Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.248 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Special Issue on Bioconversion of Food Wastes
Taherzadeh MJ, Wong JWC, Nelles M, He PJ
1 - 2 PREFACE ENPE-2017: International conference on Ecotechnologies for Controlling Non-point Source Pollution and Protecting Aquatic Ecosystem
Wu YW, Rene ER, Liu JZ
2 - 12 Food waste biorefinery: Sustainable strategy for circular bioeconomy
Dahiya S, Kumar AN, Sravan JS, Chatterjee S, Sarkar O, Mohan SV
3 - 11 Purification and reuse of non-point source wastewater via Myriophyllum-based integrative biotechnology: A review
Liu F, Zhang SN, Luo P, Zhuang XL, Chen X, Wu JS
12 - 20 Microorganisms-based methods for harmful algal blooms control: A review
Sun R, Sun PF, Zhang JH, Esquivel-Elizondo S, Wu YH
13 - 19 Ammonia emission mitigation in food waste composting: A review
Wang SG, Zeng Y
20 - 28 Anaerobic digestion of food waste: A review focusing on process stability
Li L, Peng XY, Wang XM, Di Wu D
21 - 27 The counter-balance between ammonia absorption and the stimulation of volatilization by periphyton in shallow aquatic systems
She DL, Wang HD, Yan XY, Hu W, Zhang WJ, Li JY, Wu CX, Xia YQ
28 - 35 Effects of concentration and gas flow rate on the removal of gas-phase toluene and xylene mixture in a compost biofilter
Rene ER, Sergienko N, Goswami T, Lopez ME, Kumar G, Saratale GD, Venkatachalam P, Pakshirajan K, Swaminathan T
29 - 36 Microbial characteristics in anaerobic digestion process of food waste for methane production-A review
Wang P, Wang HT, Qiu YQ, Ren LH, Jiang B
36 - 43 Sorption of sulfamethazine to biochars as affected by dissolved organic matters of different origin
Jia MY, Wang F, Bian YR, Stedtfeld RD, Liu GX, Yu JP, Jiang X
37 - 56 Anaerobic bioconversion of food waste into energy: A critical review
Braguglia CM, Gallipoli A, Gianico A, Pagliaccia P
44 - 48 Periphytic biofilms: A promising nutrient utilization regulator in wetlands
Wu YH, Liu JZ, Rene ER
49 - 55 Arsenic removal by periphytic biofilm and its application combined with biochar
Zhu NY, Zhang JH, Tang J, Zhu Y, Wu YH
56 - 60 Uncovering the flocculating potential of extracellular polymeric substances produced by periphytic biofilms
Sun PF, Zhang JH, Esquivel-Elizondo S, Ma L, Wu YH
57 - 67 Composting of food wastes: Status and challenges
Cerda A, Artola A, Font X, Barrena R, Gea T, Sanchez A
61 - 67 Cu removal and response mechanisms of periphytic biofilms in a tubular bioreactor
Ma L, Wang FW, Yu YC, Liu JZ, Wu YH
68 - 78 Enhanced volatile fatty acids production from anaerobic fermentation of food waste: A mini-review focusing on acidogenic metabolic pathways
Zhou MM, Yan BH, Wong JWC, Zhang Y
68 - 74 Phosphorus and Cu2+ removal by periphytic biofilm stimulated by upconversion phosphors doped with Pr3+-Li+
Zhu Y, Zhang JH, Zhu NY, Tang J, Liu JZ, Sun PF, Wu YH, Wong PK
75 - 81 Sustainable pollutant removal by periphytic biofilm via microbial composition shifts induced by uneven distribution of CeO2 nanoparticles
Tang J, Zhu NY, Zhu Y, Zamir SM, Wu YH
79 - 87 Biohydrogen production from food waste: Current status, limitations, and future perspectives
Yun YM, Lee MK, Im SW, Marone A, Trably E, Shin SR, Kim MG, Cho SK, Kim DH
82 - 88 The nitrogen removal performance and microbial communities in a two-stage deep sequencing constructed wetland for advanced treatment of secondary effluent
He S, Wang YM, Li CS, Li YC, Zhou J
88 - 99 Food loss and waste management in Turkey
Salihoglu G, Salihoglu NK, Ucaroglu S, Banar M
89 - 97 Seasonality distribution of the abundance and activity of nitrification and denitrification microorganisms in sediments of surface flow constructed wetlands planted with Myriophyllum elatinoides during swine wastewater treatment
Li X, Zhang MM, Liu F, Chen L, Li YY, Li Y, Xiao RL, Wu JS
98 - 103 Enhanced nitrogen removal using solid carbon source in constructed wetland with limited aeration
Yang ZC, Yang LH, Wei CJ, Wu WZ, Zhao XF, Lu T
100 - 112 Trends in food waste valorization for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels: Case study South and Southeast Asia
Ong KL, Kaur G, Pensupa N, Uisan K, Lin CSK
104 - 112 High-throughput sequencing analysis of bacterial community spatiotemporal distribution in response to clogging in vertical flow constructed wetlands
Hua GF, Cheng Y, Kong J, Li M, Zhao ZW
113 - 119 Removal of nutrients and pharmaceuticals and personal care products from wastewater using periphyton photobioreactors
Kang D, Zhao QC, Wu YH, Wu CX, Xiang W
113 - 121 Biochemicals from food waste and recalcitrant biomass via syngas fermentation: A review
Wainaina S, Horvath IS, Taherzadeh MJ
120 - 126 Evaluation of the dynamics of microalgae population structure and process performance during piggery wastewater treatment in algal-bacterial photobioreactors
Garcia D, Posadas E, Blanco S, Acien G, Garcia-Encina P, Bolado S, Munoz R
122 - 133 Application of advanced techniques for the assessment of bio-stability of biowaste-derived residues: A minireview
Lu F, Shao LM, Zhang H, Fu WD, Feng SJ, Zhan LT, Chen YM, He PJ
127 - 134 Biosorption of high-concentration Cu (II) by periphytic biofilms and the development of a fiber periphyton bioreactor (FPBR)
Liu JZ, Wang FW, Wu WT, Wan JJ, Yang JL, Xiang SL, Wu YH
134 - 140 Effect of feeding mode and dilution on the performance and microbial community population in anaerobic digestion of food waste
Park JH, Kumar G, Yun YM, Kwon JC, Kim SH
135 - 139 Use of magnetic powder to effectively improve the performance of sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) in municipal wastewater treatment
Liu Y, Li JX, Guo WS, Ngo HH, Hu JJ, Gao MT
140 - 145 Pressurized Microcystis can help to remove nitrate from eutrophic water
Huang YY, Chen XC, Li PP, Chen GQ, Peng L, Pan LP
141 - 147 Bio-degradation of oily food waste employing thermophilic bacterial strains
Awasthi MK, Selvam A, Chan MT, Wong JWC
146 - 152 Removal of nitrite from aqueous solution by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens biofilm adsorption
Hui C, Guo XX, Sun PF, Khan RA, Zhang QC, Liang YC, Zhao YH
148 - 155 Modeling of acetate-type fermentation of sugar-containing wastewater under acidic pH conditions
Huang L, Pan XR, Wang YZ, Li CX, Chen CB, Zhao QB, Mu Y, Yu HQ, Li WW
153 - 159 Expression and characterization of the key enzymes involved in 2-benzoxazolinone degradation by Pigmentiphaga sp DL-8
Dong WL, Liu K, Liu JW, Shi ZK, Xin FX, Zhang WM, Ma JF, Wu H, Wang F, Jiang M
156 - 173 Life cycle assessment to compare the environmental impact of seven contemporary food waste management systems
Edwards J, Othman M, Crossin E, Burn S
160 - 170 Biodegradation of food waste using microbial cultures producing thermostable alpha-amylase and cellulase under different pH and temperature
Awasthi MK, Wong JWC, Kumar S, Awasthi SK, Wang Q, Wang MJ, Ren XN, Zhao JC, Chen HY, Zhang ZQ
171 - 178 Respiration adaptation of activated sludge under dissolved oxygen and hypochlorite stressed conditions
Li ZH, Ma ZB, Yu HQ
174 - 179 New criteria to determine the destabilization of the acidogenic anaerobic co-digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) with mixed sludge (MS)
Angeriz-Campoy R, Fdez-Guelfo LA, Tyagi VK, Alvarez-Gallego CJ, Romero-Garcia LI
180 - 186 Effect of total solids content on biohydrogen production and lactic acid accumulation during dark fermentation of organic waste biomass
Ghimire A, Trably E, Frunzo L, Pirozzi F, Lens PNL, Esposito G, Cazier EA, Escudie R
187 - 193 Ethanol prefermentation of food waste in sequencing batch methane fermentation for improved buffering capacity and microbial community analysis
Yu M, Wu CF, Wang QH, Sun XH, Ren YY, Li YY
194 - 198 Recycling of food waste for fuel precursors using an integrated bio-refinery approach
Karthikeyan OP, Hao HTN, Razaghi A, Heimann K
199 - 203 Sustainable utilization of waste palm oil and sulfonated carbon catalyst derived from coconut meal residue for biodiesel production
Thushari I, Babel S
204 - 213 Long-term bio-H-2 and bio-CH4 production from food waste in a continuous two-stage system: Energy efficiency and conversion pathways
Algapani DE, Qiao W, di Pumpo F, Bianchi D, Wandera SM, Adani F, Dong RJ
214 - 220 Enzymatic saccharification of lignocellulosic residues using cellulolytic enzyme extract produced by Penicillium roqueforti ATCC 10110 cultivated on residue of yellow mombin fruit
Ferraz JLDA, Souza LO, Soares GA, Coutinho JP, de Oliveira JR, Aguiar-Oliveira E, Franco M
221 - 228 Lipid accumulation potential of oleaginous yeasts: A comparative evaluation using food waste leachate as a substrate
Johnravindar D, Karthikeyan OP, Selvam A, Murugesan K, Wong JWC
229 - 237 Cardboard proportions and total solids contents as driving factors in dry co-fermentation of food waste
Capson-Tojo G, Trably E, Rouez M, Crest M, Bernet N, Steyer JP, Delgenes JP, Escudie R
238 - 247 Engineering peptidoglycan degradation related genes of Bacillus subtilis for better fermentation processes
Zhao L, Ye JW, Fu J, Chen GQ
248 - 257 Production of sodium gluconate from delignified corn cob residue by on-site produced cellulase and co-immobilized glucose oxidase and catalase
Han XL, Liu GD, Song WX, Qu YB
258 - 264 Assessing the potential of biofuel (biochar) production from food wastes through thermal treatment
Rago YP, Surroop D, Mohee R
265 - 271 Hydrothermal pretreatment on the anaerobic digestion of washed vinegar residue
Ran GZ, Li D, Zheng T, Liu XF, Chen L, Cao Q, Yan ZY
272 - 279 A comparative analysis of pretreatment strategies on the properties and hydrolysis of brewers' spent grain
Ravindran R, Jaiswal S, Abu-Ghannam N, Jaiswal AK
280 - 286 Biomethanation macrodynamics of vegetable residues pretreated by low-frequency microwave irradiation
Savoo S, Mudhoo A