Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Feasibility of various carbon sources and plant materials in enhancing the growth and biomass productivity of the freshwater microalgae Monoraphidium griffithii NS16
Yee W
9 - 16 Potential of biohydrogen production from organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) using pilot-scale dry anaerobic reactor
Elsamadony M, Tawfik A
17 - 21 Gravimetric enrichment of high lipid and starch accumulating microalgae
Hassanpour M, Abbasabadi M, Ebrahimi S, Hosseini M, Sheikhbaglou A
22 - 27 Bioethanol production from carbohydrate-enriched residual biomass obtained after lipid extraction of Chlorella sp KR-1
Lee OK, Oh YK, Lee EY
28 - 34 Denitrification accelerates granular sludge formation in sequencing batch reactors
Suja E, Nancharaiah YV, Mohan TVK, Venugopalan VP
35 - 42 Characterization of products from hydrothermal carbonization of orange pomace including anaerobic digestibility of process liquor
Erdogan E, Atila B, Mumme J, Reza MT, Toptas A, Elibol M, Yanik J
43 - 48 Pyrolysis of mangaba seed: Production and characterization of bio-oil
Santos RM, Santos AO, Sussuchi EM, Nascimento JS, Lima AS, Freitas LS
49 - 56 Techno-economic and uncertainty analysis of in situ and ex situ fast pyrolysis for biofuel production
Li BY, Ou LW, Dang Q, Meyer P, Jones S, Brown R, Wright M
57 - 64 Enhanced long-term ammonium removal and its ranked contribution of microbial genes associated with nitrogen cycling in a lab-scale multimedia biofilter
Wang HL, Ji GD, Bai XY
65 - 71 Energy analysis for the production of biodiesel in a spiral reactor using supercritical tert-butyl methyl ether (MTBE)
Farobie O, Matsumura Y
72 - 77 Alterations of the lipid content and fatty acid profile of Chlorella protothecoides under different light intensities
Krzeminska I, Piasecka A, Nosalewicz A, Simionato D, Wawrzykowski J
78 - 87 Simulation of the ozone pretreatment of wheat straw
Bhattarai S, Bottenus D, Ivory CF, Gao AH, Bule M, Garcia-Perez M, Chen S
88 - 98 Mechanistic analysis of ultrasound assisted enzymatic desulfurization of liquid fuels using horseradish peroxidase
Bhasarkar J, Borah AJ, Goswami P, Moholkar VS
99 - 108 Understanding low-lipid algae hydrothermal liquefaction characteristics and pathways through hydrothermal liquefaction of algal major components: Crude polysaccharides, crude proteins and their binary mixtures
Yang WC, Li XG, Li ZH, Tong CH, Feng LJ
109 - 115 Evaluation of the microbial cell structure damages in alkaline pretreatment of waste activated sludge
Xiao BY, Liu C, Liu JX, Guo XS
116 - 122 Effect of Ca(OH)(2) pretreatment on extruded rice straw anaerobic digestion
Gu Y, Zhang YL, Zhou XF
123 - 128 Effect of electro-stimulation on activity of heterotrophic denitrifying bacteria and denitrification performance
Liu HY, Tong S, Chen N, Liu Y, Feng CP, Hua QL
129 - 135 Techno-economic evaluation of conditioning with sodium sulfite for bioethanol production from softwood
Cavka A, Martin C, Alriksson B, Mortsell M, Jonsson LJ
136 - 144 Isoconversional kinetic study of the thermal decomposition of sugarcane straw for thermal conversion processes
Rueda-Ordonez YJ, Tannous K
145 - 152 Comparison of flocculation methods for harvesting Dunaliella
Pirwitz K, Rihko-Struckmann L, Sundmacher K
153 - 159 Impact of butyric acid on butanol formation by Clostridium pasteurianum
Regestein L, Doerr EW, Staaden A, Rehmann L
160 - 168 Maximizing biomass concentration in baker's yeast process by using a decoupled geometric controller for substrate and dissolved oxygen
Chopda VR, Rathore AS, Gomes J
169 - 175 Treatment of petrochemical wastewater by microaerobic hydrolysis and anoxic/oxic processes and analysis of bacterial diversity
Yang Q, Xiong PP, Ding PY, Chu LB, Wang JL
176 - 183 Extracellular expression of natural cytosolic arginine deiminase from Pseudomonas putida and its application in the production of L-citrulline
Su LQ, Ma Y, Wu J
184 - 193 Anaerobic digestion of microalgal bacterial flocs from a raceway pond treating aquaculture wastewater: Need for a biorefinery
Van Den Hende S, Laurent C, Begue M
194 - 199 Comprehensive utilization of glycerol from sugarcane bagasse pretreatment to fermentation
Jiang LQ, Zheng AQ, Zhao ZL, He F, Li HB
200 - 208 Characterization of food waste-recycling wastewater as biogas feedstock
Shin SG, Han G, Lee J, Cho K, Jeon EJ, Lee C, Hwang S
209 - 216 Nitrogen-removal efficiency of a novel aerobic denitrifying bacterium, Pseudomonas stutzeri strain ZF31, isolated from a drinking-water reservoir
Huang TL, Guo L, Zhang HH, Su JF, Wen G, Zhang K
217 - 224 Synergetic deoxy reforming of cellulose and fatty acid esters for liquid hydrocarbon-rich oils
Wang C, Sui JJ, Lu WP, Li BP, Li GX, Ding YH, Huang Y, Geng JX
225 - 234 High organic loading treatment for industrial molasses wastewater and microbial community shifts corresponding to system development
Kuroda K, Chosei T, Nakahara N, Hatamoto M, Wakabayashi T, Kawai T, Araki N, Syutsubo K, Yamaguchi T
235 - 240 Scenedesmus-based treatment of nitrogen and phosphorus from effluent of anaerobic digester and bio-oil production
Kim GY, Yun YM, Shin HS, Kim HS, Han JI
241 - 249 Efficient anaerobic transformation of raw wheat straw by a robust cow rumen-derived microbial consortium
Lazuka A, Auer L, Bozonnet S, Morgavi DP, O'Donohue M, Hernandez-Raquet G
250 - 255 Inhibitory effects of furan derivatives and phenolic compounds on dark hydrogen fermentation
Lin RC, Cheng J, Ding LK, Song WL, Zhou JH, Cen KF
256 - 262 The importance of aeration mode and flowrate in the determination of the biological activity and stability of organic wastes by respiration indices
Almeira N, Komilis D, Barrena R, Gea T, Sanchez A
263 - 272 Activation of glycerol metabolic pathway by evolutionary engineering of Rhizopus oryzae to strengthen the fumaric acid biosynthesis from crude glycerol
Huang D, Wang R, Du WJ, Wang GY, Xia ML
273 - 278 A sustainable method for effective regulation of anaerobic granular sludge: Artificially increasing the concentration of signal molecules by cultivating a secreting strain
Ding YC, Feng HJ, Huang WK, Shen DS, Wang MZ
279 - 289 Improved ADM1 model for anaerobic digestion process considering physico-chemical reactions
Zhang Y, Piccard S, Zhou W
290 - 300 Development of a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor for concurrent extraction of volatile fatty acids and biohydrogen production
Trad Z, Akimbomi J, Vial C, Larroche C, Taherzadeh MJ, Fontaine JP
301 - 313 Ensiling of seaweed for a seaweed biofuel industry
Herrmann C, FitzGerald J, O'Shea R, Xia A, O'Kiely P, Murphy JD
314 - 323 Simultaneous production of lactobionic and gluconic acid in cheese whey/glucose co-fermentation by Pseudomonas taetrolens
Alonso S, Rendueles M, Diaz M
324 - 331 Anaerobic-ion exchange (AN-IX) process for local-scale nitrogen recovery from wastewater
Smith DP, Smith NT
332 - 338 Accelerated hydrolysis of substituted cellulose for potential biofuel production: Kinetic study and modeling
Mu BN, Xu HL, Yang YQ
339 - 346 Optimization of bead milling parameters for the cell disruption of microalgae: Process modeling and application to Porphyridium cruentum and Nannochloropsis oculata
Montalescot V, Rinaldi T, Touchard R, Jubeau S, Frappart M, Jaouen P, Bourseau P, Marchal L
347 - 354 Biofilm formation and ethanol inhibition by bacterial contaminants of biofuel fermentation
Rich JO, Leathers TD, Bischoff KM, Anderson AM, Nunnally MS
355 - 363 Preparation and characterization of a novel graphene/biochar composite for aqueous phenanthrene and mercury removal
Tang JC, Lv HH, Gong YY, Huang Y
364 - 375 Comparative techno-economic assessment and LCA of selected integrated sugarcane-based biorefineries
Gnansounou E, Vaskan P, Pachon ER
376 - 382 Using three-bio-electrode reactor to enhance the activity of anammox biomass
Yin X, Qiao S, Zhou JT, Quan X
383 - 390 Use of new endophytic fungi as pretreatment to enhance enzymatic saccharification of Eucalyptus globulus
Martin-Sampedro R, Fillat U, Ibarra D, Eugenio ME
391 - 398 Ammonium oxalate-extractable uronic acids positively affect biomass enzymatic digestibility by reducing lignocellulose crystallinity in Miscanthus
Wang YT, Huang JF, Li Y, Xiong K, Wang YM, Li FC, Liu MY, Wu ZL, Tu YY, Peng LC
399 - 405 Effect of multi-stage inoculation on the bacterial and fungal community structure during organic municipal solid wastes composting
Xi BD, He XS, Dang QL, Yang TX, Li MX, Wang XW, Li D, Tang J
406 - 412 Physico-chemical characterization of pine cone shell and its use as biosorbent and fuel
Almendros AI, Martin-Lara MA, Ronda A, Perez A, Blazquez G, Calero M
413 - 417 Removal of hexenuronic acid by xylanase to reduce adsorbable organic halides formation in chlorine dioxide bleaching of bagasse pulp
Nie SX, Wang SF, Qin CR, Yao SQ, Ebonka JF, Song XP, Li KC
418 - 425 Production of short-chain fatty acids from the biodegradation of wheat straw lignin by Aspergillus fumigatus
Baltierra-Trejo E, Sanchez-Yanez JM, Buenrostro-Delgado O, Marquez-Benavides L
426 - 430 Separation and purification of hemicellulose-derived saccharides from wood hydrolysate by combined process
Wang XJ, Zhuang JS, Jiang JG, Fu YJ, Qin MH, Wang ZJ
431 - 440 Techno-economic feasibility and life cycle assessment of dairy effluent to renewable diesel via hydrothermal liquefaction
Summers HM, Ledbetter RN, McCurdy AT, Morgan MR, Seefeldt LC, Jena U, Hoekman SK, Quinn JC
441 - 447 Determination of kinetic parameters of Phlomis bovei de Noe using thermogravimetric analysis
Yahiaoui M, Hadoun H, Toumert I, Hassani A
448 - 453 Nitrogen removal performance and microbial distribution in pilot- and full-scale integrated fixed-biofilm activated sludge reactors based on nitritation-anammox process
Zhang L, Zhang SJ, Peng YZ, Han XY, Gan YP
454 - 458 Pretreatment by NaOH swelling and then HCl regeneration to enhance the acid hydrolysis of cellulose to glucose
Sun BZ, Peng GG, Duan L, Xu AH, Li XX
459 - 468 Exploration of using stripped ammonia and ash from poultry litter for the cultivation of the cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis and the green microalga Chlorella vulgaris
Markou G, Iconomou D, Sotiroudis T, Israilides C, Muylaert K
469 - 479 Application of orange peel waste in the production of solid biofuels and biosorbents
Santos CM, Dweck J, Viotto RS, Rosa AH, de Morais LC
480 - 489 Biorefineries based on coffee cut-stems and sugarcane bagasse: Furan-based compounds and alkanes as interesting products
Aristizabal MV, Gomez PA, Cardona ACA
490 - 499 Enhancement and monitoring of pollutant removal in a constructed wetland by microbial electrochemical technology
Wei MM, Rakoczy J, Vogt C, Harnisch F, Schumann R, Richnow HH
500 - 508 Metabolism and biotransformation of azo dye by bacterial consortium studied in a bioreaction calorimeter
Shanmugam BK, Mahadevan S
509 - 517 Understanding lignin treatment in dialkylimidazolium-based ionic liquid-water mixtures
Yan B, Li KL, Wei LG, Ma YC, Shao GL, Zhao DY, Wan WY, Song LL
518 - 524 Untreated wheat straw: Potential source for diverse cellulolytic enzyme secretion by Penicillium janthinellum EMS-UV-8 mutant
Sharma B, Agrawal R, Singhania RR, Satlewal A, Mathur A, Tuli D, Adsul M
525 - 532 Adsorption of butanol vapor on active carbons with nitric acid hydrothermal modification
Cao YH, Wang KL, Wanga XM, Gu ZR, Gibbons W, Vu H
533 - 539 Competitive adsorption of heavy metals by extracellular polymeric substances extracted from Klebsiella sp J1
Yang JX, Wei W, Pi SS, Ma F, Li A, Wu D, Xing J
540 - 549 Application of laboratory prepared and commercially available biochars to adsorption of cadmium, copper and zinc ions from water
Bogusz A, Oleszczuk P, Dobrowolski R
550 - 558 Cell adhesion, ammonia removal and granulation of autotrophic nitrifying sludge facilitated by N-acyl-homoserine lactones
Li AJ, Hou BL, Li MX
559 - 565 A novel method for the synthesis of symmetrical triacylglycerols by enzymatic transesterification
Tang WJ, Wang XS, Huang JH, Jin QZ, Wang XG
566 - 576 An integrated prediction and optimization model of biogas production system at a wastewater treatment facility
Akbas H, Bilgen B, Turhan AM
577 - 585 A study on the use of the BioBall (R) as a biofilm carrier in a sequencing batch reactor
Maslon A, Tomaszek JA
586 - 591 Structure and distribution of inorganic components in the cake layer of a membrane bioreactor treating municipal wastewater
Zhou LJ, Xia SQ, Alvarez-Cohen L
592 - 599 Improved docosahexaenoic acid production in Aurantiochytrium by glucose limited pH-auxostat fed-batch cultivation
Janthanomsuk P, Verduyn C, Chauvatcharin S
600 - 605 Biocatalytic methanation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide in a fixed bed bioreactor
Alitalo A, Niskanen M, Aura E
606 - 612 Comparing activated carbon of different particle sizes on enhancing methane generation in upflow anaerobic digester
Xu SY, He CQ, Luo LW, Lu F, He PJ, Cui LF
613 - 620 Feasibility of bioethanol production from tubers of Dioscorea sansibarensis and Pyrenacantha kaurabassana
Moshi AP, Nyandele JP, Ndossi HP, Eva SM, Hosea KM
621 - 633 Metagenomic insights into the effects of volatile fatty acids on microbial community structures and functional genes in organotrophic anammox process
Shu DT, He YL, Yue H, Zhu L, Wang QY
634 - 641 High-yield production of biosugars from Gracilaria verrucosa by acid and enzymatic hydrolysis processes
Kim SW, Hong CH, Jeon SW, Shin HJ
642 - 647 In situ high-valued utilization and transformation of sugars from Dioscorea zingiberensis CH Wright for clean production of diosgenin
Bai Y, Zhang LW, Jin WW, Wei M, Zhou PP, Zheng GH, Niu LL, Nie L, Zhang YL, Wang HY, Yu LJ
648 - 655 Assessment of a novel overflow-type electrochemical membrane bioreactor (EMBR) for wastewater treatment, energy recovery and membrane fouling mitigation
Zhou GW, Zhou YH, Zhou GQ, Lu L, Wan XK, Shi HX
656 - 661 Alkaline flocculation of Phaeodactylum tricornutum induced by brucite and calcite
Vandamme D, Pohl PI, Beuckels A, Foubert I, Brady PV, Hewson JC, Muylaert K
662 - 667 Understanding of pH value and its effect on autohydrolysis pretreatment prior to poplar chemi-thermomechanical pulping
Liu LH, Liu W, Hou QX, Chen JW, Xu NP
668 - 676 Trophic mode conversion and nitrogen deprivation of microalgae for high ammonium removal from synthetic wastewater
Wang JH, Zhou WG, Yang HZ, Wang F, Ruan R
677 - 684 Electro-assisted groundwater bioremediation: Fundamentals, challenges and future perspectives
Li WW, Yu HQ
685 - 693 Integral approaches to wastewater treatment plant upgrading for odor prevention: Activated Sludge and Oxidized Ammonium Recycling
Estrada JM, Kraakman NJR, Lebrero R, Munoz R
694 - 706 Current scenario of chalcopyrite bioleaching: A review on the recent advances to its heap-leach technology
Panda S, Akcil A, Pradhan N, Deveci H
707 - 711 The potential of using low cost naturally available biogenic substrates for biological removal of chlorophenol
Irfanudeen NM, Prakash IA, Saundaryan R, Alagarraj K, Goel M, Kumar KR
712 - 715 Biodiesel production by direct transesterification of microalgal biomass with co-solvent
Zhang Y, Li Y, Zhang X, Tan TW
716 - 720 Two stage hydrolysis of corn stover at high solids content for mixing power saving and scale-up applications
Liu K, Zhang J, Bao J
721 - 725 A novel integration of three-dimensional electro-Fenton and biological activated carbon and its application in the advanced treatment of biologically pretreated Lurgi coal gasification wastewater
Hou BL, Han HJ, Zhuang HF, Xu P, Jia SY, Li K
726 - 730 Improved anaerobic digestion performance and biogas production from poultry litter after lowering its nitrogen content
Markou G
731 - 735 Dynamics of polyhydroxyalkanoate accumulation in aerobic granules during the growth-disintegration cycle
Gobi K, Vadivelu VM
736 - 740 Bioflocculant from pre-treated sludge and its applications in sludge dewatering and swine wastewater pretreatment
Guo JY, Ma J
741 - 745 Rapid start-up and microbial characteristics of partial nitrification granular sludge treating domestic sewage at room temperature
Liang YH, Li D, Zeng HP, Zhang CD, Zhang J
746 - 751 Deciphering synergistic characteristics of microbial fuel cell-assisted dye decolorization
Han K, Yueh PL, Qin LJ, Hsueh CC, Chen BY