Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.216 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Influences of iron and calcium carbonate on wastewater treatment performances of algae based reactors
Zhao ZM, Song XS, Wang W, Xiao YP, Gong ZJ, Wang YH, Zhao YF, Chen Y, Mei MY
12 - 18 Aromatics extraction from pyrolytic sugars using ionic liquid to enhance sugar fermentability
Li X, Luque-Moreno LC, Oudenhoven SRG, Rehmann L, Kersten SRA, Schuur B
19 - 27 Effect of seed sludge on nitrogen removal in a novel upflow microaerobic sludge reactor for treating piggery wastewater
Meng J, Li JL, Li JZ, Wang C, Deng KW, Sun K
28 - 35 Influence of fluid dynamic conditions on enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass: Effect of mass transfer rate
Wojtusik M, Zurita M, Villar JC, Ladero M, Garcia-Ochoa F
36 - 43 Determination of kinetic parameters for biomass combustion
Alvarez A, Pizarro C, Garcia R, Bueno JL, Laviin AG
44 - 51 Deconstruction of lignin linked p-coumarates, ferulates and xylan by NaOH enhances the enzymatic conversion of glucan
Martinez PM, Punt AM, Kabel MA, Gruppen H
52 - 59 Novel pH control strategy for efficient production of optically active L-lactic acid from kitchen refuse using a mixed culture system
Tashiro Y, Inokuchi S, Poudel P, Okugawa Y, Miyamoto H, Miayamoto H, Sakai K
60 - 68 Comparison of liquid hot water and alkaline pretreatments of giant reed for improved enzymatic digestibility and biogas energy production
Jiang DP, Ge XM, Zhang QG, Li YB
69 - 76 Ethanol, feed components and fungal biomass production from field bean (Vicia faba var. equina) seeds in an integrated process
Pietrzak W, Kawa-Rygielska J, Krol B, Lennartsson PR, Taherzadeh MJ
77 - 86 Acclimation strategy to increase phenol tolerance of an anaerobic microbiota
Madigou C, Poirier S, Bureau C, Chapleur O
87 - 94 Evolution of microbial community along with increasing solid concentration during high-solids anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge
Liu C, Li H, Zhang YY, Si DD, Chen QW
95 - 104 Kinetics and thermodynamics of biodegradation of hydrolyzed polyacrylamide under anaerobic and aerobic conditions
Zhao LM, Bao MT, Yan M, Lu JR
105 - 113 Cathodes enhance Corynebacterium glutamicum growth with nitrate and promote acetate and formate production
Xafenias N, Kmezik C, Mapelli V
114 - 120 A comparative study of the growth of Tetraselmis sp in large scale fixed depth and decreasing depth raceway ponds
Das P, Thaher MI, Hakim MAQMA, Al-Jabri HMSJ, Alghasal GSHS
121 - 127 Improved operational stability of D-psicose 3-epimerase by a novel protein engineering strategy, and D-psicose production from fruit and vegetable residues
Patel SN, Sharma M, Lata K, Singh U, Kumar V, Sangwan RS, Singh SP
128 - 134 Efficient performance and the microbial community changes of submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor in treatment of sewage containing cellulose suspended solid at 25 degrees C
Watanabe R, Nie YL, Takahashi S, Wakahara S, Li YY
135 - 141 Nutrient removal and lipid production by Coelastrella sp in anaerobically and aerobically treated swine wastewater
Luo L, He HJ, Yang CP, Wen S, Zeng GM, Wu MJ, Zhou ZL, Lou W
142 - 149 Impact of biochar on the anaerobic digestion of citrus peel waste
Fagbohungbe MO, Herbert BMJ, Hurst L, Li H, Usmani SQ, Semple KT
150 - 158 Temperature regulates methane production through the function centralization of microbial community in anaerobic digestion
Lin Q, De Vrieze J, He GH, Li XZ, Li JB
159 - 164 Hydrogen production from biomass gasification using biochar as a catalyst/support
Yao DD, Hu Q, Wang DQ, Yang HP, Wu CF, Wang XH, Chen HP
165 - 171 Biodiesel production from municipal secondary sludge
Kumar M, Ghosh P, Khosla K, Thakur IS
172 - 181 Influence of zeolite and lime as additives on greenhouse gas emissions and maturity evolution during sewage sludge composting
Awasthi MK, Wang Q, Huang H, Ren XN, Lahori AH, Mahar A, Ali A, Shen F, Li RH, Zhang ZQ
182 - 187 Enhanced phosphorus flux from overlying water to sediment in a bioelectrochemical system
Yang QZ, Zhao HZ, Zhao NN, Ni JR, Gu XJ
188 - 195 Effect of microbial inoculant or molasses on fermentative quality and aerobic stability of sawdust-based spent mushroom substrate
Kim JS, Lee YH, Kim YI, Ahmadi F, Oh YK, Park JM, Kwak WS
196 - 202 Start-up and microbial communities of a simultaneous nitrogen removal system for high salinity and high nitrogen organic wastewater via heterotrophic nitrification
Chen JH, Han Y, Wang YM, Gong BZ, Zhou J, Qing XX
203 - 210 Degradation of synthetic pollutants in real wastewater using laccase encapsulated in core-shell magnetic copper alginate beads
Le TT, Murugesan K, Lee CS, Vu CH, Chang YS, Jeon JR
211 - 218 Optimization of ferric chloride concentration and pH to improve both cell growth and flocculation in Chlorella vulgaris cultures. Application to medium reuse in an integrated continuous culture bioprocess
Lecina M, Nadal G, Sola C, Prat J, Cairo JJ
219 - 226 Seasonal variation of chemical composition and biomethane production from the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum
Tabassum MR, Xia A, Murphy JD
227 - 237 Simultaneous fermentation of glucose and xylose at elevated temperatures co-produces ethanol and xylitol through overexpression of a xylose-specific transporter in engineered Kluyveromyces marxianus
Zhang B, Zhang J, Wang DM, Han RX, Ding R, Gao XL, Sun LH, Hong J
238 - 249 Modelling a demand driven biogas system for production of electricity at peak demand and for production of biomethane at other times
O'Shea R, Wall D, Murphy JD
250 - 259 Targeted modification of organic components of municipal solid waste by short-term pre-aeration and its enhancement on anaerobic degradation in simulated landfill bioreactors
Ni Z, Liu JG, Girotto F, Cossu R, Qi GX
260 - 266 Deeper insight into the structure of the anaerobic digestion microbial community; the biogas microbiome database is expanded with 157 new genomes
Treu L, Kougias PG, Campanaro S, Bassani I, Angelidaki I
267 - 272 Improving microalgal growth with small bubbles in a raceway pond with swing gas aerators
Yang ZB, Cheng J, Liu JZ, Zhou JH, Cen KF
273 - 279 Improving pollutants removal by microalgae Chlorella PY-ZU1 with 15% CO2 from undiluted anaerobic digestion effluent of food wastes with ozonation pretreatment
Cheng J, Ye Q, Xu J, Yang ZB, Zhou JH, Cen KF
280 - 286 Co-combustion of peanut hull and coal blends: Artificial neural networks modeling, particle swarm optimization and Monte Carlo simulation
Buyukada M
287 - 293 Sustainable hydrogen production from bio-oil model compounds (meta-xylene) and mixtures (1-butanol, meta-xylene and furfural)
Bizkarra K, Barrio VL, Arias PL, Cambra JF
294 - 301 Accelerated acidification by inoculation with a microbial consortia in a complex open environment
Yu JD, Zhao Y, Liu B, Zhao YB, Wu JW, Yuan XF, Zhu WB, Cui ZJ
302 - 307 Valorization of Rhizoclonium sp algae via pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis
Casoni AI, Zunino J, Piccolo MC, Volpe MA
308 - 316 Investigation on the difference between biofilm morphologies of the vermifilter and conventional biofilter with the flow cytometer
Di WY, Xing MY, Yang J
317 - 322 Effect of autohydrolysis on the wettability, absorbility and further alkali impregnation of poplar wood chips
Xu NP, Liu W, Hou QX, Wang PY, Yao ZR
323 - 330 Simultaneous enhancement of methane production and methane content in biogas from waste activated sludge and perennial ryegrass anaerobic co-digestion: The effects of pH and C/N ratio
Dai XH, Li XS, Zhang D, Chen YG, Dai LL
331 - 339 Techno-economic comparison of biojet fuel production from lignocellulose, vegetable oil and sugar cane juice
Diederichs GW, Mandegari MA, Farzad S, Gorgens JF
340 - 344 Gradient domestication of Haematococcus pluvialis mutant with 15% CO2 to promote biomass growth and astaxanthin yield
Cheng J, Li K, Yang ZB, Lu HX, Zhou JH, Cen KF
345 - 351 Co-generation of microbial lipid and bio-butanol from corn cob bagasse in an environmentally friendly biorefinery process
Cai D, Dong ZS, Wang Y, Chen CJ, Li P, Qin PY, Wang Z, Tan TW
352 - 361 Removal and biodegradation of naphthenic acids by biochar and attached environmental biofilms in the presence of co-contaminating metals
Frankel ML, Bhuiyan TI, Veksha A, Demeter MA, Layzell DB, Helleur RJ, Hill JM, Turner RJ
362 - 372 Overcoming organic and nitrogen overload in thermophilic anaerobic digestion of pig slurry by coupling a microbial electrolysis cell
Cerrillo M, Vinas M, Bonmati A
373 - 380 Hydrothermal carbonisation of poultry litter: Effects of treatment temperature and residence time on yields and chemical properties of hydrochars
Ghanim BM, Pandey DS, Kwapinski W, Leahy JJ
381 - 390 Evaluation of the integrated hydrothermal carbonization-algal cultivation process for enhanced nitrogen utilization in Arthrospira platensis production
Yao CH, Wu PC, Pan YF, Lu HB, Chi L, Meng YY, Cao XP, Xue S, Yang XY
391 - 398 Facile synthesis of pectin-stabilized magnetic graphene oxide Prussian blue nanocomposites for selective cesium removal from aqueous solution
Kadam AA, Jang J, Lee DS
399 - 405 Effects of salinity build-up on the performance of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor regarding basic water quality parameters and removal of trace organic contaminants
Song XY, McDonald J, Price WE, Khan SJ, Hai FI, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Nghiem LD
406 - 413 Surface sorption and nanoparticle production as a silver detoxification mechanism of the freshwater alga Parachlorella kessleri
Kadukova J
414 - 421 Structure modification and extracellular polymeric substances conversion during sewage sludge biodrying process
Cai L, Krafft T, Chen TB, Gao D, Wang L
422 - 427 Development of a real-time bioprocess monitoring method for docosahexaenoic acid production by Schizochytrium sp.
Guo DS, Ji XJ, Ren LJ, Li GL, Yin FW, Huang H
428 - 436 Long-term effects of ZnO nanoparticles on nitrogen and phosphorus removal, microbial activity and microbial community of a sequencing batch reactor
Wang S, Gao MC, She ZL, Zheng D, Jin CJ, Guo L, Zhao YG, Li ZW, Wang XJ
437 - 445 Maleic acid treatment of biologically detoxified corn stover liquor
Kim D, Ximenes EA, Nichols NN, Cao GL, Frazer SE, Ladisch MR
446 - 452 Influent wastewater microbiota and temperature influence anaerobic membrane bioreactor microbial community
Seib MD, Berg KJ, Zitomer H
453 - 461 Effect of light intensity on the degree of ammonia toxicity on PSII activity of Arthrospira platensis and Chlorella vulgaris
Markou G, Muylaert K
462 - 470 Integrated biorefinery concept for grass silage using a combination of adapted pulping methods for advanced saccharification and extraction of lignin
Schwarz D, Dorrstein J, Kugler S, Schieder D, Zollfrank C, Sieber V
471 - 477 Enhanced methane production via repeated batch bioaugmentation pattern of enriched microbial consortia
Yang ZM, Guo RB, Xu XH, Wang L, Dai M
478 - 485 Performance evaluation of a hybrid system for efficient palm oil mill effluent treatment via an air-cathode, tubular upflow microbial fuel cell coupled with a granular activated carbon adsorption
Tee PF, Abdullah MO, Tan IAW, Amin MAM, Nolasco-Hipolito C, Bujang K
486 - 493 Increased loading rates and specific methane yields facilitated by digesting grass silage at thermophilic rather than mesophilic temperatures
Voelklein MA, Rusmanis D, Murphy JD
494 - 502 Performance evaluation of a full-scale innovative swine waste-to-energy system
Xu JL, Adair CW, Deshusses MA
503 - 510 Overproduction of cellulase by Trichoderma reesei RUT C30 through batch-feeding of synthesized low-cost sugar mixture
Li YH, Liu CG, Bai FW, Zhao XQ
511 - 519 Peroxide-assisted microwave activation of pyrolysis char for adsorption of dyes from wastewater
Nair V, Vinu R
520 - 528 Magnetite/graphene oxide nano-composite for enhancement of hydrogen production from gelatinaceous wastewater
Mostafa A, El-Dissouky A, Fawzy A, Farghaly A, Peu P, Dabert P, Le Roux S, Tawfik A
529 - 536 A bio-anodic filter facilitated entrapment, decomposition and in situ oxidation of algal biomass in wastewater effluent
Khalfbadam HM, Cheng KY, Sarukkalige R, Kaksonen AH, Kayaalp AS, Ginige MP
537 - 544 Aggregation and removal of copper oxide (CuO) nanoparticles in wastewater environment and their effects on the microbial activities of wastewater biofilms
Miao LZ, Wang C, Hou J, Wang PF, Ao YH, Li Y, Geng N, Yao Y, Lv BW, Yang YY, You GX, Xu Y
545 - 552 Improving methane production from digested manure biofibers by mechanical and thermal alkaline pretreatment
Tsapekos P, Kougias PG, Frison A, Raga R, Angelidaki I
553 - 561 Dynamic effect of leachate recirculation on batch mode solid state anaerobic digestion: Influence of recirculated volume, leachate to substrate ratio and recirculation periodicity
Degueurce A, Tremier A, Peu P
562 - 570 Optimizing granules size distribution for aerobic granular sludge stability: Effect of a novel funnel-shaped internals on hydraulic shear stress
Zhou JH, Zhang ZM, Zhao H, Yu HT, Alvarez PJJ, Xu XY, Zhu L
571 - 578 Evaluation of COD effect on anammox process and microbial communities in the anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR)
Chen CJ, Sun FQ, Zhang HQ, Wang JF, Shen YL, Liang XQ
579 - 586 Pigment-targeted light wavelength and intensity promotes efficient photoautotrophic growth of Cyanobacteria
Bland E, Angenent LT
587 - 600 Mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of poultry dropping and Carica papaya peels: Modelling and process parameter optimization study
Dahunsi SO, Oranusi S, Owolabi JB, Efeovbokhan VE
601 - 606 Enhanced production of butanol and acetoin by heterologous expression of an acetolactate decarboxylase in Clostridium acetobutylicum
Shen XN, Liu D, Liu J, Wang YY, Xu JH, Yang ZJ, Guo T, Niu HQ, Ying HJ
607 - 612 The dynamics of an anaerobic digestion of crop substrates with an unfavourable carbon to nitrogen ratio
Piatek M, Lisowski A, Kasprzycka A, Lisowska B
613 - 621 Comparative economic and environmental assessment of four beech wood based biorefinery concepts
Budzinski M, Nitzsche R
622 - 628 Production and characterization of enzymatic cocktail produced by Aspergillus niger using green macroalgae as nitrogen source and its application in the pre-treatment for biogas production from Ulva rigida
Karray R, Hamza M, Sayadi S
629 - 636 Pyrolysis polygeneration of pine nut shell: Quality of pyrolysis products and study on the preparation of activated carbon from biochar
Chen DY, Chen XJ, Sun J, Zheng ZC, Fu KX
637 - 644 Valorizing recycled paper sludge by a bioethanol production process with cellulase recycling
Gomes D, Domingues L, Gama M
645 - 652 Comprehensive comparison of bacterial communities in a membrane-free bioelectrochemical system for removing different mononitrophenols from wastewater
Jiang XB, Shen JY, Lou S, Mu Y, Wanga N, Han WQ, Sun XY, Li JS, Wang LJ
653 - 660 Enhancement of volatile fatty acid production by co-fermentation of food waste and excess sludge without pH control: The mechanism and microbial community analyses
Wu QL, Guo WQ, Zheng HS, Luo HC, Feng XC, Yin RL, Ren NQ
661 - 668 Removal of furan and phenolic compounds from simulated biomass hydrolysates by batch adsorption and continuous fixed-bed column adsorption methods
Lee SC, Park S
669 - 676 Improvement on light penetrability and microalgae biomass production by periodically pre-harvesting Chlorella vulgaris cells with culture medium recycling
Huang Y, Sun YH, Liao Q, Fu Q, Xia A, Zhu X
677 - 683 Anaerobic granule-based biofilms formation reduces propionate accumulation under high H-2 partial pressure using conductive carbon felt particles
Xu H, Wang CP, Yan K, Wu J, Zuo JN, Wang KJ
684 - 690 A novel integration system of magnetically immobilized cells and a pair of graphite plate-stainless iron mesh electrodes for the bioremediation of coking wastewater
Jiang B, Tan L, Ning SX, Shi SN
691 - 698 Tuning anti-adhesion ability of membrane for a membrane bioreactor by thermodynamic analysis
Lei Q, Li FQ, Shen LG, Yang LN, Liao BQ, Lin HJ
699 - 705 Pretreatment of non-sterile, rotted silage maize straw by the microbial community MC1 increases biogas production
Hua BB, Dai JL, Liu B, Zhang H, Yuan XF, Wang XF, Cui ZJ
706 - 713 Improvement of sugar yields from corn stover using sequential hot water pretreatment and disk milling
Kim SM, Dien BS, Tumbleson ME, Rausch KD, Singh V
714 - 721 Response of performance and ammonia oxidizing bacteria community to high salinity stress in membrane bioreactor with elevated ammonia loading
Wang Z, Luo G, Li J, Chen SY, Li Y, Li WT, Li AM
722 - 728 Hydraulic retention time affects stable acetate production from tofu processing wastewater in extreme-thermophilic (70 degrees C) mixed culture fermentation
Chen Y, Zhang F, Wang T, Shen N, Yu ZW, Zeng RJ
729 - 736 Maximization of organic acids production by Aspergillus niger in a bubble column bioreactor for V and Ni recovery enhancement from power plant residual ash in spent-medium bioleaching experiments
Rasoulnia P, Mousavi SM
737 - 743 Composition, texture and methane potential of cellulosic residues from Lewis acids organosolv pulping of wheat straw
Constant S, Barakat A, Robitzer M, Di Renzo F, Dumas C, Quignard F
744 - 753 Green coconut mesocarp pretreated by an alkaline process as raw material for bioethanol production
Soares J, Demeke MM, Foulquie-Moreno MR, Van de Velde M, Verplaetse A, Fernandes AAR, Thevelein JM, Fernandes PMB
754 - 760 A feasible process for furfural production from the pre-hydrolysis liquor of corncob via biochar catalysts in a new biphasic system
Deng AJ, Lin QX, Yan YH, Li HL, Ren JL, Liu CF, Sun RC
761 - 767 Long term operation of continuous-flow system with enhanced biological phosphorus removal granules at different COD loading
Li D, Lv YF, Zeng HP, Zhang J
768 - 777 Bio-hydrolysis and bio-hydrogen production from food waste by thermophilic and hyperthermophilic anaerobic process
Algapani DE, Qiao W, Su M, di Pumpo F, Wandera SM, Adani F, Dong RJ
778 - 784 Biotransformation of trace organic compounds by activated sludge from a biological nutrient removal treatment system
Inyang M, Flowers R, McAvoy D, Dickenson E
785 - 792 Study on submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAMBR) treating high suspended solids raw tannery wastewater for biogas production
Umaiyakunjaram R, Shanmugam P
793 - 800 Exploration of upstream and downstream process for microwave assisted sustainable biodiesel production from microalgae Chlorella vulgaris
Sharma AK, Sahoo PK, Singhal S, Joshi G
801 - 807 Effects of oxytetracycline on the abundance and community structure of nitrogen-fixing bacteria during cattle manure composting
Sun JJ, Qian X, Gu J, Wang XJ, Gao H
808 - 816 Effect of different salinity adaptation on the performance and microbial community in a sequencing batch reactor
Zhao YY, Park HD, Park JH, Zhang FH, Chen C, Li XK, Zhao D, Zhao FB
817 - 823 Fractal reconstruction of rough membrane surface related with membrane fouling in a membrane bioreactor
Zhang MJ, Chen JR, Ma YJ, Shen LG, He YM, Lin HJ
824 - 829 Microalgae harvesting by pH adjusted coagulation-flocculation, recycling of the coagulant and the growth media
Das P, Thaher MI, Hakim MAQMA, Al-Jabri HMSJ, Alghasal GSHS
830 - 837 Toward the complete utilization of rice straw: Methane fermentation and lignin recovery by a combinational process involving mechanical milling, supporting material and nanofiltration
Sasaki K, Okamoto M, Shirai T, Tsuge Y, Fujino A, Sasaki D, Morita M, Matsuda F, Kikuchi J, Kondo A
838 - 844 Effect of powdered activated carbon (PAC) on MBR performance and effluent trihalomethane formation: At the initial stage of PAC addition
Gao Y, Ma DF, Yue QY, Gao BY, Huang X
845 - 855 Pilot-scale bubble column photobioreactor culture of a marine dinoflagellate microalga illuminated with light emission diodes
Lopez-Rosales L, Garcia-Camacho F, Sanchez-Miron A, Beato EM, Chisti Y, Grima EM
856 - 861 Efficient production of propionic acid through high density culture with recycling cells of Propionibacterium acidipropionici
Liu Z, Ge YS, Xu J, Gao C, Ma CQ, Xu P
862 - 869 Liquid hot water pretreatment of multi feedstocks and enzymatic hydrolysis of solids obtained thereof
Michelin M, Teixeira JA
870 - 875 Assessment of free nitrous acid pre-treatment on a mixture of primary sludge and waste activated sludge: Effect of exposure time and concentration
Zahedi S, Icaran P, Yuan Z, Pijuan M
876 - 882 Long-term stability of bioelectricity generation coupled with tetrathionate disproportionation
Sulonen MLK, Lakaniemi AM, Kokko ME, Puhakka JA
883 - 893 Two-stage phyto-microremediation of tannery effluent by Spirodela polyrrhiza (L.) Schleid. and chromium resistant bacteria
Singh A, Vyas D, Malaviya P
894 - 903 Batch anaerobic digestion of synthetic military base food waste and cardboard mixtures
Asato CM, Gonzalez-Estrella J, Jerke AC, Bang SS, Stone JJ, Gilcrease PC
904 - 913 Extraction of microalgal lipids and the influence of polar lipids on biodiesel production by lipase-catalyzed transesterification
Lopez EN, Medina AR, Moreno PAG, Cerdan LE, Grima EM
914 - 922 Methane emissions from digestate at an agricultural biogas plant
Balde H, VanderZaag AC, Burtt SD, Wagner-Riddle C, Crolla A, Desjardins RL, MacDonald DJ
923 - 930 Mining of hemicellulose and lignin degrading genes from differentially enriched methane producing microbial community
Pandit PD, Gulhane MK, Khardenavis AA, Purohit HJ
931 - 940 Environmental impact of an agro-waste based polygeneration without and with CO2 storage: Life cycle assessment approach
Jana K, De S
941 - 947 Agroindustrial residues and energy crops for the production of hydrogen and poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate via photofermentation
Corneli E, Adessi A, Dragoni F, Ragaglini G, Bonari E, De Philippis R
948 - 957 Kinetic analysis of dihydroxyacetone production from crude glycerol by immobilized cells of Gluconobacter oxydans MTCC 904
Dikshit PK, Moholkar VS
958 - 967 Evaluation of secretome of highly efficient lignocellulolytic Penicillium sp Dal 5 isolated from rhizosphere of conifers
Rai R, Kaur B, Singh S, Di Falco M, Tsang A, Chadha BS
968 - 975 Improving enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrates with pre-hydrolysates by adding cetyltrimethylammonium bromide to neutralize lignosulfonate
Cai C, Qiu XQ, Lin XL, Lou HM, Pang YX, Yang DJ, Chen SW, Cai KF
976 - 980 Enhancing hydrogen production of Enterobacter aerogenes by heterologous expression of hydrogenase genes originated from Synechocystis sp.
Song WL, Cheng J, Zhao JF, Zhang CX, Zhou JH, Cen KF
981 - 987 Specific model for the estimation of methane emission from municipal solid waste landfills in India
Kumar S, Nimchuk N, Kumar R, Zietsman J, Ramani T, Spiegelman C, Kenney M
988 - 995 Single cell oil production by Mortierella isabellina from steam exploded corn stover degraded by three-stage enzymatic hydrolysis in the context of on-site enzyme production
Fang H, Zhao C, Chen SL
996 - 1003 Enhancement of acidogenic fermentation for volatile fatty acid production from food waste: Effect of redox potential and inoculum
Yin J, Yu XQ, Zhang YE, Shen DS, Wang MZ, Long YY, Chen T
1004 - 1013 Simultaneous ammonia and nitrate removal in an airlift reactor using poly(butylene succinate) as carbon source and biofilm carrier
Ruan YJ, Deng YL, Guo XS, Timmons MB, Lu HF, Han ZY, Ye ZY, Shi MM, Zhu SM
1014 - 1021 Reductive removal of 2,4-dinitrotoluene and 2,4-dichlorophenol with zero-valent iron-included biochar
Oh SY, Seo YD, Ryu KS
1022 - 1029 Survival of the fastest: Selective removal of the side population for enhanced PHA production in a mixed substrate enrichment
Korkakaki E, van Loosdrecht MCM, Kleerebezem R
1030 - 1039 Supercritical water gasification of Eucalyptus grandis and related pyrolysis char: Effect of feedstock composition
Louw J, Schwarz CE, Burger AJ
1040 - 1048 Heterologous production of alpha-farnesene in metabolically engineered strains of Yarrowia lipolytica
Yang X, Nambou K, Wei LJ, Hua Q
1049 - 1057 Effect of red mud addition on tetracycline and copper resistance genes and microbial community during the full scale swine manure composting
Wang R, Zhang JY, Sui QW, Wan HF, Tong J, Chen MX, Wei YS, Wei DB
1058 - 1065 Optimization of 1,3-dihydroxyacetone production from crude glycerol by immobilized Gluconobacter oxydans MTCC 904
Dikshit PK, Moholkar VS
1066 - 1076 Cellulose: A review as natural, modified and activated carbon adsorbent
Suhas, Gupta VK, Carrott PJM, Singh R, Chaudhary M, Kushwaha S
1077 - 1082 Robustness of two-step acid hydrolysis procedure for composition analysis of poplar
Bhagia S, Nunez A, Wyman CE, Kumar R
1083 - 1087 Optimized hydraulic retention time for phosphorus and COD removal from synthetic domestic sewage with granules in a continuous-flow reactor
Li D, Lv YF, Cao MZ, Zeng HP, Zhang J
1088 - 1092 Highlighting earthworm contribution in uplifting biochemical response for organic matter decomposition during vermifiltration processing sewage sludge: Insights from proteomics
Xing MY, Wang Y, Xu T, Yang J
1093 - 1097 Biohydrogen and carboxylic acids production from wheat straw hydrolysate
Chandolias K, Pardaev S, Taherzadeh MJ
1098 - 1101 Surface characterization and chemical analysis of bamboo substrates pretreated by alkali hydrogen peroxide
Song XP, Jiang Y, Rong XJ, Wei W, Wang SF, Nie SX
1102 - 1105 Biodegradation and dissolution of polyaromatic hydrocarbons by Stenotrophomonas sp.
Tiwari B, Manickam N, Kumari S, Tiwari A