Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.232 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Different cultivation methods to acclimatise ammonia-tolerant methanogenic consortia
Tian HL, Fotidis IA, Mancini E, Angelidaki I
10 - 17 Achieving short-cut nitrification and denitrification in modified intermittently aerated constructed wetland
Hou J, Xia L, Ma T, Zhang YQ, Zhou YY, He XG
18 - 26 Enhanced treatment of Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) wastewater using the up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket coupled with bioelectrochemical system: Effect of electric field
Wang DX, Han HJ, Han YX, Li K, Zhu H
27 - 34 Hydrothermal liquefaction of sewage sludge under isothermal and fast conditions
Qian LL, Wang SZ, Savage PE
35 - 43 Photodegradation and sorption govern tetracycline removal during wastewater treatment in algal ponds
Norvill ZN, Toledo-Cervantes A, Blanco S, Shilton A, Guieysse B, Munoz R
44 - 52 The boosted biomass and lipid accumulation in Chlorella vulgaris by supplementation of synthetic phytohormone analogs
Liu TT, Liu F, Wang C, Wang ZY, Li YQ
53 - 63 Immobilization of Aspergillus oryzae beta-galactosidase in an agarose matrix functionalized by four different methods and application to the synthesis of lactulose
Guerrero C, Vera C, Serna N, Illanes A
64 - 71 Development of algae-bacteria granular consortia in photo-sequencing batch reactor
Liu L, Fan HY, Liu YH, Liu CX, Huang X
72 - 78 Influence of pressures up to 50 bar on two-stage anaerobic digestion
Merkle W, Baer K, Lindner J, Zielonka S, Ortloff F, Graf F, Kolb T, Jungbluth T, Lemmer A
79 - 86 A facile approach for surface alteration of Pseudomonas putida I3 by supplying K2SO4 into growth medium: Enhanced removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution
Xu XJ, Li HY, Wang QY, Li DD, Han XR, Yu HW
87 - 92 Uncertainty estimation by Bayesian approach in thermochemical conversion of walnut hull and lignite coal blends
Buyukada M
93 - 102 Leachate flush strategies for managing volatile fatty acids accumulation in leach-bed reactors
Riggio S, Torrijos M, Vives G, Esposito G, van Hullebusch ED, Steyer JP, Escudie R
103 - 112 Unraveling the influence of the COD/sulfate ratio on organic matter removal and methane production from the biodigestion of sugarcane vinasse
Kiyuna LSM, Fuess LT, Zaiat M
113 - 118 Characterization of white poplar and eucalyptus after ionic liquid pretreatment as a function of biomass loading using X-ray diffraction and small angle neutron scattering
Yuan XM, Duan YH, He LL, Singh S, Simmons B, Cheng G
119 - 125 Value-adding conversion and volume reduction of sewage sludge by anaerobic co-digestion with crude glycerol
Kurahashi K, Kimura C, Fujimoto Y, Tokumoto H
126 - 132 Optimization of simultaneous saccharification and fermentation conditions with amphipathic lignin derivatives for concentrated bioethanol production
Cheng NN, Koda K, Tamai Y, Yamamoto Y, Takasuka TE, Uraki Y
133 - 141 Simultaneous biogas upgrading and centrate treatment in an outdoors pilot scale high rate algal pond
Posadas E, Marin D, Blanco S, Lebrero R, Munoz R
142 - 145 Simultaneous cell disruption and lipid extraction in a microalgal biomass using a nonpolar tertiary amine
Huang WC, Kim JD
146 - 151 Rapid degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid facilitated by acetate under methanogenic condition
Yang ZM, Xu XH, Dai M, Wang L, Shi XS, Guo RB
152 - 158 Direct catalytic production of sorbitol from waste cellulosic materials
Ribeiro LS, Orfao JJD, Pereira MFR
159 - 167 The effects of autohydrolysis pretreatment on the structural characteristics, adsorptive and catalytic properties of the activated carbon prepared from Eucommia ulmoides Oliver based on a biorefinery process
Zhu MQ, Wang ZW, Wen JL, Qiu L, Zhu YH, Su YQ, Wei Q, Sun RC
168 - 175 Efficient utilization of hemicellulose and cellulose in alkali liquor-pretreated corncob for bioethanol production at high solid loading by Spathaspora passalidarum U1-58
Yu H, Guo J, Chen YF, Fu GX, Li BZ, Guo XW, Xiao DG
176 - 182 Formic acid aided hot water extraction of hemicellulose from European silver birch (Betula pendula) sawdust
Goldmann WM, Ahola J, Mikola M, Tanskanen J
183 - 191 Lignin-derived inhibition of monocomponent cellulases and a xylanase in the hydrolysis of lignocellulosics
Kellock M, Rahikainen J, Marjamaa K, Kruus K
192 - 203 Release kinetics of esterified p-coumaric acid and ferulic acid from rice straw in mild alkaline solution
Linh TN, Fujita H, Sakoda A
204 - 210 Biochars with excellent Pb(II) adsorption property produced from fresh and dehydrated banana peels via hydrothermal carbonization
Zhou N, Chen HG, Xi JT, Yao DH, Zhou Z, Tian Y, Lu XY
211 - 221 A new model to predict diffusive self-heating during composting incorporating the reaction engineering approach (REA) framework
Putranto A, Chen XD
222 - 228 Organic amine catalytic organosolv pretreatment of corn stover for enzymatic saccharification and high-quality lignin
Tang CL, Shan JQ, Chen YJ, Zhong LX, Shen T, Zhu CJ, Ying HJ
229 - 234 Ex-situ catalytic pyrolysis of wastewater sewage sludge - A micro-pyrolysis study
Wang KG, Zheng Y, Zhu XF, Brewer CE, Brown RC
235 - 246 Synergetic effect of combined pretreatment for energy efficient biogas generation
Kannah RY, Kavitha S, Banu JR, Yeom IT, Johnson M
247 - 253 Hollow fiber membrane bioreactor affects microbial community and morphology of the DAMO and Anammox co-culture system
Fu LA, Ding J, Lu YZ, Ding ZW, Bai YN, Zeng RJ
254 - 262 Cellulose nanocrystal-reinforced keratin bioadsorbent for effective removal of dyes from aqueous solution
Song KL, Xu HL, Xu L, Xie KL, Yang YQ
263 - 269 Microbial degradation of four crude oil by biosurfactant producing strain Rhodococcus sp.
Pi YR, Chen B, Bao MT, Fan FQ, Cai QH, Ze L, Zhang BY
270 - 277 Irradiation pretreatment facilitates the achievement of high total sugars concentration from lignocellulose biomass
Liu Y, Guo LJ, Wang LY, Zhan W, Zhou H
278 - 284 Simultaneous removal of nitrate and chromate in groundwater by a spiral fiber based biofilm reactor
Zhai SY, Zhao YX, Ji M, Oi WF
285 - 296 Aerobic and heterotrophic nitrogen removal by Enterobacter cloacae CF-S27 with efficient utilization of hydroxylamine
Padhi SK, Tripathy S, Mohanty S, Maiti NK
297 - 303 Impact of disk milling on corn stover pretreated at commercial scale
Kim SM, Tumbleson ME, Rausch KD, Singh V
304 - 312 Combined effect of crude fat content and initial substrate concentration on batch anaerobic digestion characteristics of food waste
Zhang WQ, Lang QQ, Fang M, Li X, Bah H, Dong HM, Dong RJ
313 - 320 Microbial population dynamics in continuous anaerobic digester systems during start up, stable conditions and recovery after starvation
de Jonge N, Moset V, Moller HB, Nielsen JL
321 - 330 Performance evaluation of semi continuous vertical flow constructed wetlands (SC-VF-CWs) for municipal wastewater treatment
Kumar M, Singh R
331 - 343 Comparative techno-economic analysis of steam explosion, dilute sulfuric acid, ammonia fiber explosion and biological pretreatments of corn stover
Baral NR, Shah A
344 - 353 Impact of electro-stimulation on denitrifying bacterial growth and analysis of bacterial growth kinetics using a modified Gompertz model in a bio-electrochemical denitrification reactor
Liu HY, Chen N, Feng CP, Tong S, Li R
354 - 363 Thermodynamics of binding interactions between extracellular polymeric substances and heavy metals by isothermal titration microcalorimetry
Yan P, Xia JS, Chen YP, Liu ZP, Guo JS, Shen Y, Zhang CC, Wang J
364 - 371 Remediation of a mixture of analgesics in a stirred-tank photobioreactor using microalgal-bacterial consortium coupled with attempt to valorise the harvested biomass
Ismail MM, Essam TM, Ragab YM, El-Sayed AEKB, Mourad FE
372 - 379 Torrefaction of sorghum biomass to improve fuel properties
Yue Y, Singh H, Singh B, Mani S
380 - 388 Enhancement of microbial density and methane production in advanced anaerobic digestion of secondary sewage sludge by continuous removal of ammonia
Tao B, Donnelly J, Oliveira I, Anthony R, Wilson V, Esteves SR
389 - 397 Critical review on biosurfactant analysis, purification and characterization using rhamnolipid as a model biosurfactant
Varjani SJ, Upasani VN
398 - 407 Recent advances and industrial viewpoint for biological treatment of wastewaters by oleaginous microorganisms
Huang C, Luo MT, Chen XF, Xiong L, Li XM, Chen XD
408 - 411 Denitrification of aging biogas slurry from livestock farm by photosynthetic bacteria
Yang AQ, Zhang GM, Yang G, Wang HY, Meng F, Wang HC, Peng M
412 - 416 Biological phosphorus removal in an extended ASM2 model: Roles of extracellular polymeric substances and kinetic modeling
Yang SS, Pang JW, Guo WQ, Yang XY, Wu ZY, Ren NQ, Zhao ZQ
417 - 422 Enhanced performance of denitrifying sulfide removal process at high carbon to nitrogen ratios under micro-aerobic condition
Chen C, Zhang RC, Xu XJ, Fang N, Wang AJ, Ren NQ, Lee DJ