang B, Cai C, Wang J
150 - 158 High-efficient nitrogen removal from municipal wastewater via two-stage nitritation/anammox process: Long-term stability assessment and mechanism analysis
Jin PF, Li BK, Mu DY, Li XY, Peng YZ
159 - 165 Achieving nitritation by treating sludge with free nitrous acid: The effect of starvation
Nan X, Ma B, Qian WT, Zhu HB, Li XY, Zhang Q, Peng YZ
166 - 173 Macroalgal biomass subcritical hydrolysates for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) by Haloferax mediterranei
Ghosh S, Gnaim R, Greiserman S, Fadeev L, Gozin M, Golberg A
174 - 181 Optimization of process parameters for anaerobic fermentation of corn stalk based on least squares support vector machine
Dong CY, Chen J
182 - 189 Simultaneous release of polyphosphate and iron-phosphate from waste activated sludge by anaerobic fermentation combined with sulfate reduction
Hu PS, Liu JY, Wu L, Zou LP, Li YY, Xu ZP
190 - 195 Pretreating anaerobic fermentation liquid with calcium addition to improve short chain fatty acids extraction via in situ synthesis of layered double hydroxides
Sheng L, Liu JY, Zhang C, Zou LP, Li YY, Xu ZP
196 - 201 A preliminary study on L-lysine fermentation from lignocellulose feedstock and techno-economic evaluation
Chen ZY, Liu G, Zhang J, Bao J
202 - 209 Co-pyrolysis behavior of microalgae biomass and low-rank coal: Kinetic analysis of the main volatile products
Wu ZQ, Li YW, Zhang B, Yang WC, Yang BL
210 - 217 In situ deep eutectic solvent pretreatment to improve lignin removal from garden wastes and enhance production of bio-methane and microbial lipids
Yu Q, Qin L, Liu YY, Sun YM, Xu HJ, Wang ZM, Yuan ZH
218 - 227 Simultaneous application of predictive model and least cost formulation can substantially benefit biorefineries outside Corn Belt in United States: A case study in Florida
Narani A, Konda NVSNM, Chen CS, Tachea F, Coffman P, Gardner J, Li CL, Ray AE, Hartley DS, Simmons B, Pray TR, Tanjore D
228 - 235 The changes in carbon, nitrogen components and humic substances during organic-inorganic aerobic co-composting
Yu HY, Xie BT, Khan RY, Shen GM
236 - 243 Co-metabolic enhancement of 1H-1,2,4-triazole biodegradation through nitrification
Wu HB, Sun QQ, Sun YL, Zhou YK, Wang J, Hou C, Jiang XB, Liu XD, Shen JY
244 - 250 Characteristics of acidogenic fermentation for volatile fatty acid production from food waste at high concentrations of NaCl
He XZ, Yin J, Liu JZ, Chen T, Shen DS
251 - 257 Effects of natural and modified calcium-based sorbents on heavy metals of food waste under oxy-fuel combustion
Ke CC, Ma XQ, Tang YT, Tang FF, Zheng WH
258 - 265 Impact of carbon to nitrogen ratio on the performance of aerobic granular reactor and microbial population dynamics during aerobic sludge granulation
Wang XC, Chen ZL, Shen JM, Zhao X, Kang J
266 - 273 Metabolic engineering of Clostridium tyrobutyricum for enhanced butyric acid production from undetoxified corncob acid hydrolysate
Suo YK, Liao ZP, Qu CY, Fu HX, Wang JF
274 - 282 Improved biobleaching of mixed hardwood pulp and process optimization using novel GA-ANN and GA-ANFIS hybrid statistical tools
Kumar V, Kumar A, Chhabra D, Shukla P
283 - 288 Combined dilute hydrochloric acid and alkaline wet oxidation pretreatment to improve sugar recovery of corn stover
An SX, Li WZ, Liu QY, Xia Y, Zhang TW, Huang F, Lin QZ, Chen L
289 - 297 Nitritation, nitrous oxide emission pathways and in situ microbial community in a modified University of Cape Town process
Li N, Zeng W, Wang BG, Li SS, Guo Y, Peng YZ
298 - 305 Denitrification- and anammox-dominant simultaneous nitrification, anammox and denitrification (SNAD) process in subsurface flow constructed wetlands
Chen DY, Gu XS, Zhu WY, He SB, Wu F, Huang JC, Zhou WL
306 - 315 Bioconversion of plant biomass hydrolysate into bioplastic (polyhydroxyalkanoates) using Ralstonia eutropha 5119
Bhatia SK, Gurav R, Choi TR, Jung HR, Yang SY, Moon YM, Song HS, Jeon JM, Choi KY, Yang YH
316 - 324 Sustainable production of biomass and biodiesel by acclimation of non-acidophilic microalgae to acidic conditions
Abinandan S, Subashchandrabose SR, Cole N, Dharmarajan R, Venkateswarlu K, Megharaj M
325 - 331 High-level production of short branched-chain fatty acids from waste materials by genetically modified Bacillus licheniformis
Shi J, Zhan YY, Zhou ML, He M, Wang Q, Li X, Wen ZY, Chen SW
332 - 339 Enhanced performance and hindered membrane fouling for the treatment of coal chemical industry wastewater using a novel membrane electro-bioreactor with intermittent direct current
Hou BL, Kuang Y, Han HJ, Liu Y, Ren BZ, Deng RJ, Hursthouse AS
340 - 344 Aseptic production of citric and isocitric acid from crude glycerol by genetically modified Yarrowia lipolytica
Rzechonek DA, Dobrowolski A, Rymowicz W, Mironczuk AM
345 - 352 Bioethanol production from palm wood using Trichoderma reesei and Kluveromyces marxianus
Sathendra ER, Baskar G, Praveenkumar R, Gnansounou E
353 - 359 Characterization of aerobic granular sludge used for the treatment of petroleum wastewater
Chen CM, Ming J, Yoza BA, Liang JH, Li QX, Guo HQ, Lite ZY, Deng JM, Wang QH
360 - 367 A promising laccase immobilization approach for Bisphenol A removal from aqueous solutions
Lassouane F, Ait-Amar H, Amrani S, Rodriguez-Couto S
368 - 374 Targeted knockout of phospholipase A(2) to increase lipid productivity in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for biodiesel production
Shin YS, Jeong J, Nguyen THT, Kim JYH, Jin E, Sim SJ
375 - 382 Effects of biochar size and type on gaseous emissions during pig manure/wheat straw aerobic composting: Insights into multivariate-microscale characterization and microbial mechanism
He XQ, Yin HJ, Han LJ, Cui RX, Fang C, Huang GQ
383 - 390 A novel non-starch based cationic polymer as flocculant for harvesting microalgae
Kumar N, Banerjee C, Kumar N, Jagadevan S
391 - 401 Recovery of chlorophylls from spent biomass of Arthrospira platensis obtained after extraction of phycobiliproteins
Tavanandi HA, Raghavarao KSMS
402 - 408 Effect of nanosecond pulsed electric field treatment on cell proliferation of microalgae
Buchmann L, Frey W, Gusbeth C, Ravaynia PS, Mathys A
409 - 416 Valorisation of digestate from biowaste through solid-state fermentation to obtain value added bioproducts: A first approach
Cerda A, Mejias L, Rodriguez P, Rodriguez A, Artola A, Font X, Gea T, Sanchez A
417 - 426 Short operational differences support granulation in a lab scale reactor in comparison to another conventional activated sludge reactor
Dasgupta S, De Clippeleir H, Goel R
427 - 438 The influence of combined pretreatment with surfactant/ultrasonic and hydrothermal carbonization on fuel properties, pyrolysis and combustion behavior of corn stalk
Xu XW, Tu R, Sun Y, Wu YJ, Jiang EC, Zhen JR
439 - 448 Bidirectional extracellular electron transfers of electrode-biofilm: Mechanism and application
Jiang Y, Zeng RJ
449 - 461 From lignin to valuable products-strategies, challenges, and prospects
Wang HL, Pu YQ, Ragauskas A, Yang B
462 - 472 A review on lignin structure, pretreatments, fermentation reactions and biorefinery potential
Ponnusamy VK, Nguyen DD, Dharmaraja J, Shobana S, Banu JR, Saratale RG, Chang SW, Kumar G
473 - 481 Current state and challenges of full-scale membrane bioreactor applications: A critical review
Xiao K, Liang S, Wang XM, Chen CS, Huang X
482 - 486 Protein and carbohydrate drive microbial responses in diverse ways during different animal manures composting
Chen XM, Liu R, Hao JK, Li D, Wei ZM, Teng RN, Sun BL
487 - 491 Adsorption of Cu2+, Pb2+, and Cd2+ onto oiltea shell from water
Liu JY, Hu CW, Huang QG
492 - 495 Effects of influent COD/TN ratio on nitrogen removal in integrated constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell systems
Wang XO, Tian YM, Liu H, Zhao XH, Wu Q
496 - 499 Removal of bioavailable dissolved organic nitrogen in wastewater by membrane bioreactors as posttreatment: Implications for eutrophication control
Hu HD, Ren HQ
500 - 506 Evaluation and optimization of anammox baffled reactor (AnBR) by artificial neural network modeling and economic analysis
Ismail S, Elsamadony M, Fujii M, Tawfik A