Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Dynamic changes of the dominant functioning microbial community in the compost of a 90-m(3) aerobic solid state fermentor revealed by integrated meta-omics
Zhang LL, Zhang HQ, Wang ZH, Chen GJ, Wang LS
11 - 17 Effect of different biochars on antibiotic resistance genes and bacterial community during chicken manure composting
Cui EP, Wu Y, Zuo YR, Chen H
18 - 25 Comparison of submerged and solid state pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse by Pandoraea sp ISTKB: Enzymatic and structural analysis
Kumar M, Singhal A, Thakur IS
26 - 31 Pseudo catalytic transformation of volatile fatty acids into fatty acid methyl esters
Jung JM, Cho J, Kim KH, Kwon EE
32 - 41 Activated sludge mass reduction and biodegradability of the endogenous residues by digestion under different aerobic to anaerobic conditions: Comparison and modeling
Martinez-Garcia CG, Fall C, Olguin MT
42 - 49 Successive pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification of sugarcane bagasse in a packed bed flow-through column reactor aiming to support biorefineries
Teran-Hilares R, Resendiz AL, Martinez RT, Silva SS, Santos JC
50 - 55 Mutual facilitations of food waste treatment, microbial fuel cell bioelectricity generation and Chlorella vulgaris lipid production
Hou QJ, Pei HY, Hu WR, Jiang LQ, Yu Z
56 - 61 Self-powered denitration of landfill leachate through ammonia/nitrate coupled redox fuel cell reactor
Zhang HM, Xu W, Feng DL, Liu ZM, Wu ZC
62 - 70 Biogas-pH automation control strategy for optimizing organic loading rate of anaerobic membrane bioreactor treating high COD wastewater
Yu DW, Liu JB, Sui QW, Wei YS
71 - 79 Modeling of photosynthesis and respiration rate for Isochrysis galbana (T-Iso) and its influence on the production of this strain
Ippoliti D, Gomez C, Morales-Amaral MD, Pistocchi R, Fernandez-Sevilla JM, Acien FG
80 - 88 Selective extraction of intracellular components from the microalga Chlorella vulgaris by combined pulsed electric field-temperature treatment
Postma PR, Pataro G, Capitoli M, Barbosa MJ, Wijffels RH, Eppink MHM, Olivieri G, Ferrari G
89 - 95 Repeated oxidative degradation of methyl orange through bio-electro-Fenton in bioelectrochemical system (BES)
Ling T, Huang B, Zhao MX, Yan Q, Shen W
96 - 102 Increasing the lignin yield of the Alkaline Polyol Pulping process by treating black liquor with laccases of Myceliophthora thermophila
Engel N, Hundt M, Schapals T
103 - 111 Paper sludge (PS) to bioethanol: Evaluation of virgin and recycle mill sludge for low enzyme, high-solids fermentation
Boshoff S, Gottumukkala LD, van Rensburg E, Gorgens J
112 - 117 Effects of anodic oxidation of a substoichiometric titanium dioxide reactive electrochemical membrane on algal cell destabilization and lipid extraction
Hua LK, Guo L, Thakkar M, Wei DQ, Agbakpe M, Kuang LY, Magpile M, Chaplin BP, Tao Y, Shuai DM, Zhang XH, Mitra S, Zhang W
118 - 123 Fungal pretreatment of non-sterile miscanthus for enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis
Vasco-Correa J, Ge XM, Li YB
124 - 131 Improving volatile fatty acids production by exploiting the residual substrates in post-fermented sludge: Protease catalysis of refractory protein
Yin B, Liu HB, Wang YY, Bai J, Liu H, Fu B
132 - 141 Process stability and the recovery control associated with inhibition factors in a UASB-anammox reactor with a long-term operation
Niu QG, He SL, Zhang YL, Ma HY, Liu Y, Li YY
142 - 149 Hydro-and solvothermolysis of kraft lignin for maximizing production of monomeric aromatic chemicals
Lee HS, Jae J, Ha JM, Suh DJ
150 - 159 The enhanced lipid accumulation in oleaginous microalga by the potential continuous nitrogen-limitation (CNL) strategy
Liu TT, Li YQ, Liu F, Wang C
160 - 165 A simple process for recovery of a stream of products from marine macroalgal biomass
Baghel RS, Trivedi N, Reddy CRK
166 - 172 Computational fluid dynamics study on mixing mode and power consumption in anaerobic mono- and co-digestion
Zhang Y, Yu GR, Yu L, Siddhu MAH, Gao MJ, Abdeltawab AA, Al-Deyab SS, Chen XC
173 - 180 Impacts of lignocellulose-derived inhibitors on L-lactic acid fermentation by Rhizopus oryzae
Zhang L, Li X, Yong Q, Yang ST, Ouyang J, Yu SY
181 - 189 The influence of sorghum grain decortication on bioethanol production and quality of the distillers' dried grains with solubles using cold and conventional warm starch processing
Nkomba EY, van Rensburg E, Chimphango AFA, Gorgens JF
190 - 197 Synergistic effect of up-flow constructed wetland and microbial fuel cell for simultaneous wastewater treatment and energy recovery
Oon YL, Ong SA, Ho LN, Wong YS, Dahalan FA, Oon YS, Lehl HK, Thung WE
198 - 203 Waste cooking oil: A new substrate for carotene production by Blakeslea trispora in submerged fermentation
Nanou K, Roukas T
204 - 210 Physical structure changes of solid medium by steam explosion sterilization
Zhao ZM, Wang L, Chen HZ
211 - 219 High titer gluconic acid fermentation by Aspergillus niger from dry dilute acid pretreated corn stover without detoxification
Zhang HS, Zhang J, Bao J
220 - 227 Enhancing growth rate and lipid yield of Chlorella with nuclear irradiation under high salt and CO2 stress
Cheng J, Lu HX, Huang Y, Li K, Huang R, Zhou JH, Cen KF
228 - 235 Hydrothermal liquefaction of freshwater and marine algal biomass: A novel approach to produce distillate fuel fractions through blending and co-processing of biocrude with petrocrude
Lavanya M, Meenakshisundaram A, Renganathan S, Chinnasamy S, Lewis DM, Nallasivam J, Bhaskar S
236 - 244 Biodiesel production from Nannochloropsis gaditana lipids through transesterification catalyzed by Rhizopus oryzae lipase
Lopez EN, Medina AR, Moreno PAG, Cerdan LE, Valverde LM, Grima EM
245 - 251 High-effective denitrification of low C/N wastewater by combined constructed wetland and biofilm-electrode reactor (CW-BER)
He Y, Wang YH, Song XS
252 - 258 Pilot-scale steam explosion for xylose production from oil palm empty fruit bunches and the use of xylose for ethanol production
Duangwang S, Ruengpeerakul T, Cheirsilp B, Yamsaengsung R, Sangwichien C
259 - 266 Influence of the gas composition on the efficiency of ammonia stripping of biogas digestate
Bousek J, Scroccaro D, Sima J, Weissenbacher N, Fuchs W
267 - 271 Does the addition of proteases affect the biogas yield from organic material in anaerobic digestion?
Muller L, Kretzschmar J, Proter J, Liebetrau J, Nelles M, Scholwin F
272 - 279 Potential use of the facultative halophyte Chenopodium quinoa Willd. as substrate for biogas production cultivated with different concentrations of sodium chloride under hydroponic conditions
Turcios AE, Weichgrebe D, Papenbrock J
280 - 286 Understanding energy loss in parallelly connected microbial fuel cells: Non-Faradaic current
An J, Sim J, Feng YJ, Lee HS
287 - 294 Aerobic decolorization, degradation and detoxification of azo dyes by a newly isolated salt-tolerant yeast Scheffersomyces spartinae TLHS-SF1
Tan L, He MY, Song L, Fu XM, Shi SN
295 - 302 Open fermentative production of fuel ethanol from food waste by an acid-tolerant mutant strain of Zymomonas mobilis
Ma KD, Ruan ZY, Shui ZX, Wang YW, Hu GQ, He MX
303 - 308 Phosphoric acid pretreatment of Achyranthes aspera and Sida acuta weed biomass to improve enzymatic hydrolysis
Siripong P, Duangporn P, Takata E, Tsutsumi Y
309 - 317 Application of high-content image analysis for quantitatively estimating lipid accumulation in oleaginous yeasts with potential for use in biodiesel production
Capus A, Monnerat M, Ribeiro LC, de Souza W, Martins JL, Sant'Anna C
318 - 324 Lead and cadmium sorption mechanisms on magnetically modified biochars
Trakal L, Veselska V, Safarik I, Vitkova M, Cihalova S, Komarek M
325 - 333 G-lignin and hemicellulosic monosaccharides distinctively affect biomass digestibility in rapeseed
Pei YJ, Li YY, Zhang YB, Yu CB, Fu TD, Zou J, Tu YY, Peng LC, Chen P
334 - 340 Monitoring of the cellulosic ethanol fermentation process by near-infrared spectroscopy
Pinto ASS, Pereira SC, Ribeiro MPA, Farinas CS
341 - 347 Characteristic of nitrous oxide production in partial denitrification process with high nitrite accumulation
Du R, Peng YZ, Cao SB, Wang SY, Niu M
348 - 356 A critical review on analysis in pretreatment of lignocelluloses: Degree of polymerization, adsorption/desorption, and accessibility
Karimi K, Taherzadeh MJ
357 - 363 Flashing light in microalgae biotechnology
Abu-Ghosh S, Fixler D, Dubinsky Z, Iluz D
364 - 369 Enhancing cellulose accessibility of corn stover by deep eutectic solvent pretreatment for butanol fermentation
Xu GC, Ding JC, Han RZ, Dong JJ, Ni Y
370 - 373 Effective biodegradation of nitrate, Cr(VI) and p-fluoronitrobenzene by a novel three dimensional bioelectrochemical system
Chen D, Wang HY, Yang K