Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.264 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Controlling the selectivity to chemicals from catalytic depolymerization of kraft lignin with in-situ H-2
Luo LG, Yang J, Yao GD, Jin FM
7 - 16 Characterization of biomass waste torrefaction under conventional and microwave heating
Ho SH, Zhang CY, Chen WH, Shen Y, Chang JS
17 - 23 Free acetic acid as the key factor for the inhibition of hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis in mesophilic mixed culture fermentation
Zhang W, Dai K, Xia XY, Wang HJ, Chen Y, Lu YZ, Zhan F, Zeng RJ
24 - 34 Treatment of acidic sulfate-containing wastewater using revolving algae biofilm reactors: Sulfur removal performance and microbial community characterization
Zhou HY, Sheng YQ, Zhao XF, Gross M, Wen ZY
35 - 41 Effect of surfactant assisted sonic pretreatment on liquefaction of fruits and vegetable residue: Characterization, acidogenesis, biomethane yield and energy ratio
Shanthi M, Banu JR, Sivashanmugam P
42 - 50 An explanation of the methanogenic pathway for methane production in anaerobic digestion of nitrogen-rich materials under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions
Yin DM, Westerholm M, Qiao W, Bi SJ, Wandera SM, Fan R, Jiang MM, Dong RJ
51 - 57 Effect of trace element addition and increasing organic loading rates on the anaerobic digestion of cattle slaughterhouse wastewater
Schmidt T, McCabe BK, Harris PW, Lee S
58 - 65 Effect of the surface acid sites of tungsten trioxide for highly selective hydrogenation of cellulose to ethylene glycol
Li NX, Ji ZX, Wei LF, Zheng Y, Shen QH, Ma QH, Tan ML, Zhan MM, Zhou JC
66 - 77 Modeling, experimental validation and optimization of Prosopis juliflora fuelwood pyrolysis in fixed-bed tubular reactor
Chandrasekaran A, Ramachandran S, Subbiah S
78 - 89 The pelletization and combustion properties of torrefied Camellia shell via dry and hydrothermal torrefaction: A comparative evaluation
Tu R, Jiang EC, Sun Y, Xu XW, Rao S
90 - 97 Efficient resource recycling from liquid digestate by microalgae-yeast mixed culture and the assessment of key gene transcription related to nitrogen assimilation in microalgae
Qin L, Liu L, Wang ZM, Chen WN, Wei D
98 - 105 Bioaugmentation potential of a newly isolated strain Sphingomonas sp NJUST37 for the treatment of wastewater containing highly toxic and recalcitrant tricyclazole
Wu HB, Shen JY, Jiang XB, Liu XD, Sun XY, Li JS, Han WQ, Mu Y, Wang LJ
106 - 115 Metagenomic insights into the microbiota profiles and bioaugmentation mechanism of organics removal in coal gasification wastewater in an anaerobic/anoxic/oxic system by methanol
Xu WC, Zhang YX, Cao HB, Sheng YX, Li HB, Li YP, Zhao H, Gui XF
116 - 122 Nitrogen loss reduction by adding KH2PO4-K2HPO4 buffer solution during composting of sewage sludge
Liang JY, Shen YW, Shou ZQ, Yuan HP, Dai XH, Zhu NW
123 - 130 The effects of fibrolytic enzymes, cellulolytic fungi and bacteria on the fermentation characteristics, structural carbohydrates degradation, and enzymatic conversion yields of Pennisetum sinese silage
Li JF, Yuan XJ, Dong ZH, Mugabe W, Shao T
131 - 139 Drying and thermal decomposition kinetics of sugarcane straw by nonisothermal thermogravimetric analysis
Rueda-Ordonez YJ, Tannous K
140 - 147 Two-year microbial adaptation during hydrogen-mediated biogas upgrading process in a serial reactor configuration
Treu L, Kougias PG, de Diego-Diaz B, Campanaro S, Bassani I, Fernandez-Rodriguez J, Angelidaki I
148 - 153 Consolidated processing of biobutanol production from food wastes by solventogenic Clostridium sp strain HN4
Qin ZD, Duns GJ, Pan T, Xin FX
154 - 162 Treatment of industrial dyeing wastewater with a pilot-scale strengthened circulation anaerobic reactor
Yang B, Xu H, Yang SN, Bi ST, Li F, Shen CS, Ma CY, Tian Q, Liu JS, Song XS, Sand W, Liu YB
163 - 173 Dynamic bacterial and fungal microbiomes during sweet sorghum ensiling impact bioethanol production
Gallagher D, Parker D, Allen DJ, Tsesmetzis N
174 - 179 High-calorific bio-hydrogen production under self-generated high-pressure condition
Lee MK, Sivagurunathan P, Yun YM, Kang S, Na JG, Kim DH
180 - 189 A novel approach to biphasic strategy for intensification of the hydrothermal process to give levulinic acid: Use of an organic non-solvent
Licursi D, Antonetti C, Parton R, Galletti AMR
190 - 197 Synergistic degradation of crude oil by indigenous bacterial consortium and exogenous fungus Scedosporium boydii
Yuan XY, Zhang XY, Chen XP, Kong DW, Liu XY, Shen SY
198 - 205 Catalytic fast pyrolysis of durian rind using silica-alumina catalyst: Effects of pyrolysis parameters
Tan YL, Abdullah AZ, Hameed BH
206 - 210 Investigation of lead bioimmobilization and transformation by Penicillium oxalicum SL2
Ye BH, Luo YT, He JY, Sun LJ, Long BB, Liu QL, Yuan XF, Dai PB, Shi JY
211 - 218 Modeling methane production in anaerobic forward osmosis bioreactor using a modified anaerobic digestion model No. 1
Song YC, Kim M, Shon H, Jegatheesan V, Kim S
219 - 227 Accelerated biogas production from lignocellulosic biomass after pre-treatment with Neocallimastix frontalis
Dollhofer V, Dandikas V, Dorn-In S, Bauer C, Lebuhn M, Bauer J
228 - 237 Fast microwave-assisted sorption of heavy metals on the surface of nanosilica-functionalized-glycine and reduced glutathione
Mahmoud ME, Hassan SSM, Kamel AH, Elserw MIA
238 - 243 Microwave-assisted efficient depolymerization of alkaline lignin in methanol/formic acid media
Shao LP, Zhang QL, You TT, Zhang XM, Xu F
244 - 252 Biodesulfurization of sulfide wastewater for elemental sulfur recovery by isolated Halothiobacillus neapolitanus in an internal airlift loop reactor
Feng SS, Lin X, Tong YJ, Huang X, Yang HL
253 - 260 Endogenous influences on anammox and sulfocompound-oxidizing autotrophic denitrification coupling system (A/SAD) and dynamic operating strategy
Sun XB, Du LF, Hou YQ, Cheng SJ, Zhang XX, Liu B
261 - 267 Efficient transformation of corn stover to furfural using p-hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid-formaldehyde resin solid acid
Zhang TW, Li WZ, An SX, Huang F, Li XZ, Liu JR, Pei G, Liu QY
268 - 276 Research on dewaterability and properties of sewage sludge under modified phosphogypsum and acetic acid pretreatments
Dai QX, Ren NQ, Ma LP, Ning P, Qu GF, Guo ZY, Xie LG
277 - 284 Organophosphorus-degrading bacterial community during composting from different sources and their roles in phosphorus transformation
Wei YQ, Zhao Y, Lu Q, Cao ZY, Wei ZM
285 - 289 Role of sawdust and cow dung on compost maturity during rotary drum composting of flower waste
Sharma D, Yadav KD, Kumar S
290 - 297 Active and total microbial community dynamics and the role of functional genes bamA and mcrA during anaerobic digestion of phenol and p-cresol
Franchi O, Bovio P, Ortega-Martinez E, Rosenkranz F, Chamy R
298 - 305 Energy-positive sewage sludge pre-treatment with a novel ultrasonic flatbed reactor at low energy input
Lippert T, Bandelin J, Musch A, Drewes JE, Koch K
306 - 310 An air-breathing enzymatic cathode with extended lifetime by continuous laccase supply
Kipf E, Sane S, Morse D, Messinger T, Zengerle R, Kerzenmacher S
311 - 318 Nutrients removal from undiluted cattle farm wastewater by the two-stage process of microalgae-based wastewater treatment
Lv JP, Liu Y, Feng J, Liu Q, Nan FR, Xie SL
319 - 326 Toxic effects of vanadium (V) on a combined autotrophic denitrification system using sulfur and hydrogen as electron donors
Chen D, Xiao ZX, Wang HY, Yang K
327 - 334 Understanding the synergistic effect and the main factors influencing the enzymatic hydrolyzability of corn stover at low enzyme loading by hydrothermal and/or ultrafine grinding pretreatment
Zhang HY, Li JB, Huang GQ, Yang ZL, Han LJ
335 - 342 Semi-hydrolysis with low enzyme loading leads to highly effective butanol fermentation
Zhao T, Tashiro Y, Zheng J, Sakai K, Sonomoto K
343 - 358 A review of membrane fouling and its control in algal-related membrane processes
Liao YC, Bokhary A, Maleki E, Liao BQ
359 - 369 An overview of microbial biogas enrichment
Aryal N, Kvist T, Ammam F, Pant D, Ottosen LDM
370 - 381 The path forward for lignocellulose biorefineries: Bottlenecks, solutions, and perspective on commercialization
Chandel AK, Garlapati VK, Singh AK, Antunes FAF, da Silva SS
382 - 386 Selective depolymerization of lignosulfonate via hydrogen transfer enhanced in an emulsion microreactor
Liu SJ, Lin ZY, Cai ZP, Long JX, Li ZM, Li XH
387 - 390 Enhanced electron transfer mediator based on biochar from microalgal sludge for application to bioelectrochemical systems
Lee JH, Kim DS, Yang JH, Chun Y, Yoo HY, Han SO, Lee J, Park C, Kim SW
391 - 394 Analysis of enzymolysis process kinetics and estimation of the resource conversion efficiency to corn cobs with alkali soaking, water and acid steam explosion pretreatments
Han YT, Xu JF, Zhao ZM, Zhao J
395 - 399 Cascade hydrolysis and fermentation of corn stover for production of high titer gluconic and xylonic acids
Hou WL, Zhang MF, Bao J
400 - 405 Effect of hydraulic retention time on nitrogen removal and functional gene quantity/transcription in biochar packed reactors at 5 degrees C: A control-strategy study
He S, Ding LL, Pan Y, Hu HD, Ye L, Ren HQ