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1 - 10 Microwave pyrolysis with KOH/NaOH mixture activation: A new approach to produce micro-mesoporous activated carbon for textile dye adsorption
Liew RK, Azwar E, Yek PNY, Lim XY, Cheng CK, Ng JH, Jusoh A, Lam WH, Ibrahim MD, Ma NL, Lam SS
11 - 18 Evaluating the effects of metal oxide nanoparticles (TiO2, Al2O3, SiO2 and CeO2) on anammox process: Performance, microflora and sludge properties
Zhang ZZ, Cheng YF, Xu LZJ, Bai YH, Xu JJ, Shi ZJ, Shen YY, Jin RC
19 - 25 The cellulose binding region in Trichoderma reesei cellobiohydrolase I has a higher capacity in improving crystalline cellulose degradation than that of Penicillium oxalicum
Du J, Zhang X, Li XZ, Zhao J, Liu GD, Gao BY, Qu YB
26 - 33 Effectively converting carbon dioxide into succinic acid under mild pressure with Actinobacillus succinogenes by an integrated fermentation and membrane separation process
Cao WF, Wang YJ, Luo JQ, Yin JX, Xing JM, Wan YH
34 - 44 Increased poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate production from carbon dioxide in randomly mutated cells of cyanobacterial strain Synechocystis sp PCC 6714: Mutant generation and characterization
Kamravamanesh D, Kovacs T, Pflugl S, Druzhinina I, Kroll P, Lackner M, Herwig C
45 - 50 Feasibility of anaerobic digestion for contaminated rice straw inoculated with waste activated sludge
Xin LQ, Guo ZH, Xiao XY, Xu WX, Geng R, Wang WW
51 - 59 The characteristic evolution of soluble microbial product and its effects on membrane fouling during the development of sponge membrane bioreactor coupled with fiber bundle anoxic bio-filter for treating saline wastewater
Li ZP, Song WL, Liu F, Ding Y, You H, Liu HJ, Qi PS, Jin C
60 - 67 Insights into anaerobic transformation of key dissolved organic matters produced by thermal hydrolysis sludge pretreatment
Lu D, Sun FQ, Zhou Y
68 - 74 Evaluation of potassium as promoter on anaerobic digestion of saline organic wastewater
Li J, Shi WS, Jiang CW, Bai L, Wang T, Yu JN, Ruan WQ
75 - 81 Post-treatment of anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) effluent using activated carbon
Mai DT, Kunacheva C, Stuckey DC
82 - 88 Influence of clay as additive on greenhouse gases emission and maturity evaluation during chicken manure composting
Chen HY, Awasthi MK, Liu T, Zhao JC, Ren XN, Wang MJ, Duan YM, Awasthi SK, Zhang ZQ
89 - 96 Numerical simulation on promoting light/dark cycle frequency to improve microalgae growth in photobioreactor with serial lantern-shaped draft tube
Ye Q, Cheng J, Guo WB, Xu JC, Li H, Zhou JH
97 - 108 Up-flow constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell for azo dye, saline, nitrate remediation and bioelectricity generation: From waste to energy approach
Oon YL, Ong SA, Ho LN, Wong YS, Dahalan FA, Oon YS, Lehl HK, Thung WE, Nordin N
109 - 115 Potential of using sodium bicarbonate as external carbon source to cultivate microalga in non-sterile condition
Tu ZM, Liu LT, Lin WT, Xie ZZ, Luo JF
116 - 124 Effect of pretreatments on corn stalk chemical properties for biogas production purposes
Venturin B, Camargo AF, Scapini T, Mulinari J, Bonatto C, Bazoti S, Siqueira DP, Colla LM, Alves SL, Bender JP, Steinmetz RLR, Kunz A, Fongaro G, Treichel H
125 - 133 Biosynthesis of pyruvic acid from glycerol-containing substrates and its regulation in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica
Kamzolova SV, Morgunov IG
134 - 138 Spent substrate of Ganodorma lucidum as a new bio-adsorbent for adsorption of three typical dyes
Wu JG, Zhang T, Chen CY, Feng LY, Su XH, Zhou LX, Chen YY, Xia AQ, Wang XF
139 - 150 Cr(III) removal from synthetic and industrial wastewaters by using co-gasification chars of rice waste streams
Dias D, Lapa N, Bernardo M, Ribeiro W, Matos I, Fonseca I, Pinto F
151 - 157 Fast start-up of the single-stage nitrogen removal using anammox and partial nitritation (SNAP) from conventional activated sludge in a membrane-aerated biofilm reactor
Augusto MR, Camiloti PR, de Souza TSO
158 - 165 Ensiling as pretreatment of rice straw: The effect of hemicellulase and Lactobacillus plantarum on hemicellulose degradation and cellulose conversion
Zhao J, Dong ZH, Li JF, Chen L, Bai YF, Jia YS, Shao T
166 - 175 Effects of molybdenum, selenium and manganese supplementation on the performance of anaerobic digestion and the characteristics of bacterial community in acidogenic stage
Cai YF, Zheng ZH, Zhao YB, Zhang Y, Guo SY, Cui ZJ, Wang XF
176 - 180 Bioreduction of azo dyes was enhanced by in-situ biogenic palladium nanoparticles
Wang PT, Song YH, Fan HC, Yu L
181 - 188 Effects of bioleaching pretreatment on nitrous oxide emission related functional genes in sludge composting process
Wu YQ, Wang K, He C, Wang Z, Ren NQ, Tian Y
189 - 193 Novel kinetic studies on biomass hydrothermal carbonization
Gallifuoco A, Di Giacomo G
194 - 202 Enhancement of sugar recovery and ethanol production from wheat straw through alkaline pre-extraction followed by steam pretreatment
Yuan ZY, Li GD, Hegg EL
203 - 210 Effect of the electric supply interruption on a microbial electrosynthesis system converting inorganic carbon into acetate
Rojas MDA, Zaiat M, Gonzalez ER, De Wever H, Pant D
211 - 219 Selectivity control of nitrite and nitrate with the reaction of S-0 and achieved nitrite accumulation in the sulfur autotrophic denitrification process
Chen FM, Li X, Gu CW, Huang Y, Yuan Y
220 - 231 Revamping downdraft gasifier to minimize clinker formation for high-ash garden waste as feedstock
Siddiqui H, Thengane SK, Sharma S, Mahajani SM
232 - 241 Single pot bioconversion of prairie cordgrass into biohydrogen by thermophiles
Bibra M, Kumar S, Wang J, Bhalla A, Salem DR, Sani RK
242 - 248 Co-hydrothermal carbonization of lignocellulosic biomass and swine manure: Hydrochar properties and heavy metal transformation behavior
Lang QQ, Guo YC, Zheng QF, Liu ZG, Gai C
249 - 258 Designing continuous flow reaction of xylan hydrolysis for xylooligosaccharides production in packed-bed reactors using xylanase immobilized on methacrylic polymer-based supports
Romero-Fernandez M, Moreno-Perez S, Orrego AH, de Oliveira SM, Santamaria RI, Diaz M, Guisan JM, Rocha-Martin J
259 - 266 Enhanced methanogenic co-degradation of propionate and butyrate by anaerobic microbiome enriched on conductive carbon fibers
Barua S, Zakaria BS, Dhar BR
267 - 274 Vermi-sanitization of toxic silk industry waste employing Eisenia fetida and Eudrilus eugeniae: Substrate compatibility, nutrient enrichment and metal accumulation dynamics
Paul S, Das S, Raul P, Bhattacharya SS
275 - 283 Evaluation of the clean characteristics and combustion behavior of hydrochar derived from food waste towards solid biofuel production
Wang TF, Zhai YB, Zhu Y, Gan XP, Zheng L, Peng C, Wang B, Li CT, Zeng GM
284 - 290 Microwave pyrolysis of moso bamboo for syngas production and bio-oil upgrading over bamboo-based biochar catalyst
Dong Q, Li HJ, Niu MM, Luo CP, Zhang JF, Qi B, Li XQ, Zhong W
291 - 296 Comparative performance evaluation of novel polystyrene membrane with ultrex as Proton Exchange Membranes in Microbial Fuel Cell for bioelectricity production from food waste
Moharir PV, Tembhurkar AR
297 - 305 Lewis-Bronsted acid catalysed ethanolysis of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste for efficient production of biofuels
di Bitonto L, Antonopoulou G, Braguglia C, Campanale C, Gallipoli A, Lyberatos G, Ntaikou I, Pastore C
306 - 314 Hydrothermal hydrolysis pretreatment of microalgae slurries in a continuous reactor under subcritical conditions for large-scale application
Fu Q, Zhang H, Chen H, Liao Q, Xia A, Huang Y, Zhu X, Reungsang A, Liu ZD
315 - 321 Butylated hydroxytoluene induces astaxanthin and lipid production in Haematococcus pluvialis under high-light and nitrogen-deficiency conditions
Zhao YT, Yue CC, Ding W, Li T, Xu JW, Zhao P, Ma HX, Yu XY
322 - 334 An integrated green biorefinery approach towards simultaneous recovery of pectin and polyphenols coupled with bioethanol production from waste pomegranate peels
Talekar S, Patti AF, Vijayraghavan R, Arora A
335 - 342 Novel investigation of the performance of continuous packed bed bioreactor (CPBBR) by isolated Bacillus sp M4 and proteomic study
Kureel MK, Geed SR, Rai BN, Singh RS
343 - 348 A novel low cost microalgal harvesting technique with coagulant recovery and recycling
Yang L, Wang L, Zhang HY, Li C, Zhang XZ, Hu Q
349 - 356 Integrated anaerobic digestion and algae cultivation for energy recovery and nutrient supply from post-hydrothermal liquefaction wastewater
Yang LB, Si BC, Tan XB, Chu HQ, Zhou XF, Zhang YH, Zhang YL, Zhao FC
357 - 363 Physicochemical, structural and combustion characterization of food waste hydrochar obtained by hydrothermal carbonization
Ul Saqib N, Baroutian S, Sarmah AK
364 - 373 Effects of CO on hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis under thermophilic and extreme-thermophilic conditions: Microbial community and biomethanation pathways
Bu F, Dong NS, Khanal SK, Xie L, Zhou Q
374 - 381 High-efficiency nutrients reclamation from landfill leachate by microalgae Chlorella vulgaris in membrane photobioreactor for bio-lipid production
Chang HX, Quan XJ, Zhong NB, Zhang Z, Lu CF, Li G, Cheng ZL, Yang L
382 - 388 A comprehensive comparison of five different carbon-based cathode materials in CO2 electromethanogenesis: Long-term performance, cell-electrode contact behaviors and extracellular electron transfer pathways
Zhen GY, Zheng SJ, Lu XQ, Zhu XF, Mei J, Kobayashi T, Xu KQ, Li YY, Zhao YC
389 - 397 Combustion behaviors of spent mushroom substrate using TG-MS and TG-FTIR: Thermal conversion, kinetic, thermodynamic and emission analyses
Huang JL, Liu JY, Chen JC, Xie WM, Kuo JH, Lu XW, Chang KL, Wen ST, Sun G, Cai HM, Buyukada M, Evrendilek F
398 - 406 An efficient Photobioreactors/Raceway circulating system combined with alkaline-CO2 capturing medium for microalgal cultivation
Kuo CM, Jian JF, Sun YL, Lin TH, Yang YC, Zhang WX, Chang HF, Lai JT, Chang JS, Lin CS
407 - 412 Evolved gas analysis and slow pyrolysis mechanism of bamboo by thermogravimetric analysis, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Wu XF, Ba YX, Wang X, Niu MJ, Fang K
413 - 420 Improving mechanisms of biohydrogen production from grass using zero-valent iron nanoparticles
Yang G, Wang JL
421 - 430 High-efficiency second generation ethanol from the hemicellulosic fraction of softwood chips mixed with construction and demolition residues
Boboescu IZ, Gelinas M, Beigbeder JB, Lavoie JM
431 - 438 Active biocatalyst for biodiesel production from spent coffee ground
Sarno M, Iuliano M
439 - 446 Novel two-stage solid-state fermentation for erythritol production on okara-buckwheat husk medium
Liu XY, Yu XJ, Zhang T, Wang ZP, Xu JX, Xia J, He AY, Yan YB, Xu JM
447 - 453 Enhanced sulfate and metal removal by reduced graphene oxide self-assembled Enterococcus avium sulfate-reducing bacteria particles
Yan J, Ye WZ, Jian ZY, Xie JH, Zhong KQ, Wang SJ, Hu HS, Chen ZX, Wen HJ, Zhang HG
454 - 462 Performance and microbial community of hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis under thermophilic and extreme-thermophilic conditions
Dong NS, Bu F, Zhou Q, Khanal SK, Xie L
463 - 471 Influence of carrier media physical properties on start-up of moving attached growth systems
Dias J, Bellingham M, Hassan J, Barrett M, Stephenson T, Soares A
472 - 481 Detoxification of chromium-rich tannery industry sludge by Eudrillus eugeniae: Insight on compost quality fortification and microbial enrichment
Goswami L, Mukhopadhyay R, Bhattacharya SS, Das P, Goswami R
482 - 487 Development of a method for the valorization of fermentation wastewater and algal-residue extract in docosahexaenoic acid production by Schizochytrium sp.
Yin FW, Guo DS, Ren LJ, Ji XJ, Huang H
488 - 497 Vortex fluidic mediated direct transesterification of wet microalgae biomass to biodiesel
Sitepu EK, Corbin K, Luo X, Pye SJ, Tang YH, Leterme SC, Heimann K, Raston CL, Zhang W
498 - 506 Impact of surface tension of wastewater on biofilm formation of microalgae Chlorella sp.
Zhang XR, Yuan H, Jiang ZY, Lin DH, Zhang XX
507 - 515 Discrepant effects of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles on anammox sludge properties: A comparison between Cu and CuO nanoparticles
Zhang ZZ, Cheng YF, Xu LZJ, Wu J, Bai YH, Xu JJ, Shi ZJ, Jin RC
516 - 523 Effect of nickel-containing activated carbon on food waste anaerobic digestion
Ko JH, Wang N, Yuan TG, Lu F, He PJ, Xu QY
524 - 531 New insight of tertiary-amine modified bentonite amendment on the nitrogen transformation and volatile fatty acids during the chicken manure composting
Ren XN, Awasthi MK, Wang Q, Li ZR, Tu ZN, Chen HY, Awasthi SK, Zhang ZQ
532 - 540 Application of anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactor (AnDMBR) for the successful enrichment of Anammox bacteria using mixed anaerobic and aerobic seed sludge
Saleem M, Lavagnolo MC, Concheri G, Stevanato P, Squartini A, Spagni A
541 - 547 Microalgae hydrothermal liquefaction and derived biocrude upgrading with modified SBA-15 catalysts
Li J, Fang XD, Bian JJ, Guo YH, Li CH
548 - 554 Accelerating the start-up of the cathodic biofilm by adding acyl-homoserine lactone signaling molecules
Fang YL, Deng CS, Chen J, Lu J, Chen SS, Zhou SG
555 - 567 Recent achievements in enhancing anaerobic digestion with carbon-based functional materials
Zhang JS, Zhao WQ, Zhang HW, Wang ZJ, Fan CF, Zang LH
568 - 568 Influence of an oxic settling anoxic system on biomass yield, protozoa and filamentous bacteria (vol 200, pg 170, 2016)
Rodriguez-Pereza S, Gutierrez JC, Fermoso FG, Arnaiz C