Bioresource Technology

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1 - 8 Pilot-scale outdoor production of Scenedesmus sp in raceways using flue gases and centrate from anaerobic digestion as the sole culture medium
Jebali A, Acien FG, Barradas ER, Olguin EJ, Sayadi S, Grima EM
9 - 14 Enhancement of lipid accumulation by oleaginous yeast through phosphorus limitation under high content of ammonia
Huang XF, Luo HJ, Mu TS, Shen Y, Yuan M, Liu J
15 - 21 Simultaneous Cr(VI) bio-reduction and methane production by anaerobic granular sludge
Hu Q, Sun JJ, Sun DZ, Tian L, Ji YA, Qiu B
22 - 31 Facile One-Pot Synthesis of Sustainable Carboxymethyl Chitosan - Sewage Sludge Biochar for Effective Heavy Metal Chelation and Regeneration
Ifthikar J, Jiao X, Ngambia A, Wang T, Khan A, Jawad A, Xue Q, Liu L, Chen ZQ
32 - 41 Simultaneous saccharification and bioethanol production from corn cobs: Process optimization and kinetic studies
Sewsynker-Sukai Y, Kana EBG
42 - 51 Process performance assessment of advanced anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge including sequential ultrasound-thermal (55 degrees C) pre-treatment
Neumann P, Barriga F, Alvarez C, Gonzalez Z, Vidal G
52 - 58 Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of furfuralcohol from chestnut shell hydrolysate by a sequential acid-catalyzed dehydration under microwave and Escherichia coli CCZU-Y10 whole-cells conversion
Di JH, Ma CL, Qian JH, Liao XL, Peng B, He YC
59 - 64 Kinetic modeling and microbial community analysis for high-rate biohydrogen production using a dynamic membrane
Park JH, Sim YB, Kumar G, Anburajan P, Park JH, Park HD, Kim SH
65 - 73 Microbial nitrate removal in biologically enhanced treated coal gasification wastewater of low COD to nitrate ratio by coupling biological denitrification with iron and carbon micro-electrolysis
Zhang ZW, Han YX, Xu CY, Ma WC, Han HJ, Zheng MQ, Zhu H, Ma WW
74 - 79 Optimization of lutein production with a two-stage mixotrophic cultivation system with Chlorella sorokiniana MB-1
Chen CY, Liu CC
80 - 89 Role of Ca-bentonite to improve the humification, enzymatic activities, nutrient transformation and end product quality during sewage sludge composting
Awasthi MK, Awasthi SK, Wang Q, Awasthi MK, Zhao JC, Chen HY, Ren XN, Wang MJ, Zhang ZQ
90 - 97 The transformation of nitrogen during pressurized entrained-flow pyrolysis of Chlorella vulgaris
Maliutina K, Tahmasebi A, Yu JL
98 - 106 Assessing the removal of organic micropollutants by a novel baffled osmotic membrane bioreactor-microfiltration hybrid system
Pathak N, Li S, Kim Y, Chekli L, Phuntsho S, Jang A, Ghaffour N, Leiknes T, Shon HK
107 - 113 Enzyme adsorption properties on dilute acid pretreated biomass by low vacuum-scanning electron microscopy and structural analysis of lignin
Kim JE, Lee JW
114 - 123 Enhanced short-chain fatty acids production from waste activated sludge by combining calcium peroxide with free ammonia pretreatment
Wang DB, Shuai K, Xu QX, Liu XR, Li YF, Liu YW, Wang QL, Li XM, Zeng GM, Yang Q
124 - 131 Cellulose degradation potential of Paenibacillus lautus strain BHU3 and its whole genome sequence
Yadav S, Dubey SK
132 - 140 Microbial community response to influent shift and lowering temperature in a two-stage mainstream deammonification process
Liu WR, Ji XM, Wang JF, Yang DH, Shen YL, Chen CJ, Qian FY, Wu P
141 - 147 Anaerobic digestion of soft drink beverage waste and sewage sludge
Wickham R, Xie SH, Galway B, Bustamante H, Nghiem LD
148 - 158 Long-term high-solids anaerobic digestion of food waste: Effects of ammonia on process performance and microbial community
Peng XY, Zhang SY, Li L, Zhao XF, Ma Y, Shi DZ
159 - 168 Process design and economic analysis of a biorefinery co-producing itaconic acid and electricity from sugarcane bagasse and trash lignocelluloses
Nieder-Heitmann M, Haigh KF, Gorgens JF
169 - 176 Improved process performance of the acidification phase in a two-stage anaerobic digestion of complex organic waste: Effects of an iron oxide-zeolite additive
Lu XF, Wang HD, Ma F, Zhao G, Wang SW
177 - 183 Improved synthesis of 2,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)furan from 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using acclimatized whole cells entrapped in calcium alginate
Xu ZH, Cheng AD, Xing XP, Zong MH, Bai YP, Li N
184 - 193 Organic loading rate and hydraulic retention time shape distinct ecological networks of anaerobic digestion related microbiome
Xu R, Yang ZH, Zheng Y, Liu JB, Xiong WP, Zhang YR, Lu Y, Xue WJ, Fan CZ
194 - 202 Anaerobic digestion of high-yielding tropical energy crops for biomethane production: Effects of crop types, locations and plant parts
Surendra KC, Ogoshi R, Reinhardt-Hanisch A, Oechsner H, Zaleski HM, Hashimoto AG, Khanal SK
203 - 211 Environmental performances of coproducts. Application of Claiming-Based Allocation models to straw and vetiver biorefineries in an Indian context
Gnansounou E, Raman JK
212 - 220 Structural characterization of Chinese quince fruit lignin pretreated with enzymatic hydrolysis
Qin Z, Wang XD, Liu HM, Wang DM, Qin GY
221 - 228 Transformation of organic nitrogen fractions with different molecular weights during different organic wastes composting
Zhou HX, Zhao Y, Yang HY, Zhu LJ, Cai BY, Luo S, Cao JX, Wei ZM
229 - 234 Biological acetate production from carbon dioxide by Acetobacterium woodii and Clostridium ljungdahlii: The effect of cell immobilization
Cheng HH, Syu JC, Tien SY, Whang LM
235 - 241 Two-steps gas double-dynamic solid-state fermentation enhances growth and spore production of Conithyrium minitans
Liu Y, Wang L, Chen HZ
242 - 250 Formation of microbial inhibitors in steam-explosion pretreatment of softwood impregnated with sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide
Martin C, Wu GC, Wang Z, Stagge S, Jonsson LJ
251 - 260 Role of Bacillus cereus GS-5 strain on simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorous removal from domestic wastewater in an inventive single unit multi-layer packed bed bioreactor
Rout PR, Dash RR, Bhunia P, Rao S
261 - 270 Influence of biomass pretreatment on upgrading of bio-oil: Comparison of dry and hydrothermal torrefaction
Xu XW, Tu R, Sun Y, Li ZY, Jiang EC
271 - 277 Control of partial nitrification using pulse aeration for treating digested effluent of swine wastewater
Wang S, Deng LW, Zheng D, Wang L, Zhang YH, Yang HN, Jiang YQ, Huang FY
278 - 283 Synthesis of docosapentaenoic acid-enriched diacylglycerols by enzymatic glycerolysis of Schizochytrium sp oil
Wang XS, Wang XH, Wang W, Jin QZ, Wang XG
284 - 293 Quantifying the sensitivity of feedstock properties and process conditions on hydrochar yield, carbon content, and energy content
Li L, Wang YY, Xu JT, Flora JRV, Hoque S, Berge ND
294 - 301 Recyclable zero-valent iron activating peroxymonosulfate synchronously combined with thermal treatment enhances sludge dewaterability by altering physicochemical and biological properties
Li YF, Yuan XZ, Wang DB, Wang H, Wu ZB, Jiang LB, Mo D, Yang GJ, Guan RP, Zeng GM
302 - 309 New insights into enhanced anaerobic degradation of coal gasification wastewater (CGW) with the assistance of graphene
Zhu H, Han YX, Ma WC, Han HJ, Ma WW, Xu CY
310 - 318 Emerging technologies for the pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass
Hassan SS, Williams GA, Jaiswal AK
319 - 332 A critical review on anaerobic digestion of microalgae and macroalgae and co-digestion of biomass for enhanced methane generation
Saratale RG, Kumar G, Banu R, Xia A, Periyasamy S, Saratale GD
333 - 337 Effect of hydrodynamic mixing conditions on wet oxidation reactions in a stirred vessel reactor
Baroutian S, Syed AM, Munir MT, Gapes DJ, Young BR
338 - 341 Elimination of voltage reversal in multiple membrane electrode assembly installed microbial fuel cells (mMEA-MFCs) stacking system by resistor control
Kim B, Chang IS
342 - 346 Lipid accumulation of Chlorella pyrenoidosa under mixotrophic cultivation using acetate and ammonium
Liu LJ, Zhao Y, Jiang XX, Wang XY, Liang WY