Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.199 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Pretreatment of biomass Preface
Lee JS, Saddler J, Binod P
2 - 12 Ozonolysis: An advantageous pretreatment for lignocellulosic biomass revisited
Travaini R, Martin-Juarez J, Lorenzo-Hernando A, Bolado-Rodriguez S
13 - 20 An evaluation of dilute acid and ammonia fiber explosion pretreatment for cellulosic ethanol production
Mathew AK, Parameshwaran B, Sukumaran RK, Pandey A
21 - 33 Organic solvent pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for biofuels and biochemicals: A review
Zhang K, Pei ZJ, Wang DH
34 - 41 Microwave irradiation - A green and efficient way to pretreat biomass
Li HQ, Qu YS, Yang YQ, Chang SL, Xu J
42 - 48 A review on alkaline pretreatment technology for bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass
Kim JS, Lee YY, Kim TH
49 - 58 The role of pretreatment in improving the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials
Sun SN, Sun SL, Cao XF, Sun RC
59 - 67 Use of mechanical refining to improve the production of low-cost sugars from lignocellulosic biomass
Park J, Jones B, Koo B, Chen X, Tucker M, Yu JH, Pschorn T, Venditti R, Park S
68 - 75 Liquid hot water pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for bioethanol production accompanying with high valuable products
Zhuang XS, Wang W, Yu Q, Qi W, Wang Q, Tan XS, Zhou GX, Yuan ZH
76 - 82 Biological pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass - An overview
Sindhu R, Binod P, Pandey A
83 - 91 Various pretreatments of lignocellulosics
Rabemanolontsoa H, Saka S
92 - 102 A comprehensive review on pre-treatment strategy for lignocellulosic food industry waste: Challenges and opportunities
Ravindran R, Jaiswal AK
103 - 112 Pretreatment of lignocellulose: Formation of inhibitory by-products and strategies for minimizing their effects
Jonsson LJ, Martin C
113 - 120 Supercritical fluids as a green technology for the pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass
Serna LVD, Alzate CEO, Alzate CAC
121 - 127 Two-stage, acetic acid-aqueous ammonia, fractionation of empty fruit bunches for increased lignocellulosic biomass utilization
Kim DY, Kim YS, Kim TH, Oh KK
128 - 134 Advanced process for precipitation of lignin from ethanol organosolv spent liquors
Schulze P, Seidel-Morgenstern A, Lorenz H, Leschinsky M, Unkelbach G
135 - 141 The influence of lignin on steam pretreatment and mechanical pulping of poplar to achieve high sugar recovery and ease of enzymatic hydrolysis
Chandra RP, Chu QL, Hu JG, Zhong N, Lin M, Lee JS, Saddler J
142 - 147 Pretreatment optimization of Sorghum pioneer biomass for bioethanol production and its scale-up
Koradiya M, Duggirala S, Tipre D, Dave S
148 - 154 Enhanced enzymatic saccharification of pretreated biomass using glycerol thermal processing (GTP)
Zhang W, Sathitsuksanoh N, Barone JR, Renneckar S
155 - 163 Effects of water states on steam explosion of lignocellulosic biomass
Sui WJ, Chen HZ
164 - 172 Subcritical hydrothermal pretreatment of olive mill solid waste for biofuel production
Abu Tayeh H, Levy-Shalev O, Azaizeh H, Dosoretz CG
173 - 180 Steam explosion pretreatment of oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFB) using autocatalytic hydrolysis: A biorefinery approach
Medina JDC, Woiciechowski A, Zandona A, Nigam PS, Ramos LP, Soccol CR
181 - 187 Comparison of the substrate enzymatic digestibility and lignin structure of wheat straw stems and leaves pretreated by green liquor
Jiang B, Wang WX, Gu F, Cao TY, Jin YC
188 - 193 A new magnesium bisulfite pretreatment (MBSP) development for bio-ethanol production from corn stover
Yu H, Ren JW, Liu L, Zheng ZJ, Zhu JJ, Yong Q, Ouyang J
194 - 201 Pulsed electric field pretreatment of rapeseed green biomass (stems) to enhance pressing and extractives recovery
Yu X, Gouyo T, Grimi N, Bals O, Vorobiev E
202 - 210 Development of a novel sequential pretreatment strategy for the production of bioethanol from sugarcane trash
Raghavi S, Sindhu R, Binod P, Gnansounou E, Pandey A
211 - 219 Structural properties and hydrolysabilities of Chinese Pennisetum and Hybrid Pennisetum: Effect of aqueous ammonia pretreatment
Wang JF, Xin DL, Hou XC, Wu JY, Fan XF, Li KN, Zhang JH
220 - 227 Recovery of reducing sugars and volatile fatty acids from cornstalk at different hydrothermal treatment severity
Zhu ZB, Liu ZD, Zhang YH, Li BM, Lu HF, Duan N, Si BC, Shen RX, Lu JW
228 - 234 Biobutanol production from corn stover hydrolysate pretreated with recycled ionic liquid by Clostridium saccharobutylicum DSM 13864
Ding JC, Xu GC, Han RZ, Ni Y
235 - 244 Optimization of hydrolysis and volatile fatty acids production from sugarcane filter cake: Effects of urea supplementation and sodium hydroxide pretreatment
Janke L, Leite A, Batista K, Weinrich S, Strauber H, Nikolausz M, Nelles M, Stinner W
245 - 257 Pretreating wheat straw by the concentrated phosphoric acid plus hydrogen peroxide (PHP): Investigations on pretreatment conditions and structure changes
Wang Q, Hu JG, Shen F, Mei ZL, Yang G, Zhang YZ, Hu YD, Zhang J, Deng SH
258 - 264 Characterization of natural low transition temperature mixtures (LTTMs): Green solvents for biomass delignification
Yiin CL, Quitain AT, Yusup S, Sasaki M, Uemura Y, Kida T
265 - 270 Liquid hot water pretreatment of energy grasses and its influence of physico-chemical changes on enzymatic digestibility
Yu Q, Liu J, Zhuang XS, Yuan ZH, Wang W, Qi W, Wang Q, Tan XS, Kong XY
271 - 274 Progressive deconstruction of Arundo donax Linn. to fermentable sugars by acid catalyzed ionic liquid pretreatment
You TT, Zhang LM, Xu F
275 - 278 Effect of phenolic compounds from pretreated sugarcane bagasse on cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic activities
Michelin M, Ximenes E, Polizeli MDTD, Ladisch MR
279 - 282 Aqueous extraction of hemicelluloses from spruce - From hot to warm
Rissanen JV, Murzin DY, Salmi T, Grenman H
283 - 287 Feasibility of a facile butanol bioproduction using planetary mill pretreatment
Kwon JH, Kang H, Sang BI, Kim Y, Min J, Mitchell RJ, Lee JH
288 - 299 A review on hydrothermal pre-treatment technologies and environmental profiles of algal biomass processing
Patel B, Guo M, Izadpanah A, Shah N, Hellgardt K
300 - 310 Cell-wall disruption and lipid/astaxanthin extraction from microalgae: Chlorella and Haematococcus
Kim DY, Vijayan D, Praveenkumar R, Han JI, Lee K, Park JY, Chang WS, Lee JS, Oha YK
311 - 318 Pretreatment and saccharification of red macroalgae to produce fermentable sugars
Yun EJ, Kim HT, Cho KM, Yu S, Kim S, Choi IG, Kim KH
319 - 325 Enzymatic pretreatment of Chlorella vulgaris for biogas production: Influence of urban wastewater as a sole nutrient source on macromolecular profile and biocatalyst efficiency
Mahdy A, Ballesteros M, Gonzalez-Fernandez C
326 - 335 Mild-temperature thermochemical pretreatment of green macroalgal biomass: Effects on solubilization, methanation, and microbial community structure
Jung H, Baek G, Kim J, Shin SG, Lee C
336 - 346 Comparison of different process strategies for bioethanol production from Eucheuma cottonii: An economic study
Tan IS, Lee KT
347 - 351 Improving biogas production from microalgae by enzymatic pretreatment
Passos F, Hom-Diaz A, Blanquez P, Vicent T, Ferrer I
352 - 361 Effects of water washing and torrefaction on the pyrolysis behavior and kinetics of rice husk through TGA and Py-GC/MS
Zhang SP, Dong Q, Zhang L, Xiong YQ
362 - 366 Pyrolysis of microalgae residues - A kinetic study
Bui HH, Tran KQ, Chen WH
367 - 374 Product characteristics from the torrefaction of oil palm fiber pellets in inert and oxidative atmospheres
Chen WH, Zhuang YQ, Liu SH, Juang TT, Tsai CM
375 - 381 Hydrothermal liquefaction of de-oiled Jatropha curcas cake using Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) as catalysts and co-solvents
Alhassan Y, Kumar N, Bugaje IM
382 - 385 Comparative study on combined co-pyrolysis/gasification of walnut shell and bituminous coal by conventional and congruent-mass thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) methods
Zhang Y, Fan D, Zheng Y
386 - 397 Review of feedstock pretreatment strategies for improved anaerobic digestion: From lab-scale research to full-scale application
Carrere H, Antonopoulou G, Affes R, Passos F, Battimelli A, Lyberatos G, Ferrer I
398 - 407 Opportunities for utilization of non-conventional energy sources for biomass pretreatment
Singh R, Krishna BB, Kumar J, Bhaskar T
408 - 413 Development of a biomass torrefaction process integrated with oxy-fuel combustion
Tran KQ, Trinh TN, Bach QV
414 - 422 Optimisation on pretreatment of rubber seed (Hevea brasiliensis) oil via esterification reaction in a hydrodynamic cavitation reactor
Bokhari A, Chuah LF, Yusup S, Klemes JJ, Kamil RNM
423 - 426 Rapid and solvent-saving liquefaction of woody biomass using microwave-ultrasonic assisted technology
Lu ZX, Wu ZG, Fan LW, Zhang H, Liao YQ, Zheng DY, Wang SQ