Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.222 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Assessment of maturity indices of rock phosphate enriched composts using variable crop residues
Moharana PC, Biswas DR
14 - 23 A novel recycling system for nano-magnetic molecular imprinting immobilised cellulases: Synergistic recovery of anthocyanin from fruit and vegetable waste
Yuan B, Yang XQ, Xue LW, Feng YN, Jiang JH
24 - 32 Omics-based approaches reveal phospholipids remodeling of Rhizopus oryzae responding to furfural stress for fumaric acid-production from xylose
Pan XR, Liu HH, Liu J, Wang C, Wen JP
33 - 38 Treatment of anaerobically digested swine wastewater by Rhodobacter blasticus and Rhodobacter capsulatus
Wen S, Liu HY, He HJ, Luo L, Li X, Zeng GM, Zhou ZL, Lou W, Yang CP
39 - 48 Mathematical modeling of nitrous oxide production in an anaerobic/oxic/anoxic process
Ding XQ, Zhao JQ, Hu B, Chen Y, Ge GH, Li XL, Wang S, Gao K, Tian XL
49 - 58 Modeling the dynamic volatile fatty acids profiles with pH and hydraulic retention time in an anaerobic baffled reactor during the startup period
Shi E, Li JZ, Leu SY, Antwi P
59 - 65 Strategy of mitigating ammonium-rich waste inhibition on anaerobic digestion by using illuminated bio-zeolite fixed-bed process
Zhang N, Stanislaus MS, Hu XH, Zhao CY, Zhu Q, Li DW, Yang YN
66 - 74 Stimulation of waste decomposition in an old landfill by air injection
Wu CF, Shimaoka T, Nakayama H, Komiya T, Chai XL
75 - 81 Microbial conversion of mixed volatile fatty acids into microbial lipids by sequencing batch culture strategy
Liu J, Yuan M, Liu JN, Lu LJ, Peng KM, Huang XF
82 - 88 Pretreatment of food waste with high voltage pulse discharge towards methane production enhancement
Zou LP, Ma CN, Liu JY, Li MF, Ye M, Qian GR
89 - 99 Material and microbial changes during corn stalk silage and their effects on methane fermentation
Zhao YB, Yu JD, Liu JJ, Yang HY, Gao LJ, Yuan XF, Cui ZJ, Wang XF
100 - 106 Multiple antibiotic resistance genes distribution in ten large-scale membrane bioreactors for municipal wastewater treatment
Sun YM, Shen YX, Liang P, Zhou JH, Yang YF, Huang X
107 - 113 The excellent performance of nest-like oxygen-deficient Cu1.5Mn1.5O4 applied in activated carbon air-cathode microbial fuel cell
Wang JJ, Tian P, Li KX, Ge BC, Liu D, Liu Y, Yang TT, Ren R
114 - 122 Interaction between common antibiotics and a Shewanella strain isolated from an enhanced biological phosphorus removal activated sludge system
Liu H, Yang YK, Ge YH, Zhao L, Long S, Zhang RC
123 - 129 Efficient conversion of pretreated brewer's spent grain and wheat bran by submerged cultivation of Hericium erinaceus
Wolters N, Schabronath C, Schembecker G, Merz J
130 - 138 Removal of nutrients from undiluted anaerobically treated piggery wastewater by improved microalgae
Wang MZ, Yang Y, Chen ZH, Chen YZ, Wen YM, Chen BL
139 - 147 Performance and microbial community of a sequencing batch biofilm reactor treating synthetic mariculture wastewater under long-term exposure to norfloxacin
Zheng D, Chang QB, Li ZW, Gao MC, She ZL, Wang XJ, Guo L, Zhao YG, Jin CJ, Gao F
148 - 155 Photobioreactor cultivation and catalytic pyrolysis of the microalga Desmodesmus communis (Chlorophyceae) for hydrocarbons production by HZSM-5 zeolite cracking
Conti R, Pezzolesi L, Pistocchi R, Torri C, Massoli P, Fabbri D
156 - 164 Effect of aeration rate on performance and stability of algal-bacterial symbiosis system to treat domestic wastewater in sequencing batch reactors
Tang CC, Zuo W, Tian Y, Sun N, Wang ZW, Zhang J
165 - 174 Excellent N-fixing and P-solubilizing traits in earthworm gut-isolated bacteria: A vermicompost based assessment with vegetable market waste and rice straw feed mixtures
Hussain N, Singh A, Saha S, Kumar MVS, Bhattacharyya P, Bhattacharya SS
175 - 181 Structural elucidation of Eucalyptus lignin and its dynamic changes in the cell walls during an integrated process of ionic liquids and successive alkali treatments
Li HY, Wang CZ, Chen X, Cao XF, Sun SN, Sun RC
182 - 189 Effects of pressurized aeration on organic degradation efficiency and bacterial community structure of activated sludge treating saline wastewater
Zhang Y, Li B, Xu RX, Wang GX, Zhou Y, Xie B
190 - 194 Biodiesel production in crude oil contaminated environment using Chlorella vulgaris
Kalhor AX, Nassab ADM, Abedi E, Bahrami A, Movafeghi A
195 - 201 Biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons by oleophilic strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa NCIM 5514
Varjani SJ, Upasani VN
202 - 209 Economic screening of renewable energy technologies: Incineration, anaerobic digestion, and biodiesel as applied to waste water scum
Anderson E, Addy M, Ma H, Chen P, Ruan R
210 - 216 Simultaneous production of proteases and antioxidant compounds from agro-industrial by-products
Lemes AC, Alvares GT, Egea MB, Brandelli A, Kalil SJ
217 - 225 Clarification of phosphorus fractions and phosphorus release enhancement mechanism related to pH during waste activated sludge treatment
He ZW, Liu WZ, Wang L, Tang CC, Guo ZC, Yang CX, Wang AJ
226 - 231 Electricity generation from macroalgae Enteromorpha prolifera hydrolysates using an alkaline fuel cell
Liu SS, Liu XH, Wang Y, Zhang PP
232 - 241 Hydrothermal gasification of Cladophora glomerata macroalgae over its hydrochar as a catalyst for hydrogen-rich gas production
Safari F, Norouzi O, Tavasoli A
242 - 251 Date seed characterisation, substrate extraction and process modelling for the production of polyhydroxybutyrate by Cupriavidus necator
Yousuf RG, Winterburn JB
252 - 260 Anaerobic digestion of recalcitrant textile dyeing sludge with alternative pretreatment strategies
Xiang XY, Chen XG, Dai RB, Luo Y, Ma PY, Ni SS, Ma CY
261 - 269 Effects of soluble microbial products (SMP) on the performance of an anammox attached film expanded bed (AAFEB) reactor: Synergistic interaction and toxic shock
Zhang YL, Ma HY, Niu QG, Chen R, Hojo T, Li YY
270 - 276 Stimulation of methanogenesis in anaerobic digesters treating leachate from a municipal solid waste incineration plant with carbon cloth
Lei YQ, Sun DZ, Dang Y, Chen HM, Zhao ZQ, Zhang YB, Holmes DE
277 - 284 Improvement of the catalytic performance of a hyperthermostable GH10 xylanase from Talaromyces leycettanus JCM12802
Wang XY, Huang HQ, Xie XM, Ma R, Bai YG, Zheng F, You S, Zhang BY, Xie HF, Yao B, Luo HY
285 - 293 Adsorption behavior of modified Iron stick yam skin with Polyethyleneimine as a potential biosorbent for the removal of anionic dyes in single and ternary systems at low temperature
Zhang YZ, Li J, Zhao J, Bian W, Li Y, Wang XJ
294 - 308 Phytoremediation of agriculture runoff by filamentous algae poly-culture for biomethane production, and nutrient recovery for secondary cultivation of lipid generating microalgae
Bohutskyi P, Chow S, Ketter B, Shek CF, Yacar D, Tang YT, Zivojnovich M, Betenbaugh MJ, Bouwer EJ
309 - 316 A novel process combining simultaneous partial nitrification, anammox and denitrification (SNAD) with denitrifying phosphorus removal (DPR) to treat sewage
Wen X, Zhou J, Li YC, Qing XX, He Q
317 - 325 Energy-positive nitrogen removal from reject water using a tide-type biocathode microbial electrochemical system
Wang HM, Liu J, He WH, Qu YP, Li D, Feng YJ
326 - 334 Improving municipal wastewater nitrogen and phosphorous removal by feeding sludge fermentation products to sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
Yuan Y, Liu JJ, Ma B, Liu Y, Wang B, Peng YZ
335 - 343 Integrated approach to characterize fouling on a flat sheet membrane gravity driven submerged membrane bioreactor
Fortunato L, Jeong S, Wang YR, Behzad AR, Leiknes T
344 - 354 A long-term study on the effect of magnetite supplementation in continuous anaerobic digestion of dairy effluent - Enhancement in process performance and stability
Baek G, Kim J, Lee C
355 - 360 Production of succinic acid from Basfia succiniciproducens up to the pilot scale from Arundo donax hydrolysate
Cimini D, Argenzio O, D'Ambrosio S, Lama L, Finore I, Finamore R, Pepe O, Faraco V, Schiraldi C
361 - 366 Hemicelluloses removal in autohydrolysis pretreatment enhances the subsequent alkali impregnation effectiveness of poplar sapwood
Jiang XY, Hou QX, Liu W, Zhang HL, Qin Q
367 - 373 Comparison of Chlorella vulgaris biomass productivity cultivated in biofilm and suspension from the aspect of light transmission and microalgae affinity to carbon dioxide
Huang Y, Xiong W, Liao Q, Fu Q, Xia A, Zhu X, Sun YH
374 - 379 Application of Fe(NO3)(3)-based as nitrogen source and coagulant for cultivation and harvesting of Chlorella sorokiniana
Choi JA, Kim DY, Seo YH, Han JI
380 - 387 Microbial community structure in a full-scale anaerobic treatment plant during start-up and first year of operation revealed by high-throughput 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing
Fykse EM, Aarskaug T, Madslien EH, Dybwad M
388 - 398 Biotransformation of volatile fatty acids to polyhydroxyalkanoates by employing mixed microbial consortia: The effect of pH and carbon source
Kourmentza C, Kornaros M
399 - 407 Development of a novel multi-column airlift photobioreactor with easy scalability by means of computational fluid dynamics simulations and experiments
Huang JK, Ying JG, Fan F, Yang QJ, Wang J, Li YG
408 - 412 Insight into the roles of tightly and loosely bound extracellular polymeric substances on a granular sludge in ammonium nitrogen removal
Yan LL, Zhang XL, Hao GX, Guo YH, Ren Y, Yu LB, Bao XF, Zhang Y
413 - 421 Mycothermus thermophilus (Syn. Scytalidium thermophilum): Repertoire of a diverse array of efficient cellulases and hemicellulases in the secretome revealed
Basotra N, Kaur B, Di Falco M, Tsang A, Chadha BS
422 - 430 Effect of manganese ions on ethanol fermentation by xylose isomerase expressing Saccharomyces cerevisiae under acetic acid stress
Ko JK, Um Y, Lee SM
431 - 438 Cost-effective simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of L-lactic acid from bagasse sulfite pulp by Bacillus coagulans CC17
Zhou J, Ouyang J, Xu QQ, Zheng ZJ
439 - 447 Experimental study on fragmental behavior of coals and biomasses during rapid pyrolysis
Cui TM, Xu JL, Fan WK, Chang QH, Yu GS, Wang FC
448 - 457 Tertiary wastewater treatment in membrane photobioreactor using microalgae: Comparison of forward osmosis & microfiltration
Praveen P, Heng JYP, Loh KC
458 - 469 Unravelling the capability of Pyrenophora phaeocomes S-1 for the production of ligno-hemicellulolytic enzyme cocktail and simultaneous bio-delignification of rice straw for enhanced enzymatic saccharification
Rastogi S, Soni R, Kaur J, Soni SK
470 - 477 Performance, kinetics behaviors and microbial community of internal circulation anaerobic reactor treating wastewater with high organic loading rate: Role of external hydraulic circulation
Luo G, Li J, Li Y, Wang Z, Li WT, Li AM
478 - 484 Modeling three-dimensional surface morphology of biocake layer in a membrane bioreactor based on fractal geometry
Zhao LH, Yang LI, Lin HJ, Zhang MJ, Yu HY, Liao BQ, Wang FY, Zhou XL, Li RJ
485 - 497 Perspectives on the feasibility of using microalgae for industrial wastewater treatment
Wang Y, Ho SH, Cheng CL, Guo WQ, Nagarajan D, Ren NQ, Lee DJ, Chang JS
498 - 512 Anaerobic co-digestion: A critical review of mathematical modelling for performance optimization
Xie SH, Hai FI, Zhan XM, Guo WS, Ngo HH, Price WE, Nghiem LD
513 - 516 Thermodynamic parameters for adsorption equilibrium of heavy metals and dyes from wastewaters: Research updated
Chang YJ, Lai JY, Lee DJ
517 - 522 Consolidated bioprocessing of microalgal biomass to carboxylates by a mixed culture of cow rumen bacteria using anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (ASBR)
Zhao BS, Liu J, Frear C, Holtzapple M, Chen SL
523 - 526 Persulfate based pretreatment to enhance the enzymatic digestibility of rice straw
Ahmed MA, Seo YH, Teran-Hilares R, Rehman MSUR, Han JI