Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Application of solid-acid catalyst and marine macro-algae Gracilaria verrucosa to production of fermentable sugars
Jeong GT, Kim SK, Park DH
7 - 12 Influence of lignin addition on the enzymatic digestibility of pretreated lignocellulosic biomasses
Wang WX, Zhu YS, Du J, Yang YQ, Jin YC
13 - 17 Manganese oxide-modified biochars: Preparation, characterization, and sorption of arsenate and lead
Wang SS, Gao B, Li YC, Mosa A, Zimmerman AR, Ma LQ, Harris WG, Migliaccio KW
18 - 25 A novel ionic liquid-tolerant Fusarium oxysporum BN secreting ionic liquid-stable cellulase: Consolidated bioprocessing of pretreated lignocellulose containing residual ionic liquid
Xu JX, Wang XF, Hu L, Xia J, Wu Z, Xu N, Dai BL, Wu B
26 - 31 Sewage treatment by an UAFB-EGSB biosystem with energy recovery and autotrophic nitrogen removal under different temperatures
Gao DW, Huang XL, Tao Y, Cong Y, Wang XL
32 - 39 Biodiesel synthesis by direct transesterification of microalga Botryococcus braunii with continuous methanol reflux
Hidalgo P, Ciudad G, Schober S, Mittelbach M, Navia R
40 - 46 A multiphase mixture model for substrate concentration distribution characteristics and photo-hydrogen production performance of the entrapped-cell photobioreactor
Guo CL, Cao HX, Pei HS, Guo FQ, Liu DM
47 - 53 Biosynthesis, characterization and enzymatic transesterification of single cell oil of Mucor circinelloides - A sustainable pathway for biofuel production
Carvalho AKF, Rivaldi JD, Barbosa JC, de Castro HF
54 - 61 Nutrients removal and lipids production by Chlorella pyrenoidosa cultivation using anaerobic digested starch wastewater and alcohol wastewater
Yang LB, Tan XB, Li DY, Chu HQ, Zhou XF, Zhang YL, Yu H
62 - 71 Effect of organic calcium compounds on combustion characteristics of rice husk, sewage sludge, and bituminous coal: Thermogravimetric investigation
Zhang LH, Duan F, Huang YJ
72 - 77 Effect of urea on growth and microcystins production of Microcystis aeruginosa
Wu XH, Yan YW, Wang PF, Ni LQ, Gao JY, Dai RH
78 - 89 Integrated production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) with municipal wastewater and sludge treatment at pilot scale
Morgan-Sagastume F, Hjort M, Cirne D, Gerardin F, Lacroix S, Gaval G, Karabegovic L, Alexandersson T, Johansson P, Karlsson A, Bengtsson S, Arcos-Hernandez MV, Magnusson P, Werker A
90 - 96 Wastewater treatment and biodiesel production by Scenedesmus obliquus in a two-stage cultivation process
Alvarez-Diaz PD, Ruiz J, Arbib Z, Barragan J, Garrido-Perez MC, Perales JA
97 - 104 Anaerobic co-digestion of pig manure and algae: Impact of intracellular algal products recovery on co-digestion performance
Astals S, Musenze RS, Bai X, Tannock S, Tait S, Pratt S, Jensen PD
105 - 113 Swollenin from Trichoderma reesei exhibits hydrolytic activity against cellulosic substrates with features of both endoglucanases and cellobiohydrolases
Andberg M, Penttila M, Saloheimo M
114 - 123 Analysis of by-product formation and sugar monomerization in sugarcane bagasse pretreated at pilot plant scale: Differences between autohydrolysis, alkaline and acid pretreatment
van der Pol E, Bakker R, van Zeeland A, Garcia DS, Punt A, Eggink G
124 - 127 Improvement membrane filterability in nanofiltration of prehydrolysis liquor of kraft dissolving pulp by laccase treatment
Wang Q, Liu SS, Yang GH, Chen JC
128 - 135 Effect of the temperature, pH and irradiance on the photosynthetic activity by Scenedesmus obtusiusculus under nitrogen replete and deplete conditions
Cabello J, Toledo-Cervantes A, Sanchez L, Revah S, Morales M
136 - 142 Attached cultivation for improving the biomass productivity of Spirulina platensis
Zhang LL, Chen L, Wang JF, Chen Y, Gao X, Zhang ZH, Liu TZ
143 - 147 Ferric chloride based downstream process for microalgae based biodiesel production
Seo YH, Sung M, Kim B, Oh YK, Kim DY, Han JI
148 - 154 Combustion behavior and kinetics of low-lipid microalgae via thermogravimetric analysis
Gai C, Liu ZG, Han GH, Peng NN, Fan AN
155 - 162 Fast co-pyrolysis of biomass and lignite in a micro fluidized bed reactor analyzer
Mao YB, Dong L, Dong YP, Liu WP, Chang JF, Yang S, Lv ZC, Fan PF
163 - 173 Techno-economic evaluation of a polygeneration using agricultural residue - A case study for an Indian district
Jana K, De S
174 - 182 Integrated carbon dioxide/sludge gasification using waste heat from hot slags: Syngas production and sulfur dioxide fixation
Sun YQ, Zhang ZT, Liu LL, Wang XD
183 - 190 Effect of hot-water extraction (HWE) severity on bleached pulp based biorefinery performance of eucalyptus during the HWE-Kraft-ECF bleaching process
Liu J, Li M, Luo XL, Chen LH, Huang LL
191 - 199 Methane production from acid hydrolysates of Agave tequilana bagasse: Evaluation of hydrolysis conditions and methane yield
Arreola-Vargas J, Ojeda-Castillo V, Snell-Castro R, Corona-Gonzalez RI, Alatriste-Mondragon F, Mendez-Acosta HO
200 - 206 One-Pot dry chemo-mechanical deconstruction for bioethanol production from sugarcane bagasse
Sambusiti C, Licari A, Solhy A, Aboulkas A, Cacciaguerra T, Barakat A
207 - 213 Microbial community shifts on an anammox reactor after a temperature shock using 454-pyrosequencing analysis
Isanta E, Bezerra T, Fernandez I, Suarez-Ojeda ME, Perez J, Carrera J
214 - 219 Biomethane production and physicochemical characterization of anaerobically digested teff (Eragrostis tef) straw pretreated by sodium hydroxide
Chufo A, Yuan HR, Zou DX, Pang YZ, Li XJ
220 - 223 Enhancing the quality of bio-oil and selectivity of phenols compounds from pyrolysis of anaerobic digested rice straw
Liang JJ, Lin YQ, Wu SB, Liu C, Lei M, Zeng C
224 - 230 Steam explosion distinctively enhances biomass enzymatic saccharification of cotton stalks by largely reducing cellulose polymerization degree in G-barbadense and G-hirsutum
Huang Y, Wei XY, Zhou SG, Liu MY, Tu YY, Li A, Chen P, Wang YT, Zhang XW, Tai HZ, Peng LC, Xia T
231 - 237 Use of conditioned medium for efficient transformation and cost-effective cultivation of Nannochloropsis salina
Kang NK, Lee B, Shin SE, Jeon S, Park MS, Yang JW
238 - 246 Cow, sheep and llama manure at psychrophilic anaerobic co-digestion with low cost tubular digesters in cold climate and high altitude
Marti-Herrero J, Alvarez R, Cespedes R, Rojas MR, Conde V, Aliaga L, Balboa M, Danov S
247 - 253 Insights into the respective role of acidification and oxidation for enhancing anaerobic digested sludge dewatering performance with Fenton process
Zhang WJ, Yang P, Yang XY, Chen Z, Wang DS
254 - 262 Development of four-stage moving bed biofilm reactor train with a pre-denitrification configuration for the removal of thiocyanate and cyanate
Villemur R, Juteau P, Bougie V, Menard J, Deziel E
263 - 269 Hydrothermal and wet disk milling pretreatment for high conversion of biosugars from oil palm mesocarp fiber
Zakaria MR, Norrrahim MNF, Hirata S, Hassan MA
270 - 274 High-pressure homogenization pretreatment of four different lignocellulosic biomass for enhancing enzymatic digestibility
Jin SG, Zhang GM, Zhang PY, Fan SY, Li F
275 - 282 Efficient production of arachidonic acid by Mortierella alpina through integrating fed-batch culture with a two-stage pH control strategy
Li XY, Lin Y, Chang M, Jin QZ, Wang XG
283 - 290 Development of rice bran treatment process and its use for the synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates from rice bran hydrolysate solution
Oh YH, Lee SH, Jang YA, Choi JW, Hong KS, Yu JH, Shin J, Song BK, Mastan SG, David Y, Baylon MG, Lee SY, Park SJ
291 - 296 A proposed aerobic granules size development scheme for aerobic granulation process
Dahalan FA, Abdullah N, Yuzir A, Olsson G, Salmiati, Hamdzah M, Din MFM, Ahmad SA, Khalil KA, Anuar AN, Noor ZZ, Ujang Z
297 - 302 Applicability evaluation of Deep Eutectic Solvents-Cellulase system for lignocellulose hydrolysis
Gunny AAN, Arbain D, Nashef EM, Jamal P
303 - 311 Controlling a toxic shock of pentachlorophenol (PCP) to anaerobic digestion using activated carbon addition
Xiao YY, De Araujo C, Sze CC, Stuckey DC
312 - 320 Bacterial structure of aerobic granules is determined by aeration mode and nitrogen load in the reactor cycle
Cydzik-Kwiatkowska A
321 - 329 A hierarchical approach for the design improvements of an Organocat biorefinery
Abdelaziz OY, Gadalla MA, El-Halwagi MM, Ashour FH
330 - 337 Prospective technology on bioethanol production from photofermentation
Costa RL, Oliveira TV, Ferreira JD, Cardoso VL, Batista FRX
338 - 344 Continuous alkaline pretreatment of Miscanthus sacchariflorus using a bench-scale single screw reactor
Cha YL, Yang J, Park Y, An GH, Ahn JW, Moon YH, Yoon YM, Yu GD, Choi IH
345 - 350 Enhancing methane production of corn stover through a novel way: Sequent pretreatment of potassium hydroxide and steam explosion
Li JH, Zhang RH, Siddhu MAH, He YF, Wang W, Li YQ, Chen C, Liu GQ
351 - 354 Conversion of agroindustrial residues for high poly(gamma-glutamic acid) production by Bacillus subtilis NX-2 via solid-state fermentation
Tang B, Xu H, Xu ZQ, Xu C, Xu Z, Lei P, Qiu YB, Liang JF, Feng XH
355 - 359 Enhancing the light utilization efficiency of microalgae using organic dyes
Seo YH, Lee Y, Jeon DY, Han JI
360 - 362 Electrochemical decolorization of methyl orange powered by bioelectricity from single-chamber microbial fuel cells
Zhang BG, Wang ZJ, Zhou X, Shi CH, Guo HM, Feng CP