Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.179 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Comparison of four aquatic plant treatment systems for nutrient removal from eutrophied water
Li JH, Yang XY, Wang ZF, Shan Y, Zheng Z
8 - 12 A novel algal biofilm membrane photobioreactor for attached microalgae growth and nutrients removal from secondary effluent
Gao F, Yang ZH, Li C, Zeng GM, Ma DH, Zhou L
13 - 19 Hydrogen production using amino acids obtained by protein degradation in waste biomass by combined dark- and photo-fermentation
Cheng J, Ding LK, Xia A, Lin RC, Li YY, Zhou JH, Cen KF
20 - 25 Free nitrous acid pretreatment of wasted activated sludge to exploit internal carbon source for enhanced denitrification
Ma B, Peng YZ, Wei Y, Li BK, Bao P, Wang YY
26 - 34 Anolyte recirculation effects in buffered and unbuffered single-chamber air-cathode microbial fuel cells
Zhang L, Zhu X, Kashima H, Li J, Ye DD, Liao Q, Regan JM
35 - 42 Degradation of a model pollutant ferulic acid by the endophytic fungus Phomopsis liquidambari
Xie XG, Dai CC
43 - 49 Enhancement of anaerobic acidogenesis by integrating an electrochemical system into an acidogenic reactor: Effect of hydraulic retention times (HRT) and role of bacteria and acidophilic methanogenic Archaea
Zhang JX, Zhang YB, Quan X, Chen S
50 - 57 Simultaneous pretreatment and saccharification: Green technology for enhanced sugar yields from biomass using a fungal consortium
Dhiman SS, Haw JR, Kalyani D, Kalia VC, Kang YC, Lee JK
58 - 62 Comparison of direct and indirect pyrolysis of micro-algae Isochrysis
Wang X, Zhao BW, Tang XH, Yang XY
63 - 70 In situ biodiesel production from greasy sewage sludge using acid and enzymatic catalysts
Sangaletti-Gerhard N, Cea M, Risco V, Navia R
71 - 77 Comparison of bacterial succession in green waste composts amended with inorganic fertiliser and wastewater treatment plant sludge
Storey S, Ni Chualain D, Doyle O, Clipson N, Doyle E
78 - 83 Influence of ferrous ions on extracellular polymeric substances content and sludge dewaterability during bioleaching
Wong JWC, Zhou J, Kurade MB, Murugesan K
84 - 90 Efficient and product-controlled depolymerization of lignin oriented by metal chloride cooperated with Pd/C
Shu RY, Long JX, Yuan ZQ, Zhang Q, Wang TJ, Wang CG, Ma LL
91 - 97 Simultaneous microbial and electrochemical reductions of vanadium (V) with bioelectricity generation in microbial fuel cells
Zhang BG, Tian CX, Liu Y, Hao LT, Liu Y, Feng CP, Liu YQ, Wang ZL
98 - 103 Study on the preparation of wood vinegar from biomass residues by carbonization process
Wu QM, Zhang SY, Hou BX, Zheng HJ, Deng WX, Liu DH, Tang WJ
104 - 112 Remediation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products using an aerobic granular sludge sequencing bioreactor and microbial community profiling using Solexa sequencing technology analysis
Zhao X, Chen ZL, Wang XC, Li JCZ, Shen JM, Xu H
113 - 122 Kinetics of the pyrolysis of arundo, sawdust, corn stover and switch grass biomass by thermogravimetric analysis using a multi-stage model
Biney PO, Gyamerah M, Shen JC, Menezes B
123 - 127 Novel method for screening microbes for application in microbial fuel cell
Szollosi A, Rezessy-Szabo JM, Hoschke A, Nguyen QD
128 - 135 Co-fermentation of hemicellulose and starch from barley straw and grain for efficient pentoses utilization in acetone-butanol-ethanol production
Yang M, Kuittinen S, Zhang JH, Vepsalainen J, Keinanen M, Pappinen A
136 - 143 Energetic approach of biomass hydrolysis in supercritical water
Cantero DA, Vaquerizo L, Mato F, Bermejo MD, Cocero MJ
144 - 149 Biodegradation of propyzamide by Comamonas testosteroni W1 and cloning of the propyzamide hydrolase gene camH
Zhao BP, Hua XD, Wang F, Dong WL, Li ZK, Yang Y, Cui ZL, Wang MH
150 - 158 Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ethanol strains PE-2 and CAT-1 for efficient lignocellulosic fermentation
Romani A, Pereira F, Johansson B, Domingues L
159 - 164 Photosynthetic light reactions increase total lipid accumulation in carbon-supplemented batch cultures of Chlorella vulgaris
Woodworth BD, Mead RL, Nichols CN, Kolling DRJ
165 - 172 Predicting gaseous emissions from small-scale combustion of agricultural biomass fuels
Fournel S, Marcos B, Godbout S, Heitz M
173 - 179 A self-sustaining advanced lignocellulosic biofuel production by integration of anaerobic digestion and aerobic fungal fermentation
Zhong Y, Ruan ZH, Zhong YK, Archer S, Liu Y, Liao W
180 - 186 Application of glyco-blotting for identification of structures of polysaccharides causing membrane fouling in a pilot-scale membrane bioreactor treating municipal wastewater
Kimura K, Nishimura SI, Miyoshi R, Hoque A, Miyoshi T, Watanabe Y
187 - 192 Effect of algae growth on aerobic granulation and nutrients removal from synthetic wastewater by using sequencing batch reactors
Huang WL, Li B, Zhang C, Zhang ZY, Lei ZF, Lu BW, Zhou BB
193 - 201 Prolonged exposure of mixed aerobic cultures to low temperature and benzalkonium chloride affect the rate and extent of nitrification
Yang J, Tezel U, Li KX, Pavlostathis SG
202 - 210 Xylan hydrolysis in Populus trichocarpa x P. deltoides and model substrates during hydrothermal pretreatment
Trajano HL, Pattathil S, Tomkins BA, Tschaplinski TJ, Hahn MG, Van Berkel GJ, Wyman CE
211 - 218 Gaseous emissions during the solid state fermentation of different wastes for enzyme production at pilot scale
Maulini-Duran C, Abraham J, Rodriguez-Perez S, Cerda A, Jimenez-Penalver P, Gea T, Barrena R, Artola A, Font X, Sanchez A
219 - 226 Quantifying second generation ethanol inhibition: Design of Experiments approach and kinetic model development
Schneiderman SJ, Johnson RW, Menkhaus TJ, Gilcrease PC
227 - 233 Pyrolysis kinetics of raw and hydrothermally carbonized Karanj (Pongamia pinnata) fruit hulls via thermogravimetric analysis
Islam MA, Asif M, Hameed BH
234 - 242 Differences in nutrient uptake capacity of the benthic filamentous algae Cladophora sp., Klebsormidium sp and Pseudanabaena sp under varying N/P conditions
Liu JZ, Vyverman W
243 - 248 Cultivation of the benthic microalga Prorocentrum lima for the production of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning toxins in a vertical flat photobioreactor
Wang S, Chen JH, Li ZY, Wang YL, Fu BQ, Han XT, Zheng L
249 - 259 Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol production from cashew apple bagasse pretreated with alkaline hydrogen peroxide
da Costa JA, Marques JE, Goncalves LRB, Rocha MVP
260 - 267 Effect of inulin on efficient production and regulatory biosynthesis of bacillomycin D in Bacillus subtilis fmbJ
Qian SQ, Lu HD, Meng PP, Zhang C, Lv FX, Bie XM, Lu ZX
268 - 274 Comparative analysis of microbial community of novel lactic acid fermentation inoculated with different undefined mixed cultures
Liang S, Gliniewicz K, Mendes-Soares H, Settles ML, Forney LJ, Coats ER, McDonald AG
275 - 283 A comparative study of soft sensor design for lipid estimation of microalgal photobioreactor system with experimental validation
Yoo SJ, Jung DH, Kim JH, Lee JM
284 - 290 Fluidized-bed denitrification of mining water tolerates high nickel concentrations
Zou G, Papirio S, van Hullebusch ED, Puhakka JA
291 - 298 Variations of organic matters and microbial community in thermophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge with the addition of ferric salts
Yu B, Lou ZY, Zhang DL, Shan AD, Yuan HP, Zhu NW, Zhang KH
299 - 305 Steam explosion pretreatment of wheat straw to improve methane yields: Investigation of the degradation kinetics of structural compounds during anaerobic digestion
Theuretzbacher F, Lizasoain J, Lefever C, Saylor MK, Enguidanos R, Weran N, Gronauer A, Bauer A
306 - 313 Bioaugmentation with an acetate-type fermentation bacterium Acetobacteroides hydrogenigenes improves methane production from corn straw
Zhang J, Guo RB, Qiu YL, Qiao JT, Yuan XZ, Shi XS, Wang CS
314 - 322 Logistic analysis of algae cultivation
Slegers PM, Leduc S, Wijffels RH, van Straten G, van Boxtel AJB
323 - 330 Steam gasification of acid-hydrolysis biomass CAHR for clean syngas production
Chen GY, Yao JG, Yang HJ, Yan BB, Chen H
331 - 338 Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of delignified lignocellulosic biomass at high solid loadings by a newly isolated thermotolerant Kluyveromyces sp for ethanol production
Narra M, James JP, Balasubramanian V
339 - 347 Removal and toxicity reduction of naphthenic acids by ozonation and combined ozonation-aerobic biodegradation
Vaiopoulou E, Misiti TM, Pavlostathis SG
348 - 358 Comparative life cycle assessment of biogas plant configurations for a demand oriented biogas supply for flexible power generation
Hahn H, Hartmann K, Buhle L, Wachendorf M
359 - 366 Sorption characteristics of N-nitrosodimethylamine onto biochar from aqueous solution
Chen CP, Zhou WJ, Lin DH
367 - 372 Quantitative assessment of interfacial interactions with rough membrane surface and its implications for membrane selection and fabrication in a MBR
Chen JR, Mei RW, Shen LG, Ding LX, He YM, Lin HJ, Hong HC
373 - 381 Toward energy-neutral wastewater treatment: A high-rate contact stabilization process to maximally recover sewage organics
Meerburg FA, Boon N, Van Winckel T, Vercamer JAR, Nopens I, Vlaeminck SE
382 - 389 Generation of xylooligosaccharides from microwave irradiated agroresidues using recombinant thermo-alkali-stable endoxylanase of the polyextremophilic bacterium Bacillus halodurans expressed in Pichia pastoris
Kumar V, Satyanarayana T
390 - 397 Using sulfite chemistry for robust bioconversion of Douglas-fir forest residue to bioethanol at high titer and lignosulfonate: A pilot-scale evaluation
Zhu JY, Chandra MS, Gu F, Gleisner R, Reiner R, Sessions J, Marrs G, Gao J, Anderson D
398 - 406 Evolution of process control parameters during extended co-composting of green waste and solid fraction of cattle slurry to obtain growing media
Caceres R, Coromina N, Malinska K, Marfa O
407 - 413 Fermentative hydrogen and methane cogeneration from cassava residues: Effect of pretreatment on structural characterization and fermentation performance
Cheng J, Lin RC, Ding LK, Song WL, Li YY, Zhou JH, Cen KF
414 - 420 Co-pyrolysis characteristic of biomass and bituminous coal
Li SD, Chen XL, Liu AB, Wang L, Yu GS
421 - 428 Characterization of a halophilic heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification bacterium and its application on treatment of saline wastewater
Duan JM, Fang HD, Su B, Chen JF, Lin JM
429 - 435 Bio-desulfurization of biogas using acidic biotrickling filter with dissolved oxygen in step feed recirculation
Chaiprapat S, Charnnok B, Kantachote D, Sung S
436 - 443 Bacterial community compositions of coking wastewater treatment plants in steel industry revealed by Illumina high-throughput sequencing
Ma Q, Qu YY, Shen WL, Zhang ZJ, Wang JW, Liu ZY, Li DX, Li HJ, Zhou JT
444 - 451 Combined pretreatment using ozonolysis and ball milling to improve enzymatic saccharification of corn straw
Shi F, Xiang HJ, Li YF
452 - 459 Effect of lipase addition on hydrolysis and biomethane production of Chinese food waste
Meng Y, Li S, Yuan HR, Zou DX, Liu YP, Zhu BN, Li XJ
460 - 466 Role and significance of extracellular polymeric substances from granular sludge for simultaneous removal of organic matter and ammonia nitrogen
Yan LL, Liu Y, Wen Y, Ren Y, Hao GX, Zhang Y
467 - 472 Mimicking the Fenton reaction-induced wood decay by fungi for pretreatment of lignocellulose
Jung YH, Kim HK, Park HM, Park YC, Park K, Seo JH, Kim KH
473 - 482 Use of wavelength-selective optical light filters for enhanced microalgal growth in different algal cultivation systems
Michael C, del Ninno M, Gross M, Wen ZY
483 - 489 The characteristics of TAG and EPA accumulation in Nannochloropsis oceanica IMET1 under different nitrogen supply regimes
Meng YY, Jiang JP, Wang HT, Cao XP, Xue S, Yang Q, Wang WL
490 - 496 Enhanced hydrolysis of Macrocystis pyrifera by integrated hydroxyl radicals and hot water pretreatment
Gao F, Gao L, Zhang DY, Ye NH, Chen SL, Li DM
497 - 504 Advanced nitrogen removal from wastewater by combining anammox with partial denitrification
Du R, Peng YZ, Cao SB, Wang SY, Wu CC
505 - 509 Biomass and pigments production in photosynthetic bacteria wastewater treatment: Effects of light sources
Zhou Q, Zhang PY, Zhang GM
510 - 517 Minimization of nitrous oxide emission in a pilot-scale oxidation ditch: Generation, spatial variation and microbial interpretation
Zheng MS, Tian YH, Liu T, Ma T, Li L, Li C, Ahmad M, Chen Q, Ni JR
518 - 523 Selective catalytic conversion of bio-oil over high-silica zeolites
Widayatno WB, Guan GQ, Rizkiana J, Du X, Hao XG, Zhang ZL, Abudula A
524 - 533 Multi-gene genetic programming based predictive models for municipal solid waste gasification in a fluidized bed gasifier
Pandey DS, Pan I, Das S, Leahy JJ, Kwapinski W
534 - 542 Study on loading coefficient in steam explosion process of corn stalk
Sui WJ, Chen HZ
543 - 548 Performance of nitrate-dependent anaerobic ferrous oxidizing (NAFO) process: A novel prospective technology for autotrophic denitrification
Zhang M, Zheng P, Li W, Wang R, Ding S, Abbas G
549 - 558 Microbial community and removal of nitrogen via the addition of a carrier in a pilot-scale duckweed-based wastewater treatment system
Zhao YG, Fang Y, Jin YL, Huang J, Ma XR, He KZ, He ZM, Wang F, Zhao H
559 - 564 Lipid extracted algae as a source for protein and reduced sugar: A step closer to the biorefinery
Ansari FA, Shriwastav A, Gupta SK, Rawat I, Guldhe A, Bux F
565 - 572 Enhanced biofuel production potential with nutritional stress amelioration through optimization of carbon source and light intensity in Scenedesmus sp CCNM 1077
Pancha I, Chokshi K, Mishra S
573 - 584 Enhanced functionality and stabilization of a cold active laccase using nanotechnology based activation-immobilization
Mukhopadhyay A, Dasgupta AK, Chakrabarti K
585 - 594 Phosphorus removal and N2O production in anaerobic/anoxic denitrifying phosphorus removal process: Long-term impact of influent phosphorus concentration
Wang Z, Meng Y, Fan T, Du YN, Tang J, Fan SS
595 - 601 Effect of the accuracy of pH control on hydrogen fermentation
Moon C, Jang S, Yun YM, Lee MK, Kim DH, Kang WS, Kwak SS, Kim MS
602 - 605 Potential method for gas production: High temperature co-pyrolysis of lignite and sewage sludge with vacuum reactor and long contact time
Yang X, Yuan CY, Xu J, Zhang WJ
606 - 610 Pretreatment of Miscanthus stalk with organic alkali guanidine and amino-guanidine
Li W, Wang W, Xu PP, Xu PP, Zhao XL, Wang Y
611 - 614 Using feature objects aided strategy to evaluate the biomethane production of food waste and corn stalk anaerobic co-digestion
Zhou Q, Yuan HR, Liu YP, Zou DX, Zhu BN, Chufo WA, Jaffar M, Li XJ
615 - 618 Enhancing the bioremediation by harvesting electricity from the heavily contaminated sediments
Yang YG, Lu ZJ, Lin XK, Xia CY, Sun GP, Lian YL, Xu MY
619 - 623 Input materials and processing conditions control compost dissolved organic carbon quality
Straathof AL, Comans RNJ
624 - 628 Effect of food wastewater on biomass production by a green microalga Scenedesmus obliquus for bioenergy generation
Ji MK, Yun HS, Park S, Lee H, Park YT, Bae S, Ham J, Choi J