Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Mineralization of reactive azo dyes present in simulated textile waste water using down flow microaerophilic fixed film bioreactor
Balapure K, Bhatt N, Madamwar D
8 - 16 Upflow anaerobic solid-state (UASS) digestion of horse manure: Thermophilic vs. mesophilic performance
Boske J, Wirth B, Garlipp F, Mumme J, Van den Weghe H
17 - 22 Pilot scale conversion of wheat straw to ethanol via simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Saha BC, Nichols NN, Qureshi N, Kennedy GJ, Iten LB, Cotta MA
23 - 33 Influence of organic loading rate and solid retention time on polyhydroxybutyrate production from hybrid poplar hydrolysates using mixed microbial cultures
Dai J, Gliniewicz K, Settles ML, Coats ER, McDonald AG
34 - 41 Synergetic effects and flocculation behavior of anionic polyacrylamide and extracellular polymeric substrates extracted from Klebsiella sp J1 on improving soluble cadmium removal
Wei W, Li A, Yang JX, Ma F, Wu D, Xing J, Zhou XJ, Zhao D
42 - 50 Design and application of a novel ionic liquid with the property of strengthening coenzyme regeneration for whole-cell bioreduction in an ionic liquid-distilled water medium
Li J, Wang P, Huang J, Sun J
51 - 58 Co-gasification of biosolids with biomass: Thermogravimetric analysis and pilot scale study in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor
Yu MM, Masnadi MS, Grace JR, Bi XT, Lim CJ, Li YH
59 - 67 Effects of hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity of membrane on membrane fouling in a submerged membrane bioreactor
Zhang MJ, Liao BQ, Zhou XL, He YM, Hong HC, Lin HJ, Chen JR
68 - 74 Characterization of methane production and microbial community shifts during waste activated sludge degradation in microbial electrolysis cells
Sun R, Zhou AJ, Jia JN, Liang Q, Liu Q, Xing DF, Ren NQ
75 - 81 Effects of different pre-extractions combining with chemi-thermomechanical treatments on the enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat straw
Zhang JP, Liu W, Hou QX, Chen JW, Xu NP, Ji FZ
82 - 90 Hydrogen production by Rhodobacter sphaeroides DSM 158 under intense irradiation
Krujatz F, Hartel P, Helbig K, Haufe N, Thierfelder S, Bley T, Weber J
91 - 96 Recycling microbial lipid production wastes to cultivate oleaginous yeasts
Yang XB, Jin GJ, Gong ZW, Shen HW, Bai FW, Zhao ZK
97 - 101 Production of medium-chain volatile fatty acids by mixed ruminal microorganisms is enhanced by ethanol in co-culture with Clostridium kluyveri
Weimer PJ, Nerdahl M, Brandl DJ
102 - 111 Comparison and evaluation of concurrent saccharification and anaerobic digestion of Napier grass after pretreatment by three microbial consortia
Wen BT, Yuan XF, Li QX, Liu JJ, Ren JW, Wang XF, Cui ZJ
112 - 119 Microbial community related to lysozyme digestion process for boosting waste activated sludge biodegradability
Xin XD, He JG, Qiu W, Tang J, Liu TT
120 - 127 Disinhibition of excessive volatile fatty acids to improve the efficiency of autothermal thermophilic aerobic sludge digestion by chemical approach
Jin NB, Jin B, Zhu NW, Yuan HP, Ruan JB
128 - 134 Efficient approach for bioethanol production from red seaweed Gelidium amansii
Kim HM, Wi SG, Jung S, Song Y, Bae HJ
135 - 141 Absorption degree analysis on biogas separation with ionic liquid systems
Zhang X, Zhang SJ, Bao D, Huang Y, Zhang XP
142 - 151 A closed loop for municipal organic solid waste by lactic acid fermentation
Probst M, Walde J, Pumpel T, Wagner AO, Insam H
152 - 159 Effects of furan derivatives on biohydrogen fermentation from wet steam-exploded cornstalk and its microbial community
Liu ZD, Zhang C, Wang LJ, He JW, Li BM, Zhang YH, Xing XH
160 - 166 Production of validamycin A from hemicellulose hydrolysate by Streptomyces hygroscopicus 5008
Zhou TC, Zhong JJ
167 - 173 Promoting anaerobic biogasification of corn stover through biological pretreatment by liquid fraction of digestate (LFD)
Hu Y, Pang YZ, Yuan HR, Zou DX, Liu YP, Zhu BN, Chufo WA, Jaffar M, Li XJ
174 - 181 Thermogravimetric investigation on characteristic of biomass combustion under the effect of organic calcium compounds
Zhang LH, Duan F, Huang YJ
182 - 188 Making lignin accessible for anaerobic digestion by wet-explosion pretreatment
Ahring BK, Biswas R, Ahamed A, Teller PJ, Uellendahl H
189 - 194 Stability and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria community structure in different high-rate CANON reactors
Liang YH, Li D, Zhang XJ, Zeng HP, Yang Z, Cui SM, Zhang J
195 - 202 Enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-exploded sugarcane bagasse using high total solids and low enzyme loadings
Ramos LP, da Silva L, Ballem AC, Pitarelo AP, Chiarello LM, Silveira MHL
203 - 208 The thermophilic (55 degrees C) microaerobic pretreatment of corn straw for anaerobic digestion
Fu SF, Wang F, Yuan XZ, Yang ZM, Luo SJ, Wang CS, Guo RB
209 - 215 Unraveling the effects of laccase treatment on enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-exploded wheat straw
Oliva-Taravilla A, Moreno AD, Demuez M, Ibarra D, Tomas-Pejo E, Gonzalez-Fernandez C, Ballesteros M
216 - 223 Effect of trace hydrazine addition on the functional bacterial community of a sequencing batch reactor performing completely autotrophic nitrogen removal over nitrite
Xiao PY, Lu PL, Zhang DJ, Han XK, Yang QX
224 - 230 Control of nitrogen behaviour by phosphate concentration during microalgal-bacterial cultivation using digestate
Marcilhac C, Sialve B, Pourcher AM, Ziebal C, Bernet N, Beline F
231 - 238 Effect of saponins on n-hexane removal in biotrickling filters
Tu YH, Yang CP, Cheng Y, Zeng GM, Lu L, Wang L
239 - 244 Enhanced removal of nitrate using starch/PCL blends as solid carbon source in a constructed wetland
Shen ZQ, Zhou YX, Liu J, Xiao Y, Cao R, Wu FP
245 - 253 Thermal analysis and 454 pyrosequencing to evaluate the performance and mechanisms for deep stabilization and reduction of high-solid anaerobically digested sludge using biodrying process
Li XW, Dai XH, Yuan SJ, Li N, Liu ZG, Jin JW
254 - 261 Economics evaluation for on-site pyrolysis of kraft lignin to value-added chemicals
Farag S, Chaouki J
262 - 268 Integrated campus sewage treatment and biomass production by Scenedesmus quadricauda SDEC-13
Han L, Pei HY, Hu WR, Jiang LQ, Ma GX, Zhang S, Han F
269 - 274 Biochar supported nanoscale zerovalent iron composite used as persulfate activator for removing trichloroethylene
Yan JC, Han L, Gao WG, Xue S, Chen MF
275 - 283 Prediction of product distribution in fine biomass pyrolysis in fluidized beds based on proximate analysis
Kim SW
284 - 290 Effects of composting process on the dissipation of extractable sulfonamides in swine manure
Liu B, Li YX, Zhang XL, Feng CH, Gao M, Shen Q
291 - 297 Biohydrogen production from a novel alkalophilic isolate Clostridium sp IODB-O3
Patel AK, Debroy A, Sharma S, Saini R, Mathur A, Gupta R, Tuli DK
298 - 308 Improvement of anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge in a wastewater treatment plant by means of mechanical and thermal pre-treatments: Performance, energy and economical assessment
Ruffino B, Campo G, Genon G, Lorenzi E, Novarino D, Scibilia G, Zanetti M
309 - 314 Graphene oxide as electron shuttle for increased redox conversion of contaminants under methanogenic and sulfate-reducing conditions
Colunga A, Rangel-Mendez JR, Celis LB, Cervantes FJ
315 - 324 Enhancement of simultaneous gold and copper extraction from computer printed circuit boards using Bacillus megaterium
Arshadi M, Mousavi SM
325 - 332 Effect of intracellular P content on phosphate removal in Scenedesmus sp Experimental study and kinetic expression
Ruiz-Martinez A, Serralta J, Romero I, Seco A, Ferrer J
333 - 341 Comparative study on pyrolysis of lignocellulosic and algal biomass using a thermogravimetric and a fixed-bed reactor
Yuan T, Tahmasebi A, Yu JL
342 - 349 Use of fermentative metabolites for heterotrophic microalgae growth: Yields and kinetics
Turon V, Baroukh C, Trably E, Latrille E, Fouilland E, Steyer JP
350 - 357 Pilot scale study on steam explosion and mass balance for higher sugar recovery from rice straw
Sharma S, Kumar R, Gaur R, Agrawal R, Gupta RP, Tuli DK, Das B
358 - 366 Bioprocess development for the production of sonorensin by Bacillus sonorensis MT93 and its application as a food preservative
Chopra L, Singh G, Jena KK, Verma H, Sahoo DK
367 - 373 Volatile fatty acids productions by mesophilic and thermophilic sludge fermentation: Biological responses to fermentation temperature
Hao JX, Wang H
374 - 381 Effects of carbon dioxide on cell growth and propionic acid production from glycerol and glucose by Propionibacterium acidipropionici
Zhang A, Sun JX, Wang ZQ, Yang ST, Zhou HY
382 - 390 Biochemical methane potential prediction of plant biomasses: Comparing chemical composition versus near infrared methods and linear versus non-linear models
Godin B, Mayer F, Agneessens R, Gerin P, Dardenne P, Delfosse P, Delcarte J
391 - 395 Removal of arsenic by magnetic biochar prepared from pinewood and natural hematite
Wang SS, Gao B, Zimmerman AR, Li YC, Ma L, Harris WG, Migliaccio KW
396 - 405 Accelerating the sludge disintegration potential of a novel bacterial strain Planococcus jake 01 by CaCl2 induced deflocculation
Kavitha S, Saranya T, Kaliappan S, Kumar SA, Yeom IT, Banu JR
406 - 416 Dynamics of bacterial microbiota during lignocellulosic waste composting: Studies upon its structure, functionality and biodiversity
Lopez-Gonzalez JA, Suarez-Estrella F, Vargas-Garcia MC, Lopez MJ, Jurado MM, Moreno J
417 - 423 Assessment of bioethanol yield by S. cerevisiae grown on oil palm residues: Monte Carlo simulation and sensitivity analysis
Samsudin MDM, Don MM
424 - 429 Catalytic conversion of cellulosic biomass to ethylene glycol: Effects of inorganic impurities in biomass
Pang JF, Zheng MY, Sun RY, Song L, Wang AQ, Wang XD, Zhang T
430 - 435 Comparison of premixing methods for solid-state anaerobic digestion of corn stovere
Zhu JY, Yang LC, Li YB
436 - 444 Recovery of volatile fatty acids from fermentation of sewage sludge in municipal wastewater treatment plants
Longo S, Katsou E, Malamis S, Frison N, Renzi D, Fatone F
445 - 453 Improving the performance of a biofuel cell cathode with laccase-containing culture supernatant from Pycnoporus sanguineus
Fokina O, Eipper J, Winandy L, Kerzenmacher S, Fischer R
454 - 462 Investigation on thermal and trace element characteristics during co-combustion biomass with coal gangue
Zhou CC, Liu GJ, Fang T, Lam PKS
463 - 472 Assessment of the factors contributing to the variations in microcystins biodegradability of the biofilms on a practical biological treatment facility
Li JM, Shimizu K, Akasako H, Lu ZJ, Akiyama S, Goto M, Utsumi M, Sugiura N
473 - 479 Assessment of integrated process based on hydrothermal and alkaline treatments for enzymatic saccharification of sweet sorghum stems
Sun SL, Sun SN, Wen JL, Zhang XM, Peng F, Sun RC
480 - 485 Optimization of biogas production from Sargassum sp using a design of experiments to assess the co-digestion with glycerol and waste frying oil
Oliveira JV, Alves MM, Costa JC
486 - 493 Contribution of precipitates formed in fermentation liquor to the enhanced biogasification of ammonia-rich swine manure by wheat-rice-stone addition
Huang H, He LL, Lei ZF, Zhang ZY
494 - 501 Photocatalytic degradation of lignin on synthesized Ag-AgCl/ZnO nanorods under solar light and preliminary trials for methane fermentation
Li HF, Lei ZF, Liu CG, Zhang ZY, Lu BW
502 - 508 Uncertainty analysis and global sensitivity analysis of techno-economic assessments for biodiesel production
Tang ZC, Lu ZZ, Liu ZW, Xiao NC
509 - 516 Freezing/thawing pretreatment coupled with biological process of thermophilic Geobacillus sp G1: Acceleration on waste activated sludge hydrolysis and acidification
Yang CX, Liu WZ, He ZW, Thangavel S, Wang L, Zhou AJ, Wang AJ
517 - 528 Technoeconomic analysis of large scale production of pre-emergent Pseudomonas fluorescens microbial bioherbicide in Canada
Mupondwa E, Li X, Boyetchko S, Hynes R, Geissler J
529 - 536 Comparison of aqueous ammonia and dilute acid pretreatment of bamboo fractions: Structure properties and enzymatic hydrolysis
Xin DL, Yang Z, Liu F, Xu XR, Zhang JH
537 - 544 Lipid production combined with biosorption and bioaccumulation of cadmium, copper, manganese and zinc by oleaginous microalgae Chlorella minutissima UTEX2341
Yang JS, Cao J, Xing GL, Yuan HL
545 - 552 Study on anaerobic ammonium oxidation process coupled with denitrification microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and its microbial community analysis
Li C, Ren HQ, Xu M, Cao JS
553 - 562 Anaerobic mesophilic co-digestion of ensiled sorghum, cheese whey and liquid cow manure in a two-stage CSTR system: Effect of hydraulic retention time
Dareioti MA, Kornaros M
563 - 568 Aerobic biodegradation of odorous dimethyl disulfide in aqueous medium by isolated Bacillus cereus GIGAN2 and identification of transformation intermediates
Liang ZS, An TC, Li GY, Zhang ZY
569 - 577 Apparent kinetics of high temperature oxidative decomposition of microalgal biomass
Ali SAM, Razzak SA, Hossain MM
578 - 585 Enhancing microalgal biomass productivity by engineering a microalgal-bacterial community
Cho DH, Ramanan R, Heo J, Lee J, Kim BH, Oh HM, Kim HS
586 - 593 Production of a lignocellulolytic enzyme system for simultaneous bio-delignification and saccharification of corn stover employing co-culture of fungi
Ma KD, Ruan ZY
594 - 601 A review on the sustainability of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment: Design and operation
Wu HM, Zhang J, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Hu Z, Liang S, Fan JL, Liu H
602 - 605 Evaluation of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification under controlled conditions by an aerobic denitrifier culture
Zhang Y, Shi Z, Chen MX, Dong XY, Zhou JT
606 - 612 Improved propionic acid production with metabolically engineered Propionibacterium jensenii by an oxidoreduction potential-shift control strategy
Zhuge X, Li JH, Shin HD, Liu L, Du GC, Chen J
613 - 618 Flux balance analysis of different carbon source fermentation with hydrogen producing Clostridium butyricum using Cell Net Analyzer
Rafieenia R, Chaganti SR
619 - 623 Methane yields and methanogenic community changes during co-fermentation of cattle slurry with empty fruit bunches of oil palm
Walter A, Franke-Whittle IH, Wagner AO, Insam H
624 - 628 Improved azo dye decolorization in an advanced integrated system of bioelectrochemical module with surrounding electrode deployment and anaerobic sludge reactor
Kong FY, Wang AJ, Ren HY
629 - 632 A new efficient forest biowaste as biosorbent for removal of cationic heavy metals
Kim N, Park M, Park D
633 - 637 Hydraulic optimization of membrane bioreactor via baffle modification using computational fluid dynamics
Yan XX, Xiao K, Liang S, Lei T, Liang P, Xue T, Yu KC, Guan J, Huang X
638 - 641 Modeling laccase-induced lignin removal in prehydrolysis liquor from kraft- based dissolving pulp production
Wang Q, Liu SS, Yang GH, Chen JC
642 - 645 Improving xylitol production at elevated temperature with engineered Kluyveromyces marxianus through over-expressing transporters
Zhang J, Zhang B, Wang DM, Gao XL, Hong J
646 - 650 Feasibility of vermistabilization for fresh pelletized dewatered sludge with earthworms Bimastus parvus
Fu XY, Huang K, Chen XM, Li FS, Cui GY