Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Fundamental understanding of distracted oxygen delignification efficiency by dissolved lignin during biorefinery process of eucalyptus
Zhao HF, Li J, Zhang XJ
5 - 11 Ultrasonic pretreatment effects on the co-pyrolysis of municipal solid waste and paper sludge through orthogonal test
Fang SW, Gu WL, Chen L, Yu ZS, Dai MQ, Lin Y, Liao YF, Ma XQ
12 - 17 Minimizing cellulase inhibition of whole slurry biomass hydrolysis through the addition of carbocation scavengers during acid-catalyzed pretreatment
Zhai R, Hu JG, Saddler JN
18 - 25 Integrated bioethanol production from mixtures of corn and corn stover
Chen ST, Xu ZX, Li XJ, Yu JM, Cai MF, Jin MJ
26 - 32 Combined effect of inorganic salts with calcium peroxide pretreatment for kenaf core biomass and their utilization for 2,3-butanediol production
Saratale RG, Shin HS, Ghodake GS, Kumar G, Oh MK, Saratale GD
33 - 40 Parameters affecting acetate concentrations during in-situ biological hydrogen methanation
Agneessens LM, Ottosen LDM, Andersen M, Olesen CB, Feilberg A, Kofoed MVW
41 - 47 Anaerobic digestion of chicken manure by a leach-bed process coupled with side-stream membrane ammonia separation
Bayrakdar A, Surmeli RO, Calli B
48 - 56 Preparation, characterization and Cr(VI) adsorption evaluation of NaOH-activated carbon produced from Date Press Cake; an agro-industrial waste
Norouzi S, Heidari M, Alipour V, Rahmanian O, Fazlzadeh M, Mohammadi-Moghadam F, Nourmoradi H, Goudarzi B, Dindarloo K
57 - 63 Effects of anode spacing and flow rate on energy recovery of flat-panel air-cathode microbial fuel cells using domestic wastewater
Park Y, Nguyen V, Park S, Yu J, Lee T
64 - 69 Use of tannery wastewater as an alternative substrate and a pre-treatment medium for biogas production
Vazifehkhoran AH, Shin SG, Triolo JM
70 - 78 The carbon dioxide gasification characteristics of biomass char samples and their effect on coal gasification reactivity during co-gasification
Mafu LD, Neomagus HWJP, Everson RC, Okolo GN, Strydom CA, Bunt JR
79 - 87 The inhibition of hemicellulosic sugars on cellulose hydrolysis are highly dependant on the cellulase productive binding, processivity, and substrate surface charges
Zhai R, Hu JG, Saddler JN
88 - 97 Comparative study of wet and dry torrefaction of corn stalk and the effect on biomass pyrolysis polygeneration
Wang XH, Wu J, Chen YQ, Pattiya A, Yang HP, Chen HP
98 - 104 Microwave-assisted co-pyrolysis of pretreated lignin and soapstock for upgrading liquid oil: Effect of pretreatment parameters on pyrolysis behavior
Duan DL, Ruan R, Lei HW, Liu YH, Wang YP, Zhang YY, Zhao YF, Dai LL, Wu QH, Zhang SM
105 - 110 Thermokinetic analysis and product characterization of Medium Density Fiberboard pyrolysis
Aslan DI, Ozogul B, Ceylan S, Geyikci F
111 - 118 Assessment of hydrothermal carbonization and coupling washing with torrefaction of bamboo sawdust for biofuels production
Zhang SP, Su YH, Xu D, Zhu SG, Zhang HL, Liu XZ
119 - 124 Characterized hydrochar of algal biomass for producing solid fuel through hydrothermal carbonization
Park KY, Lee K, Kim D
125 - 134 Enhanced electricity generation performance and dye wastewater degradation of microbial fuel cell by using a petaline NiO@ polyaniline-carbon felt anode
Zhong DJ, Liao XR, Liu YQ, Zhong NB, Xu YL
135 - 141 Impacts of zero valent iron, natural zeolite and Dnase on the fate of antibiotic resistance genes during thermophilic and mesophilic anaerobic digestion of swine manure
Zhang JY, Sui QW, Zhong H, Meng XS, Wang ZY, Wang YW, Wei YS
142 - 150 Evaluation of process performance, energy consumption and microbiota characterization in a ceramic membrane bioreactor for ex-situ biomethanation of H-2 and CO2
Alfaro N, Fdz-Polanco M, Fdz-Polanco F, Diaz I
151 - 157 Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation of hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae in a continuous plug-flow reactor
Ranganathan P, Savithri S
158 - 167 Hydrothermal liquefaction of high- and low-lipid algae: Mass and energy balances
Cheng F, Cui Z, Mallick K, Nirmalakhandan N, Brewer CE
168 - 176 Performance and microbial community analysis of bio-electrocoagulation on simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in submerged membrane bioreactor at limited dissolved oxygen
Li L, Dong YH, Qian GS, Hu X, Ye LL
177 - 186 Influence of electric field and iron on the denitrification process from nitrogen-rich wastewater in a periodic reversal bio-electrocoagulation system
Qian GS, Ye LL, Li L, Hu XM, Jiang BH, Zhao X
187 - 194 Microbial community evolution of black and stinking rivers during in situ remediation through micro-nano bubble and submerged resin floating bed technology
Sun YM, Wang SW, Niu JF
195 - 202 Improvement of biochar and bacterial powder addition on gaseous emission and bacterial community in pig manure compost
Mao H, Lv ZY, Sun HD, Li RH, Zhai BN, Wang ZH, Awasthi MK, Wang Q, Zhou L
203 - 207 Spontaneous and applied potential driven indium recovery on carbon electrode and crystallization using a bioelectrochemical system
Kim C, Lee CR, Heo J, Choi SM, Lim DH, Cho J, Chung S, Kim JR
208 - 219 Effect of temperature on microbial diversity and nitrogen removal performance of an anammox reactor treating anaerobically pretreated municipal wastewater
Fernandes LD, Pereira AD, Leal CD, Davenport R, Werner D, Mota CR, Bressani-Ribeiro T, Chernicharo CAD, de Araujo JC
220 - 226 Mitigation of membrane biofouling by a quorum quenching bacterium for membrane bioreactors
Ham SY, Kim HS, Cha E, Park JH, Park HD
227 - 233 Elimination of pyraclostrobin by simultaneous microbial degradation coupled with the Fenton process in microbial fuel cells and the microbial community
Zhao H, Kong CH
234 - 239 Optimized co-production of lipids and carotenoids from Ettlia sp by regulating stress conditions
Lee N, Ko SR, Ahn CY, Oh HM
240 - 246 Pretreatment of saline antibiotic wastewater using marine microalga
Shi XQ, Yeap TS, Huang SJ, Chen JQ, Ng HY
247 - 254 Nitrogen removal and recovery from lagoon-pretreated swine wastewater by constructed wetlands under sustainable plant harvesting management
Luo P, Liu F, Zhang SN, Li HF, Yao R, Jiang QW, Xiao RL, Wu JS
255 - 262 A two-stage process facilitating microbial lipid production from N-acetylglucosamine by Cryptococcus curvatus cultured under non-sterile conditions
Tang M, Zhou WT, Liu Y, Yan JB, Gong ZW
263 - 269 Particle-sparged anaerobic membrane bioreactor with fluidized polyethylene terephthalate beads for domestic wastewater treatment: Modelling approach and fouling control
Charfi A, Park E, Aslam M, Kim J
270 - 278 Producing methane, methanol and electricity from organic waste of fermentation reaction using novel microbes
Dhiman SS, Shrestha N, David A, Basotra N, Johnson GR, Chadha BS, Gadhamshetty V, Sani RK
279 - 286 Effect of biochar and humic acid on the copper, lead, and cadmium passivation during composting
Zhou HB, Meng HB, Zhao LX, Shen YJ, Hou YQ, Cheng HS, Song LQ
287 - 294 Behaviors of rice straw two-step liquefaction with sub/supercritical ethanol in carbon dioxide atmosphere
Yang TH, Wang J, Li BS, Kai XP, Xing WL, Li RD
295 - 301 Enhancing enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse by ferric chloride catalyzed organosolv pretreatment and Tween 80
Zhang HD, Fan MS, Li X, Zhang AP, Xie J
302 - 309 Strategies for enhancing microbial tolerance to inhibitors for biofuel production: A review
Wang SZ, Sun XX, Yuan QP
310 - 317 New insights in photosynthetic microbial fuel cell using anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria
Qi X, Ren YW, Liang P, Wang XZ
318 - 334 Critical review of fouling mitigation strategies in membrane bioreactors treating water and wastewater
Bagheri M, Mirbagheri SA
335 - 344 Multilateral approach on enhancing economic viability of lipid production from microalgae: A review
Shin YS, Choi HI, Choi JW, Lee JS, Sung YJ, Sim SJ
345 - 353 Current advance in biological production of malic acid using wild type and metabolic engineered strains
Dai ZX, Zhou HY, Zhang SJ, Gu HL, Yang Q, Zhang WM, Dong WL, Ma JF, Fang Y, Jiang M, Xin FX
354 - 364 Weak electricigens: A new avenue for bioelectrochemical research
Doyle LE, Marsili E
365 - 375 Enhancement of microalgal growth and biocomponent-based transformations for improved biofuel recovery: A review
Salama ES, Hwang JH, El-Dalatony MM, Kurade MB, Kabra AN, Abou-Shanab RAI, Kim KH, Yang IS, Govindwar SP, Kim S, Jeon BH
376 - 389 Effects of wastewater constituents and operational conditions on the composition and dynamics of anodic microbial communities in bioelectrochemical systems
Kokko M, Epple S, Gescher J, Kerzenmacher S
390 - 394 Response of humic acid formation to elevated nitrate during chicken manure composting
Shi MZ, Wei ZM, Wang LQ, Wu JQ, Zhang DY, Wei D, Tang Y, Zhao Y