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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Nonionic surfactants enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose by reducing cellulase deactivation caused by shear force and air-liquid interface
Lou HM, Zeng MJ, Hu QY, Cai C, Lin XL, Qiu XQ, Yang DJ, Pang YX
9 - 15 Engineering Pediococcus acidilactici with xylose assimilation pathway for high titer cellulosic L-lactic acid fermentation
Qiu ZY, Gao QQ, Bao J
16 - 23 Co-pyrolysis characteristics and kinetic analysis of organic food waste and plastic
Tang YJ, Huang QX, Sun K, Chi Y, Yan JH
24 - 34 A novel bio-electrochemical system with sand/activated carbon separator, Al anode and bio-anode integrated micro-electrolysis/electro-flocculation cost effectively treated high load wastewater with energy recovery
Gao CF, Liu LF, Yang FL
35 - 41 Synergistic effects of anaerobic co-digestion of whey, manure and fish ensilage
Vivekanand V, Mulat DG, Eijsink VGH, Horn SJ
42 - 48 Pyrolysis of oil palm mesocarp fiber catalyzed with steel slag-derived zeolite for bio-oil production
Kabir G, Din ATM, Hameed BH
49 - 56 The FKS family genes cause changes in cell wall morphology resulted in regulation of anti-autolytic ability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Wang JJ, Mao JC, Yang G, Zheng FY, Niu CT, Li YX, Liu CF, Li Q
57 - 61 Organics removal, nitrogen removal and N2O emission in subsurface wastewater infiltration systems amended with/without biochar and sludge
Sun YF, Qi SY, Zheng FP, Huang LL, Pan J, Jiang YY, Hou WY, Xiao L
62 - 68 Biomimetic aquaporin membranes for osmotic membrane bioreactors: Membrane performance and contaminant removal
Luo WH, Xie M, Song XY, Guo WS, Ngo HH, Zhou JL, Nghiem LD
69 - 75 Fast microwave-assisted ex-catalytic co-pyrolysis of bamboo and polypropylene for bio-oil production
Zhao YF, Wang YP, Duan D, Ruan R, Fan LL, Zhou Y, Dai LL, Lv JQ, Liu YH
76 - 81 High tolerance of and removal of cefazolin sodium in single-chamber microbial fuel cells operation
Zhang ER, Yu QL, Zhai WJ, Wang F, Scott K
82 - 88 Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis by adding long-chain fatty alcohols using film as a structure model
Guo ZW, Zhang LM, Zhang L, Yang GH, Xu F
89 - 98 Do microbial communities in an anaerobic bioreactor change with continuous feeding sludge into a full-scale anaerobic digestion system?
Wang P, Yu ZS, Zhao JH, Zhang HX
99 - 107 Carbon-dependent alleviation of ammonia toxicity for algae cultivation and associated mechanisms exploration
Lu Q, Chen P, Addy M, Zhang RC, Deng XY, Ma YW, Cheng YL, Hussain F, Chen C, Liu YH, Ruan R
108 - 116 Characterization of EPS compositions and microbial community in an Anammox SBBR system treating landfill leachate
Miao L, Zhang Q, Wang SY, Li BK, Wang Z, Zhang SJ, Zhang M, Peng YZ
117 - 124 Can hydrothermal pretreatment improve anaerobic digestion for biogas from lignocellulosic biomass?
Wang D, Shen F, Yang G, Zhang YZ, Deng SH, Zhang J, Zeng YM, Luo T, Mei ZL
125 - 131 In-situ regeneration of activated carbon with electric potential swing desorption (EPSD) for the H2S removal from biogas
Farooq M, Almustapha MN, Imran M, Saeed MA, Andresen JM
132 - 138 Salt-tolerance aerobic granular sludge: Formation and microbial community characteristics
Ou D, Li H, Li W, Wu X, Wang YQ, Liu YD
139 - 145 Characterization of ionic liquid pretreated plant cell wall for improved enzymatic digestibility
Raj T, Gaur R, Lamba BY, Singh N, Gupta RP, Kumar R, Puri SK, Ramakumar SSV
146 - 153 Responses of microbial community to pH stress in bioleaching of low grade copper sulfide
Wang YG, Li K, Chen XH, Zhou HB
154 - 160 Synergy of lignocelluloses pretreatment by sodium carbonate and bacterium to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of rice straw
Shen ZH, Zhang KJ, Si MY, Liu MR, Zhuo SN, Liu D, Ren LL, Yan X, Shi Y
161 - 167 Biosynthesis of tert-butyl (3R,5S)-6-chloro-3,5-dihydroxyhexanoate by carbonyl reductase from Rhodosporidium toruloides in mono and biphasic media
Liu ZQ, Wu L, Zheng L, Wang WZ, Zhang XJ, Jin LQ, Zheng YG
168 - 174 Magnetic field action on outdoor and indoor cultures of Spirulina: Evaluation of growth, medium consumption and protein profile
Deamici KM, Santos LO, Costa JAV
175 - 181 Blackwater treatment using vertical greening: Efficiency and microbial community structure
Jin Z, Xie XY, Zhou J, Bei K, Zhang YJ, Huang XF, Zhao M, Kong HN, Zheng XY
182 - 188 Chinese medicinal herbal residues as a bulking agent for food waste composting
Zhou Y, Selvam A, Wong JWC
189 - 195 Simultaneously separation of xylo-oligosaccharide and lignosulfonate from wheat straw magnesium bisulfite pretreatment spent liquor using ion exchange resin
Liu L, Ren JW, Zhang YT, Liu XL, Ouyang J
196 - 205 Technoeconomic analysis of biojet fuel production from camelina at commercial scale: Case of Canadian Prairies
Li X, Mupondwa E, Tabil L
206 - 211 Harvesting and contamination control of microalgae Chlorella ellipsoidea using the bio-polymeric flocculant alpha-poly-L-lysine
Noh W, Kim J, Lee SJ, Ryu BG, Kang CM
212 - 218 Alternatively permutated conic baffles generate vortex flow field to improve microalgal productivity in a raceway pond
Cheng J, Guo WB, Cai CY, Ye Q, Zhou JH
219 - 225 Mixotrophic Chlorella sp UJ-3 cultivation in the typical anaerobic fermentation effluents
Huo SH, Kong M, Zhu FF, Zou B, Wang F, Xu L, Zhang CS, Huang DM
226 - 233 Enhanced enzymatic saccharification of sugarcane bagasse pretreated by sodium methoxide with glycerol
Lv XJ, Lin JH, Luo L, Zhang D, Lei SL, Xiao WJ, Xu Y, Gong YX, Liu ZH
234 - 240 Alkaline pH shock enhanced production of validamycin A in fermentation of Streptomyces hygroscopicus
Jiang J, Sun YF, Tang X, He CN, Shao YL, Tang YJ, Zhou WW
241 - 246 Characterization of soluble microbial products in a partial nitrification sequencing batch biofilm reactor treating high ammonia nitrogen wastewater
Li JB, Wei JL, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Liu HB, Du B, Wei Q, Wei D
247 - 253 Investigation on biomass nitrogen-enriched pyrolysis: Influence of temperature
Chen W, Chen YQ, Yang HP, Li KX, Chen X, Chen HP
254 - 260 Effect of Thiobacillus thioparus 1904 and sulphur addition on odour emission during aerobic composting
Gu WJ, Sun W, Lu YS, Li X, Xu PZ, Xie KZ, Sun LL, Wu HT
261 - 267 Insight into the structure-function relationships of deep eutectic solvents during rice straw pretreatment
Hou XD, Li AL, Lin KP, Wang YY, Kuang ZY, Cao SL
268 - 275 An integrated green process: Subcritical water, enzymatic hydrolysis, and fermentation, for biohydrogen production from coconut husk
Muharja M, Junianti F, Ranggina D, Nurtono T, Widjaja A
276 - 283 Supercritical water gasification of sewage sludge in continuous reactor
Amrullah A, Matsumura Y
284 - 289 Removing ethinylestradiol from wastewater by microalgae mutant Chlorella PY-ZU1 with CO2 fixation
Cheng J, Ye Q, Li K, Liu JZ, Zhou JH
290 - 297 Study on improving anaerobic co-digestion of cow manure and corn straw by fruit and vegetable waste: Methane production and microbial community in CSTR process
Wang XM, Li ZF, Bai X, Zhou XQ, Cheng SK, Gao RL, Sun JC
298 - 306 Enhancement of sludge reduction by ultrasonic pretreatment and packing carriers in the anaerobic side-stream reactor: Performance, sludge characteristics and microbial community structure
Cheng C, Zhou Z, Qiu Z, Yang JY, Wu W, Pang HJ
307 - 314 Effect of solid state fermentation of peanut shell on its dye adsorption performance
Liu JY, Wang ZX, Li HY, Hu CW, Raymer P, Huang QG
315 - 321 Microbial characteristics analysis and kinetic studies on substrate composition to methane after microbial and nutritional regulation of fruit and vegetable wastes anaerobic digestion
Zhao CH, Mu H, Zhao YX, Wang LG, Zuo B
322 - 327 The chemostat metabolite spectra of alkaline mixed culture fermentation under mesophilic, thermophilic, and extreme-thermophilic conditions
Dai K, Zhang F, Zhang Y, Zeng RJ
328 - 333 Valorisation of Tectona Grandis tree sawdust through the production of high activated carbon for environment applications
Cansado IPD, Belo CR, Mourao PAM
334 - 341 Continuous hydrogen and methane production from Agave tequilana bagasse hydrolysate by sequential process to maximize energy recovery efficiency
Corona VM, Razo-Flores E
342 - 347 Investigating desorption during ethanol elution to improve the quality and antioxidant activity of xylo-oligosaccharides from corn stalk
Zhang J, Wang YH, Wei QY, Du XJ, Qu YS
348 - 353 Torrefaction of corncob to produce charcoal under nitrogen and carbon dioxide atmospheres
Li SX, Chen CZ, Li MF, Xiao X
354 - 360 Bio-affinity mediated immobilization of lipase onto magnetic cellulose nanospheres for high yield biodiesel in one time addition of methanol
Bandikari R, Qian JX, Baskaran R, Liu ZD, Wu GB
361 - 367 Catalytic liquefaction of municipal sewage sludge over transition metal catalysts in ethanol-water co-solvent
Wang WJ, Yu Q, Meng H, Han W, Li J, Zhang JL
368 - 376 Degradation of Orange G by Fenton-like reaction with Fe-impregnated biochar catalyst
Park JH, Wang JJ, Xiao R, Tafti N, DeLaune RD, Seo DC
377 - 385 Effect of magnetic powder on membrane fouling mitigation and microbial community/composition in membrane bioreactors (MBRs) for municipal wastewater treatment
Liu Y, Liu Q, Li JX, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Hu JJ, Gao MT, Wang QY, Hou YS
386 - 394 An insight into the adsorption of diclofenac on different biochars: Mechanisms, surface chemistry, and thermodynamics
Lonappan L, Rouissi T, Brar SK, Verma M, Surampalli RY
395 - 401 FeCl3-catalyzed ethanol pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse boosts sugar yields with low enzyme loadings and short hydrolysis time
Zhang HD, Zhang SS, Yuan HY, Lyu GJ, Xie J
402 - 409 Optimization of membrane unit location in a full-scale membrane bioreactor using computational fluid dynamics
Wu Q, Yan XX, Xiao K, Guan J, Li TY, Liang P, Huang X
410 - 416 Biosorption performance evaluation of heavy metal onto aerobic granular sludge-derived biochar in the presence of effluent organic matter via batch and fluorescence approaches
Wei D, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Xu WY, Du B, Khan MS, Wei Q
417 - 424 Amino acids in cell wall of Gram-positive bacterium Micrococcus sp hsn08 with flocculation activity on Chlorella vulgaris biomass
Li Y, Xu YT, Zheng TL, Wang HL
425 - 430 Heterotrophic culture of Chlorella pyrenoidosa using sucrose as the sole carbon source by co-culture with immobilized yeast
Wang SK, Wang X, Tao HH, Sun XS, Tian YT
431 - 438 Novel stepwise pH control strategy to improve short chain fatty acid production from sludge anaerobic fermentation
Zhao JW, Wang DB, Liu YW, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Yang Q, Li XM
439 - 446 Effect of ultrasound pre-treatment on the physicochemical composition of Agave durangensis leaves and potential enzyme production
Contreras-Hernandez MG, Ochoa-Martinez LA, Rutiaga-Quinones JG, Rocha-Guzman NE, Lara-Ceniceros TE, Contreras-Esquivel JC, Barragan LAP, Rutiaga-Quinones OM
447 - 456 Parameter estimation of activated sludge process based on an improved cuckoo search algorithm
Du XJ, Wang JL, Jegatheesan V, Shi GH
457 - 463 Effect of zinc ions on nutrient removal and growth of Lemna aequinoctialis from anaerobically digested swine wastewater
Zhou Q, Lin Y, Li X, Yang CP, Han ZF, Zeng GM, Lu L, He SY
464 - 472 Phosphorus dissolution from dewatered anaerobic sludge: Effect of pHs, microorganisms, and sequential extraction
Vardanyan A, Kafa N, Konstantinidis V, Shin SG, Vyrides I
473 - 478 Pyrolysis of marine biomass to produce bio-oil and its upgrading using a novel multi-metal catalyst prepared from the spent car catalytic converter
Sabegh MY, Norouzi O, Jafarian S, Khosh AG, Tavasoli A
479 - 486 Balancing carbon/nitrogen ratio to improve nutrients removal and algal biomass production in piggery and brewery wastewaters
Zheng HL, Liu MZ, Lu Q, Wu XD, Ma YW, Cheng YL, Addy M, Liu YH, Ruan R
487 - 493 Effect of pyrolysis temperature on chemical form, behavior and environmental risk of Zn, Pb and Cd in biochar produced from phytoremediation residue
Huang H, Yao WL, Li RH, Ali A, Du J, Guo D, Xiao R, Guo ZY, Zhang ZQ, Awasthi MK
494 - 500 Solvo-thermal in situ transesterification of wet spent coffee grounds for the production of biodiesel
Park J, Kim B, Son J, Lee JW
501 - 509 Thermal characteristics and surface morphology of char during co-pyrolysis of low-rank coal blended with microalgal biomass: Effects of Nannochloropsis and Chlorella
Wu ZQ, Yang WC, Yang BL
510 - 518 Modelling Tetraselmis sp growth-kinetics and optimizing bioactive-compound production through environmental conditions
Dammak M, Hadrich B, Barkallah M, Hentati F, Ben Hlima H, Pichon C, Denis M, Fendri I, Michaud P, Abdelkafi S
519 - 526 Improvement in modular scalability of polymeric thin-film photobioreactor for autotrophic culturing of Haematococcus pluvialis using industrial flue gas
Choi YY, Hong ME, Jin ES, Woo HM, Sim SJ
527 - 535 Functional characteristics and influence factors of microbial community in sewage sludge composting with inorganic bulking agent
Wang K, Mao HL, Li XK
536 - 541 Camellia oleifera shell as an alternative feedstock for furfural production using a high surface acidity solid acid catalyst
Zhang LX, He YF, Zhu YJ, Liu YT, Wang XC
542 - 549 Characterization of microbial community succession during vermicomposting of medicinal herbal residues
Chen YX, Chang SKC, Chen J, Zhang Q, Yu HY
550 - 556 Effects of salinity on the denitrification efficiency and community structure of a combined partial nitritation-anaerobic ammonium oxidation process
Li X, Yuan Y, Yuan Y, Bi Z, Liu X, Huang Y, Liu HW, Chen CJ, Xu SS
557 - 566 Kinetic analysis of pyrolysis and combustion of the olive tree pruning by chemical fractionation
Perez A, Martin-Lara MA, Galvez-Perez A, Calero M, Ronda A
567 - 573 Activated microporous-mesoporous carbon derived from chestnut shell as a sustainable anode material for high performance microbial fuel cells
Chen Q, Pu WH, Hou HJ, Hu JP, Liu BC, Li JF, Cheng K, Huang L, Yuan XQ, Yang CZ, Yang JK
574 - 581 The effects of temperature and color value on hydrochars' properties in hydrothermal carbonization
Li H, Wang SY, Yuan XZ, Xi YN, Huang ZL, Tan MJ, Li CZ
582 - 591 Pilot scale flat panel photobioreactor system for mass production of Ulva lactuca (Chlorophyta)
Mhatre A, Navale M, Trivedi N, Pandit R, Lali AM
592 - 598 Effect of an enzymatic treatment with cellulase and mannanase on the structural properties of Nannochloropsis microalgae
Maffei G, Bracciale MP, Broggi A, Zuorro A, Santarelli ML, Lavecchia R
599 - 604 Rheological properties of microalgae slurry for application in hydrothermal pretreatment systems
Chen H, Fu Q, Liao Q, Zhang H, Huang Y, Xia A, Zhu X
605 - 611 Effects of temperature shock on N2O emissions from denitrifying activated sludge and associated active bacteria
Wang XJ, Ye CS, Zhang ZJ, Guo Y, Yang RL, Chen SH
612 - 619 Green and sustainable succinic acid production from crude glycerol by engineered Yarrowia lipolytica via agricultural residue based in situ fibrous bed bioreactor
Li C, Gao S, Yang XF, Lin CSK
620 - 625 Bioaugmentation with Clostridium thermocellum to enhance the anaerobic biodegradation of lignocellulosic agricultural residues
Oner BE, Akyol C, Bozan M, Ince O, Aydin S, Ince B
626 - 634 A life cycle assessment of options for producing synthetic fuel via pyrolysis
Vienescu DN, Wang J, Le Gresley A, Nixon JD
635 - 643 Fate of antibiotic resistance genes and metal resistance genes during thermophilic aerobic digestion of sewage sludge
Jang HM, Lee J, Kim YB, Jeon JH, Shin J, Park MR, Kim YM
644 - 651 Enhancement of microbial nitrogen removal pathway by vegetation in Integrated Vertical-Flow Constructed Wetlands (IVCWs) for treating reclaimed water
Du L, Trinh X, Chen QR, Wang C, Wang HH, Xia X, Zhou QH, Xu D, Wu ZB
652 - 658 Effects of different light source and media on growth and production of phycobiliprotein from freshwater cyanobacteria
Khatoon H, Leong LK, Rahman NA, Mian S, Begum H, Banerjee S, Endut A
659 - 665 Hydrogen and carbon dioxide mixed culture fermentation in a hollow-fiber membrane biofilm reactor at 25 degrees C
Wang YQ, Zhang F, Zhang W, Dai K, Wang HJ, Li X, Zeng RJ
666 - 672 Roles of magnetite and granular activated carbon in improvement of anaerobic sludge digestion
Peng H, Zhang YB, Tan DM, Zhao ZQ, Zhao HM, Quan X
673 - 683 Hydrolytic pre-treatment methods for enhanced biobutanol production from agro-industrial wastes
Maiti S, Gallastegui G, Suresh G, Sarma SJ, Brar SK, Drogui P, LeBihan Y, Buelna G, Verma M, Soccol CR
684 - 693 Microbial community structures and functions of wastewater treatment systems in plateau and cold regions
Fang DX, Zhao G, Xu XY, Zhang Q, Shen QS, Fang ZY, Huang LP, Ji FY
694 - 703 Comparison of thermophilic bacteria and alkyl polyglucose pretreatment on two-stage anaerobic digestion with waste sludge: Biogas production potential and substrate metabolism process
Guo L, Zhang ZS, Gao MC, She ZL, Zhao YG, Guo YD, Sun J
704 - 712 Exploring magnetic and imprinted cross-linked enzyme aggregates of rhamnopyranosidase in microbioreactors
Martins SL, Albuquerque BF, Nunes MAP, Ribeiro MHL
713 - 719 The kinetics of the polyacrylic superabsorbent polymers swelling in microalgae suspension to concentrate cells density
Wei CY, Huang Y, Liao Q, Fu Q, Xia A, Sun YH
720 - 728 Identification of D-carbamoylase for biocatalytic cascade synthesis of D-tryptophan featuring high enantioselectivity
Liu YF, Xu GC, Han RZ, Dong JJ, Ni Y
729 - 736 Evaluating the effects of activated carbon on methane generation and the fate of antibiotic resistant genes and class I integrons during anaerobic digestion of solid organic wastes
Zhang JX, Mao FJ, Loh KC, Gin KYH, Dai YJ, Tong YW
737 - 743 Treatment of different parts of corn stover for high yield and lower polydispersity lignin extraction with high-boiling alkaline solvent
Yang MY, Rehman MSU, Yan TX, Khan AU, Oleskowicz-Popiel P, Xu X, Cui P, Xu J
744 - 750 Effects of potassium salts loading on calcium oxide on the hydrogen production from pyrolysis-gasification of biomass
Yang HP, Wang DQ, Li B, Zeng ZW, Qu L, Zhang WN, Chen HP
751 - 757 Removal of chromophore in enzymatic hydrolysis by acid precipitation to improve the quality of xylo-oligosaccharides from corn stalk
Wang YH, Zhang J, Qu YS, Li HQ
758 - 766 Insight into the effect of organic and inorganic draw solutes on the flux stability and sludge characteristics in the osmotic membrane bioreactor
Siddique MS, Khan SJ, Shahzad MA, Nawaz MS, Hankins NP
767 - 776 Understanding regulation in substrate dependent modulation of growth and production of alcohols in Clostridium sporogenes NCIM 2918 through metabolic network reconstruction and flux balance analysis
Kaushal M, Chary KVN, Ahlawat S, Palabhanvi B, Goswami G, Das D
777 - 782 Cell immobilization on 3D-printed matrices: A model study on propionic acid fermentation
Belgrano FD, Diegel O, Pereira N, Hatti-Kaul R
783 - 790 Alkaline solubilization of excess mixed sludge and the recovery of released phosphorus as magnesium ammonium phosphate
Xu DC, Zhong CQ, Yin KH, Peng SH, Zhu TT, Cheng G
791 - 798 Differential responses of the green microalga Chlorella zofingiensis to the starvation of various nutrients for oil and astaxanthin production
Mao XM, Wu T, Sun DZ, Zhang Z, Chen F
799 - 808 Understanding azo dye anaerobic bio-decolorization with artificial redox mediator supplement: Considering the methane production
Dai RB, Chen XG, Xiang XY, Wang Y, Wang FB
809 - 817 Analysis of a bio-electrochemical reactor containing carbon fiber textiles for the anaerobic digestion of tomato plant residues
Hirano S, Matsumoto N
818 - 825 Deep eutectic solvent and inorganic salt pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for improving xylose recovery
Loow YL, Wu TY, Yang GH, Ang LY, New EK, Siow LF, Jahim JM, Mohammad AW, Teoh WH
826 - 834 Temperature-phased anaerobic digestion of food waste: A comparison with single-stage digestions based on performance and energy balance
Xiao BY, Qin Y, Zhang WZ, Wu J, Qiang H, Liu JX, Li YY
835 - 843 Process simulation and economic assessment of hydrothermal pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of multi-feedstock lignocellulose - Separate vs combined processing
Ashraf MT, Schmidt JE
844 - 850 Accelerated removal of high concentration p-chloronitrobenzene using bioelectrocatalysis process and its microbial communities analysis
Peng XH, Pan XH, Wang X, Li DY, Huang PF, Qiu GH, Shan K, Chu XZ
851 - 857 Enhanced granulation and methane recovery at low load by downflow sludge circulation in anaerobic treatment of domestic wastewater
Liu YY, Huang LH, Dong GH, Liu GF, Wu XY, Wang C, Liu XW, Wang LS
858 - 868 Targeted poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) bioplastic production from carbon dioxide
Ghysels S, Mozumder MSI, De Wever H, Volcke EIP, Garcia-Gonzalez L
869 - 879 Denitrification behavior and microbial community spatial distribution inside woodchip-based solid-phase denitrification (W-SPD) bioreactor for nitrate-contaminated water treatment
Zhao JM, Feng CP, Tong S, Chen N, Dong SS, Peng T, Jin SL
880 - 889 Boosting Nannochloropsis oculata growth and lipid accumulation in a lab-scale open raceway pond characterized by improved light distributions employing built-in planar waveguide modules
Sun YH, Huang Y, Liao Q, Xia A, Fu Q, Zhu X, Fu JW
890 - 899 Effect of salinity on removal performance and activated sludge characteristics in sequencing batch reactors
Chen YJ, He HJ, Liu HY, Li HR, Zeng GM, Xia X, Yang CP
900 - 907 Conversion of sweet potato waste to solid fuel via hydrothermal carbonization
Chen XF, Ma XQ, Peng XW, Lin YS, Yao ZL
908 - 915 Biodiesel production from microbial granules in sequencing batch reactor
Liu L, Hong YL, Ye X, Wei LL, Liao J, Huang X, Liu CX
916 - 923 Long-term effects of combined divalent copper and tetracycline on the performance, microbial activity and community in a sequencing batch reactor
Wang ZC, Xia PH, Gao MC, Ma KD, Deng ZW, Wei JF, Zhang J, Wang L, Zheng GX, Yang YS, Chen JB, Wang YJ
924 - 934 Amine-functionalized magnetic bamboo-based activated carbon adsorptive removal of ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin: A batch and fixed-bed column study
Peng XM, Hu FP, Zhang T, Qiu FX, Dai HL
935 - 942 Enhanced nitrogen removal from piggery wastewater with high NH4+ and low COD/TN ratio in a novel upflow microaerobic biofilm reactor
Meng J, Li JL, Li JZ, Antwi P, Deng KW, Nan J, Xu PP
943 - 952 Role of acid/alkali-treatment in primary sludge anaerobic fermentation: Insights into microbial community structure, functional shifts and metabolic output by high-throughput sequencing
Huang X, Dong WY, Wang HJ, Feng YY
953 - 961 The myo-inositol/proton symporter IolT1 contributes to D-xylose uptake in Corynebacterium glutamicum
Brusseler C, Radek A, Tenhaef N, Krumbach K, Noack S, Marienhagen J
962 - 968 Continuous liquid fermentation of pretreated waste activated sludge for high rate volatile fatty acids production and online nutrients recovery
Zhang LH, Liu H, Zheng ZY, Ma HJ, Yang M, Liu HB
969 - 975 Lignocellulosic biomass delignification using aqueous alcohol solutions with the catalysis of acidic ionic liquids: A comparison study of solvents
Cheng FC, Zhao X, Hu YC
976 - 982 A closed-loop strategy for endoglucanase production using sugarcane bagasse liquefied by a home-made enzymatic cocktail
Squinca P, Badino AC, Farinas CS
983 - 991 Pyrolysis/gasification of pine sawdust biomass briquettes under carbon dioxide atmosphere: Study on carbon dioxide reduction (utilization) and biochar briquettes physicochemical properties
Liu ZW, Zhang FX, Liu HL, Ba F, Yan SJ, Hu JH
992 - 999 Effect of lipid-free microalgal biomass and waste glycerol on growth and lipid production of Scenedesmus obliquus: Innovative waste recycling for extraordinary lipid production
Abomohra A, Eladel H, El-Esawi M, Wang S, Wang Q, He ZX, Feng YQ, Shang H, Hanelt D
1000 - 1008 A novel protein tyrosine phosphatase like phytase from Lactobacillus fermentum NKN51: Cloning, characterization and application in mineral release for food technology applications
Sharma R, Kumar P, Kaushal V, Das R, Navani NK
1009 - 1016 Biochar assisted thermophilic co-digestion of food waste and waste activated sludge under high feedstock to seed sludge ratio in batch experiment
Li Q, Xu MJ, Wang GJ, Chen R, Qiao W, Wang XC
1017 - 1024 Integrated production of second generation ethanol and lactic acid from steam-exploded elephant grass
Montipo S, Ballesteros I, Fontana RC, Liu S, Martins AF, Ballesteros M, Camassola M
1025 - 1039 Pretreatment of food waste for methane and hydrogen recovery: A review
Karthikeyan OP, Trably E, Mehariya S, Bernet N, Wong JWC, Carrere H
1040 - 1043 The uptake of anaerobic digestion for the organic fraction of municipal solid waste - Push versus pull factors
Clarke WP
1044 - 1051 A review on moringa tree and vetiver grass - Potential biorefinery feedstocks
Raman JK, Alves CM, Gnansounou E
1052 - 1057 A simply enzymatic hydrolysis pretreatment for beta-mannanase production from konjac powder
You SP, Ding JJ, Dai YM, Xing RZ, Qi W, Wang MF, Su RX, He ZM
1058 - 1061 Synergistic effects of metal salt and ionic liquid on the pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse for enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis
Xu JX, Xu JM, Zhang S, Xia J, Liu XY, Chu XZ, Duan JA, Li XQ
1062 - 1065 Rapid nitrification process upgrade coupled with succession of the microbial community in a full-scale municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
Liu F, Hu XM, Zhao X, Guo HX, Zhao Y, Jiang BH
1066 - 1068 Development and operation of innovative scum to biodiesel pilot-system for the treatment of floatable wastewater scum
Anderson E, Addy M, Chen P, Ruan R
1069 - 1073 Changes in carbon footprint when integrating production of filamentous fungi in 1st generation ethanol plants
Brancoli P, Ferreira JA, Bolton K, Taherzadeh MJ
1074 - 1079 Microbial communities involved in biogas production exhibit high resilience to heat shocks
Abendroth C, Hahnke S, Simeonov C, Klocke M, Casani-Miravalls S, Ramm P, Burger C, Luschnig O, Porcar M
1080 - 1084 Mitigating external and internal cathode fouling using a polymer bonded separator in microbial fuel cells
Yang WL, Rossi R, Tian YS, Kim KY, Logan BE
1085 - 1091 Enhanced performance and kinetics of marine anammox bacteria (MAB) treating nitrogen-rich saline wastewater with Mn(II) and Ni(II) addition
Li J, Feng L, Qiang ZM, Dong HY, Wang D
1092 - 1096 Secondary effluent purification by a large-scale multi-stage surface-flow constructed wetland: A case study in northern China
Wu HM, Zhang J, Guo WS, Liang S, Fan JL
1097 - 1097 Effects of coffee processing residues on anaerobic microorganisms and corresponding digestion performance (vol 245, pg 714, 2017)
Rojas-Sossa JP, Murillo-Roos M, Uribe L, Uribe-Lorio L, Marsh T, Larsen N, Chen R, Miranda A, Solis K, Rodriguez W, Kirk D, Liao W