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1 - 10 Removal of aqueous Cr(VI) by a magnetic biochar derived from Melia azedarach wood
Zhang X, Lv L, Qin YZ, Xu M, Jia XB, Chen ZH
11 - 16 Using a tubular photosynthetic microbial fuel cell to treat anaerobically digested effluent from kitchen waste: Mechanisms of organics and ammonium removal
Pei HY, Yang ZG, Nie CL, Hou QJ, Zhang LJ, Wang YT, Zhang SS
17 - 21 The influence of the filtration membrane air-cathode biofilm on wastewater treatment
Zhang P, Qu YP, Feng YJ, Liu J
22 - 29 Performance and microbial community structure of a polar Arctic Circle aerobic granular sludge system operating at low temperature
Gonzalez-Martinez A, Munoz-Palazon B, Maza-Marquez P, Rodriguez-Sanchez A, Gonzalez-Lopez J, Vahala R
30 - 37 High-level expression of an engineered beta-mannanase (mRmMan5A) in Pichia pastoris for manno-oligosaccharide production using steam explosion pretreated palm kernel cake
Li YX, Yi P, Liu J, Yan QJ, Jiang ZQ
38 - 43 Spirulina cultivated under different light emitting diodes: Enhanced cell growth and phycocyanin production
Prates DD, Radmann EM, Duarte JH, de Morais MG, Costa JAV
44 - 52 Impact of temperature and substrate concentration on degradation rates of acetate, propionate and hydrogen and their links to microbial community structure
Zhao J, Westerholm M, Qiao W, Yin DM, Bi SJ, Jiang MM, Dong RJ
53 - 60 Investigating pyrolysis characteristics of moso bamboo through TG-FTIR and Py-GC/MS
Liang F, Wang RJ, Xiang HZ, Yang XM, Zhang T, Hu WH, Mi BB, Liu ZJ
61 - 68 Potential of hydrolyzed polyacrylamide biodegradation to final products through regulating its own nitrogen transformation in different dissolved oxygen systems
Zhang CC, Zhao LM, Bao MT, Lu JR
69 - 76 Influence of reflux ratio on two-stage anoxic/oxic with MBR for leachate treatment: Performance and microbial community structure
Liu JB, Tian ZY, Zhang PY, Qiu GL, Wu Y, Zhang HB, Xu R, Fang W, Ye J, Song YH, Zeng GM
77 - 85 Mechanical cell disruption of Parachlorella kessleri microalgae: Impact on lipid fraction composition
Rivera EC, Montalescot V, Viau M, Drouin D, Bourseau P, Frappart M, Monteux C, Couallier E
86 - 94 Outdoor pilot-scale cultivation of Spirulina sp LEB-18 in different geographic locations for evaluating its growth and chemical composition
de Jesus CS, Uebel LD, Costa SS, Miranda AL, de Morais EG, de Morais MG, Costa JAV, Nunes IL, Ferreira ED, Druzian JI
95 - 101 Exploring optimal supplement strategy of medicinal herbs and tea extracts for bioelectricity generation in microbial fuel cells
Chen BY, Liao JH, Hsu AW, Tsai PW, Hsueh CC
102 - 109 Spent coffee enhanced biomethane potential via an integrated hydrothermal carbonization-anaerobic digestion process
Luz FC, Volpe M, Fiori L, Manni A, Cordiner S, Mulone V, Rocco V
110 - 117 High xylan recovery using two stage alkali pre-treatment process from high lignin biomass and its valorisation to xylooligosaccharides of low degree of polymerisation
Singh RD, Banerjee J, Sasmal S, Muir J, Arora A
118 - 127 A comprehensive insight into the effects of microwave-H2O2 pretreatment on concentrated sewage sludge anaerobic digestion based on semi-continuous operation
Liu JB, Yang M, Zhang JY, Zheng JX, Xu H, Wang YW, Wei YS
128 - 136 Effect of tricarboxylic acid cycle regulator on carbon retention and organic component transformation during food waste composting
Lu Q, Zhao Y, Gao XT, Wu JQ, Zhou HX, Tang PF, Wei QB, Wei ZM
137 - 144 Effects of changes in temperature on treatment performance and energy recovery at mainstream anaerobic ceramic membrane bioreactor for food waste recycling wastewater treatment
Cho K, Jeong Y, Seo KW, Lee S, Smith AL, Shin SG, Cho SK, Park C
145 - 151 Microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis of moso bamboo for high syngas production
Dong Q, Niu MM, Bi DM, Liu WY, Gu XX, Lu C
152 - 159 Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria dominate ammonia oxidation in a full-scale wastewater treatment plant revealed by DNA-based stable isotope probing
Pan KL, Gao JF, Li HY, Fan XY, Li DC, Jiang H
160 - 169 Pressurized entrained-flow pyrolysis of microalgae: Enhanced production of hydrogen and nitrogen-containing compounds
Maliutina K, Tahmasebi A, Yu JL
170 - 177 Rapid start-up of a nitritation granular reactor using activated sludge as inoculum at the influent organics/ammonium mass ratio of 2/1
Wang JF, Zhang ZY, Qian FY, Shen YL, Qi ZK, Ji XQ, Kajamisso EML
178 - 186 Wheat straw fractionation by ethanol-water mixture: Optimization of operating conditions and comparison with diluted sulfuric acid pre-treatment
Vergara P, Wojtusik M, Revilla E, Ladero M, Garcia-Ochoa F, Villar JC
187 - 194 Perspectives for the microbial production of methyl propionate integrated with product recovery
Pereira JPC, van der Wielen LAM, Straathof AJJ
195 - 200 Rewiring the microbe-electrode interfaces with biologically reduced graphene oxide for improved bioelectrocatalysis
Rathinam NK, Berchmans S, Sani RK, Salem DR
201 - 207 Improved methane removal in exhaust gas from biogas upgrading process using immobilized methane-oxidizing bacteria
Sun MT, Yang ZM, Fu SF, Fan XL, Guo RB
208 - 215 In situ surface decoration of Fe3C/Fe3O4/C nanosheets: Towards bifunctional activated carbons with supercapacitance and efficient dye adsorption
Yao L, Yang JJ, Zhang PX, Deng LB
216 - 223 Influence of potassium hydroxide activation on characteristics and environmental risk of heavy metals in chars derived from municipal sewage sludge
Li ZJ, Deng H, Yang L, Zhang GL, Li YQ, Ren YS
224 - 231 A system composed of a biofilm electrode reactor and a microbial fuel cell-constructed wetland exhibited efficient sulfamethoxazole removal but induced sul genes
Zhang S, Song HL, Yang XL, Li H, Wang YW
232 - 240 One-step conversion of agro-wastes to nanoporous carbons: Role in separation of greenhouse gases
Saha D, Taylor B, Alexander N, Joyce DF, Faux GI, Lin YT, Shteyn V, Orkoulas G
241 - 246 Enhancement in the aromatic yield from the catalytic fast pyrolysis of rice straw over hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide modified hierarchical HZSM-5
Zhang ZH, Cheng H, Chen H, Chen KQ, Lu XY, Ouyang PK, Fu J
247 - 253 HNO3 modified biochars for uranium (VI) removal from aqueous solution
Jin J, Li SW, Peng XQ, Liu W, Zhang CL, Yang Y, Han LF, Du ZW, Sun K, Wang XK
254 - 258 Use of mixed wastewaters from piggery and winery for nutrient removal and lipid production by Chlorella sp MM3
Ganeshkumar V, Subashchandrabose SR, Dharmarajan R, Venkateswarlu K, Naidu R, Megharaj M
259 - 268 Nitrogen removal enhancement using lactic acid fermentation products from food waste as external carbon sources: Performance and microbial communities
Tang JL, Wang XCC, Hu YS, Pu YH, Huang J, Ngo HH, Zeng YG, Li YY
269 - 276 Towards a better understanding on mercury adsorption by magnetic bio-adsorbents with gamma-Fe2O3 from pinewood sawdust derived hydrochar: Influence of atmosphere in heat treatment
Wang HB, Liu Y, Ifthikar J, Shi LR, Khan A, Chen ZL, Chen ZQ
277 - 284 A novel anammox process combined with vibration technology
Zhang K, Yang B, Ma YG, Lyu LT, Pan Y, Wang YZ, Li H, Zhu T
285 - 294 Total inorganic nitrogen removal during the partial/complete nitrification for treating domestic wastewater: Removal pathways and main influencing factors
Zhou XY, Liu XH, Huang ST, Cui B, Liu ZB, Yang Q
295 - 301 Development and application of a continuous fast microwave pyrolysis system for sewage sludge utilization
Zhou JW, Liu SY, Zhou N, Fan LL, Zhang YN, Peng P, Anderson E, Ding K, Wang YP, Liu YH, Chen P, Ruan R
302 - 311 Investigations in sonication-induced intensification of crude glycerol fermentation to dihydroxyacetone by free and immobilized Gluconobacter oxydans
Dikshit PK, Kharmawlong GJ, Moholkar VS
312 - 320 Largely enhanced bioethanol production through the combined use of lignin-modified sugarcane and xylose fermenting yeast strain
Ko JK, Jung JH, Altpeter F, Kannan B, Kim HE, Kim KH, Alper HS, Um Y, Lee SM
321 - 327 Improving cellulose nanofibrillation of waste wheat straw using the combined methods of prewashing, p-toluenesulfonic acid hydrolysis, disk grinding, and endoglucanase post-treatment
Bian HY, Gao Y, Yang YQ, Fang GG, Dai HQ
328 - 332 Effects of hydrostatic pressure and supercritical carbon dioxide on the viability of Botryococcus braunii algae cells
Yildiz-Ozturk E, Ilhan-Ayisigi E, Togtema A, Gouveia J, Yesil-Celiktas O
333 - 341 Succession of the functional microbial communities and the metabolic functions in maize straw composting process
Wei HW, Wang LH, Hassan M, Xie B
342 - 349 Impacts of biochar on the environmental risk of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile genetic elements during anaerobic digestion of cattle farm wastewater
Sun W, Gu J, Wang XJ, Qian X, Tuo XX
350 - 357 Variations of floc morphology and extracellular organic matters (EOM) in relation to floc filterability under algae flocculation harvesting using polymeric titanium coagulants (PTCs)
Zhang WJ, Song RN, Cao BD, Yang XF, Wang DS, Fu XM, Song Y
358 - 365 A novel methanotrophic co-metabolic system with high soluble methane monooxygenase activity to biodegrade refractory organics in pulping wastewater
Li YC, Wang YM, Lin ZY, Wang JL, He Q, Zhou J
366 - 373 Highly efficient nitrogen removal of a coldness-resistant and low nutrient needed bacterium, Janthinobacterium sp M-11
Yang M, Lu DW, Qin BD, Liu QL, Zhao YM, Liu HL, Ma J
374 - 383 Spatial variation of electrode position in bioelectrochemical treatment system: Design consideration for azo dye remediation
Yeruva DK, Sravan JS, Butti SK, Modestra JA, Mohan SV
384 - 390 The fate of trace organic contaminants during anaerobic digestion of primary sludge: A pilot scale study
Phan HV, Wickham R, Xie SH, McDonald JA, Khan SJ, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Nghiem LD
391 - 398 Halophilic starch degrading bacteria isolated from Sambhar Lake, India, as potential anode catalyst in microbial fuel cell: A promising process for saline water treatment
Vijay A, Arora S, Gupta S, Chhabra M
399 - 407 An integrated process for xylooligosaccharide and bioethanol production from corncob
Boonchuay P, Techapun C, Leksawasdi N, Seesuriyachan P, Hanmoungjai P, Watanabe M, Takenaka S, Chaiyaso T
408 - 413 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-emulsifier protein produced by Aspergillus brasiliensis (niger) in an airlift bioreactor following an electrochemical pretreatment
Sanchez-Vazquez V, Shirai K, Gonzalez I, Gutierrez-Rojas M
414 - 420 Effect of tetracycline on microbial community structure associated with enhanced biological N&P removal in sequencing batch reactor
Liu H, Yang YK, Sun HF, Zhao L, Liu Y
421 - 430 Application of growth-phase based light-feeding strategies to simultaneously enhance Chlorella vulgaris growth and lipid accumulation
Sun YH, Liao Q, Huang Y, Xia A, Fu Q, Zhu X, Fu JW, Li J
431 - 437 An improved predictive model to determine the thermal degradation of lignocellulosic materials at low temperature (Torrefaction) ranges
Grigiante M, Brighenti M
438 - 445 High monomeric sugar yields from enzymatic hydrolysis of soybean meal and effects of mild heat pretreatments with chelators
Islam SMM, Loman AA, Ju LK
446 - 455 A comparative study on the quality of bio-oil derived from green macroalga Enteromorpha clathrata over metal modified ZSM-5 catalysts
Wang S, Cao B, Liu XL, Xu LJ, Hu YM, Afonaa-Mensah S, Abomohra A, He ZX, Wang Q, Xu SN
456 - 465 Response of morphology and microbial community structure of granules to influent COD/SO42- ratios in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor treating starch wastewater
Lu XQ, Ni JL, Zhen GY, Kubota K, Li YY
466 - 477 Controlling the cleavage of the inter- and intra-molecular linkages in lignocellulosic biomass for further biorefining: A review
Jiang ZC, Zhao PP, Hu CW
478 - 490 Sequestration and utilization of carbon dioxide by chemical and biological methods for biofuels and biomaterials by chemoautotrophs: Opportunities and challenges
Thakur IS, Kumar M, Varjani SJ, Wu YH, Gnansounou E, Ravindran S
491 - 501 Can algae-based technologies be an affordable green process for biofuel production and wastewater remediation?
Nhat PVH, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Chang SW, Nguyen DD, Nguyen PD, Bui XT, Zhang XB, Guo JB
502 - 508 Biodiesel production by various oleaginous microorganisms from organic wastes
Cho HU, Park JM
509 - 514 Electrokinetic analyses in biofilm anodes: Ohmic conduction of extracellular electron transfer
Lee HS
515 - 528 Recent developments of downstream processing for microbial lipids and conversion to biodiesel
Yellapu SK, Bharti, Kaur R, Kumar LR, Tiwari B, Zhang XL, Tyagi RD
529 - 542 Use of microalgae to recycle nutrients in aqueous phase derived from hydrothermal liquefaction process
Leng LJ, Li J, Wen ZY, Zhou WG
543 - 547 High-efficient production of biobutanol by a novel Clostridium sp strain WST with uncontrolled pH strategy
Shanmugam S, Sun CR, Zeng XM, Wu YR
548 - 551 Enhanced astaxanthin accumulation in Haematococcus pluvialis using high carbon dioxide concentration and light illumination
Christian D, Zhang J, Sawdon AJ, Peng CA
552 - 556 Characterization of the promising poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) producing halophilic bacterium Halomonas halophila
Kucera D, Pernicova I, Kovalcik A, Koller M, Mullerova L, Sedlacek P, Mravec F, Nebesarova J, Kalina M, Marova I, Krzyzanek V, Obruca S
557 - 561 Effect of adding low-concentration of rhamnolipid on reactor performances and microbial community evolution in MBBRs for low C/N ratio and antibiotic wastewater treatment
Peng PC, Huang H, Ren HQ
562 - 565 Intensified nitrogen and phosphorus removal by embedding electrolysis in an anaerobic-anoxic-oxic reactor treating low carbon/nitrogen wastewater
Gong BZ, Wang YM, Wang JL, Huang W, Zhou J, He Q