Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.211 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Comparative study of wastewater treatment and nutrient recycle via activated sludge, microalgae and combination systems
Wang L, Liu JL, Zhao QY, Wei W, Sun YH
6 - 15 Isolation of a non-fermentative bacterium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, using intracellular carbon for denitrification and phosphorus-accumulation and relevant metabolic mechanisms
Liu H, Wang Q, Sun YF, Zhou KQ, Liu W, Lu Q, Ming CB, Feng XD, Du JJ, Jia XS, Li J
16 - 23 A new method of two-phase anaerobic digestion for fruit and vegetable waste treatment
Wu YY, Wang CP, Liu XJ, Ma HL, Wu J, Zuo JN, Wang KJ
24 - 30 Energy efficient of ethanol recovery in pervaporation membrane bioreactor with mechanical vapor compression eliminating the cold traps
Fan SQ, Xiao ZY, Li MH
31 - 40 Long-term operation performance and variation of substrate tolerance ability in an anammox attached film expanded bed (AAFEB) reactor
Zhang YL, Niu QG, Ma HY, He SL, Kubota K, Li YY
41 - 50 Nitrification and microalgae cultivation for two-stage biological nutrient valorization from source separated urine
Coppens J, Lindeboom R, Muys M, Coessens W, Alloul A, Meerbergen K, Lievens B, Clauwaert P, Boon N, Vlaeminck SE
51 - 57 Can aquatic worms enhance methane production from waste activated sludge?
Serrano A, Hendrickx TLG, Elissen HHJ, Laarhoven B, Buisman CJN, Temmink H
58 - 64 Effect of cobalt supplementation and fractionation on the biological response in the biomethanization of Olive Mill Solid Waste
Pinto-Ibieta F, Serrano A, Jeison D, Borja R, Fermoso FG
65 - 71 Inhibiting excessive acidification using zero-valent iron in anaerobic digestion of food waste at high organic load rates
Kong X, Wei YH, Xu S, Liu JG, Li H, Liu YL, Yu SY
72 - 79 The impact of compaction and leachate recirculation on waste degradation in simulated landfills
Ko JH, Yang F, Xu QY
80 - 86 Volatile fatty acids produced by co-fermentation of waste activated sludge and henna plant biomass
Huang JG, Zhou RB, Chen JJ, Han W, Chen Y, Wen Y, Tang JH
87 - 92 Phosphorus removal and recovery from domestic wastewater in a novel process of enhanced biological phosphorus removal coupled with crystallization
Zou HM, Wang Y
93 - 100 Effect of reactions in small eddies on biomass gasification with eddy dissipation concept - Sub-grid scale reaction model
Chen JH, Yin WJ, Wang S, Meng C, Li JR, Qin B, Yu GB
101 - 107 Application of ADM1 for modeling of biogas production from anaerobic digestion of Hydrilla verticillata
Chen XJ, Chen ZH, Wang X, Huo C, Hu ZQ, Xiao B, Hu M
108 - 116 Characteristics of biochar derived from marine macroalgae and fabrication of granular biochar by entrapment in calcium-alginate beads for phosphate removal from aqueous solution
Jung KW, Jeong TU, Kang HJ, Ahn KH
117 - 124 Effect of dilute alkaline pretreatment on the conversion of different parts of corn stalk to fermentable sugars and its application in acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation
Cai D, Li P, Luo ZF, Qin PY, Chen CJ, Wang Y, Wang Z, Tan TW
125 - 135 Comparative investigation on integrated vertical-flow biofilters applying sulfur-based and pyrite-based autotrophic denitrification for domestic wastewater treatment
Kong Z, Li L, Feng CP, Dong SS, Chen N
136 - 145 Iron deficiency and bioavailability in anaerobic batch and submerged membrane bioreactors (SAMBR) during organic shock loads
Ketheesan B, Thanh PM, Stuckey DC
146 - 153 Suitability assessment of a continuous process combining thermo-mechano-chemical and bio-catalytic action in a single pilot-scale twin-screw extruder for six different biomass sources
Vandenbossche V, Brault J, Hernandez-Melendez O, Evon P, Barzana E, Vilarem G, Rigal L
154 - 163 Multistage process for the production of bioethanol from almond shell
Kacem I, Koubaa M, Maktouf S, Chaari F, Najar T, Chaabouni M, Ettis N, Chaabouni SE
164 - 172 Gasification of bio-oil: Effects of equivalence ratio and gasifying agents on product distribution and gasification efficiency
Zheng JL, Zhu MQ, Wen JL, Sun RC
173 - 182 Integral valorisation of waste orange peel using combustion, biomethanisation and co-composting technologies
Siles JA, Vargas F, Gutierrez MC, Chica AF, Martin MA
183 - 189 Characteristics and trihalomethane formation reactivity of dissolved organic matter in effluents from membrane bioreactors with and without filamentous bulking
Xia CF, Ma DF, Gao BY, Hu XX, Yue QY, Meng YJ, Kang SY, Zhang B, Qi YF
190 - 199 Microwave, ultrasound, thermal treatments, and bead milling as intensification techniques for extraction of lipids from oleaginous Yarrowia lipolytica yeast for a biojetfuel application
Meullemiestre A, Breil C, Abert-Vian M, Chemat F
200 - 208 Effects of changes in chemical and structural characteristic of ammonia fibre expansion (AFEX) pretreated oil palm empty fruit bunch fibre on enzymatic saccharification and fermentability for biohydrogen
Abdul PM, Jahim JM, Harun S, Markom M, Lutpi NA, Hassan O, Balan V, Dale BE, Nor MTM
209 - 215 Illumina MiSeq sequencing reveals long-term impacts of single-walled carbon nanotubes on microbial communities of wastewater treatment systems
Qu YY, Zhang XW, Shen WL, Ma Q, You SN, Pei XF, Li SZ, Ma F, Zhou JT
216 - 223 Evaluation of agave bagasse recalcitrance using AFEX (TM), autohydrolysis, and ionic liquid pretreatments
Perez-Pimienta JA, Flores-Gomez CA, Ruiz HA, Sathitsuksanoh N, Balan V, Sousa LD, Dale BE, Singh S, Simmons BA
224 - 230 Lipase cocktail for efficient conversion of oils containing phospholipids to biodiesel
Amoah J, Ho SH, Hama S, Yoshida A, Nakanishi A, Hasunuma T, Ogino C, Kondo A
231 - 239 Thermal decomposition of sugarcane straw, kinetics and heat of reaction in synthetic air
Rueda-Ordonez YJ, Tannous K
240 - 247 Nitrate removal and microbial analysis by combined micro-electrolysis and autotrophic denitrification
Xing W, Li DS, Li JL, Hu QY, Deng SH
248 - 256 Kinetic study on microwave-assisted esterification of free fatty acids derived from Ceiba pentandra Seed Oil
Lieu T, Yusup S, Moniruzzaman M
257 - 266 Anammox for nitrogen removal from anaerobically pre-treated municipal wastewater: Effect of COD/N ratios on process performance and bacterial community structure
Leal CD, Pereira AD, Nunes FT, Ferreira LO, Coelho ACC, Bicalho SK, Mac Conell EFA, Ribeiro TB, Chernicharo CAD, de Araujo JC
267 - 272 Conversion of polyhydroxyalkanoates to methyl crotonate using whole cells
Spekreijse J, Ortega JH, Sanders JPM, Bitter JH, Scott EL
273 - 279 Suspended sludge and biofilm shaped different anammox communities in two pilot-scale one-stage anammox reactors
Zheng BY, Zhang L, Guo JH, Zhang SJ, Yang AM, Peng YZ
280 - 290 Second-generation ethanol production from elephant grass at high total solids
Menegol D, Fontana RC, Dillon AJP, Camassola M
291 - 297 Improvement of L-lactic acid productivity from sweet sorghum juice by repeated batch fermentation coupled with membrane separation
Wang Y, Meng HY, Cai D, Wang B, Qin PY, Wang Z, Tan TW
298 - 306 Improving phosphorus removal in aerobic granular sludge processes through selective microbial management
Henriet O, Meunier C, Henry P, Mahillon J
307 - 312 Succinic acid production from duckweed (Landoltia punctata) hydrolysate by batch fermentation of Actinobacillus succinogenes GXAS137
Shen N, Wang QY, Zhu J, Qin Y, Liao SM, Li Y, Zhu QX, Jin YL, Du LQ, Huang RB
313 - 318 Efficient harvesting of wet blue-green microalgal biomass by two-aminoclay [AC]-mixture systems
Ji HM, Lee HU, Kim EJ, Seo S, Kim B, Lee GW, Oh YK, Kim JY, Huh YS, Song HA, Lee YC
319 - 326 Bioaugmentation of Hydrogenispora ethanolica LX-B affects hydrogen production through altering indigenous bacterial community structure
Yang ZM, Guo RB, Shi XS, He S, Wang L, Dai M, Qiu YL, Dang XX
327 - 338 Autotrophic growth and lipid production of Chlorella sorokiniana in lab batch and BIOCOIL photobioreactors: Experiments and modeling
Concas A, Malavasi V, Costelli C, Fadda P, Pisu M, Cao G
339 - 347 Biofilm activity and sludge characteristics affected by exogenous N-acyl homoserine lactones in biofilm reactors
Hu HZ, He JG, Liu J, Yu HR, Zhang J
348 - 359 Numerical modelling of biophysicochemical effects on multispecies reactive transport in porous media involving Pseudomonas putida for potential microbial enhanced oil recovery application
Sivasankar P, Kanna AR, Kumar GS, Gummadi SN
360 - 366 Catalytic production of biofuels (butene oligomers) and biochemicals (tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol) from corn stover
Byun J, Han J
367 - 373 Influence of limiting factors on biomass and lipid productivities of axenic Chlorella vulgaris in photobioreactor under chemostat cultivation
Cho DH, Ramanan R, Heo J, Shin DS, Oha HM, Kim HS
374 - 381 Adaptive evolution of Schizochytrium sp by continuous high oxygen stimulations to enhance docosahexaenoic acid synthesis
Sun XM, Ren LJ, Ji XJ, Chen SL, Guo DS, Huang H
382 - 389 Microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass for production of phenolic-rich bio-oil
Mamaeva A, Tahmasebi A, Tian L, Yu JL
390 - 397 Activation of glycerol metabolism in Xanthomonas campestris by adaptive evolution to produce a high-transparency and low-viscosity xanthan gum from glycerol
Wang ZC, Wu JR, Zhu L, Zhan XB
398 - 405 Fermentative utilization of coffee mucilage using Bacillus coagulans and investigation of down-stream processing of fermentation broth for optically pure L(+)-lactic acid production
Neu AK, Pleissner D, Mehlmann K, Schneider R, Puerta-Quintero GI, Venus J
406 - 413 Efficient and repeated production of succinic acid by turning sugarcane bagasse into sugar and support
Chen PC, Tao ST, Zheng P
414 - 421 Influence of two-phase anaerobic digestion on fate of selected antibiotic resistance genes and class I integrons in municipal wastewater sludge
Wu Y, Cui EP, Zuo YR, Cheng WX, Rensing C, Chen H
422 - 428 Evaluation of novel thermo-resistant Micractinium and Scenedesmus sp for efficient biomass and lipid production under different temperature and nutrient regimes
Sonmez C, Elcin E, Akin D, Oktem HA, Yucel M
429 - 434 Improving microalgal growth with reduced diameters of aeration bubbles and enhanced mass transfer of solution in an oscillating flow field
Yang ZB, Cheng J, Lin RC, Zhou JH, Cen KF
435 - 442 Pretreatment of corn stover for sugar production using a two-stage dilute acid followed by wet-milling pretreatment process
Liu QY, Li WZ, Ma QZ, An SX, Li MH, Jameel H, Chang HM
443 - 450 Effect of biodegradation on thermogravimetric and chemical characteristics of hardwood and softwood by brown-rot fungus
Gao ZZ, Fan Q, He ZS, Wang ZN, Wang XB, Sun J
451 - 456 Microbial mechanisms of using enhanced ecological floating beds for eutrophic water improvement
Wu Q, Hu Y, Li SQ, Peng S, Zhao HB
457 - 463 Co-production of biochar, bio-oil and syngas from halophyte grass (Achnatherum splendens L.) under three different pyrolysis temperatures
Irfan M, Chen Q, Yue Y, Pang RZ, Lin QM, Zhao XR, Chen H
464 - 471 Comparative study of different alcoholate pretreatments for enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse
Huang Q, Yan QL, Fu J, Lv XJ, Xiong CJ, Lin JH, Liu ZH
472 - 477 Lipase-catalyzed in-situ biosynthesis of glycerol-free biodiesel from heterotrophic microalgae, Aurantiochytrium sp KRS101 biomass
Kim KH, Lee OK, Kim CH, Seo JW, Oh BR, Lee EY
478 - 485 Biological carbon monoxide conversion to acetate production by mixed culture
Nam CW, Jung KA, Park JM
486 - 493 Multiscale characteristics dynamics of hydrochar from hydrothermal conversion of sewage sludge under sub- and near-critical water
He C, Zhao J, Yang YH, Wang JY
494 - 501 Effect of low temperature on highly unsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis in activated sludge
He S, Ding LL, Xu K, Geng JJ, Ren HQ
502 - 508 Kinetic and energy production analysis of pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass using a three-parallel Gaussian reaction model
Chen TJ, Zhang JZ, Wu JH
509 - 518 Energy conversion of biomass crops and agroindustrial residues by combined biohydrogen/biomethane system and anaerobic digestion
Corneli E, Dragoni F, Adessi A, De Philippis R, Bonari E, Ragaglini G
519 - 526 Enhanced solution velocity between dark and light areas with horizontal tubes and triangular prism baffles to improve microalgal growth in a flat-panel photo-bioreactor
Yang ZB, Cheng J, Xu XD, Zhou JH, Cen KF
527 - 533 Hydraulic retention time effects on wastewater nutrient removal and bioproduct production via rotating algal biofilm reactor
Shayan SI, Agblevor FA, Bertin L, Sims RC
534 - 541 Methane enhancement through co-digestion of chicken manure and thermo-oxidative cleaved wheat straw with waste activated sludge: A C/N optimization case
Hassan M, Ding WM, Shi ZD, Zhao SQ
542 - 547 Trace heavy metal ions promoted extracellular electron transfer and power generation by Shewanella in microbial fuel cells
Xu YS, Zheng T, Yong XY, Zhai DD, Si RW, Li B, Yu YY, Yong YC
548 - 555 Bioconversion of volatile fatty acids derived from waste activated sludge into lipids by Cryptococcus curvatus
Liu J, Liu JN, Yuan M, Shen ZH, Peng KM, Lu LJ, Huang XF
556 - 565 The isolation and identification of new microalgal strains producing oil and carotenoid simultaneously with biofuel potential
Minhas AK, Hodgson P, Barrow CJ, Sashidhar B, Adholeya A
566 - 573 Preparation of ferric-activated sludge-based adsorbent from biological sludge for tetracycline removal
Yang X, Xu GR, Yu HR, Zhang Z
574 - 583 Essential factors of an integrated moving bed biofilm reactor-membrane bioreactor: Adhesion characteristics and microbial community of the biofilm
Tang B, Yu CF, Bin LY, Zhao YL, Feng XF, Huang SS, Fu FL, Ding JW, Chen CQ, Li P, Chen QY
584 - 593 Comprehensive techno-economic analysis of wastewater-based algal biofuel production: A case study
Xin CH, Addy MM, Zhao JY, Cheng YL, Cheng SB, Mu DY, Liu YH, Ding RJ, Chen P, Ruan R
594 - 602 Successful start-up of the anammox process: Influence of the seeding strategy on performance and granule properties
Chen H, Hu HY, Chen QQ, Shi ML, Jin RC
603 - 609 Evaluation of ferric oxide and ferric citrate for their effects on fermentation, production of sulfide and methane, and abundance of select microbial populations using in vitro rumen cultures
Wu H, Meng QX, Yu ZT
610 - 617 A regulating method for the distribution of phosphorus fractions based on environmental parameters related to the key phosphate-solubilizing bacteria during composting
Wei YQ, Wei ZM, Cao ZY, Zhao Y, Zhao XY, Lu Q, Wang XQ, Zhang X
618 - 627 Heterotrophic nitrogen removal by a newly-isolated alkalitolerant microorganism, Serratia marcescens W5
Wang T, Dang QF, Liu CS, Yan JQ, Fan B, Cha DS, Yin YY, Zhang YB
628 - 635 Long-term performance and microbial community characterization of an osmotic anammox system for removing reverse-fluxed ammonium
Li XJ, Sun S, Badgley BD, He Z
636 - 644 Assessment of suitability of vine shoots for hemicellulosic oligosaccharides production through aqueous processing
Davila I, Gordobil O, Labidi J, Gullon P
645 - 653 A novel cleaner production process of citric acid by recycling its treated wastewater
Xu J, Su XF, Bao JW, Zhang HJ, Zeng X, Tang L, Wang K, Zhang JH, Chen XS, Mao ZG
654 - 663 New insight into influence of mechanical stirring on membrane fouling of membrane bioreactor: Mixed liquor properties and hydrodynamic conditions
Qi C, Wang JN, Lin YH
664 - 668 Pyrolytic carbon-coated stainless steel felt as a high-performance anode for bioelectrochemical systems
Guo K, Hidalgo D, Tommasi T, Rabaey K
669 - 676 Production of biomass and lipids by the oleaginous microalgae Monoraphidium sp QLY-1 through heterotrophic cultivation and photo-chemical modulator induction
Zhao YT, Li DF, Ding K, Che RQ, Xu JW, Zhao P, Li T, Ma HX, Yu XY
677 - 684 Biorefinery of corn cob for microbial lipid and bio-ethanol production: An environmental friendly process
Cai D, Dong ZS, Wang Y, Chen CJ, Li P, Qin PY, Wang Z, Tan TW
685 - 690 Short-chain fatty acids production and microbial community in sludge alkaline fermentation: Long-term effect of temperature
Yuan Y, Liu Y, Li BK, Wang B, Wang SY, Peng YZ
691 - 697 Exposure of activated sludge to nanosilver and silver ion: Inhibitory effects and binding to the fractions of extracellular polymeric substances
Geyik AG, Cecen F
698 - 703 Cultivation of Chlorella on brewery wastewater and nano-particle biosynthesis by its biomass
Subramaniyam V, Subashchandrabose SR, Ganeshkumar V, Thavamani P, Chen ZL, Naidu R, Megharaj M
704 - 710 Acetone-butanol-ethanol from sweet sorghum juice by an immobilized fermentation-gas stripping integration process
Cai D, Wang Y, Chen CJ, Qin PY, Miao Q, Zhang CW, Li P, Tan TW
711 - 719 An adsorption-release-biodegradation system for simultaneous biodegradation of phenol and ammonium in phenol-rich wastewater
Wang Y, Chen H, Liu YX, Ren RP, Lv YK
720 - 726 Effective pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse with combination pretreatment and its hydrolyzates as reaction media for the biosynthesis of ethyl (S)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate by whole cells of E-coli CCZU-K14
He YC, Zhang DP, Di JH, Wu YQ, Tao ZC, Liu F, Zhang ZJ, Chong GG, Ding Y, Ma CL
727 - 735 Sorption of mercury (II) and atrazine by biochar, modified biochars and biochar based activated carbon in aqueous solution
Tan GC, Sun WL, Xu YR, Wang HY, Xu N
736 - 742 Acclimatization of microbial consortia to alkaline conditions and enhanced electricity generation
Zhang ER, Zhai WJ, Luo Y, Scott K, Wang X, Diao GW
743 - 750 Performance and microbial communities of Mn(II)-based autotrophic denitrification in a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)
Su JF, Luo XX, Wei L, Ma F, Zheng SC, Shao SC
751 - 758 Biofouling behavior and performance of forward osmosis membranes with bioinspired surface modification in osmotic membrane bioreactor
Li F, Cheng QX, Tian Q, Yang B, Chen QY
759 - 764 Effective and selective recovery of gold and palladium ions from metal wastewater using a sulfothermophilic red alga, Galdieria sulphuraria
Ju XH, Igarashi K, Miyashita S, Mitsuhashi H, Inagaki K, Fujii SI, Sawada H, Kuwabara T, Minoda A
765 - 768 Effect of oxygen on the microbial activities of thermophilic anaerobic biomass
Pedizzi C, Regueiro L, Rodriguez-Verde I, Lema JM, Carballa M
769 - 773 Polyphenols content of spent coffee grounds subjected to physico-chemical pretreatments influences lignocellulolytic enzymes production by Bacillus sp R2
Khelil O, Choubane S, Cheba B
774 - 778 Performance of organics and nitrogen removal in subsurface wastewater infiltration systems by intermittent aeration and shunt distributing wastewater
Pan J, Yuan F, Yu L, Huang LL, Fei HX, Cheng F, Zhang Q
779 - 782 Near- and supercritical ethanol treatment of biocrude from hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae
Yang L, Li YD, Savage PE
783 - 786 Enhanced fatty acid accumulation in Isochrysis galbana by inhibition of the mitochondrial alternative oxidase pathway under nitrogen deprivation
Zhang LT, Liu JG
787 - 791 Efficiency of single stage- and two stage pretreatment in biomass with different lignin content
Karcher MA, Iqbal Y, Lewandowski I, Senn T
792 - 796 A biological process effective for the conversion of CO-containing industrial waste gas to acetate
Kim TW, Bae SS, Lee JW, Lee SM, Lee JH, Lee HS, Kang SG