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1 - 8 Fenton mediated ultrasonic disintegration of sludge biomass: Biodegradability studies, energetic assessment, and its economic viability
Kavitha S, Banu JR, IvinShaju CD, Kaliappan S, Yeom IT
9 - 14 Cobalt-60 gamma-ray irradiation pretreatment and sludge protein for enhancing enzymatic saccharification of hybrid poplar sawdust
Xiang YL, Xiang YX, Wang LP
15 - 25 Short-term performance of enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) system exposed to erythromycin (ERY) and oxytetracycline (OTC)
Hu ZT, Sun PD, Hu ZR, Han JY, Wang RY, Jiao L, Yang PF
26 - 30 Microwave assisted alkaline pretreatment to enhance enzymatic saccharification of catalpa sawdust
Jin SG, Zhang GM, Zhang PY, Li F, Wang SQ, Fan SY, Zhou SQ
31 - 36 Evaluation of sludge reduction of three metabolic uncouplers in laboratory-scale anaerobic-anoxic-oxic process
Li P, Li HC, Li J, Guo XS, Liu JX, Xiao BY
37 - 46 Integrated anaerobic ammonium oxidization with partial denitrification process for advanced nitrogen removal from high-strength wastewater
Cao SB, Du R, Niu M, Li BK, Ren NQ, Peng YZ
47 - 54 Composting of 4-nonylphenol-contaminated river sediment with inocula of Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Huang DL, Qin XM, Xu P, Zeng GM, Peng ZW, Wang RZ, Wan J, Gong XM, Xue WJ
55 - 60 In-situ transesterification of wet spent coffee grounds for sustainable biodiesel production
Park J, Kim B, Lee JW
61 - 69 Two stage bioethanol refining with multi litre stacked microbial fuel cell and microbial electrolysis cell
Sugnaux M, Happe M, Cachelin CP, Gloriod O, Huguenin G, Blatter M, Fischer F
70 - 77 Electro-biocatalytic treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater using microbial fuel cell (MFC) in continuous mode operation
Srikanth S, Kumar M, Singh D, Singh MP, Das BP
78 - 84 The effect of low-temperature pretreatment on the solubilization and biomethane potential of microalgae biomass grown in synthetic and wastewater media
Kinnunen V, Rintala J
85 - 95 Development of partial nitrification as a first step of nitrite shunt process in a Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) using Ammonium Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) controlled by mixing regime
Soliman M, Eldyasti A
96 - 101 Continuous treatment of high strength wastewaters using air-cathode microbial fuel cells
Kim KY, Yang WL, Evans PJ, Logan BE
102 - 110 Solvolysis kinetics of three components of biomass using polyhydric alcohols as solvents
Shi Y, Xia XY, Li JD, Wang J, Zhao TT, Yang HM, Jiang JC, Jiang XX
111 - 120 Co-extraction of soluble and insoluble sugars from energy sorghum based on a hydrothermal hydrolysis process
Yu Q, Tan XS, Zhuang XS, Wang Q, Wang W, Qi W, Zhou GX, Luo Y, Yuan ZH
121 - 129 Simultaneous aerobic denitrification and Cr(VI) reduction by Pseudomonas brassicacearum LZ-4 in wastewater
Yu XA, Jiang YM, Huang HY, Shi JJ, Wu KJ, Zhang PY, Lv JG, Li HL, He H, Liu P, Li XK
130 - 138 Effects of enzymatic hydrolysis and ultrasounds pretreatments on corn cob and vine trimming shoots for biogas production
Perez-Rodriguez N, Garcia-Bernet D, Dominguez JM
139 - 146 An optimized regulating method for composting phosphorus fractions transformation based on biochar addition and phosphate-solubilizing bacteria inoculation
Wei YQ, Zhao Y, Wang H, Lu Q, Cao ZY, Cui HY, Zhu LJ, Wei ZM
147 - 156 Evaluation of co-pyrolysis petrochemical wastewater sludge with lignite in a thermogravimetric analyzer and a packed-bed reactor: Pyrolysis characteristics, kinetics, and products analysis
Mu L, Chen JB, Yao PK, Zhou DP, Zhao L, Yin HC
157 - 164 Reduction and biofixation of carbon dioxide in palm oil mill effluent using developed microbial granules containing photosynthetic pigments
Najib MZM, Salmiati, Ujang Z, Salim MR, Ibrahim Z, Muda K
165 - 171 The performance of microbial anodes in municipal wastewater: Pre-grown multispecies biofilm vs. natural inocula
Madjarov J, Prokhorova A, Messinger T, Gescher J, Kerzenmacher S
172 - 180 Soybean protein as a cost-effective lignin-blocking additive for the saccharification of sugarcane bagasse
Florencio C, Badino AC, Farinas CS
181 - 187 Effects of copper on the abundance and diversity of ammonia oxidizers during dairy cattle manure composting
Yin YN, Song W, Gu J, Zhang KY, Qian X, Zhang X, Zhang YJ, Li Y, Wang XJ
188 - 194 Optimization of pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation for more efficient ethanol production by Jerusalem artichoke stalk
Li K, Qin JC, Liu CG, Bai FW
195 - 204 Uncoupling the solids retention times of flocs and granules in mainstream deammonification: A screen as effective out-selection tool for nitrite oxidizing bacteria
Han M, Vlaeminck SE, Al-Omari A, Wett B, Bott C, Murthy S, De Clippeleir H
205 - 213 Using mechanisms of hydrolysis and sorption to reduce siloxanes occurrence in biogas of anaerobic sludge digesters
Gatidou G, Arvaniti OS, Stasinakis AS, Thomaidis NS, Andersen HR
214 - 221 Bioremediation of agricultural solid waste leachates with diverse species of Cu (II) and Cd (II) by periphyton
Yang JL, Liu JZ, Wu CX, Kerr PG, Wong PK, Wu YH
222 - 233 Biodiesel production potential of wastewater treatment high rate algal pond biomass
Mehrabadi A, Craggs R, Farid MM
234 - 240 Kinetics of lipid production at lab scale fermenters by a new isolate of Yarrowia lipolytica SKY7
Kuttiraja M, Dhouha A, Tyagi RD
241 - 250 Simultaneous microalgal biomass production and CO2 fixation by cultivating Chlorella sp GD with aquaculture wastewater and boiler flue gas
Kuo CM, Jian JF, Lin TH, Chang YB, Wan XH, Lai JT, Chang JS, Lin CS
251 - 261 Non-isothermal pyrolysis of de-oiled microalgal biomass: Kinetics and evolved gas analysis
Maurya R, Ghosh T, Saravaia H, Paliwal C, Ghosh A, Mishra S
262 - 269 Effect of pure oxygen fine bubbles on the organic matter removal and bacterial community evolution treating coal gasification wastewater by membrane bioreactor
Zhuang HF, Hong XT, Han HJ, Shan SD
270 - 275 A geographical assessment of vegetation carbon stocks and greenhouse gas emissions on potential microalgae-based biofuel facilities in the United States
Arita CQ, Yilmaz O, Barlak S, Catton KB, Quinn JC, Bradley TH
276 - 283 A regulating method for reducing nitrogen loss based on enriched ammonia-oxidizing bacteria during composting
Zhang Y, Zhao Y, Chen YN, Lu Q, Li MX, Wang XQ, Wei YQ, Xie XY, Wei ZM
284 - 290 Removal of cephalosporin antibiotics 7-ACA from wastewater during the cultivation of lipid-accumulating microalgae
Guo WQ, Zheng HS, Li S, Du JS, Feng XC, Yin RL, Wu QL, Ren NQ, Chang JS
291 - 299 Utilization of mango kernel oil for the rhamnolipid production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa DR1 towards its application as biocontrol agent
Reddy KS, Khan MY, Archana K, Reddy MG, Hameeda B
300 - 309 Influence of feeding pattern and hydraulic selection pressure to control filamentous bulking in biological treatment of dairy wastewaters
Meunier C, Henriet O, Schoonbroodt B, Boeur JM, Mahillon J, Henry P
310 - 317 Isolation of lignin by organosolv process from different varieties of rice husk: Understanding their physical and chemical properties
Singh SK, Dhepe PL
318 - 323 Biohydrogen production from waste bread in a continuous stirred tank reactor: A techno-economic analysis
Han W, Hu YY, Li SY, Li FF, Tang JH
324 - 330 Biohydrogen and methane production via a two-step process using an acid pretreated native microalgae consortium
Carrillo-Reyes J, Buitron G
331 - 335 Poly iron sulfate flocculant as an effective additive for improving the performance of microbial fuel cells
Miyahara M, Sakamoto A, Kouzuma A, Watanabe K
336 - 343 Effect of limonene on the heterotrophic growth and polyhydroxybutyrate production by Cupriavidus necator H16
Lagunes FG, Winterburn JB
344 - 349 Biodiesel production from wet microalgae by using graphene oxide as solid acid catalyst
Cheng J, Qiu Y, Huang R, Yang WJ, Zhou JH, Cen KF
350 - 357 Life cycle assessment of microalgae-based aviation fuel: Influence of lipid content with specific productivity and nitrogen nutrient effects
Guo F, Zhao J, Lusi A, Yang XY
358 - 365 Nitrate removal and bioenergy production in constructed wetland coupled with microbial fuel cell: Establishment of electrochemically active bacteria community on anode
Wang JF, Song XS, Wang YH, Abayneh B, Li YH, Yan DH, Bai JH
366 - 374 Continuous anaerobic co-digestion of Ulva biomass and cheese whey at varying substrate mixing ratios: Different responses in two reactors with different operating regimes
Jung H, Kim J, Lee C
375 - 384 An auto-inducible Escherichia coli strain obtained by adaptive laboratory evolution for fatty acid synthesis from ionic liquid-treated bamboo hydrolysate
Qin DD, Hu YL, Cheng J, Wang N, Li S, Wang D
385 - 393 Nitrogen and phosphorus removal coupled with carbohydrate production by five microalgae cultures cultivated in biogas slurry
Tan F, Wang Z, Zhouyang SY, Li H, Xie YP, Wang YP, Zheng YM, Li QB
394 - 404 Oxidative degradation of biorefinery lignin obtained after pretreatment of forest residues of Douglas Fir
Srinivas K, Oliveira FD, Teller PJ, Goncalves AR, Helms GL, Ahring BK
405 - 411 Enhancement of docosahexaenoic acid production by low-energy ion implantation coupled with screening method based on Sudan black B staining in Schizochytrium sp.
Fu J, Chen T, Lu H, Lin YF, Xie XL, Tian H, Zheng C, He DP
412 - 418 Enhanced butanol production by solvent tolerance Clostridium acetobutylicum SE25 from cassava flour in a fibrous bed bioreactor
Li HG, Ma XX, Zhang QH, Luo W, Wu YQ, Li XH
419 - 429 Synthesis of citric acid functionalized magnetic graphene oxide coated corn straw for methylene blue adsorption
Ge HY, Wang CC, Liu SS, Huang Z
430 - 437 Augmentation of arsenic enhances lipid yield and defense responses in alga Nannochloropsis sp.
Upadhyay AK, Mandotra SK, Kumar N, Singh NK, Singh L, Rai UN
438 - 446 Biochemical compositions and fatty acid profiles in four species of microalgae cultivated on household sewage and agro-industrial residues
Calixto CD, Santana JKD, de Lira EB, Sassi PGP, Rosenhaim R, Sassi CFD, da Conceicao MM, Sassi R
447 - 454 Ensiling characteristics, structural and nonstructural carbohydrate composition and enzymatic digestibility of Napier grass ensiled with additives
Desta ST, Yuan XJ, Li JF, Shao T
455 - 460 Microalgal biomass generation by phycoremediation of dairy industry wastewater: An integrated approach towards sustainable biofuel production
Chokshi K, Pancha I, Ghosh A, Mishra S
461 - 468 Enhancement of high-solids enzymatic hydrolysis of corncob residues by bisulfite pretreatment for biorefinery
Xing Y, Bu LX, Zheng TR, Liu SJ, Jiang JX
469 - 476 Valorization of sugar-to-ethanol process waste vinasse: A novel biorefinery approach using edible ascomycetes filamentous fungi
Nair RB, Taherzadeh MJ
477 - 484 Hydrothermal liquefaction of Undaria pinnatifida residues to organic acids with recyclable trimethylamine
Chen YX, Ren XL, Wei QF, Guo JJ
485 - 491 In-situ biogas upgrading in thermophilic granular UASB reactor: key factors affecting the hydrogen mass transfer rate
Bassani I, Kougias PG, Angelidaki I
492 - 497 Developing a water-circulating column photobioreactor for microalgal growth with low energy consumption
Yang ZB, Cheng J, Yang WJ, Zhou JH, Cen KF
498 - 509 CO2 capture using limestone for cultivation of the freshwater microalga Chlorella sorokiniana PAZ and the cyanobacterium Arthrospira sp VSJ
Zawar P, Javalkote V, Burnap R, Mahulikar P, Puranik P
510 - 516 Carbon spectrum utilization by an indigenous strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa NCIM 5514: Production, characterization and surface active properties of biosurfactant
Varjani SJ, Upasani VN
517 - 525 Comparative biogas generation from fruit peels of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) and its optimization
Dahunsi SO, Oranusi S, Owolabi JB, Efeovbokhan VE
526 - 533 Fermentative hydrogen production in an up-flow anaerobic biofilm reactor inoculated with a co-culture of Clostridium acetobutylicum and Desulfovibrio vulgaris
Barca C, Ranava D, Bauzan M, Ferrasse JH, Giudici-Orticoni MT, Soric A
534 - 540 Kinetics of coffee industrial residue pyrolysis using distributed activation energy model and components separation of bio-oil by sequencing temperature-raising pyrolysis
Chen NW, Ren J, Ye ZW, Xu QZ, Liu JY, Sun SY
541 - 549 The type of carbohydrates specifically selects microbial community structures and fermentation patterns
Chatellard L, Trably E, Carrere H
550 - 559 Modelling of pretreatment and saccharification with different feedstocks and kinetic modeling of sorghum saccharification
Prathyusha N, Kamesh R, Rani KY, Sumana C, Sridhar S, Prakasham RS, Yashwanth VVN, Sheelu G, Kumar MP
560 - 567 Migration and risk assessment of heavy metals in sewage sludge during hydrothermal treatment combined with pyrolysis
Wang XD, Li CX, Zhang B, Lin JJ, Chi QQ, Wang Y
568 - 575 Insight into the solvent, temperature and time effects on the hydrogenolysis of hydrolyzed lignin
Shu RY, Zhang Q, Ma LL, Xu Y, Chen PR, Wang CG, Wang TJ
576 - 587 Enhanced lipid production in thermo-tolerant mutants of Chlorella pyrenoidosa NCIM 2738
Sachdeva N, Gupta RP, Mathur AS, Tuli DK
588 - 597 Shift in microbial community structure of anaerobic side-stream reactor in response to changes to anaerobic solid retention time and sludge interchange ratio
Ferrentino R, Langone M, Gandolfi I, Bertolini V, Franzetti A, Andreottola G
598 - 606 The impact of furfural concentrations and substrate-to-biomass ratios on biological hydrogen production from synthetic lignocellulosic hydrolysate using mesophilic anaerobic digester sludge
Akobi C, Hafez H, Nakhla G
607 - 615 Utilising light-emitting diodes of specific narrow wavelengths for the optimization and co-production of multiple high-value compounds in Porphyridium purpureum
Coward T, Fuentes-Grunewald C, Silkina A, Oatley-Radcliffe DL, Llewellyn G, Lovitt RW
616 - 624 Simultaneous hydrolysis and co-fermentation of whey lactose with wheat for ethanol production
Jin YQ, Parashar A, Mason B, Bressler DC
625 - 635 Simulation of biomass-steam gasification in fluidized bed reactors: Model setup, comparisons and preliminary predictions
Yan LB, Lim CJ, Yue GX, He BS, Grace JR
636 - 644 Comparison of two-stage acid-alkali and alkali-acid pretreatments on enzymatic saccharification ability of the sweet sorghum fiber and their physicochemical characterizations
Li P, Cai D, Zhang CW, Li SF, Qin PY, Chen CJ, Wang Y, Wang Z
645 - 655 Recent progress on biomass co-pyrolysis conversion into high-quality bio-oil
Hassan H, Lim JK, Hameed BH
656 - 665 Biofouling and control approaches in membrane bioreactors
Deng LJ, Guo WS, Ngo HH, Zhang HW, Wang J, Li JX, Xia SQ, Wu Y
666 - 670 Response of anodic bacterial community to the polarity inversion for chloramphenicol reduction
Yun H, Kong DY, Liang B, Cui MH, Li ZL, Wang AJ
671 - 676 Microstructural strength deterioration of aerobic granule sludge under organic loading swap
Wan CL, Shen YG, Chen S, Liu X, Liu GM, Lai JY, Lee DJ
677 - 681 Microbial community analysis using MiSeq sequencing in a novel configuration fluidized bed reactor for effective denitrification
Rungkitwatananukul P, Nomai S, Hirakata Y, Pungrasmi W, Puprasert C, Hatamoto M, Yamaguchi T
682 - 685 Pyrolysis of hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) sawdust: Characterization of bio-oil and bio-char
Morali U, Yavuzel N, Sensoz S
686 - 690 New combination of xylanolytic bacteria isolated from the lignocellulose degradation microbial consortium XDC-2 with enhanced xylanase activity
Zhang DD, Wang Y, Zheng D, Guo P, Cheng W, Cui ZJ
691 - 696 Removable air-cathode to overcome cathode biofouling in microbial fuel cells
Oliot M, Etcheverry L, Bergel A
697 - 702 Microbial community structure of different electrode materials in constructed wetland incorporating microbial fuel cell
Wang JF, Song XS, Wang YH, Abayneh B, Ding Y, Yan DH, Bai JH