Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Improving hydrocarbon yield via catalytic fast co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic over ceria and HZSM-5: An analytical pyrolyzer analysis
Ding K, He A, Zhong DX, Fan LL, Liu SY, Wang YP, Liu YH, Chen P, Lei HW, Ruan R
9 - 19 Jet fuel production in eucalyptus pulp mills: Economics and carbon footprint of ethanol vs. butanol pathway
Braz DS, Mariano AP
20 - 27 Effects of coal gasification slag on antibiotic resistance genes and the bacterial community during swine manure composting
Lu CY, Gu J, Wang XJ, Liu JY, Zhang KY, Zhang X, Zhang RR
28 - 35 Role of biochar in the granulation of anaerobic sludge and improvement of electron transfer characteristics
Wang CQ, Liu Y, Gao XY, Chen H, Xu XY, Zhu L
36 - 44 Sludge reduction and microbial structures of aerobic, micro-aerobic and anaerobic side-stream reactor coupled membrane bioreactors
Pang HJ, Zhou Z, Niu TH, Jiang M, Chen G, Xu B, Jiang LY, Qiu Z
45 - 51 Succinic acid biosynthesis from cane molasses under low pH by Actinobacillus succinogenes immobilized in luffa sponge matrices
Cao WF, Wang YJ, Luo JQ, Yin JX, Xing JM, Wan YH
52 - 59 Pretreatment of macroalgal Laminaria japonica by combined microwave-acid method for biohydrogen production
Yin YN, Wang JL
60 - 67 Enhancing cordycepin production in liquid static cultivation of Cordyceps militaris by adding vegetable oils as the secondary carbon source
Tang JP, Qian ZQ, Wu H
68 - 76 Improving anaerobic fermentation of waste activated sludge using iron activated persulfate treatment
Luo JY, Zhang Q, Wu LJ, Feng Q, Fang F, Xue ZX, Li C, Cao JS
77 - 80 Modeling and analysis of bench-scale pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass based on merge thickness
Ding YM, Zhou R, Wang CJ, Lu KH, Lu SX
81 - 90 Optimization of the sugar hydrothermal extraction process from olive cake using neuro-fuzzy models
Perez A, Blazquez G, Ianez-Rodriguez I, Osegueda O, Calero M
91 - 96 The case of Frictional Torrefaction and the effect of reflux condensation on the operation of the Rotary Compression Unit
Vakalis S, Heimann R, Ahmad J, Patuzzi F, Baratieri M
97 - 106 Functional genera, potential pathogens and predicted antibiotic resistance genes in 16 full-scale wastewater treatment plants treating different types of wastewater
Fan XY, Gao JF, Pan KL, Li DC, Dai HH, Li X
107 - 115 Mathematical modelling of greenhouse gas emissions from membrane bioreactors: A comprehensive comparison of two mathematical models
Mannina G, Cosenza A, Ekama G
116 - 120 Monitoring of neomycin sulfate antibiotic in microbial fuel cells
Catal T, Yavaser S, Enisoglu-Atalay V, Bermek H, Ozilhan S
121 - 127 Sludge cake and biofilm formation as valuable tools in wastewater treatment by coupling Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) with Self Forming Dynamic Membrane BioReactors (SFD-MBR)
Vergine P, Salerno C, Berardi G, Pollice A
128 - 138 Multiscale investigation of a symbiotic microalgal-integrated fixed film activated sludge (MAIFAS) process for nutrient removal and photo-oxygenation
Church J, Ryu H, Sadmani AHMA, Randall AA, Domingo JS, Lee WH
139 - 148 Immobilized microalgae for anaerobic digestion effluent treatment in a photobioreactor-ultrafiltration system: Algal harvest and membrane fouling control
Xie BH, Gong WJ, Yu HR, Tang XB, Yan ZS, Luo XS, Gan ZD, Wang TY, Li GB, Liang H
149 - 157 Adsorption-reduction removal of Cr(VI) by tobacco petiole pyrolytic biochar: Batch experiment, kinetic and mechanism studies
Zhang X, Fu WJ, Yin YX, Chen ZH, Qiu RL, Simonnot MO, Wang XF
158 - 168 Predominance of syntrophic bacteria, Methanosaeta and Methanoculleus in a two-stage up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor treating coffee processing wastewater at high organic loading rate
Suarez WAB, Vantini JD, Duda RM, Giachetto PF, Cintra LC, Ferro MIT, de Oliveira RA
169 - 175 Removal of heavy metals from acid mining effluents by hydrolyzed olive cake
Fernandez-Gonzalez R, Martin-Lara MA, Ianez-Rodriguez I, Calero M
176 - 182 Micro-oxygen bioanode: An efficient strategy for enhancement of phenol degradation and current generation in mix-cultured MFCs
Yang LH, Zhu TT, Cai WW, Haider MR, Wang HC, Cheng HY, Wang AJ
183 - 189 Biorefining of rice straw by sequential fermentation and anaerobic digestion for bioethanol and/or biomethane production: Comparison of structural properties and energy output
Elsayed M, Abomohra A, Ai P, Wang DL, El-Mashad HM, Zhang YL
190 - 196 Effect of trace elements on the development of co-cultured nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation and methanogenic bacteria consortium
Jiang LP, Hu Z, Wang YA, Ru DY, Li JW, Fan JL
197 - 203 Selective and energy efficient extraction of functional proteins from microalgae for food applications
Garcia ES, van Leeuwen J, Safi C, Sijtsma L, Eppink MHM, Wijffels RH, van den Berg C
204 - 211 Optimization of sugar recovery from rapeseed straw pretreated with FeCl3
Romero I, Lopez-Linares JC, Moya M, Castro E
212 - 220 Highly abrasion resistant thermally fused olivine as in-situ catalysts for tar reduction in a circulating fluidized bed biomass gasifier
Meng JG, Wang XB, Zhao ZL, Zheng AQ, Huang Z, Wei GQ, Lv K, Li HB
221 - 229 Response of algal-bacterial granular system to low carbon wastewater: Focus on granular stability, nutrients removal and accumulation
Zhao ZW, Yang XJ, Cai W, Lei ZF, Shimizu K, Zhang ZY, Utsumi M, Lee DJ
230 - 236 Improved methane production from waste activated sludge by combining free ammonia with heat pretreatment: Performance, mechanisms and applications
Liu XR, Xu QX, Wang DB, Zhao JW, Wu YX, Liu YW, Ni BJ, Wang QL, Zeng GM, Li XM, Yang Q
237 - 246 Embedding photosynthetic biorefineries with circular economies: Exploring the waste recycling potential of Arthrospira sp to produce high quality by-products
Sachdeva N, Mascolo C, Wattiez R, Leroy B
247 - 258 Ultrasonic enhancement of xylitol production from sugarcane bagasse using immobilized Candida tropicalis MTCC 184
Tizazu BZ, Roy K, Moholkar VS
259 - 265 Use of metal chlorides during waste wheat straw autohydrolysis to overcome the self-buffering effect
Wu XX, Huang C, Tang W, Huang CX, Lai CH, Yong Q
266 - 270 Excessive phosphorus caused inhibition and cell damage during heterotrophic growth of Chlorella regularis
Li QC, Fu L, Wang Y, Zhou DD, Rittmann BE
271 - 277 Elimination of biosynthetic pathways for L-valine and L-isoleucine in mitochondria enhances isobutanol production in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Lee KM, Kim SK, Lee YG, Park KH, Seo JH
278 - 285 Effects of alkali and alkaline earth metal species on the combustion characteristics of single particles from pine sawdust and bituminous coal
Zhang R, Lei K, Ye BQ, Cao J, Liu D
286 - 291 Chlorella zofingiensis as a promising strain in wastewater treatment
Zhao WY, Sun H, Ren YY, Wu T, He YJ, Chen F
292 - 299 One-pot chemo-enzymatic conversion of D-xylose to furfuralcohol by sequential dehydration with oxalic acid plus tin-based solid acid and bioreduction with whole-cells
Xue XX, Ma CL, Di JH, Huo XY, He YC
300 - 307 Establishment of stable microalgal-bacterial consortium in liquid digestate for nutrient removal and biomass accumulation
Jiang YQ, Wang H, Zhao CF, Huang FY, Deng LW, Wang WG
308 - 314 Production optimization and characterization of mannooligosaccharide generating beta-mannanase from Aspergillus oryzae
Jana UK, Suryawanshi RK, Prajapati BP, Soni H, Kango N
315 - 322 One-pot co-catalysis of corncob with dilute hydrochloric acid and tin-based solid acid for the enhancement of furfural production
Jiang CX, Di JH, Su C, Yang SY, Ma CL, He YC
323 - 331 Influence of inherent hierarchical porous char with alkali and alkaline earth metallic species on lignin pyrolysis
Wang SQ, Li ZH, Bai XY, Yi WM, Fu P
332 - 339 Production of D-xylonic acid using a non-recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum strain
Tenhaef N, Brusseler C, Radek A, Hilmes R, Unrean P, Marienhagen J, Noack S
340 - 345 Artificial creation of Chlorella pyrenoidosa mutants for economic sustainable food production
Song XJ, Wang J, Wang YC, Feng YG, Cui Q, Lu YD
346 - 354 Using Fe(III)-coagulant-modified colloidal gas aphrons to remove bio-recalcitrant dissolved organic matter and colorants from cassava distillery wastewater
Zhang M, Xie L, Wang Z, Lu XL, Zhou Q
355 - 362 Bioethanol production from wheat straw by phosphoric acid plus hydrogen peroxide (PHP) pretreatment via simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) at high solid loadings
Qiu JW, Tian D, Shen F, Hu JG, Zeng YM, Yang G, Zhang YZ, Deng SH, Zhang J
363 - 370 Synergetic effects during co-pyrolysis of biomass and waste tire: A study on product distribution and reaction kinetics
Wang LZ, Chai MY, Liu RH, Cai JM
371 - 381 Mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of residual sludge with different lignocellulosic wastes in the batch digester
Zou HJ, Chen YD, Shi JH, Zhao T, Yu Q, Yu SK, Shi DZ, Chai HX, Gu L, He Q, Ai HN
382 - 392 Solvent-free lignin recovered by thermal-enzymatic treatment using fixed-bed reactor technology - Economic assessment
Schmidt LM, Martinez VP, Kaltschmitt M
393 - 401 Comparison of catalytically non-productive adsorption of fungal proteins to lignins and pseudo-lignin using isobaric mass tagging
Wang Z, Jonsson LJ
402 - 407 Integrated process for scalable bioproduction of glycolic acid from cell catalysis of ethylene glycol
Hua X, Cao R, Zhou X, Xu Y
408 - 414 Effects of C/N ratio and earthworms on greenhouse gas emissions during vermicomposting of sewage sludge
Lv BY, Zhang D, Cui YX, Yin F
415 - 423 Intensified bioleaching of chalcopyrite by communities with enriched ferrous or sulfur oxidizers
Ma LY, Wang XJ, Liu XD, Wang SQ, Wang HM
424 - 433 Efficiency of dilute sulfuric acid pretreatment of distillery stillage in the production of cellulosic ethanol
Mikulski D, Klosowski G
434 - 444 Characterization and variation of microbial community structure during the anaerobic treatment of N, N-dimethylformamide-containing wastewater by UASB with artificially mixed consortium
Kong Z, Li L, Li YY
445 - 453 Comparative investigation of rice husk, thermoplastic bituminous coal and their blends in production of value-added gaseous and liquid products during hydropyrolysis/co-hydropyrolysis
Zhang J, Zheng N, Wang J
454 - 459 Sorption of methyl orange from aqueous solution by protonated amine modified hydrochar
Li B, Wang Q, Guo JZ, Huan WW, Liu L
460 - 469 Model assessment of the prevailing fouling mechanisms in a submerged membrane anaerobic reactor treating low-strength wastewater
Ceron-Vivas A, Kalboussi N, Morgan-Sagastume JM, Harmand J, Noyola A
470 - 479 Isolation, identification and characterization of lignocellulolytic aerobic and anaerobic fungi in one- and two-phase biogas plants
Young D, Dollhofer V, Callaghan TM, Reitberger S, Lebuhn M, Benz JP
480 - 487 Disentangling effects of temperature on microbial community and copper extraction in column bioleaching of low grade copper sulfide
Wang YG, Chen XH, Zhou HB
488 - 495 Catalytic conversion of duckweed to methyl levulinate in the presence of acidic ionic liquids
Chen ZJ, Ma XY, Xu L, Wang Y, Long JX
496 - 504 Enhancement of the adaptability of anammox granules to zinc shock by appropriate organic carbon treatment
Ni LF, Wang YY, Lin XM, Yan Y, Zhang Y, Wang WG
505 - 513 Maximizing the production of aromatic hydrocarbons from lignin conversion by coupling methane activation
Wang AG, Song H
514 - 522 Molecular characterization of long-term impacts of macrophytes harvest management in constructed wetlands
Zheng YC, Dzakpasu M, Wang XC, Zhang L, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Zhao YQ
523 - 530 Versatile applications of freshwater and marine water microalgae in dairy wastewater treatment, lipid extraction and tetracycline biosorption
Daneshvar E, Zarrinmehr MJ, Hashtjin AM, Farhadian O, Bhatnagar A
531 - 538 The universality of lignocellulosic biomass liquefaction by plasma electrolysis under acidic conditions
Xi DK, Jiang CC, Zhou RW, Fang Z, Zhang XH, Liu Y, Luan BY, Feng Z, Chen GL, Chen Z, Liu QH, Yang SZ
539 - 548 Achieving efficient nitrogen removal and nutrient recovery from wastewater in a combining simultaneous partial nitrification, anammox and denitrification (SNAD) process with a photobioreactor (PBR) for biomass production and generated dissolved oxygen (DO) recycling
Zou Y, Xu XC, Wang XJ, Yang FL, Zhang SS
549 - 557 Efficient production of short-chain fatty acids from anaerobic fermentation of liquor wastewater and waste activated sludge by breaking the restrictions of low bioavailable substrates and microbial activity
Luo JY, Wu J, Zhang Q, Feng Q, Wu LJ, Cao JS, Li C, Fang F
558 - 567 Speciation of nickel and zinc, its short-term inhibitory effect on anammox, and the associated microbial community composition
Aktan CK, Uzunhasanoglu AE, Yapsakli K
568 - 576 Effect of digestate disintegration on anaerobic digestion of organic waste
Somers MH, Azman S, Sigurnjak I, Ghyselbrecht K, Meers E, Meesschaert B, Appels L
577 - 582 Immobilization of cellulase on a core-shell structured metal-organic framework composites: Better inhibitors tolerance and easier recycling
Qi BK, Luo JQ, Wan YH
583 - 591 Cost-effective biodiesel production from wet microalgal biomass by a novel two-step enzymatic process
He YJ, Wu T, Wang XF, Chen BL, Chen F
592 - 598 Physico-chemical kinetic modelling of hydrolysis of a steam-explosion pre-treated corn stover: A two-step approach
Wojtusik M, Villar JC, Ladero M, Garcia-Ochoa F
599 - 607 Removal and degradation mechanisms of sulfonamide antibiotics in a new integrated aerobic submerged membrane bioreactor system
Yu ZH, Zhang XB, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Wen HT, Deng LJ, Li YJ, Guo JB
608 - 615 Two-step process: Enhanced strategy for wastewater treatment using microalgae
Han JC, Thomsen L, Pan K, Thomsen C
616 - 621 Modulation of gene expression by cocktail delta-integration to improve carotenoid production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Yamada R, Yamauchi A, Ando Y, Kumata Y, Ogino H
622 - 632 Membrane fouling mitigation by NaClO-assisted backwash in anaerobic ceramic membrane bioreactors for the treatment of domestic wastewater
Yue XD, Koh YKK, Ng HY
633 - 637 Effect of different particle-size biochar on methane emissions during pig manure/wheat straw aerobic composting: Insights into pore characterization and microbial mechanisms
He XQ, Yin HJ, Sun XX, Han LJ, Huang GQ
638 - 647 Selection of seeding strategy for fast start-up of Anammox process with low concentration of Anammox sludge inoculum
Wang QT, Wang YL, Lin JB, Tang R, Wang W, Zhan XM, Hu ZH
648 - 657 Organic micropollutants removal in sequential batch reactor followed by nanofiltration from municipal wastewater treatment
Wei CH, Wang N, HoppeJones C, Leiknes T, Amy G, Fang Q, Hu XD, Rong HW
658 - 664 Specific approach for membrane fouling control and better treatment performance of an anaerobic submerged membrane bioreactor
Liu YN, Zhang XB, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Wen HT, Deng LJ, Li YJ, Guo JB
665 - 671 Enzyme treatment improves the performance of laboratory-scale vertical flow constructed wetland
Tang P, Xiang ZS, Zhou YC, Zhang YP
672 - 676 On-line analysis on the interaction between organic compounds from co-pyrolysis of microalgae and low-rank coal: Thermal behavior and kinetic characteristics
Wu ZQ, Yang WC, Li YW, Zhang B, Yang BL
677 - 683 Hydrazine hydrate and organosolv synergetic pretreatment of corn stover to enhance enzymatic saccharification and co-production of high-quality antioxidant lignin
Zhong LX, Zhang X, Tang CL, Chen YJ, Shen T, Zhu CJ, Ying HJ
684 - 691 Sludge reduction by a micro-aerobic hydrolysis process: A full-scale application and sludge reduction mechanisms
Jiang LM, Zhou Z, Cheng C, Li JM, Huang C, Niu TH
692 - 699 Acidogenic bacteria assisted biodegradation of nonylphenol in waste activated sludge during anaerobic fermentation for short-chain fatty acids production
Duan X, Wang X, Xie J, Feng LY, Yan YY, Wang F, Zhou Q
700 - 707 Effects of magnesium chloride on the anaerobic digestion and the implication on forward osmosis membrane bioreactor for sludge anaerobic digestion
Zhao J, Li YQ, Pan S, Tu QQ, Dang WY, Wang Z, Zhu HT
708 - 714 Bioethanol production in vacuum membrane distillation bioreactor by permeate fractional condensation and mechanical vapor compression with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane
Li JF, Zhou WC, Fan SQ, Xiao ZY, Liu YC, Liu JY, Qiu BY, Wang YY
715 - 725 Thermal degradations and processes of waste tea and tea leaves via TG-FTIR: Combustion performances, kinetics, thermodynamics, products and optimization
Cai HM, Zou HH, Liu JY, Xie WM, Kuo JH, Buyukada M, Evrendilek F
726 - 732 A novel mesoporous zeolite-activated carbon composite as an effective adsorbent for removal of ammonia-nitrogen and methylene blue from aqueous solution
Wang M, Xie RZ, Chen Y, Pu XQ, Jiang WJ, Yao L
733 - 748 Fate of pharmaceuticals during membrane bioreactor treatment: Status and perspectives
Gu YL, Huang JH, Zeng GM, Shi LX, Shi YH, Yi KX
749 - 758 A critical review on ammonium recovery from wastewater for sustainable wastewater management
Ye YY, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Liu YW, Chang SW, Nguyen DD, Liang H, Wang J
759 - 772 Biofiltration of methane
La H, Hettiaratchi JPA, Achari G, Dunfield PF
773 - 786 Bio-based volatile fatty acid production and recovery from waste streams: Current status and future challenges
Atasoy M, Owusu-Agyeman I, Plaza E, Cetecioglu Z
787 - 796 Recent advances on biogranules formation in dark hydrogen fermentation system: Mechanism of formation and microbial characteristics
Banu JR, Kannah RY, Kumar MD, Gunasekaran M, Sivagurunathan P, Park JH, Kumar G
797 - 810 Approaches and processes for ammonia removal from side-streams of municipal effluent treatment plants
Eskicioglu C, Galvagno G, Cimon C
811 - 814 Improving exploitation of chicken manure via two-stage anaerobic digestion with an intermediate membrane contactor to extract ammonia
Wang XM, Gabauer W, Li ZF, Ortner M, Fuchs W
815 - 819 Enhancement of microalga Haematococcus pluvialis growth and astaxanthin production by electrical treatment
Kim JY, Lee C, Jeon MS, Park J, Choi YE
820 - 823 A special light-aerobic condition for photosynthetic bacteria-membrane bioreactor technology
Yang AQ, Zhao W, Peng M, Zhang GM, Zhi R, Meng F
824 - 828 Food waste treatment by anaerobic co-digestion with saline sludge and its implications for energy recovery in Hong Kong
Wong JWC, Kaur G, Mehariya S, Karthikeyan OP, Chen GH