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1 - 8 Enhancing vorticity magnitude of turbulent flow to promote photochemical efficiency and trichome helix pitch of Arthrospira platensis in a raceway pond with conic baffles
Cheng J, Guo WB, Song YM, Kumar S, Ali KA, Zhou JH
9 - 17 Sorptive removal of dissolved organic matter in biologically-treated effluent by functionalized biochar and carbon nanotubes: Importance of sorbent functionality
Ahmed MB, Johir MA, Khourshed C, Zhou JL, Ngo HH, Nghiem DL, Moni M, Sun L
18 - 24 Enhanced enzymatic digestibility of mixed wood sawdust by lignin modification with naphthol derivatives during dilute acid pretreatment
Lai CH, Yang B, He J, Huang CX, Li X, Song XY, Yong Q
25 - 31 Partial nitrification granular sludge reactor as a pretreatment for anaerobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox): Achievement, performance and microbial community
Wei D, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Xu WY, Du B, Wei Q
32 - 39 Development of a multi-stage continuous fermentation strategy for docosahexaenoic acid production by Schizochytrium sp.
Guo DS, Ji XJ, Ren LJ, Yin FW, Sun XM, Huang H, Zhen G
40 - 49 Bio-mixotrophic perchlorate reduction to control sulfate production in a step-feed sulfur-based reactor: A study of kinetics, ORP and bacterial community structure
Zhang C, Guo JB, Lian J, Song YY, Lu CC, Li HB
50 - 56 Influence of temperature on an Anammox sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system under lower nitrogen load
Li Q, Wang SP, Zhang PD, Yu JJ, Qiu CS, Zheng JF
57 - 66 Formation and characteristics of a ternary pH buffer system for in-situ biogas upgrading in two-phase anaerobic membrane bioreactor treating starch wastewater
Yu DW, Meng XS, Liu JB, Dian L, Sui QW, Zhang JY, Zhong H, Wei YS
67 - 73 Micro-mesoporous carbons from original and pelletized rice husk via one-step catalytic pyrolysis
Fu YH, Zhang NY, Shen YF, Ge XL, Chen MD
74 - 80 Graphite-assisted electro-fermentation methanogenesis: Spectroelectrochemical and microbial community analyses of cathode biofilms
Ren GP, Hu AD, Huang SF, Ye J, Tang JH, Zhou SG
81 - 88 Selectively biorefining astaxanthin and triacylglycerol co-products from microalgae with supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
Kwan TA, Kwan SE, Peccia J, Zimmerman JB
89 - 95 Control of quorum sensing signals and emerging contaminants in electrochemical membrane bioreactors
Borea L, Naddeo V, Belgiorno V, Choo KH
96 - 103 Effect of water-washing of wheat straw and hydrothermal temperature on its hydrochar evolution and combustion properties
Ma QL, Han LJ, Huang GQ
104 - 112 Temperature impact on sludge yield, settleability and kinetics of three heterotrophic conversions corroborates the prospect of thermophilic biological nitrogen removal
Vandekerckhove TGL, De Mulder C, Boon N, Vlaeminck SE
113 - 120 Application of a novel strain Corynebacterium pollutisoli SPH6 to improve nitrogen removal in an anaerobic/aerobic-moving bed biofilm reactor (A/O-MBBR)
Liu XN, Wang L, Pang LN
121 - 126 Asparaginase conjugated magnetic nanoparticles used for reducing acrylamide formation in food model system
Alam S, Ahmad R, Pranaw K, Mishra P, Khare SK
127 - 133 Effective harvesting of the marine microalga Thalassiosira pseudonana by Marinobacter sp FL06
Lei XQ, Zheng W, Ding HY, Zhu XY, Chen QL, Xu H, Zheng TL, Tian Y
134 - 142 Oscillating membrane photoreactor combined with salt-tolerated Chlorella pyrenoidosa for landfill leachates treatment
Fan Z, Qin L, Zheng W, Meng Q, Shen C, Zhang GL
143 - 152 Co-digestion of oat straw and cow manure during anaerobic digestion: Stimulative and inhibitory effects on fermentation
Zhao YB, Sun FR, Yu JD, Cai YF, Luo XS, Cui ZJ, Hu YG, Wang XF
153 - 161 Granulation process in an expanded granular sludge blanket (EGSB) reactor for domestic sewage treatment: Impact of extracellular polymeric substances compositions and evolution of microbial population
Xu H, Liu YB, Gao YY, Li F, Yang B, Wang M, Ma CY, Tian Q, Song XS, Sand W
162 - 168 Production of bio-oil from agricultural waste by using a continuous fast microwave pyrolysis system
Wang YP, Zeng ZH, Tian XJ, Dai LL, Jiang L, Zhang SM, Wu QH, Wen PW, Fu GM, Liu YH, Ruan R
169 - 178 How does manganese dioxide affect humus formation during bio-composting of chicken manure and corn straw?
Wu JQ, Qi HS, Huang XN, Wei D, Zhao Y, Wei ZM, Lu Q, Zhang RJ, Tong TJ
179 - 187 Incubation time after pulsed electric field treatment of microalgae enhances the efficiency of extraction processes and enables the reduction of specific treatment energy
Silve A, Kian CB, Papachristou I, Kubisch C, Nazarova N, Wustner R, Leber K, Strassner R, Frey W
188 - 194 Assessment of cross-flow filtration as microalgae harvesting technique prior to anaerobic digestion: Evaluation of biomass integrity and energy demand
Gimenez JB, Bouzas A, Carrere H, Steyer JP, Ferrer J, Seco A
195 - 202 Continuous enzymatic hydrolysis of sugar beet pectin and L-arabinose recovery within an integrated biorefinery
Cardenas-Fernandez M, Hamley-Bennett C, Leak DJ, Lye GJ
203 - 209 Fluidized granular activated carbon electrode for efficient microbial electrosynthesis of acetate from carbon dioxide
Dong ZW, Wang HQ, Tian SH, Yang Y, Yuan H, Huang Q, Song TS, Xie JJ
210 - 220 Synergistic co-digestion of wastewater grown algae-bacteria polyculture biomass and cellulose to optimize carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and application of kinetic models to predict anaerobic digestion energy balance
Bohutskyi P, Phan D, Kopachevsky AM, Chow S, Bouwer EJ, Betenbaugh MJ
221 - 226 Cultivation strategy to stimulate high carbohydrate content in Spirulina biomass
Braga VD, Mastrantonio DJD, Costa JAV, de Morais MG
227 - 236 Development of co-immobilized tri-enzyme biocatalytic system for one-pot pretreatment of four different perennial lignocellulosic biomass and evaluation of their bioethanol production potential
Muthuvelu KS, Rajarathinam R, Manickam NK, Uthandi S
237 - 245 Biosynthesis of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate from grass silage by a two-stage fermentation process based on an integrated biorefinery concept
Schwarz D, Schoenenwald AKJ, Dorrstein J, Sterba J, Kahoun D, Fojtikova P, Vilimek J, Schieder D, Zollfrank C, Sieber V
246 - 254 Sustainability evaluation and implication of a large scale membrane bioreactor plant
Chen Z, Wang D, Sun MX, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Wu GX, Jia WJ, Shi L, Wu QY, Guo F, Hu HY
255 - 261 Fractionation of spent liquor from organosolv-pretreatment using lignin-incompatible extraction
Sun W, Trevorah R, Othman MZ
262 - 268 Pretreatment with lower feed moisture and lower extrusion temperatures aids in the increase in the fermentable sugar yields from fine-milled Douglas-fir
Gu BJ, Wolcott MP, Ganjyal GM
269 - 275 Impact of reactor configuration on treatment performance and microbial diversity in treating high-strength dyeing wastewater: Anaerobic flat-sheet ceramic membrane bioreactor versus upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor
Zhang WJ, Liu FB, Wang DQ, Jin Y
276 - 284 Feeding frequency influences process performance and microbial community composition in anaerobic digesters treating steam exploded food waste
Svensson K, Paruch L, Gaby JC, Linjordet R
285 - 291 Characterization of additional zinc ions on the growth, biochemical composition and photosynthetic performance from Spirulina platensis
Zhou T, Wang JJ, Zheng HL, Wu XD, Wang YP, Liu MZ, Xiang SY, Cao LP, Ruan R, Liu YH
292 - 299 Enhancement of CO2 transfer and microalgae growth by perforated inverted arc trough internals in a flat-plate photobioreactor
Xia A, Hu ZM, Liao Q, Huang Y, Zhu X, Ye WF, Sun YH
300 - 308 Numerical optimization of membrane module design and operation for a full-scale submerged MBR by computational fluid dynamics
Liu MM, Yang M, Chen MX, Yu DW, Zheng JX, Chang J, Wang XS, Ji CM, Wei YS
309 - 318 Temperature shapes the microbiota in anaerobic digestion and drives efficiency to a maximum at 45 degrees C
Hupfauf S, Plattner P, Wagner AO, Kaufmann R, Insam H, Podmirseg SM
319 - 328 Performance and kinetic model of degradation on treating pharmaceutical solvent wastewater at psychrophilic condition by a pilot-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor
Chen ZB, Xu J, Hu DX, Cui YB, Wu P, Ge H, Jia FQ, Xiao TT, Li X, Su HY, Wang HX, Zhang Y
329 - 338 Evaluation of the action of Tween 20 non-ionic surfactant during enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose: Pretreatment, hydrolysis conditions and lignin structure
Chen YA, Zhou Y, Qin YL, Liu DH, Zhao XB
339 - 345 Impacts of energy distribution and electric field on membrane fouling control in microbial fuel cell-membrane bioreactor (MFC-MBR) coupling system
Wang YF, Jia H, Wang J, Cheng BN, Yang G, Gao F
346 - 354 Production of liquefied fuel from depolymerization of kraft lignin over a novel modified nickel/H-beta catalyst
Li WZ, Dou XM, Zhu CF, Wang JD, Chang HM, Jameel H, Li XS
355 - 362 Investigation of backwashing effectiveness in membrane bioreactor (MBR) based on different membrane fouling stages
Cui Z, Wang J, Zhang HW, Ngo HH, Jia H, Guo WS, Gao F, Yang G, Kang DJ
363 - 374 The chemical and dynamic distribution characteristics of iron, cobalt and nickel in three different anaerobic digestates: Effect of pH and trace elements dosage
Cao WX, Wang MM, Liu MM, Zhang ZN, Sun ZX, Miao Y, Sun C, Hu CW
375 - 383 Optimizing the configuration of integrated nutrient and energy recovery treatment trains: A new application of global sensitivity analysis to the generic nutrient recovery model (NRM) library
Vaneeckhaute C, Remigi E, Tack FMG, Meers E, Belia E, Vanrolleghem PA
384 - 392 Investigation on biomass steam gasification in a dual fluidized bed reactor with the granular kinetic theory
Yan LB, Cao Y, Zhou HZY, He BS
393 - 399 Malic acid production from biodiesel derived crude glycerol using morphologically controlled Aspergillus niger in batch fermentation
Iyyappan J, Baskar G, Bharathiraja B, Saravanathamizhan R
400 - 407 Boosting the fermentable sugar yield and concentration of corn stover by magnesium oxide pretreatment for ethanol production
Li J, Li WT, Zhang M, Wang DH
408 - 416 Defatted algal biomass as feedstock for short chain carboxylic acids and biohydrogen production in the biorefinery format
Kumar AN, Min B, Mohan SV
417 - 425 Multi-factor kinetic modelling of microalgal biomass cultivation for optimised lipid production
Bekirogullari M, Pittman JK, Theodoropoulos C
426 - 433 Anaerobic digestion of lipid-rich swine slaughterhouse waste: Methane production performance, long-chain fatty acids profile and predominant microorganisms
Ning ZF, Zhang H, Li WW, Zhang RH, Liu GQ, Chen C
434 - 442 Quercetin potentiates the concurrent hyper-accumulation of cellular biomass and lipids in Chlorella vulgaris
Ma YH, Balamurugan S, Yuan WQ, Yang F, Tang CG, Hu H, Zhang HL, Shu X, Li MH, Huang SW, Li HY, Wu LF
443 - 451 Bioconversion of pentose sugars to value added chemicals and fuels: Recent trends, challenges and possibilities
Kumar V, Binod P, Sindhu R, Gnansounou E, Ahluwalia V
452 - 464 Anaerobic membrane bioreactors for biohydrogen production: Recent developments, challenges and perspectives
Aslam M, Ahmad R, Yasin M, Khan AL, Shahid MK, Hossain S, Khan Z, Jamil F, Rafiq S, Bilad MR, Kim J, Kumar G
465 - 475 Lignin valorization for the production of renewable chemicals: State-of-theart review and future prospects
Cao LC, Yu IKM, Liu YY, Ruan XX, Tsang DCW, Hunt AJ, Ok YS, Song H, Zhang SC
476 - 488 Advanced membrane bioreactors systems: New materials and hybrid process design
Qin L, Zhang YF, Xu ZH, Zhang GL
489 - 502 Surface grafting techniques on the improvement of membrane bioreactor: State-of-the-art advances
Lee XJ, Show PL, Katsuda T, Chen WH, Chang JS
503 - 512 Expanding the product spectrum of value added chemicals in microbial electrosynthesis through integrated process design-A review
Jiang Y, Zeng RJ
513 - 519 Energy self-sufficient biological municipal wastewater reclamation: Present status, challenges and solutions forward
Liu YJ, Gu J, Liu Y
520 - 531 Nutrient recovery technologies integrated with energy recovery by waste biomass anaerobic digestion
Ma HY, Guo Y, Qin Y, Li YY
532 - 543 Applications of membrane bioreactors for water reclamation: Micropollutant removal, mechanisms and perspectives
Ma JX, Dai RB, Chen M, Khan SJ, Wang ZW
544 - 556 Valorization of polyhydroxyalkanoates production process by co-synthesis of value-added products
Kumar P, Kim BS
557 - 566 Lignin depolymerization and utilization by bacteria
Xu R, Zhang K, Liu P, Han HW, Zhao S, Kakade A, Khan A, Du DL, Li XK
567 - 570 Hemicellulose characterization of deuterated switchgrass
Bhagia S, Pu YQ, Evans BR, Davison BH, Ragauskas AJ
571 - 576 An integrated approach for microalgae cultivation using raw and anaerobic digested wastewaters from food processing industry
Gupta S, Pawar SB
577 - 580 Biosynthesis of advanced biofuel farnesyl acetate using engineered Escherichia coli
Guo DY, Kong SJ, Zhang LH, Pan H, Wang C, Liu ZJ
581 - 585 Enantioselective resolution of 2-arylpropionic acid derivatives employing immobilization of lipase from Bacillus subtilis strain Kakrayal_1 (BSK-L)
Bhushan I, Saraswat R, Gupta P, Shah BA