Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 9 The characteristics of a novel heterotrophic nitrifying and aerobic denitrifying bacterium, Acinetobacter junii YB
Ren YX, Yang L, Liang X
10 - 15 Catalytic fast pyrolysis of cellulose and biomass to produce levoglucosenone using magnetic SO42-/TiO2-Fe3O4
Lu Q, Ye XN, Zhang ZB, Dong CQ, Zhang Y
16 - 21 Impact of sludge cation distribution pattern on its filterability in membrane bioreactor
Zhang HF, Wang ZP, Zhang LH, Song LF
22 - 28 Three-dimensional fluorescence excitation-emission matrix (EEM) spectroscopy with regional integration analysis for assessing waste sludge hydrolysis treated with multi-enzyme and thermophilic bacteria
Guo L, Lu MM, Li QQ, Zhang JW, Zong Y, She ZL
29 - 36 Effects of acid and alkali promoters on compressed liquid hot water pretreatment of rice straw
Imman S, Arnthong J, Burapatana V, Champreda V, Laosiripojana N
37 - 43 Microalgae to biofuels: Life cycle impacts of methane production of anaerobically digested lipid extracted algae
Quinn JC, Hanif A, Sharvelle S, Bradley TH
44 - 49 Comparing the influence of low power ultrasonic and microwave pre-treatments on the solubilisation and semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge
Houtmeyers S, Degreve J, Willems K, Dewil R, Appels L
50 - 58 Yearlong evaluation of performance and durability of a pilot-scale Revolving Algal Biofilm (RAB) cultivation system
Gross M, Wen ZY
59 - 65 Fabrication of novel oxygen-releasing alginate beads as an efficient oxygen carrier for the enhancement of aerobic bioremediation of 1,4-dioxane contaminated groundwater
Lee CS, Le Thanh T, Kim EJ, Gong J, Chang YY, Chang YS
66 - 70 Production of a bioflocculant from Aspergillus niger using palm oil mill effluent as carbon source
Aljuboori AHR, Uemura Y, Osman NB, Yusup S
71 - 79 Strategic enhancement of algal biomass, nutrient uptake and lipid through statistical optimization of nutrient supplementation in coupling Scenedesmus obliquus-like microalgae cultivation and municipal wastewater treatment
Zhang CM, Zhang YL, Zhuang BL, Zhou XF
80 - 87 The effect of COD loading on the granule-based enhanced biological phosphorus removal system and the recoverability
Yu SJ, Sun PD, Zheng W, Chen LJ, Zheng XL, Han JY, Yan T
88 - 94 Enhancing biochar yield by co-pyrolysis of bio-oil with biomass: Impacts of potassium hydroxide addition and air pretreatment prior to co-pyrolysis
Veksha A, Zaman W, Layzell DB, Hill JM
95 - 102 Reductive de-polymerization of kraft lignin for chemicals and fuels using formic acid as an in-situ hydrogen source
Huang SH, Mahmood N, Tymchyshyn M, Yuan ZS, Xu CB
103 - 112 Towards integrated operation of membrane bioreactors: Effects of aeration on biological and filtration performance
Dalmau M, Monclus H, Gabarron S, Rodriguez-Roda I, Comas J
113 - 119 Crosses between monokaryons of Pleurotus sapidus or Pleurotus florida show an improved biotransformation of (+)-valencene to (+)-nootkatone
Omarini AB, Plagemann I, Schimanski S, Krings U, Berger RG
120 - 126 Coupled carbon, sulfur and nitrogen cycles of mixotrophic growth of Pseudomonas sp C27 under denitrifying sulfide removal conditions
Guo HL, Chen C, Lee DJ, Wang AJ, Gao DW, Ren NQ
127 - 131 Kinetics study on conventional and microwave pyrolysis of moso bamboo
Dong Q, Xiong YQ
132 - 138 Microbial community structure reveals how microaeration improves fermentation during anaerobic co-digestion of brown water and food waste
Lim JW, Chiam JA, Wang JY
139 - 144 Use low direct current electric field to augment nitrification and structural stability of aerobic granular sludge when treating low COD/NH4-N wastewater
Huang WL, Wang WL, Shi WS, Lei ZF, Zhang ZY, Chen RZ, Zhou BB
145 - 151 Enhanced hydrogen production from anaerobic fermentation of rice straw pretreated by hydrothermal technology
He LL, Huang H, Lei ZF, Liu CG, Zhang ZY
152 - 158 Effect of dissolved oxygen on heterotrophic denitrification using poly(butylene succinate) as the carbon source and biofilm carrier
Luo GZ, Li L, Liu Q, Xu GM, Tan HX
159 - 167 Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) by bacterial consortium from excess sludge fermentation liquid at laboratory and pilot scales
Jia QQ, Xiong HL, Wang H, Shi HC, Sheng XY, Sun R, Chen GQ
168 - 174 Nitrogen removal and microbial characteristics in CANON biofilters fed with different ammonia levels
Liang YH, Li D, Zhang XJ, Zeng HP, Yang Z, Cui SM, Zhang J
175 - 181 Methane and nitrous oxide emissions following anaerobic digestion of sludge in Japanese sewage treatment facilities
Oshita K, Okumura T, Takaoka M, Fujimori T, Appels L, Dewil R
182 - 186 Examination of protein degradation in continuous flow, microbial electrolysis cells treating fermentation wastewater
Nam JY, Yates MD, Zaybak Z, Logan BE
187 - 192 Biohydrogen facilitated denitrification at biocathode in bioelectrochemical system (BES)
Liu H, Yan Q, Shen W
193 - 198 Thermal behaviour and kinetics of alga Polysiphonia elongata biomass during pyrolysis
Ceylan S, Topcu Y, Ceylan Z
199 - 202 Evaluation of the efficiency of Trametes hirsuta for the removal of multiple pharmaceutical compounds under low concentrations relevant to the environment
Haroune L, Saibi S, Bellenger JP, Cabana H
203 - 210 Co-digestion of cultivated microalgae and sewage sludge from municipal waste water treatment
Olsson J, Feng XM, Ascue J, Gentili FG, Shabiimam MA, Nehrenheim E, Thorin E
211 - 216 Aerobic granules formation and simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal treating high strength ammonia wastewater in sequencing batch reactor
Wei D, Shi L, Yan T, Zhang G, Wang YF, Du B
217 - 226 Novel fungal consortium for bioremediation of metals and dyes from mixed waste stream
Mishra A, Malik A
227 - 232 Biochar from Alternanthera philoxeroides could remove Pb(II) efficiently
Yang Y, Wei ZB, Zhang XL, Chen X, Yue DM, Yin Q, Xiao L, Yang LY
233 - 239 Anaerobic digestion of giant reed for methane production
Yang LC, Li YB
240 - 246 Effect of granular activated carbon addition on the effluent properties and fouling potentials of membrane-coupled expanded granular sludge bed process
Ding A, Liang H, Qu FS, Bai LM, Li GB, Ngo HH, Guo WS
247 - 252 A novel approach for quantitative evaluation of the physicochemical interactions between rough membrane surface and sludge foulants in a submerged membrane bioreactor
Lin HJ, Zhang MJ, Mei RW, Chen JR, Hong HC
253 - 259 Kinetic models comparison for steam gasification of coal/biomass blend chars
Xu CF, Hu S, Xiang J, Yang HP, Sun LS, Su S, Wang BW, Chen QD, He LM
260 - 264 Physicochemical and porosity characteristics of thermally regenerated activated carbon polluted with biological activated carbon process
Dong LH, Liu WJ, Jiang RF, Wang ZS
265 - 273 Bio-entrapped membrane reactor and salt marsh sediment membrane bioreactor for the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater: Treatment performance and microbial communities
Ng KK, Shi XQ, Yao YN, Ng HY
274 - 284 Changes in physical, chemical, and microbiological properties during the two-stage co-composting of green waste with spent mushroom compost and biochar
Zhang L, Sun XY
285 - 290 Application of ozonated piggery wastewater for cultivation of oil-rich Chlorella pyrenoidosa
Gan K, Mou XQ, Xu Y, Wang HY
291 - 297 Effect of high electron donor supply on dissimilatory nitrate reduction pathways in a bioreactor for nitrate removal
Behrendt A, Tarre S, Beliavski M, Green M, Klatt J, de Beer D, Stief P
298 - 304 Identification of carbohydrates as the major carbon sink of the marine microalga Isochrysis zhangjiangensis (Haptophyta) and optimization of its productivity by nitrogen manipulation
Wang HT, Yao CH, Ai JN, Cao XP, Xue S, Wang WL
305 - 313 Removal of bisphenol A (BPA) in a nitrifying system with immobilized biomass
Zielinska M, Cydzik-Kwiatkowska A, Bernat K, Bulkowska K, Wojnowska-Baryla I
314 - 322 Effect of acetate to biomass ratio on simultaneous polyhydroxybutyrate generation and direct microbial growth in fast growing microbial culture
Biros Y, Cokgor EU, Yagci N, Pala-Ozkok I, Cakar ZP, Sozen S, Orhon D
323 - 329 Improving production of volatile fatty acids from food waste fermentation by hydrothermal pretreatment
Yin J, Wang K, Yang YQ, Shen DS, Wang MZ, Mo H
330 - 335 Biomass and carotenoid production in photosynthetic bacteria wastewater treatment: Effects of light intensity
Zhou Q, Zhang PY, Zhang GM
336 - 342 Production and characterization of high efficiency bioflocculant isolated from Klebsiella sp. ZZ-3
Yin YJ, Tian ZM, Tang W, Li L, Song LY, McElmurry SP
343 - 349 Use of orange peel extract for mixotrophic cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris: Increased production of biomass and FAMEs
Park WK, Moon M, Kwak MS, Jeon S, Choi GG, Yang JW, Lee B
350 - 359 Microbial community structure and dynamics during co-digestion of whey permeate and cow manure in continuous stirred tank reactor systems
Hagen LH, Vivekanand V, Linjordet R, Pope PB, Eijsink VGH, Horn SJ
360 - 366 Accelerated aerobic granulation using alternating feed loadings: Alginate-like exopolysaccharides
Yang YC, Liu X, Wan CL, Sun SP, Lee DJ
367 - 374 Effects of different media composition, light intensity and photoperiod on morphology and physiology of freshwater microalgae Ankistrodesmus falcatus - A potential strain for bio-fuel production
George B, Pancha I, Desai C, Chokshi K, Paliwal C, Ghosh T, Mishra S
375 - 383 Biogas production from spent rose hips (Rosa canina L.): Fraction separation, organic loading and co-digestion with N-rich microbial biomass
Crnivec IGO, Muri P, Djinovic P, Pintar A
384 - 388 Characterization of membrane foulants in a pilot-scale tunnel construction wastewater treatment process
Lee JH, Kim JO, Jeong SU, Cho HU, Cho KH, Kim YM
389 - 395 Optimization of C/N and current density in a heterotrophic/biofilm-electrode autotrophic denitrification reactor (HAD-BER)
Tong S, Chen N, Wang H, Liu HY, Tao C, Feng CP, Zhang BG, Hao CB, Pu JY, Zhao JM
396 - 400 The high-energy radiation protectant extracellular sheath pigment scytonemin and its reduced counterpart in the cyanobacterium Scytonema sp R77DM
Rastogi RP, Sonani RR, Madamwar D
401 - 409 Platinum and rhenium extraction from a spent refinery catalyst using Bacillus megaterium as a cyanogenic bacterium: Statistical modeling and process optimization
Motaghed M, Mousavi SM, Rastegar SO, Shojaosadati SA
410 - 420 Choosing co-substrates to supplement biogas production from animal slurry - A life cycle assessment of the environmental consequences
Vega GCC, ten Hoeve M, Birkved M, Sommer SG, Bruun S
421 - 427 Protease cell wall degradation of Chlorella vulgaris: Effect on methane production
Mahdy A, Mendez L, Blanco S, Ballesteros M, Gonzalez-Fernandez C
428 - 432 Ultrasonic-assisted production of biodiesel from transesterification of palm oil over ostrich eggshell-derived CaO catalysts
Chen GY, Shan R, Shi JF, Yan BB
433 - 441 Pyrolysis of coal, biomass and their blends: Performance assessment by thermogravimetric analysis
Ferrara F, Orsini A, Plaisant A, Pettinau A
442 - 451 Geochemical and spectroscopic investigations of Cd and Pb sorption mechanisms on contrasting biochars: Engineering implications
Trakal L, Bingol D, Pohorely M, Hruska M, Komarek M
452 - 460 Simulation of water removal process and optimization of aeration strategy in sewage sludge composting
Zhou HB, Chen TB, Gao D, Zheng GD, Chen J, Pan TH, Liu HT, Gu RY
461 - 468 Methods for understanding microbial community structures and functions in microbial fuel cells: A review
Zhi W, Ge Z, He Z, Zhang HS
469 - 471 Improved enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass through pretreatment with plasma electrolysis
Gao J, Chen L, Zhang J, Yan ZC
472 - 476 Quorum quenching is responsible for the underestimated quorum sensing effects in biological wastewater treatment reactors
Song XN, Cheng YY, Li WW, Li BB, Sheng GP, Fang CY, Wang YK, Li XY, Yu HQ
477 - 481 Enhancing the various solvent extraction method via microwave irradiation for extraction of lipids from marine microalgae in biodiesel production
Teo CL, Idris A
482 - 486 Achromobacter denitrificans SP1 produces pharmaceutically active 25C prodigiosin upon utilizing hazardous di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate
Pradeep S, Josh MKS, Balachandran S, Devi RS, Sadasivam R, Thirugnanam PE, Doble M, Anderson RC, Benjamin S
487 - 490 Comparison of nitrous oxide emissions in partial nitrifying and full nitrifying granular sludge reactors treating ammonium-rich wastewater
Wei D, Shi L, Zhang G, Wang YF, Shi SS, Wei Q, Du B
491 - 494 Early warning indicators for monitoring the process failure of anaerobic digestion system of food waste
Li L, He QM, Wei YM, He Q, Peng XY
495 - 499 Stacked optical waveguide photobioreactor for high density algal cultures
Jung EE, Jain A, Voulis N, Doud DFR, Angenent LT, Erickson D
500 - 505 Improved biomass and lipid production in a mixotrophic culture of Chlorella sp. KR-1 with addition of coal-fired flue-gas
Praveenkumar R, Kim B, Choi E, Lee K, Park JY, Lee JS, Lee YC, Oh YK