Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Comparison of alkali treatments for efficient release of p-coumaric acid and enzymatic saccharification of sorghum pith
Jiang KK, Li LL, Long LK, Ding SJ
11 - 18 The shift of the microbial community in activated sludge with calcium treatment and its implication to sludge settleability
Ye CC, Yang XP, Zhao FJ, Ren LF
19 - 23 Microalgal growth in municipal wastewater treated in an anaerobic moving bed biofilm reactor
Hultberg M, Olsson LE, Birgersson G, Gustafsson S, Sievertsson B
24 - 30 Simultaneous inhibition of sulfate-reducing bacteria, removal of H2S and production of rhamnolipid by recombinant Pseudomonas stutzeri Rhl: Applications for microbial enhanced oil recovery
Zhao F, Zhou JD, Ma F, Shi RJ, Han SQ, Zhang J, Zhang Y
31 - 38 Enhancement of microalgae production by embedding hollow light guides to a flat-plate photobioreactor
Sun YH, Huang Y, Liao Q, Fu Q, Zhu X
39 - 45 Immobilization of metal-humic acid complexes in anaerobic granular sludge for their application as solid-phase redox mediators in the biotransformation of iopromide in UASB reactors
Cruz-Zavala AS, Pat-Espadas AM, Rangel-Mendez JR, Chazaro-Ruiz LF, Ascacio-Valdes JA, Aguilar CN, Cervantes FJ
46 - 51 Evaluation of productivity and antioxidant profile of solid-state cultivated macrofungi Pleurotus albidus and Pycnoporus sanguineus
Gambato G, Todescato K, Pavao EM, Scortegagna A, Fontana RC, Salvador M, Camassola M
52 - 58 Enhancing ethanol production from thermophilic and mesophilic solid digestate using ozone combined with aqueous ammonia pretreatment
Wang DL, Xi J, Ai P, Yu L, Zhai H, Yan SP, Zhang YL
59 - 66 Cultivation of Scenedesmus obliquus in liquid hydrolysate from flash hydrolysis for nutrient recycling
Barbera E, Sforza E, Kumar S, Morosinotto T, Bertucco A
67 - 75 Intensification of microalgae drying and oil extraction process by vapor recompression and heat integration
Song CF, Liu QL, Ji N, Deng S, Zhao J, Kitamura Y
76 - 84 Enhancing nutrient recovery and compost maturity of coconut husk by vermicomposting technology
Swarnam TP, Velmurugan A, Pandey SK, Roy SD
85 - 91 Novel carbon-rich additives preparation by degradative solvent extraction of biomass wastes for coke-making
Zhu XQ, Li X, Xiao L, Zhang XY, Tong S, Wu C, Ashida R, Liu WQ, Miura K, Yao H
92 - 101 Anaerobic digestion of biowaste under extreme ammonia concentration: Identification of key microbial phylotypes
Poirier S, Desmond-Le Quemener E, Madigou C, Bouchez T, Chapleur O
102 - 108 Co-fermentation of acetate and sugars facilitating microbial lipid production on acetate-rich biomass hydrolysates
Gong ZW, Zhou WT, Shen HW, Yang ZH, Wang GH, Zuo ZY, Hou YL, Zhao ZBK
109 - 117 Microbiological mechanism of the improved nitrogen and phosphorus removal by embedding microbial fuel cell in Anaerobic-Anoxic-Oxic wastewater treatment process
Xie BZ, Liu BJ, Yi Y, Yang L, Liang DW, Zhu Y, Liu H
118 - 125 Illumina MiSeq sequencing reveals the key microorganisms involved in partial nitritation followed by simultaneous sludge fermentation, denitrification and anammox process
Wang B, Peng YZ, Guo YY, Zhao MY, Wang SY
126 - 133 Catalytic pyrolysis of wheat bran for hydrocarbons production in the presence of zeolites and noble-metals by using TGA-FTIR method
Lazdovica K, Liepina L, Kampars V
134 - 141 Effects of interspecific competition on the growth of macrophytes and nutrient removal in constructed wetlands: A comparative assessment of free water surface and horizontal subsurface flow systems
Zheng YC, Wang XC, Dzakpasu M, Zhao YQ, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Ge Y, Xiong JQ
142 - 149 Nutrient removal by up-scaling a hybrid floating treatment bed (HFTB) using plant and periphyton: From laboratory tank to polluted river
Liu JZ, Wang FW, Liu W, Tang C, Wu CX, Wu YH
150 - 156 Optimization of phenol degradation by the microalga Chlorella pyrenoidosa using Plackett-Burman Design and Response Surface Methodology
Priyadharshini SD, Bakthavatsalam AK
157 - 165 Post-treatment mechanical refining as a method to improve overall sugar recovery of steam pretreated hybrid poplar
Dou C, Ewanick S, Bura R, Gustafson R
166 - 174 Co-production of bio-oil and propylene through the hydrothermal liquefaction of polyhydroxybutyrate producing cyanobacteria
Wagner J, Bransgrove R, Beacham TA, Allen MJ, Meixner K, Drosg B, Ting VP, Chuck CJ
175 - 179 Enzyme feeding strategies for better fed-batch enzymatic hydrolysis of empty fruit bunch
Sugiharto YEC, Harimawan A, Kresnowati MTAP, Purwadi R, Mariyana R, Andry, Fitriana HN, Hosen HF
180 - 187 Kinetics characteristics of straw semi-char gasification with carbon dioxide
Xiao RR, Yang W
188 - 196 Production of phenol-rich bio-oil during catalytic fixed-bed and microwave pyrolysis of palm kernel shell
Omoriyekomwan JE, Tahmasebi A, Yu JL
197 - 204 Hydrolysate of lipid extracted microalgal biomass residue: An algal growth promoter and enhancer
Maurya R, Paliwal C, Chokshi K, Pancha I, Ghosh T, Satpati GG, Pal R, Ghosh A, Mishra S
205 - 212 Chemical composition, pretreatments and saccharification of Senna siamea (Lam.) HS Irwin & Barneby: An efficient biomass producing tree legume
Mund NK, Dash D, Barik CR, Goud VV, Sahoo L, Mishra P, Nayak NR
213 - 219 Enhanced dark hydrogen fermentation by addition of ferric oxide nanoparticles using Enterobacter aerogenes
Lin RC, Cheng J, Ding LK, Song WL, Liu M, Zhou JH, Cen KF
220 - 228 A new bioenergetic and thermodynamic approach to batch photoautotrophic growth of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis in different photobioreactors and under different light conditions
da Silva MF, Casazza AA, Ferrari PF, Perego P, Bezerra RP, Converti A, Porto ALF
229 - 236 Potential of genetically engineered hybrid poplar for pyrolytic production of bio-based phenolic compounds
Toraman HE, Vanholme R, Boren E, Vanwonterghem Y, Djokic MR, Yildiz G, Ronsse F, Prins W, Boerjan W, Van Geem KM, Marin GB
237 - 243 Efficient conversion of crude glycerol from various industrial wastes into single cell oil by yeast Yarrowia lipolytica
Dobrowolski A, Mitula P, Rymowicz W, Mironczuk AM
244 - 251 Comparison of biogas sludge and raw crop material as source of hydrolytic cultures for anaerobic digestion
Weiss S, Somitsch W, Klymiuk I, Trajanoski S, Guebitz GM
252 - 261 Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in wastewater with waste glycerol: Strategies for improving nutrients removal and enhancing lipid production
Ma XC, Zheng HL, Addy M, Anderson E, Liu YH, Chen P, Ruan R
262 - 267 Effect of H2O2 concentrations on copper removal using the modified hydrothermal biochar
Zuo XJ, Liu ZG, Chen MD
268 - 275 Breeding of high biomass and lipid producing Desmodesmus sp by Ethylmethane sulfonate-induced mutation
Zhang Y, He ML, Zou SM, Fei C, Yan YQ, Zheng SY, Rajper AA, Wang CH
276 - 284 Combustion characteristics and air pollutant formation during oxy-fuel co-combustion of microalgae and lignite
Gao Y, Tahmasebi A, Dou JX, Yu JL
285 - 292 Uses of miscanthus press juice within a green biorefinery platform
Boakye-Boaten NA, Xiu SN, Shahbazi A, Wang LJ, Li R, Schimmel K
293 - 301 Enhancing anaerobic digestion of cotton stalk by pretreatment with a microbial consortium (MC1)
Yuan XF, Ma L, Wen BT, Zhou DY, Kuang M, Yang WH, Cui ZJ
302 - 307 Low energy emulsion-based fermentation enabling accelerated methane mass transfer and growth of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)-accumulating methanotrophs
Myung J, Kim M, Pan M, Criddle CS, Tang SKY
308 - 314 Simultaneous removal of chromate and nitrate in a packed-bed bioreactor using biodegradable meal box as carbon source and biofilm carriers
Li J, Jin RF, Liu GF, Tian T, Wang J, Zhou JT
315 - 321 Hydrolyzed polyacrylamide biodegradation and mechanism in sequencing batch biofilm reactor
Yan M, Zhao LM, Bao MT, Lu JR
322 - 331 Denitrifying phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater and dynamics of "Candidatus Accumulibacter" and denitrifying bacteria based on genes of ppk1, narG, nirS and nirK
Zeng W, Zhang J, Wang AQ, Peng YZ
332 - 338 Assessment of anaerobic bacterial diversity and its effects on anaerobic system stability and the occurrence of antibiotic resistance genes
Aydin S, Ince B, Ince O
339 - 345 Microbial nitrogen removal pathways in integrated vertical-flow constructed wetland systems
Hu Y, He F, Ma L, Zhang Y, Wu ZB
346 - 352 D-Lactic acid production by Sporolactobacillus inulinus YBS1-5 with simultaneous utilization of cottonseed meal and corncob residue
Bai ZZ, Gao Z, Sun JF, Wu B, He BF
353 - 360 Methane production improvement by modulation of solid phase immersion in dry batch anaerobic digestion process: Dynamic of methanogen populations
Andre L, Ndiaye M, Pernier M, Lespinard O, Pauss A, Lamy E, Ribeiro T
361 - 369 Comparative study of lignin characteristics from wheat straw obtained by soda-AQ and kraft pretreatment and effect on the following enzymatic hydrolysis process
Yang HT, Xie YM, Zheng X, Pu YQ, Huang F, Meng XZ, Wu WB, Ragauskas A, Yao L
370 - 378 A novel Pseudomonas gessardii strain LZ-E simultaneously degrades naphthalene and reduces hexavalent chromium
Huang HY, Wu KJ, Khan A, Jiang YM, Ling ZM, Liu P, Chen Y, Tao XY, Li XK
379 - 386 Production and optimization of bamboo hydrochars for adsorption of Congo red and 2-naphthol
Li Y, Meas A, Shan SD, Yang RQ, Gai XK
387 - 398 Enhancement of biofuels production by means of co-pyrolysis of Posidonia oceanica (L.) and frying oil wastes: Experimental study and process modeling
Zaafouri K, Trabelsi AB, Krichah S, Ouerghi A, Aydi A, Claumann CA, Wust ZA, Naoui S, Bergaoui L, Hamdi M
399 - 408 Effects of hydraulic retention time on cultivation of indigenous microalgae as a renewable energy source using secondary effluent
Takabe Y, Hidaka T, Tsumori J, Minamiyama M
409 - 421 Thermochemical conversion of biomass in smouldering combustion across scales: The roles of heterogeneous kinetics, oxygen and transport phenomena
Huang XY, Rein G
422 - 429 Simultaneous removal of aniline, nitrogen and phosphorus in aniline-containing wastewater treatment by using sequencing batch reactor
Jiang Y, Wang HY, Shang Y, Yang K
430 - 439 Evaluation of indigenous fresh water microalga Scenedesmus obtusus for feed and fuel applications: Effect of carbon dioxide, light and nutrient sources on growth and biochemical characteristics
Chandra TS, Deepak RS, Kumar MM, Mukherji S, Chauhan VS, Sarada R, Mudliar SN
440 - 445 Continuous fermentation of food waste leachate for the production of volatile fatty acids and potential as a denitrification carbon source
Kim H, Kim J, Shin SG, Hwang S, Lee C