Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.200 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Anaerobic microbial fuel cell treating combined industrial wastewater: Correlation of electricity generation with pollutants
Abbasi U, Jin W, Pervez A, Bhatti ZA, Tariq M, Shaheen S, Iqbal A, Mahmood Q
8 - 13 The comparison of obtaining fermentable sugars from cellulose by enzymatic hydrolysis and fast pyrolysis
Jiang LQ, Zheng AQ, Zhao ZL, He F, Li HB, Wu NN
14 - 22 Investigation on the structural effect of lignin during the hydrogenolysis process
Shu RY, Long JX, Xu Y, Ma LL, Zhang Q, Wang TJ, Wang CG, Yuan ZQ, Wu QY
23 - 28 Integration of mild acid hydrolysis in gamma-valerolactone/water system for enhancement of enzymatic saccharification from cotton stalk
Wu M, Yan ZY, Zhang XM, Xu F, Sun RC
29 - 34 Global transcriptional responses of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Wenelen under different sulfide minerals
Latorre M, Ehrenfeld N, Cortes MP, Travisany D, Budinich M, Aravena A, Gonzalez M, Bobadilla-Fazzini RA, Parada P, Maass A
35 - 41 Insights into the global regulation of anaerobic metabolism for improved biohydrogen production
Lu Y, Zhao HX, Zhang C, Xing XH
42 - 47 Application of artificial neural networks to co-combustion of hazelnut husk-lignite coal blends
Yildiz Z, Uzun H, Ceylan S, Topcu Y
48 - 54 Enhancing enzymatic hydrolysis of xylan by adding sodium lignosulfonate and long-chain fatty alcohols
Lou HM, Yuan L, Qiu XQ, Qiu KX, Fu JG, Pang YX, Huang JH
55 - 63 Malbranchea cinnamomea: A thermophilic fungal source of catalytically efficient lignocellulolytic glycosyl hydrolases and metal dependent enzymes
Mahajan C, Basotra N, Singh S, Di Falco M, Tsang A, Chadha BS
64 - 71 Application of biomass pyrolytic polygeneration technology using retort reactors
Yang HP, Liu BA, Chen YQ, Chen W, Yang Q, Chen HP
72 - 80 Replacement of sugars to hydrogen production by Rhodobacter capsulatus using dark fermentation effluent as substrate
Silva FTM, Moreira LR, Ferreira JD, Batista FRX, Cardoso VL
81 - 89 Towards high potential magnetic biocatalysts for on-demand elimination of pharmaceuticals
Kumar VV, Cabana H
90 - 102 Modeling of biomass fractionation in a lab-scale biorefinery: Solubilization of hemicellulose and cellulose from holm oak wood using subcritical water
Cabeza A, Piqueras CM, Sobron F, Garcia-Serna J
103 - 110 The pollutants removal and bacterial community dynamics relationship within a full-scale British Gas/Lurgi coal gasification wastewater treatment using a novel system
Jia SY, Han HJ, Zhuang HF, Hou BL
111 - 120 Enhancing acetone biosynthesis and acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation performance by co-culturing Clostridium acetobutylicum/Saccharomyces cerevisiae integrated with exogenous acetate addition
Luo HZ, Ge LB, Zhang JS, Ding J, Chen R, Shi ZP
121 - 127 Sequential Fenton oxidation and hydrothermal treatment to improve the effect of pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis on mixed hardwood
Jeong SY, Lee JW
128 - 136 Investigating biofilm structure developing on carriers from lab-scale moving bed biofilm reactors based on light microscopy and optical coherence tomography
Li CY, Felz S, Wagner M, Lackner S, Horn H
137 - 146 Optimization of sugarcane bagasse autohydrolysis for methane production from hemicellulose hydrolyzates in a biorefinery concept
Baeta BEL, Lima DRS, Adarme OFH, Gurgel LVA, de Aquino SF
147 - 152 Haematococcus pluvialis soluble proteins: Extraction, characterization, concentration/fractionation and emulsifying properties
Ba F, Ursu AV, Laroche C, Djelveh G
153 - 160 Glycerin esterification of scum derived free fatty acids for biodiesel production
Anderson E, Addy M, Xie QL, Ma H, Liu YH, Cheng YL, Onuma N, Chen P, Ruan R
161 - 169 Enhancement of aerobic biodegradability potential of municipal waste activated sludge by ultrasonic aided bacterial disintegration
Kavitha S, Brindha GMJ, Gloriana AS, Rajashankar K, Yeom IT, Banu JR
170 - 177 Influence of an oxic settling anoxic system on biomass yield, protozoa and filamentous bacteria
Rodriguez-Perez S, Fermoso FG
178 - 185 Economic evaluation of technology for a new generation biofuel production using wastes
Koutinas A, Kanellaki M, Bekatorou A, Kandylis P, Pissaridi K, Dima A, Boura K, Lappa K, Tsafrakidou P, Stergiou PY, Foukis A, Gkini OA, Papamichael EM
186 - 193 Insights to the effects of free cells on community structure of attached cells and chalcopyrite bioleaching during different stages
Feng SS, Yang HL, Wang W
194 - 200 Effect of biological pretreatment of Agropyron elongatum'BAMAR' on biogas production by anaerobic digestion
Lalak J, Kasprzycka A, Martyniak D, Tys J
201 - 207 Is torrefaction of polysaccharides-rich biomass equivalent to carbonization of lignin-rich biomass?
Bilgic E, Yaman S, Haykiri-Acma H, Kucukbayrak S
208 - 216 Evaluation of the inhibitory effects of heavy metals on anammox activity: A batch test study
Zhang ZZ, Zhang QQ, Xu JJ, Deng R, Ji ZQ, Wu YH, Jin RC
217 - 222 Changes in microbial community during biohydrogen production using gamma irradiated sludge as inoculum
Yin YN, Wang JL
223 - 229 Degradation and toxicity reduction of the endocrine disruptors nonylphenol, 4-tert-octylphenol and 4-cumylphenol by the non-ligninolytic fungus Umbelopsis isabellina
Janicki T, Krupinski M, Dlugonski J
230 - 234 Kinetics of biogas production in Anaerobic Filters
Krumpel J, Schaufele F, Schneider J, Jungbluth T, Zielonka S, Lemmer A
235 - 244 Evaluation on direct interspecies electron transfer in anaerobic sludge digestion of microbial electrolysis cell
Zhao ZS, Zhang YB, Quan X, Zhao HM
245 - 252 Performance, carotenoids yield and microbial population dynamics in a photobioreactor system treating acidic wastewater: Effect of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and organic loading rate (OLR)
Liu SL, Zhang GM, Zhang J, Li XK, Li JZ
253 - 261 Optimization and microbial community analysis of anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and sewage sludge based on microwave pretreatment
Zhang JY, Lv C, Tong J, Liu JW, Liu JB, Yu DW, Wang YW, Chen MX, Wei YS
262 - 271 Effect of frequency and reaction time in focused ultrasonic pretreatment of energy cane bagasse for bioethanol production
Liyakathali NAM, Muley PD, Aita G, Boldor D
272 - 278 Effect of alkali lignins with different molecular weights from alkali pretreated rice straw hydrolyzate on enzymatic hydrolysis
Li Y, Qi BK, Luo JQ, Wan YH
279 - 286 Biotechnological potential of Synechocystis salina co-cultures with selected microalgae and cyanobacteria: Nutrients removal, biomass and lipid production
Goncalves AL, Pires JCM, Simoes M
287 - 296 Effect of pretreatment severity in continuous steam explosion on enzymatic conversion of wheat straw: Evidence from kinetic analysis of hydrolysis time courses
Monschein M, Nidetzky B
297 - 304 Phosphorus and water recovery by a novel osmotic membrane bioreactor-reverse osmosis system
Luo WH, Hai FI, Price WE, Guo W, Ngo HH, Yamamoto K, Nghiem LD
305 - 310 Effects of salinity build-up on the performance and bacterial community structure of a membrane bioreactor
Luo WH, Phan HV, Hai FI, Price WE, Guo WS, Ngo HH, Yamamoto K, Nghiem LD
311 - 319 Biomethanization of sugar beet byproduct by semi-continuous single digestion and co-digestion with cow manure
Aboudi K, Alvarez-Gallego CJ, Romero-Garcia LI
320 - 327 Study on demetalization of sewage sludge by sequential extraction before liquefaction for the production of cleaner bio-oil and bio-char
Leng LJ, Yuan XZ, Shao JG, Huang HJ, Wang H, Li H, Chen XH, Zeng GM
328 - 334 Hydrodynamic optimization of membrane bioreactor by horizontal geometry modification using computational fluid dynamics
Yan XX, Wu Q, Sun JY, Liang P, Zhang XY, Xiao K, Huang X
335 - 341 A thermogravimetric analysis of the combustion kinetics of karanja (Pongamia pinnata) fruit hulls char
Islam MA, Auta M, Kabir G, Hameed BH
342 - 349 Application of microbial electrolysis cells to treat spent yeast from an alcoholic fermentation
Sosa-Hernandez O, Popat SC, Parameswaran P, Aleman-Nava GS, Torres CI, Buitron G, Parra-Saldivar R
350 - 359 Activated carbon derived from carbon residue from biomass gasification and its application for dye adsorption: Kinetics, isotherms and thermodynamic studies
Maneerung T, Liew J, Dai YJ, Kawi S, Chong C, Wang CH
360 - 365 Continuous harvesting of microalgae by new microfluidic technology for particle separation
Honsvall BK, Altin D, Robertson LJ
366 - 373 Hydrolysis-acidogenesis of food waste in solid-liquid-separating continuous stirred tank reactor (SLS-CSTR) for volatile organic acid production
Karthikeyan OP, Selvam A, Wong JWC
374 - 379 Improvement of Sporobolomyces ruberrimus carotenoids production by the use of raw glycerol
Cardoso LAC, Jackel S, Karp SG, Framboisier X, Chevalot I, Marc I
380 - 387 Nitrification and aerobic denitrification in anoxic-aerobic sequencing batch reactor
Marin JCA, Caravelli AH, Zaritzky NE
388 - 395 Biotic and abiotic roles of leachate recirculation in batch mode solid-state anaerobic digestion of cattle manure
Degueurce A, Tomas N, Le Roux S, Martinez J, Peu P
396 - 404 A grey box model of glucose fermentation and syntrophic oxidation in microbial fuel cells
Fernandez MD, Sanroman MD, Marks S, Makinia J, del Campo AG, Rodrigo M, Fernandez FJ
405 - 412 Methane enhancement through oxidative cleavage and alkali solubilization pre-treatments for corn stover with anaerobic activated sludge
Hassan M, Ding WM, Bi JH, Mehryar E, Talha ZAA, Huang HY
413 - 419 Production of co-polymers of polyhydroxyalkanoates by regulating the hydrolysis of biowastes
Kumar P, Ray S, Kalia VC
420 - 425 Evaluation of energy-distribution of a hybrid microbial fuel cell-membrane bioreactor (MFC-MBR) for cost-effective wastewater treatment
Wang J, Bi FH, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Jia H, Zhang HW, Zhang XB
426 - 434 Biodegradation of phenolic compounds and their metabolites in contaminated groundwater using microbial fuel cells
Hedbavna P, Rolfe SA, Huang WE, Thornton SF
435 - 443 Scale-up of phosphate remobilization from sewage sludge in a microbial fuel cell
Happe M, Sugnaux M, Cachelin CP, Stauffer M, Zufferey G, Kahoun T, Salamin PA, Egli T, Comninellis C, Grogg AF, Fischer F
444 - 450 Hydrothermal carbonization of industrial mixed sludge from a pulp and paper mill
Makela M, Benavente V, Fullana A
451 - 457 A new method for modeling rough membrane surface and calculation of interfacial interactions
Zhao LH, Zhang MJ, He YM, Chen JR, Hong HC, Liao BQ, Lin HJ
458 - 463 Combination of mechanical, alkaline and enzymatic treatments to upgrade paper-grade pulp to dissolving pulp with high reactivity
Duan C, Verma SK, Li JG, Ma XJ, Ni YH
464 - 469 Bead milling for lipid recovery from thraustochytrid cells and selective hydrolysis of Schizochytrium DT3 oil using lipase
Byreddy AR, Barrow CJ, Puri M
470 - 476 Is the continuous two-stage anaerobic digestion process well suited for all substrates?
Lindner J, Zielonka S, Oechsner H, Lemmer A
477 - 484 Laccase-syringaldehyde-mediated degradation of trace organic contaminants in an enzymatic membrane reactor: Removal efficiency and effluent toxicity
Nguyen LN, van de Merwe JP, Hai FI, Leusch FDL, Kang JG, Price WE, Roddick F, Magram SF, Nghiem LD
485 - 492 Recovery of nitrogen and water from landfill leachate by a microbial electrolysis cell-forward osmosis system
Qin M, Molitor H, Brazil B, Novak JT, He Z
493 - 499 Heterotrophic nitrification and aerobic denitrification by Pseudomonas tolaasii Y-11 without nitrite accumulation during nitrogen conversion
He TX, Li ZL, Sun Q, Xu Y, Ye Q
500 - 505 Production, extraction and stabilization of lutein from microalga Chlorella sorokiniana MB-1
Chen CY, Jesisca, Hsieh CY, Lee DJ, Chang CH, Chang JS
506 - 513 Anaerobic digestion of fines from recovered paper processing - Influence of fiber source, lignin and ash content on biogas potential
Steffen F, Requejo A, Ewald C, Janzon R, Saake B
514 - 520 Integrating particle physical geometry into composting degradation kinetics
Wang YJ, Ai P
521 - 527 The densification of bio-char: Effect of pyrolysis temperature on the qualities of pellets
Hu Q, Yang HP, Yao DD, Zhu DC, Wang XH, Shao JG, Chen HP
528 - 534 Spirulina cultivation with a CO2 absorbent: Influence on growth parameters and macromolecule production
da Rosa GM, Moraes L, de Souza MDAZ, Costa JAV
535 - 540 Calcium ion on membrane fouling reduction and bioflocculation promotion in membrane bioreactor at high salt shock
Zhang HF, Fan X, Wang B, Song LF
541 - 547 Soluble inhibitors generated during hydrothermal pretreatment of oil palm mesocarp fiber suppressed the catalytic activity of Acremonium cellulase
Zakaria MR, Hirata S, Fujimoto S, Ibrahim I, Hassan MA
548 - 556 The utilization of natural soda resource of Ordos in the cultivation of Nannochloropsis oceanica
Pan YF, Yang HB, Meng YY, Liu J, Shen PL, Wu PC, Cao XP, Xue S
557 - 564 Enhancing bio-butanol production from biomass of Chlorella vulgaris JSC-6 with sequential alkali pretreatment and acid hydrolysis
Wang Y, Guo WQ, Cheng CL, Ho SH, Chang JS, Ren NQ
565 - 571 Cooperative cathode electrode and in situ deposited copper for subsequent enhanced Cd(II) removal and hydrogen evolution in bioelectrochemical systems
Wang Q, Huang LP, Pan YZ, Zhou P, Quan X, Logan BE, Chen HB
572 - 578 Fractionation of oil palm empty fruit bunch by bisulfite pretreatment for the production of bioethanol and high value products
Tan LP, Wang MM, Li XZ, Li HX, Zhao J, Qu YB, Choo YM, Loh SK
579 - 586 Alkali-solubilized organic matter from sludge and its degradability in the anaerobic process
Li DZ, Zhou Y, Tan YM, Pathak S, Majid MB, Ng WJ
587 - 597 Long term effect of alkali types on waste activated sludge hydrolytic acidification and microbial community at low temperature
Jin BD, Wang SY, Xing LQ, Li BK, Peng YZ
598 - 605 Coordinated regulation of nitrogen supply mode and initial cell density for energy storage compounds production with economized nitrogen utilization in a marine microalga Isochrysis zhangjiangensis
Chi L, Yao CH, Cao XP, Xue S
606 - 615 Outdoor cultures of Chlorella pyrenoidosa in the effluent of anaerobically digested activated sludge: The effects of pH and free ammonia
Tan XB, Zhang YL, Yang LB, Chu HQ, Guo J
616 - 623 Semi-continuous methane production from undiluted brown algae using a halophilic marine microbial community
Miura T, Kita A, Okamura Y, Aki T, Matsumura Y, Tajima T, Kato J, Nakashimada Y
624 - 630 Acidogenic fermentation of Scenedesmus sp.-AMDD: Comparison of volatile fatty acids yields between mesophilic and thermophilic conditions
Gruhn M, Frigon JC, Guiot SR
631 - 638 Semi-aerobic fermentation as a novel pre-treatment to obtain VFA and increase methane yield from primary sludge
Peces M, Astals S, Clarke WP, Jensen PD
639 - 647 Integrated production of cellulosic bioethanol and succinic acid from industrial hemp in a biorefinery concept
Kuglarz M, Alvarado-Morales M, Karakashev D, Angelidaki I
648 - 657 Ethanol fermentation integrated with PDMS composite membrane: An effective process
Fu CH, Cai D, Hu S, Miao Q, Wang Y, Qin PY, Wang Z, Tan TW
658 - 665 Estimation of beech pyrolysis kinetic parameters by Shuffled Complex Evolution
Ding YM, Wang CJ, Chaos M, Chen RY, Lu SX
666 - 679 Dynamic global sensitivity analysis in bioreactor networks for bioethanol production
Ochoa MP, Estrada V, Maggio J, Hoch PM
680 - 690 Bio-oil production of softwood and hardwood forest industry residues through fast and intermediate pyrolysis and its chromatographic characterization
Torri ID, Paasikallio V, Faccini CS, Huff R, Caramao EB, Sacon V, Oasmaa A, Zini CA
691 - 698 Polarized potential and electrode materials implication on electro-fermentative di-hydrogen production: Microbial assemblages and hydrogenase gene copy variation
Arunasri K, Modestra JA, Yeruva DK, Krishna KV, Mohan SV
699 - 705 New insights into shear-sensitivity in dinoflagellate microalgae
Gallardo-Rodriguez JJ, Lopez-Rosales L, Sanchez-Miron A, Garcia-Camacho F, Molina-Grima E, Chalmers JJ
706 - 712 Enhanced production and application of acidothermophilic Streptomyces cellulase
Budihal SR, Agsar D, Patil SR
713 - 721 Acetone-butanol-ethanol production from Kraft paper mill sludge by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Guan WJ, Shi SA, Tu MB, Lee YY
722 - 730 A new activated primary tank developed for recovering carbon source and its application
Jin PK, Wang XB, Zhang QH, Wang XC, Ngo HH, Yang L
731 - 737 A simple kinetic analysis of syngas during steam hydrogasification of biomass using a novel inverted batch reactor with instant high pressure feeding
Fan X, Liu ZZ, Norbeck JM, Park CS
738 - 743 Effects of cytoplasm and reactant polarities on acid-catalyzed lipid transesterification in wet microalgal cells subjected to microwave irradiation
Huang R, Cheng J, Qiu Y, Li T, Zhou JH, Cen KF
744 - 752 Impact of different ratios of feedstock to liquid anaerobic digestion effluent on the performance and microbiome of solid-state anaerobic digesters digesting corn stover
Li YF, Shi J, Nelson MC, Chen PH, Graf J, Li YB, Yu ZT
753 - 760 Comparison of digestate from solid anaerobic digesters and dewatered effluent from liquid anaerobic digesters as inocula for solid state anaerobic digestion of yard trimmings
Xu FQ, Wang F, Lin L, Li YB
761 - 769 The dual effects of lignin content on enzymatic hydrolysis using film composed of cellulose and lignin as a structure model
Zhang L, Zhang LM, Zhou T, Wu YY, Xu F
770 - 779 Synchronized growth and neutral lipid accumulation in Chlorella sorokiniana FC6 IITG under continuous mode of operation
Kumar V, Muthuraj M, Palabhanvi B, Das D
780 - 788 Nitrogen limitation, oxygen limitation, and lipid accumulation in Lipomyces starkeyi
Calvey CH, Su YK, Willis LB, McGee M, Jeffries TW
789 - 794 Effect of fuel origin on synergy during co-gasification of biomass and coal in CO2
Zhang Y, Zheng Y, Yang MJ, Song YC
795 - 803 Evaluation of herbicide (persistent pollutant) removal mechanisms through hybrid membrane bioreactors
Navaratna D, Shu L, Jegatheesan V
804 - 811 Comparison of liquid and vapor hydrothermal carbonization of corn husk for the use as a solid fuel
Minaret J, Dutta A
812 - 819 Recovery of nitrification in cadmium-inhibited activated sludge system by bio-accelerators
Wang Y, Ji M, Zhao YX, Zhai HY
820 - 829 Integrating the selection of PHA storing biomass and nitrogen removal via nitrite in the main wastewater treatment line
Basset N, Katsou E, Frison N, Malamis S, Dosta J, Fatone F
830 - 837 1,3-Propanediol production from glycerol with a novel biocatalyst Shimwellia blattae ATCC 33430: Operational conditions and kinetics in batch cultivations
Rodriguez A, Wojtusik M, Ripoll V, Santos VE, Garcia-Ochoa F
838 - 844 Reducing nitrogen loss and salinity during'struvite' food waste composting by zeolite amendment
Chan MT, Selvam A, Wong JWC
845 - 852 Influence of ionic conductivity in bioelectricity production from saline domestic sewage sludge in microbial fuel cells
Karthikeyan R, Selvam A, Cheng KY, Wong JWC
853 - 860 Nanobioconjugates of Candida antarctica lipase B and single-walled carbon nanotubes in biodiesel production
Bencze LC, Bartha-Vari JH, Katona G, Tosa MI, Paizs C, Irimie FD
861 - 866 Profiling of lipid and glycogen accumulations under different growth conditions in the sulfothermophilic red alga Galdieria sulphuraria
Sakurai T, Aoki M, Ju XH, Ueda T, Nakamura Y, Fujiwara S, Umemura T, Tsuzuki M, Minoda A
867 - 875 Two-phase photoperiodic cultivation of algal-bacterial consortia for high biomass production and efficient nutrient removal from municipal wastewater
Lee CS, Oh HS, Oh HM, Kim HS, Ahn CY
876 - 883 Straw biochar hastens organic matter degradation and produces nutrient-rich compost
Zhang JN, Chen GF, Sun HF, Zhou S, Zou GY
884 - 890 Optimization of biogas production from coffee production waste
Battista F, Fino D, Mancini G
891 - 896 Microbial reduction of nitrate in the presence of zero-valent iron and biochar
Oh SY, Seo YD, Kim B, Kim IY, Cha DK
897 - 904 Enhanced production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid from glucose via malonyl-CoA pathway by engineered Escherichia coli
Cheng Z, Jiang JQ, Wu H, Li ZM, Ye Q
905 - 913 Fast pyrolysis char - Assessment of alternative uses within the bioliq (R) concept
Funke A, Niebel A, Richter D, Abbas MM, Muller AK, Radloff S, Paneru M, Maier J, Dahmen N, Sauer J
914 - 920 Sedimentation-induced detachment of magnetite nanoparticles from microalgal flocs
Matsuda S, Durney AR, He LJ, Mukaibo H
921 - 927 Co-composting of poultry manure mixtures amended with biochar - The effect of biochar on temperature and C-CO2 emission
Czekala W, Malinska K, Caceres R, Janczak D, Dach J, Lewicki A
928 - 939 Techno-economic assessment of a wood-based biorefinery concept for the production of polymer-grade ethylene, organosolv lignin and fuel
Nitzsche R, Budzinski M, Grongroft A
940 - 950 Multi-objective optimization of media nutrients for enhanced production of algae biomass and fatty acid biosynthesis from Chlorella pyrenoidosa NCIM 2738
Kanaga K, Pandey A, Kumar S, Geetanjali
951 - 960 A comparison of product yields and inorganic content in process streams following thermal hydrolysis and hydrothermal processing of microalgae, manure and digestate
Ekpo U, Ross AB, Camargo-Valero MA, Williams PT
961 - 970 Advances in improving the performance of cellulase in ionic liquids for lignocellulose biorefinery
Xu JX, Xiong P, He BF
971 - 980 Recent advances in alcohol and organic acid fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass
Li MF, Yang S, Sun RC
981 - 990 Biological nitrogen removal from sewage via anammox: Recent advances
Ma B, Wang SY, Cao SB, Miao YY, Jia FX, Du R, Peng YZ
991 - 998 The migration and transformation behaviors of heavy metals during the hydrothermal treatment of sewage sludge
Huang HJ, Yuan XZ
999 - 1007 The use of microbial-earthworm ecofilters for wastewater treatment with special attention to influencing factors in performance: A review
Jiang LH, Liu YG, Hu XJ, Zeng GM, Wang H, Zhou L, Tan XF, Huang BY, Liu SB, Liu SM
1008 - 1018 A critical review of analytical methods in pretreatment of lignocelluloses: Composition, imaging, and crystallinity
Karimi K, Taherzadeh MJ
1019 - 1023 Efficient regulation of elemental sulfur recovery through optimizing working height of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor during denitrifying sulfide removal process
Huang C, Li ZL, Chen F, Liu Q, Zhao YK, Gao LF, Chen C, Zhou JZ, Wang AJ
1024 - 1028 Influence of pyrolysis temperature on characteristics and phosphate adsorption capability of biochar derived from waste-marine macroalgae (Undaria pinnatifida roots)
Jung KW, Kim K, Jeong TU, Ahn KH
1029 - 1032 Fabrication of porosity-enhanced MgO/biochar for removal of phosphate from aqueous solution: Application of a novel combined electrochemical modification method
Jung KW, Ahn KH
1033 - 1038 Influence of textile dye and decolorized metabolites on microbial fuel cell-assisted bioremediation
Chen BY, Ma CM, Han K, Yueh PL, Qin LJ, Hsueh CC
1039 - 1043 An unexpected negative influence of light intensity on hydrogen production by dark fermentative bacteria Clostridium beijerinckii
Zagrodnik R, Laniecki M
1044 - 1049 Two step esterification-transesterification process of wet greasy sewage sludge for biodiesel production
Urrutia C, Sangaletti-Gerhard N, Cea M, Suazo A, Aliberti A, Navia R
1050 - 1054 Promotion of microalgal growth by co-culturing with Cellvibrio pealriver using xylan as feedstock
Xie ZZ, Lin WT, Luo JF
1055 - 1059 Study of aerobic granular sludge stability in a continuous-flow membrane bioreactor
Corsino SF, Campo R, Di Bella G, Torregrossa M, Viviani G
1060 - 1064 Enhancement in ionic liquid tolerance of cellulase immobilized on PEGylated graphene oxide nanosheets: Application in saccharification of lignocellulose
Xu JX, Sheng ZH, Wang XF, Liu XY, Xia J, Xiong P, He BF
1065 - 1072 Effect of iron-manganese-sepiolite as heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst on the performance and microbial community of anaerobic granular sludge treatment system
Su CY, Li WG, Chen ML, Huang Z, Wu L
1073 - 1075 Lipid extraction from microalgae cell using persulfate-based oxidation
Seo YH, Sung M, Oh YK, Han JI
1076 - 1079 Pyrosequencing reveals microbial community profile in anaerobic bio-entrapped membrane reactor for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment
Ng KK, Shi XQ, Ong SL, Ng HY
1080 - 1084 Fatty acid profiles of four filamentous green algae under varying culture conditions
Liu JZ, Vanormelingen P, Vyverman W
1085 - 1088 Biochemical conversion of sugarcane straw hemicellulosic hydrolyzate supplemented with co-substrates for xylitol production
Hernandez-Perez AF, Costa IAL, Silva DDV, Dussan KJ, Villela TR, Canettieri EV, Carvalho JA, Soares TG, Felipe MGA
1089 - 1089 Modelling and computational fluid dynamic behaviour of a biofilter treating benzene (vol 125, pg 200, 2012)
Rahul, Mathur AK, Bala S, Majumder C