Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Preface
Thakur IS, Lee KT, Nigam PS, Sukumaran RK
2 - 8 Reductive behaviour of acid azo dye based wastewater: Biocatalyst activity in conjunction with enzymatic and bio-electro catalytic evaluation
Sreelatha S, Reddy CN, Velvizhi G, Mohan SV
9 - 13 Biodegradation and utilization of dimethylformamide by biofilm forming Paracoccus sp strains MKU1 and MKU2
Nisha KN, Devi V, Varalakshmi P, Ashokkumar B
14 - 23 Arsenic biotransformation and release by bacteria indigenous to arsenic contaminated groundwater
Paul D, Kazy SK, Das Banerjee T, Gupta AK, Pal T, Sar P
24 - 32 Comparative metagenomics demonstrating different degradative capacity of activated biomass treating hydrocarbon contaminated wastewater
Yadav TC, Pal RR, Shastri S, Jadeja NB, Kapley A
33 - 42 Integrating sequencing batch reactor with bio-electrochemical treatment for augmenting remediation efficiency of complex petrochemical wastewater
Yeruva DK, Jukuri S, Velvizhi G, Kumar AN, Swamy YV, Mohan SV
43 - 48 Continuous acidogenesis of sucrose, raffinose and vinasse using mineral kissiris as promoter
Lappa K, Kandylis P, Bekatorou A, Bastas N, Klaoudatos S, Athanasopoulos N, Kanellaki M, Koutinas AA
49 - 55 Microbial conversion of synthetic and food waste-derived volatile fatty acids to lipids
Vajpeyi S, Chandran K
56 - 64 Biomineralization of azo dye bearing wastewater in periodic discontinuous batch reactor: Effect of microaerophilic conditions on treatment efficiency
Kumar AN, Reddy CN, Mohan SV
65 - 72 Applied potentials regulate recovery of residual hydrogen from acid-rich effluents: Influence of biocathodic buffer capacity over process performance
Nikhil GN, Mohan SV, Swamy YV
73 - 78 High rate biomethanation technology for solid waste management and rapid biogas production: An emphasis on reactor design parameters
Dahiya S, Joseph J
79 - 83 Presence of antibiotic resistance genes in a sewage treatment plant in Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA
Naquin A, Shrestha A, Sherpa M, Nathaniel R, Boopathy R
84 - 91 Characterization of bacterial isolates from rubber dump site and their use in biodegradation of isoprene in batch and continuous bioreactors
Srivastva N, Shukla AK, Singh RS, Upadhyay SN, Dubey SK
92 - 98 Effect of plant species on nitrogen recovery in aquaponics
Hu Z, Lee JW, Chandran K, Kim S, Brotto AC, Khanal SK
99 - 102 Hydrolysis of biomass using a reusable solid carbon acid catalyst and fermentation of the catalytic hydrolysate to ethanol
Goswami M, Meena S, Navatha S, Rani KNP, Pandey A, Sukumaran RK, Prasad RBN, Devi BLAP
103 - 108 Characterizing compositional changes of Napier grass at different stages of growth for biofuel and biobased products potential
Takara D, Khanal SK
109 - 116 Changes in performance and bacterial communities in response to various process disturbances in a high-rate biohydrogen reactor fed with galactose
Park JH, Kumar G, Park JH, Park HD, Kim SH
117 - 123 Analysis of operating costs for producing biodiesel from palm oil at pilot-scale in Colombia
Acevedo JC, Hernandez JA, Valdes CF, Khanal SK
124 - 127 Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using copper doped zinc oxide nanocomposite as heterogeneous catalyst
Baskar G, Aiswarya R
128 - 135 Prediction of sugar yields during hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass using artificial neural network modeling
Vani S, Sukumaran RK, Savithri S
136 - 144 Synergistic effect of fermentable and non-fermentable carbon sources enhances TAG accumulation in oleaginous yeast Rhodosporidium kratochvilovae HIMPA1
Patel A, Pruthi V, Singh RP, Pruthi PA
145 - 152 Influence of mixotrophic growth on rhythmic oscillations in expression of metabolic pathways in diazotrophic cyanobacterium Cyanothece sp ATCC 51142
Krishnakumar S, Gaudana SB, Digmurti MG, Viswanathan GA, Chetty M, Wangikar PP
153 - 160 A dynamic flux balance model and bottleneck identification of glucose, xylose, xylulose co-fermentation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Hohenschuh W, Hector R, Murthy GS
161 - 168 Role of probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum KKL1 in the preparation of a rice based fermented beverage
Ghosh K, Ray M, Adak A, Halder SK, Das A, Jana A, Parua S, Vagvolgyi C, Das Mohapatra PK, Pati BR, Mondal KC
169 - 176 Lipid metabolism in response to individual short chain fatty acids during mixotrophic mode of microalgal cultivation: Influence on biodiesel saturation and protein profile
Chandra R, Arora S, Rohit MV, Mohan SV
177 - 184 Characterization and fatty acid profiling in two fresh water microalgae for biodiesel production: Lipid enhancement methods and media optimization using response surface methodology
Karpagam R, Raj KJ, Ashokkumar B, Varalakshmi P
185 - 189 Assessment of 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol induced modifications in extracellular polymeric substances of Serratia marcescens
Padmavathi AR, Periyasamy M, Pandian SK
190 - 194 Enhanced lipid accumulation and biomass yield of Scenedesmus quadricauda under nitrogen starved condition
Anand J, Arumugam M
195 - 201 Purification and characterisation of an acidic and antifungal chitinase produced by a Streptomyces sp.
Karthik N, Binod P, Pandey A
202 - 208 Optimization of high cell density fermentation process for recombinant nitrilase production in E. coli
Sohoni SV, Nelapati D, Sathe S, Javadekar-Subhedar V, Gaikaiwari RP, Wangikar PP
209 - 213 Cloning and expression of gamma carbonic anhydrase from Serratia sp ISTD04 for sequestration of carbon dioxide and formation of calcite
Srivastava S, Bharti RK, Verma PK, Thakur IS
214 - 218 Immobilized lipase from Schizophyllum commune ISTL04 for the production of fatty acids methyl esters from cyanobacterial oil
Singh J, Singh MK, Kumar M, Thakur IS
219 - 225 Continuous xylanase production with Aspergillus nidulans under pyridoxine limitation using a trickle bed reactor
Muller M, Prade RA, Segato F, Atiyeh HK, Wilkins MR
226 - 230 Encapsulated Lactococcus lactis with enhanced gastrointestinal survival for the development of folate enriched functional foods
Divya JB, Nampoothiri KM
231 - 239 Sustainable multistage process for enhanced productivity of bioplastics from waste remediation through aerobic dynamic feeding strategy: Process integration for up-scaling
Amulya K, Jukuri S, Mohan SV
240 - 246 Enhanced cellulase production by Penicillium oxalicum for bio-ethanol application
Saini R, Saini JK, Adsul M, Patel AK, Mathur A, Tuli D, Singhania RR
247 - 250 Biosurfactant production by a CO2 sequestering Bacillus sp strain ISTS2
Sundaram S, Thakur IS
251 - 257 Enhanced camptothecin production by ethanol addition in the suspension culture of the endophyte, Fusarium solani
Venugopalan A, Srivastava S
258 - 264 Intermediate pyrolysis of agro-industrial biomasses in bench-scale pyrolyser: Product yields and its characterization
Tinwala F, Mohanty P, Parmar S, Patel A, Pant KK
265 - 272 Perennial grass (Arundo donax L.) as a feedstock for thermo-chemical conversion to energy and materials
Saikia R, Chutia RS, Kataki R, Pant KK
273 - 279 Value addition to rice straw through pyrolysis in hydrogen and nitrogen environments
Balagurumurthy B, Srivastava V, Vinit, Kumar J, Biswas B, Singh R, Gupta P, Kumar KLNS, Singh R, Bhaskar T
280 - 286 Conversion of rice straw to monomeric phenols under supercritical methanol and ethanol
Singh R, Srivastava V, Chaudhary K, Gupta P, Prakash A, Balagurumurthy B, Bhaskar T
287 - 294 Ultrasound enhanced ethanol production from Parthenium hysterophorus: A mechanistic investigation
Singh S, Sarma S, Agarwal M, Goyal A, Moholkar VS