Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.224 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Review on fate and mechanism of removal of pharmaceutical pollutants from wastewater using biological approach
Tiwari B, Sellamuthu B, Ouarda Y, Drogui P, Tyagi RD, Buelna G
13 - 24 Innovative pretreatment strategies for biogas production
Patinvoh RJ, Osadolor OA, Chandolias K, Horvath IS, Taherzadeh MJ
25 - 33 Bioremediation mechanisms of combined pollution of PAHs and heavy metals by bacteria and fungi: A mini review
Liu SH, Zeng GM, Niu QY, Liu Y, Zhou L, Jiang LH, Tan XF, Xu P, Zhang C, Cheng M
34 - 40 Microbial mediated iron redox cycling in Fe (hydr)oxides for nitrite removal
Lu YS, Xu L, Shu WK, Zhou JZ, Chen XP, Xu YF, Qian GR
41 - 47 Nano-graphene induced positive effects on methanogenesis in anaerobic digestion
Tian T, Qiao S, Li X, Zhang MJ, Zhou JT
48 - 55 Enhancing anaerobic digestion performance of crude lipid in food waste by enzymatic pretreatment
Meng Y, Luan FB, Yuan HR, Chen X, Li XJ
56 - 62 High-calorific biogas production from anaerobic digestion of food waste using a two-phase pressurized biofilm (TPPB) system
Li YQ, Liu H, Yan F, Su DF, Wang YF, Zhou HJ
63 - 68 Accelerated azo dye degradation and concurrent hydrogen production in the single-chamber photocatalytic microbial electrolysis cell
Hou YP, Zhang RD, Yu ZB, Huang LR, Liu YX, Zhou ZL
69 - 77 Anoxic oscillating MBR for photosynthetic bacteria harvesting and high salinity wastewater treatment
Qin L, Liu QH, Meng Q, Fan Z, He JZ, Liu T, Shen C, Zhang GL
78 - 86 The effects of pre-aeration and inoculation on solid-state anaerobic digestion of rice straw
Zhou Y, Li C, Nges IA, Liu J
87 - 93 Recovery of phosphorus via harvesting phosphorus-accumulating granular sludge in sequencing batch airlift reactor
Liu Q, Wan JF, Wang J, Li SY, Dagot C, Wang Y
94 - 100 Evaluating the feasibility of ratio control strategy for achieving partial nitritation in a continuous floccular sludge reactor: Experimental demonstration
Liu WR, Yang DH
101 - 111 Evolution of bacterial diversity during two-phase olive mill waste ("alperujo") composting by 16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing
Tortosa G, Castellano-Hinojosa A, Correa-Galeote D, Bedmar EJ
112 - 117 Effect of macroporous adsorption resin-membrane bioreactor hybrid system against fouling for municipal wastewater treatment
Chen WW, Luo J, Cao RY, Li YT, Liu JR
118 - 129 Economic feasibility of microalgal bacterial floc production for wastewater treatment and biomass valorization: A detailed up-to-date analysis of up-scaled pilot results
Vulsteke E, Van Den Hende S, Bourez L, Capoen H, Rousseau DPL, Albrecht J
130 - 139 Quantitative impact of influent characteristics on nitrogen removal via anammox and denitrification in a landfill bioreactor case
Wang XY, Xie B, Zhang CQ, Shen YW, Lu J
140 - 146 Achievement of high nitrite accumulation via endogenous partial denitrification (EPD)
Ji JT, Peng YZ, Wang B, Wang SY
147 - 156 Effects of hydraulic retention time (HRT) on denitrification using waste activated sludge thermal hydrolysis liquid and acidogenic liquid as carbon sources
Guo YD, Guo L, Sun M, Zhao YG, Gao MC, She ZL
157 - 165 Enhanced nutrient removal and mechanisms study in benthic fauna added surface-flow constructed wetlands: The role of Tubifex tubifex
Kang Y, Zhang J, Xie HJ, Guo ZZ, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Liang S
166 - 173 Effective degradation of aflatoxin B-1 using a novel thermophilic microbial consortium TADC7
Wang Y, Zhao CX, Zhang DD, Zhao MM, Zheng D, Lyu YC, Cheng W, Guo P, Cui ZJ
174 - 182 Combinations of fungal and milling pretreatments for enhancing rice straw biogas production during solid-state anaerobic digestion
Mustafa AM, Poulsen TG, Xia YH, Sheng KC
183 - 187 Real-time monitoring of biofoulants in a membrane bioreactor during saline wastewater treatment for anti-fouling strategies
Tan SW, Hou Y, Cui CZ, Chen XC, Li WG
188 - 196 Effect of nickel on the flocculability, settleability, and dewaterability of activated sludge
Yang Q, Sun J, Wang DB, Wang SN, Chen F, Yao FB, An HX, Zhong Y, Xie T, Wang YL, Li XM, Zeng GM
197 - 205 Dry fermentation of manure with straw in continuous plug flow reactor: Reactor development and process stability at different loading rates
Patinvoh RJ, Mehrjerdi AK, Horvath IS, Taherzadeh MJ
206 - 213 Highly efficient adsorption of cationic dye by biochar produced with Korean cabbage waste
Sewu DD, Boakye P, Woo SH
214 - 221 Effect of plant-based carbon sources on denitrifying microorganisms in a vertical flow constructed wetland
Fu GP, Huangshen LK, Guo ZP, Zhou QH, Wu ZB
222 - 228 Enhancement of surface flow constructed wetlands performance at low temperature through seasonal plant collocation
Zhang J, Sun HM, Wang WG, Hu Z, Yin XL, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Fan JL
229 - 235 Granulation of activated sludge under low hydrodynamic shear and different wastewater characteristics
Devlin TR, di Biase A, Kowalski M, Oleszkiewicz JA
236 - 245 Comparison of nitrogen removal and microbial properties in solid-phase denitrification systems for water purification with various pretreated lignocellulosic carriers
Feng LJ, Chen K, Han DD, Zhao J, Lu Y, Yang GF, Mu J, Zhao XJ
246 - 254 Effects of hydraulic retention time, co-substrate and nitrogen source on laundry wastewater anionic surfactant degradation in fluidized bed reactors
Andrade MVF, Sakamoto IK, Corbi JJ, Silva EL, Varesche MBA
255 - 264 Wastewater treatment high rate algal pond biomass for bio-crude oil production
Mehrabadi A, Craggs R, Farid MM
265 - 275 Role of macrophyte and effect of supplementary aeration in up-flow constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell for simultaneous wastewater treatment and energy recovery
Oon YL, Ong SA, Ho LN, Wong YS, Dahalan FA, Oon YS, Lehl HK, Thung WE, Nordin N
276 - 284 Development and performance evaluation of an algal biofilm reactor for treatment of multiple wastewaters and characterization of biomass for diverse applications
Choudhary P, Prajapati SK, Kumar P, Malik A, Pant KK
285 - 291 Effect of bioflocculation on fouling-related biofoulants in a membrane bioreactor during saline wastewater treatments
Tan SW, Cui CZ, Chen XC, Li WG
292 - 297 Rotating packed bed reactor for enzymatic synthesis of biodiesel
Xu JT, Liu CS, Wang M, Shao L, Deng L, Nie KL, Wang F
298 - 306 Hydrogen production from starch by co-culture of Clostridium acetobutylicum and Rhodobacter sphaeroides in one step hybrid dark-and photofermentation in repeated fed-batch reactor
Zagrodnik R, Laniecki M
307 - 313 Ethanol production by Escherichia coli from Arundo donax biomass under SSF, SHF or CBP process configurations and in situ production of a multifunctional glucanase and xylanase
Loaces I, Schein S, Noya F
314 - 326 Economic and environmental assessment of cellulosic ethanol production scenarios annexed to a typical sugar mill
Mandegari MA, Farzad S, Gorgens JF
327 - 332 Biodegradation of crude oil by a defined co-culture of indigenous bacterial consortium and exogenous Bacillus subtilis
Tao KY, Liu XY, Chen XP, Hu XX, Cao LY, Yuan XY
333 - 341 Continuous flow through a microwave oven for the large-scale production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil
Tangy A, Pulidindi IN, Perkas N, Gedanken A
342 - 348 Dual effect of soluble materials in pretreated lignocellulose on simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation process for the bioethanol production
Qin L, Li X, Liu L, Zhu JQ, Guan QM, Zhang MT, Li WC, Li BZ, Yuan YJ
349 - 357 Achieving ethanol-type fermentation for hydrogen production in a granular sludge system by aeration
Zhang S, Liu M, Chen Y, Pan YT
358 - 364 The type of ion selective membrane determines stability and production levels of microbial electrosynthesis
Gildemyn S, Verbeeck K, Jansen R, Rabaey K
365 - 372 Detergent assisted ultrasonication aided in situ transesterification for biodiesel production from oleaginous yeast wet biomass
Yellapu SK, Kaur R, Tyagi RD
373 - 379 Biochemical methane potential of oil-extracted microalgae and glycerol in co-digestion with chicken litter
Meneses-Reyes JC, Hernandez-Eugenio G, Huber DH, Balagurusamy N, Espinosa-Solares T
380 - 388 Two-stage pervaporation process for effective in situ removal acetone-butanol-ethanol from fermentation broth
Cai D, Hu S, Miao Q, Chen CJ, Chen HD, Zhang CW, Li P, Qin PY, Tan TW
389 - 396 Modeling the production of sugar and byproducts from acid bisulfite pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of Douglas-fir
Liu YL, Wang JW, Wolcott M
397 - 404 Effects of the feeding ratio of food waste on fed-batch aerobic composting and its microbial community
Wang XJ, Pan SQ, Zhang ZJ, Lin XY, Zhang YZ, Chen SH
405 - 410 Reducing sugar loss in enzymatic hydrolysis of ethylenediamine pretreated corn stover
Li WC, Li X, Qin L, Zhu JQ, Han X, Li BZ, Yuan YJ
411 - 418 Investigating the enzyme-lignin binding with surfactants for improved saccharification of pilot scale pretreated wheat straw
Agrawal R, Satlewal A, Kapoor M, Mondal S, Basu B
419 - 427 Control of dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl disulfide odors during pig manure composting using nitrogen amendment
Zang B, Li SY, Michel FC, Li GX, Zhang DF, Li YY
428 - 438 Heterogeneity of biochar amendment to improve the carbon and nitrogen sequestration through reduce the greenhouse gases emissions during sewage sludge composting
Awasthi MK, Wang MJ, Chen HY, Wang Q, Zhao JC, Ren XN, Li DS, Awasthi SK, Shen F, Li RH, Zhang ZQ
439 - 444 Fractionation and cellulase treatment for enhancing the properties of kraft-based dissolving pulp
Duan C, Wang XQ, Zhang YL, Xu YJ, Ni YH
445 - 456 Liquid lipases for enzymatic concentration of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in monoacylglycerols via ethanolysis: Catalytic specificity and parameterization
He YJ, Li JB, Kodali S, Balle T, Chen BL, Guo Z
457 - 464 Biological conversion of the aqueous wastes from hydrothermal liquefaction of algae and pine wood by Rhodococci
He YC, Li XL, Xue XY, Swita MS, Schmidt AJ, Yang B
465 - 472 Stimulatory effect and adsorption behavior of rhamnolipids on lignocelluloses degradation system
Hou JJ, Zhang SD, Qiu Z, Han H, Zhang QZ
473 - 480 Microalgal post-treatment of anaerobically digested agro-industrial wastes for nutrient removal and lipids production
Koutra E, Grammatikopoulos G, Kornaros M
481 - 489 Continuous cultivation of lipid rich microalga Chlorella sp FC2 IITG for improved biodiesel productivity via control variable optimization and substrate driven pH control
Palabhanvi B, Muthuraj M, Kumar V, Mukherjee M, Ahlawat S, Das D
490 - 497 Effects of different photoperiod and trophic conditions on biomass, protein and lipid production by the marine alga Nannochloropsis gaditana at optimal concentration of desalination concentrate
Matos AP, Cavanholi MG, Moecke EHS, Sant'Anna ES
498 - 508 Influence of pH on dynamics of microbial enhanced oil recovery processes using biosurfactant producing Pseudomonas putida: Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation
Sivasankar P, Kumar GS
509 - 514 Optimal design of upstream processes in biotransformation technologies
Dheskali E, Michailidi K, de Castro AM, Koutinas AA, Kookos IK
515 - 522 Two-step cultivation for production of astaxanthin in Chlorella zofingiensis using a patented energy-free rotating floating photobioreactor (RFP)
Zhang Z, Huang JJ, Sun DZ, Lee Y, Chen F
523 - 530 Comprehensive computational model for combining fluid hydrodynamics, light transport and biomass growth in a Taylor vortex algal photobioreactor: Lagrangian approach
Gao X, Kong B, Vigil RD
531 - 535 Co-expression of the recombined alcohol dehydrogenase and glucose dehydrogenase and cross-linked enzyme aggregates stabilization
Hu XZ, Liu LQ, Chen DJ, Wang YZ, Zhang JL, Shao L
536 - 543 Enhanced rhamnolipids production via efficient foam-control using stop valve as a foam breaker
Long XW, Shen C, He N, Zhang GL, Meng Q
544 - 552 Effect of pH on lactic acid production from acidogenic fermentation of food waste with different types of inocula
Tang JL, Wang XCC, Hu YS, Zhang YM, Li YY
553 - 562 Engineered Kluyveromyces marxianus for pyruvate production at elevated temperature with simultaneous consumption of xylose and glucose
Zhang B, Zhu YL, Zhang J, Wang DM, Sun LH, Hong J
563 - 572 Fermentative production of high titer citric acid from corn stover feedstock after dry dilute acid pretreatment and biodetoxification
Zhou PP, Meng J, Bao J
573 - 580 Oxidative production of xylonic acid using xylose in distillation stillage of cellulosic ethanol fermentation broth by Gluconobacter oxydans
Zhang HS, Han XS, Wei CX, Bao J
581 - 589 Production of poly(malic acid) from sugarcane juice in fermentation by Aureobasidium pullulans: Kinetics and process economics
Wei PL, Cheng C, Lin M, Zhou YP, Yang ST
590 - 600 Microwave-assisted chemical pre-treatment of waste sorghum leaves: Process optimization and development of an intelligent model for determination of volatile compound fractions
Rorke DCS, Suinyuy TN, Kana EBG
601 - 610 Co-firing of pine chips with Turkish lignites in 750 kWth circulating fluidized bed combustion system
Atimtay AT, Kayahan U, Unlu A, Engin B, Varol M, Olgun H, Atakul H
611 - 617 Exploring crystalline-structural variations of cellulose during alkaline pretreatment for enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis
Ling Z, Chen S, Zhang X, Xu F
618 - 629 Advancement of green process through microwave-assisted extraction of bioactive metabolites from Arthrospira Platensis and bioactivity evaluation
Esquivel-Hernandez DA, Rodriguez-Rodriguez J, Rostro-Alanis M, Cuellar-Bermudez SP, Mancera-Andrade EI, Nunez-Echevarria JE, Garcia-Perez JS, Chandra R, Parra-Saldivar R
630 - 638 Algal polycultures enhance coproduct recycling from hydrothermal liquefaction
Godwin CM, Hietala DC, Lashaway AR, Narwani A, Savage PE, Cardinale BJ
639 - 647 High-pressure carbon dioxide/water pre-treatment of sugarcane bagasse and elephant grass: Assessment of the effect of biomass composition on process efficiency
Toscan A, Morais ARC, Paixao SM, Alves L, Andreaus J, Camassola M, Dillon AJP, Lukasik RM
648 - 655 Liquid nitrogen pretreatment of eucalyptus sawdust and rice hull for enhanced enzymatic saccharification
Castoldi R, Correa VG, de Morais GR, de Souza CGM, Bracht A, Peralta RA, Moreira RFPM, Peralta RM
656 - 661 Efficient catalytic system for the direct transformation of lignocellulosic biomass to furfural and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural
Zhang LX, Xi GY, Zhang JX, Yu HB, Wang XC
662 - 669 Dewatering treatments to increase dry matter content of the brown seaweed, kelp (Laminaria digitata ((Hudson) JV Lamouroux))
Gallagher JA, Turner LB, Adams JMM, Dyer PW, Theodorou MK
670 - 679 Energy efficient bead milling of microalgae: Effect of bead size on disintegration and release of proteins and carbohydrates
Postma PR, Suarez-Garcia E, Safi C, Yonathan K, Olivieri G, Barbosa MJ, Wijffels RH, Eppink MHM
680 - 687 Evaluation of ultrasound assisted potassium permanganate pre-treatment of spent coffee waste
Ravindran R, Jaiswal S, Abu-Ghannam N, Jaiswal AK
688 - 693 Pilot scale dilute acid pretreatment of rice straw and fermentable sugar recovery at high solid loadings
Kapoor M, Soam S, Agrawal R, Gupta RP, Tuli DK, Kumar R
694 - 701 Pretreatment of cashew apple bagasse using protic ionic liquids: Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis
Reis CLB, Silva LMAE, Rodrigues THS, Felix AKN, de Santiago-Aguiar RS, Canuto KM, Rocha MVP
702 - 707 Compositional and structural changes in Phoenix canariensis and Opuntia ficus-indica with pretreatment: Effects on enzymatic hydrolysis and second generation ethanol production
Udeh BA, Erkurt EA
708 - 713 Kinetic analyses and pyrolytic behavior of Para grass (Urochloa mutica) for its bioenergy potential
Ahmad MS, Mehmood MA, Al Ayed OS, Ye GB, Luo HB, Ibrahim M, Rashid U, Nehdi IA, Qadir G
714 - 720 Comparison of autohydrolysis and ionic liquid 1-butyl-3methylimidazolium acetate pretreatment to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse
Hashmi M, Sun QN, Tao JM, Wells T, Shah AA, Labbe N, Ragauskas AJ
721 - 726 Effect of hydrothermal pretreatment on Miscanthus anaerobic digestion
Zhou XF, Li Q, Zhang YL, Gu Y
727 - 732 Enhanced volatile fatty acid production from excess sludge by combined free nitrous acid and rhamnolipid treatment
Wu QL, Guo WQ, Bao X, Zheng HS, Yin RL, Feng XC, Luo HC, Ren NQ
733 - 737 Influence of ozonolysis time during sugarcane pretreatment: Effects on the fiber and enzymatic saccharification
Perrone OM, Rossi JS, Moretti MMD, Nunes CDC, Bordignon SE, Gomes E, Da-Silva R, Boscolo M
738 - 742 Cultivation of four microalgae species in the effluent of anaerobic digester for biodiesel production
Kim GY, Yun YM, Shin HS, Han JI
743 - 747 Co-metabolism of substrates by Bacillus thuringiensis regulates polyhydroxyalkanoate co-polymer composition
Ray S, Kalia VC
748 - 752 Effect of air flowrate on the dynamic respiration activity of the raw organic fraction of municipal solid wastes
Evangelou A, Chintzios V, Komilis D, Sanchez A
753 - 757 Ultrasound as an alternative technology to extract carotenoids and lipids from Heterochlorella luteoviridis
Jaeschke DP, Rech R, Marczak LDF, Mercali GD