Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Role of steel slags on biomass/carbon dioxide gasification integrated with recovery of high temperature heat
Sun YQ, Liu QY, Wang H, Zhang ZT, Wang XD
10 - 19 Factors affecting on hythane bio-generation via anaerobic digestion of mono-ethylene glycol contaminated wastewater: Inoculum-to-substrate ratio, nitrogen-to-phosphorus ratio and pH
Elreedy A, Fujii M, Tawfik A
20 - 26 Effect of pyrolysis temperature on characteristics and aromatic contaminants adsorption behavior of magnetic biochar derived from pyrolysis oil distillation residue
Li H, Mahyoub SAA, Liao WJE, Xia SQ, Zhao HC, Guo MY, Ma PS
27 - 33 Effect of bisulfite treatment on composition, structure, enzymatic hydrolysis and cellulase adsorption profiles of sugarcane bagasse
Liu ZJ, Lan TQ, Li H, Gao X, Zhang H
34 - 39 Strategy for dual production of bioethanol and D-psicose as value-added products from cruciferous vegetable residue
Song Y, Nguyen QA, Wi SG, Yang JM, Bae HJ
40 - 46 Increasing efficiency of enzymatic hemicellulose removal from bamboo for production of high-grade dissolving pulp
Zhao LF, Yuan ZY, Kapu NS, Chang XF, Beatson R, Trajano HL, Martinez DM
47 - 58 Two-step size reduction and post-washing of steam exploded corn stover improving simultaneous saccharification and fermentation for ethanol production
Liu ZH, Chen HZ
59 - 64 Influence of temperature and hydraulic retention on the production of volatile fatty acids during anaerobic fermentation of cow manure and maize silage
Cavinato C, Da Ros C, Pavan P, Bolzonella D
65 - 73 Characterization of a hybrid powdered activated carbon-dynamic membrane bioreactor (PAC-DMBR) process with high flux by gravity flow: Operational performance and sludge properties
Hu YS, Wang XCC, Sun QY, Ngo HH, Yu ZZ, Tang JL, Zhang QH
74 - 83 Effect of acid additives on sugarcane bagasse pyrolysis: Production of high yields of sugars
David GF, Perez VH, Justo OR, Garcia-Perez M
84 - 90 Effect of pretreatment on the enzymatic hydrolysis of kitchen waste for xanthan production
Li PY, Zeng Y, Xie Y, Li X, Kang Y, Wang YB, Xie TH, Zhang YK
91 - 97 Hydrothermal liquefaction of Cyanidioschyzon merolae and the influence of catalysts on products
Muppaneni T, Reddy HK, Selvaratnam T, Dandamudi KPR, Dungan B, Nirmalakhandan N, Schaub T, Holguin FO, Voorhies W, Lammers P, Deng SG
98 - 104 Structural changes of Arthrospira sp after low energy sonication treatment for microalgae harvesting: Elucidating key parameters to detect the rupture of gas vesicles
Lecina M, Sanchez B, Sola C, Prat J, Roldan M, Hernandez M, Bragos R, Paredes CJ, Cairo JJ
105 - 114 Genome-scale metabolic reconstruction for the insidious bacterium in aquaculture Piscirickettsia salmonis
Fuentealba P, Aros C, Latorre Y, Martinez I, Marshall S, Ferrer P, Albiol J, Altamirano C
115 - 120 Treatment of aqueous phase of bio-oil by granular activated carbon and evaluation of biogas production
Shanmugam SR, Adhikari S, Wang ZH, Shakya R
121 - 130 Co-culture microorganisms with different initial proportions reveal the mechanism of chalcopyrite bioleaching coupling with microbial community succession
Ma LY, Wang XJ, Feng X, Liang YL, Xiao YH, Hao XD, Yin HQ, Liu HW, Liu XD
131 - 140 Co-management of domestic wastewater and food waste: A life cycle comparison of alternative food waste diversion strategies
Becker AM, Yu K, Stadler LB, Smith AL
141 - 148 Enhancement of docosahexaenoic acid synthesis by manipulation of antioxidant capacity and prevention of oxidative damage in Schizochytrium sp.
Ren LJ, Sun XM, Ji XJ, Chen SL, Guo DS, Huang H
149 - 156 Production of epsilon-poly-lysine by Streptomyces albulus PD-1 via solid-state fermentation
Xu DL, Yao HQ, Xu ZX, Wang R, Xu Z, Li S, Feng XH, Liu YH, Xu H
157 - 165 Microenvironmental pH changes in immobilized cephalosporin C acylase during a proton-producing reaction and regulation by a two-stage catalytic process
Luo H, Zhu LL, Chang YH, Liu XH, Liu ZJ, Sun HX, Li X, Yu HM, Shen ZY
166 - 174 Polymalic acid fermentation by Aureobasidium pullulans for malic acid production from soybean hull and soy molasses: Fermentation kinetics and economic analysis
Cheng C, Zhou YP, Lin M, Wei PL, Yang ST
175 - 183 Urban wastewater treatment by Tetraselmis sp CTP4 (Chlorophyta)
Schulze PSC, Carvalho CFM, Pereira H, Gangadhar KN, Schuler LM, Santos TF, Varela JCS, Barreira L
184 - 191 Biodegradation and detoxification of chloronitroaromatic pollutant by Cupriavidus
Tiwari J, Naoghare P, Sivanesan S, Bafana A
192 - 201 Cellulose accessibility and microbial community in solid state anaerobic digestion of rape straw
Tian JH, Pourcher AM, Bureau C, Peu P
202 - 209 Combustion of thermochemically torrefied sugar cane bagasse
Valix M, Katyal S, Cheung WH
210 - 218 Impact of torrefaction and low-temperature carbonization on the properties of biomass wastes from Arundo donax L. and Phoenix canariensis
Correia R, Goncalves M, Nobre C, Mendes B
219 - 226 Enhancement in lipid content of Chlorella sp MJ 11/11 from the spent medium of thermophilic biohydrogen production process
Ghosh S, Roy S, Das D
227 - 236 A biorefinery for efficient processing and utilization of spent pulp of Colombian Andes Berry ( Rubus glaucus Benth.): Experimental, techno-economic and environmental assessment
Davila JA, Rosenberg M, Cardona CA
237 - 249 Anaerobic co-digestion of municipal food waste and sewage sludge: A comparative life cycle assessment in the context of a waste service provision
Edwards J, Othman M, Crossin E, Burn S
250 - 258 Isolation, identification and characterization of Cystobasidium oligophagum JRC1: A cellulase and lipase producing oleaginous yeast
Vyas S, Chhabra M
259 - 268 Pilot scale biodiesel production from microbial oil of Rhodosporidium toruloides DEBB 5533 using sugarcane juice: Performance in diesel engine and preliminary economic study
Soccol CR, Neto CJD, Soccol VT, Sydney EB, da Costa ESF, Medeiros ABP, Vandenberghe LPD
269 - 276 Tailoring partially reduced graphene oxide as redox mediator for enhanced biotransformation of iopromide under methanogenic and sulfate-reducing conditions
Toral-Sanchez E, Rangel-Mendez J, Valdes JAA, Aguilar CN, Cervantes FJ
277 - 286 Microbial degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons
Varjani SJ
287 - 295 Analysis of utilization technologies for Eichhornia crassipes biomass harvested after restoration of wastewater
Feng W, Xiao K, Zhou WB, Zhu DW, Zhou YY, Yuan Y, Xiao ND, Wan XQ, Hua YM, Zhao JW
296 - 300 Cultivation of Chlorella sp with livestock waste compost for lipid production
Zhu LD, Li ZH, Guo DB, Huang F, Nugroho Y, Xia K
301 - 306 Influence of air scouring on the performance of a Self Forming Dynamic Membrane BioReactor (SFD MBR) for municipal wastewater treatment
Salerno C, Vergine P, Berardi G, Pollice A
307 - 311 Biofilm-based photobioreactor absorbing water and nutrients by capillary action
Hamano H, Nakamura S, Hayakawa J, Miyashita H, Harayama S
312 - 316 Aqueous enzymatic process for cell wall degradation and lipid extraction from Nannochloropsis sp.
Wu CC, Xiao Y, Lin WG, Li JQ, Zhang SS, Zhu JY, Rong JF
317 - 322 Constitutive cellulase production from glucose using the recombinant Trichoderma reesei strain overexpressing an artificial transcription activator
Zhang XY, Li YH, Zhao XQ, Bai FW