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1 - 7 Alkaline and alkaline peroxide pretreatments at mild temperature to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of rice hulls and straw
Cabrera E, Munoz MJ, Martin R, Caro I, Curbelo C, Diaz AB
8 - 13 Effect of wastewater-borne bacteria on algal growth and nutrients removal in wastewater-based algae cultivation system
Ma XC, Zhou WG, Fu ZQ, Cheng YL, Min M, Liu YH, Zhang YK, Chen P, Ruan R
14 - 23 Sugar-rich sweet sorghum is distinctively affected by wall polymer features for biomass digestibility and ethanol fermentation in bagasse
Li M, Feng SQ, Wu LM, Li Y, Fan CF, Zhang R, Zou WH, Tu YY, Jing HC, Li SZ, Peng LC
24 - 32 Microbial analysis in biogas reactors suffering by foaming incidents
Kougias PG, De Francisci D, Treu L, Campanaro S, Angelidaki I
33 - 40 Effect of chemical factors on integrated fungal fermentation of sugarcane bagasse for ethanol production by a white-rot fungus, Phlebia sp MG-60
Khuong LD, Kondo R, De Leon R, Anh TK, Meguro S, Shimizu K, Kamei I
41 - 45 Optimization of fed-batch enzymatic hydrolysis from alkali-pretreated sugarcane bagasse for high-concentration sugar production
Gao YS, Xu JL, Yuan ZH, Zhang Y, Liu YY, Liang CY
46 - 52 Improvement of the enzymatic hydrolysis of furfural residues by pretreatment with combined green liquor and ethanol organosolv
Yu HL, Xing Y, Lei FH, Liu ZP, Liu ZG, Jiang JX
53 - 60 The effect of substrate concentration fluctuation on the performance of high-rate denitrifying reactor
Li W, Zheng P, Zhang JQ, Shan XY, Wang ZY, Zhang M
61 - 68 Cr and Ni recovery during bioleaching of dewatered metal-plating sludge using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Rastegar SO, Mousavi SM, Shojaosadati SA
69 - 73 Responsive behavior of regenerated cellulose in hydrolysis under microwave radiation
Ni JP, Na HN, She Z, Wang JG, Xue WW, Zhu J
74 - 80 Production of xylitol and tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol from xylan in napier grass by a hydrothermal process with phosphorus oxoacids followed by aqueous phase hydrogenation
Takata E, Tsuruoka T, Tsutsumi K, Tsutsumi Y, Tabata K
81 - 86 Microalgae digestate effluent as a growth medium for Tetraselmis sp in the production of biofuels
Erkelens M, Ward AJ, Ball AS, Lewis DM
87 - 93 Improvement through low cost biofilm carrier in anaerobic tubular digestion in cold climate regions
Marti-Herrero J, Alvarez R, Rojas MR, Aliaga L, Cespedes R, Carbonell J
94 - 99 Combustion characteristics of bamboo-biochars
Liu ZJ, Fei BH, Jiang ZH, Liu XE
100 - 107 Tracking the composition and dominant components of the microbial community via polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and fluorescence in situ hybridization during vermiconversion for liquid-state excess sludge stabilization
Xu T, Xing MY, Yang J, Lv BY, Duan T, Nie J
108 - 115 Continuous synthesis of lactulose in an enzymatic membrane reactor reduces lactulose secondary hydrolysis
Sitanggang AB, Drews A, Kraume M
116 - 123 Integration of micro-filtration into osmotic membrane bioreactors to prevent salinity build-up
Wang XH, Yuan B, Chen Y, Li XF, Ren YP
124 - 132 Enrichment of anodic biofilm inoculated with anaerobic or aerobic sludge in single chambered air-cathode microbial fuel cells
Gao CY, Wang AJ, Wu WM, Yin YL, Zhao YG
133 - 136 Comparison between liquid and solid acids catalysts on reducing sugars conversion from furfural residues via pretreatments
Lin KY, Ma BJ, Sun Y, Liu WY
137 - 143 Characterization of organic membrane foulants in a forward osmosis membrane bioreactor treating anaerobic membrane bioreactor effluent
Ding Y, Tian Y, Li ZP, Liu F, You H
144 - 150 The migration and transformation behavior of heavy metals during the liquefaction process of sewage sludge
Leng LJ, Yuan XZ, Huang HJ, Jiang HW, Chen XH, Zeng GM
151 - 158 Effect of deflocculation on the efficiency of disperser induced dairy waste activated sludge disintegration and treatment cost
Devi TP, Ebenezer AV, Kumar SA, Kaliappan S, Banu JR
159 - 168 Sequential hydrolysis of waste newspaper and bioethanol production from the hydrolysate
Wu FC, Huang SS, Shih IL
169 - 177 The effects of mediator and granular activated carbon addition on degradation of trace organic contaminants by an enzymatic membrane reactor
Nguyen LN, Hai FI, Price WE, Leusch FDL, Roddick F, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Magram SF, Nghiem LD
178 - 185 A mass diffusion-based interpretation of the effect of total solids content on solid-state anaerobic digestion of cellulosic biomass
Xu FQ, Wang ZW, Tang L, Li YB
186 - 191 Enhancement of enzymatic saccharification of Eucalyptus globulus: Steam explosion versus steam treatment
Martin-Sampedro R, Revilla E, Villar JC, Eugenio ME
192 - 197 Innovative pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse using supercritical CO2 followed by alkaline hydrogen peroxide
Phan DT, Tan CS
198 - 205 Acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) production by Clostridium beijerinckii from wheat straw hydrolysates: Efficient use of penta and hexa carbohydrates
Bellido C, Pinto ML, Coca M, Gonzalez-Benito G, Garcia-Cubero MT
206 - 213 Enhanced saccharification of sugarcane bagasse using soluble cellulase supplemented with immobilized beta-glucosidase
Borges DG, Baraldo A, Farinas CS, Giordano RDC, Tardioli PW
214 - 218 Effective harvesting of the microalgae Chlorella protothecoides via bioflocculation with cationic starch
Letelier-Gordo CO, Holdt SL, De Francisci D, Karakashev DB, Angelidaki I
219 - 225 Nanofiltration, bipolar electrodialysis and reactive extraction hybrid system for separation of fumaric acid from fermentation broth
Prochaska K, Staszak K, Wozniak-Budych MJ, Regel-Rosocka M, Adamczak M, Wisniewski M, Staniewski J
226 - 231 Chemical characteristics of biomass from nature conservation management for methane production
Melts I, Normak A, Nurk L, Heinsoo K
232 - 240 The impact of alkali pretreatment and post-pretreatment conditioning on the surface properties of rice straw affecting cellulose accessibility to cellulases
Karuna N, Zhang L, Walton JH, Couturier M, Oztop MH, Master ER, McCarthy MJ, Jeoh T
241 - 250 Performance and model of a novel multi-sparger multi-stage airlift loop membrane bioreactor to treat high-strength 7-ACA pharmaceutical wastewater: Effect of hydraulic retention time, temperature and pH
Chen ZB, He ZW, Tang CC, Hu DX, Cui YB, Wang AJ, Zhang Y, Yan LL, Ren NQ
251 - 259 Stable isotope composition of biogas allows early warning of complete process failure as a result of ammonia inhibition in anaerobic digesters
Lv ZP, Hu M, Harms H, Richnow HH, Liebetrau J, Nikolausz M
260 - 268 Algae mediated treatment and bioenergy generation process for handling liquid and solid waste from dairy cattle farm
Prajapati SK, Choudhary P, Malik A, Vijay VK
269 - 275 Effective microbial calcite precipitation by a new mutant and precipitating regulation of extracellular urease
Li H, Song YX, Li QJ, He JW, Song YT
276 - 283 The effect of temperature on cell growth and astaxanthin accumulation of Haematococcus pluvialis during a light-dark cyclic cultivation
Wan MX, Zhang JK, Hou DM, Fan JH, Li YG, Huang JK, Wang J
284 - 290 Repeated use of stable magnetic flocculant for efficient harvest of oleaginous Chlorella sp.
Lee K, Lee SY, Praveenkumar R, Kim B, Seo JY, Jeon SG, Na JG, Park JY, Kim DM, Oh YK
291 - 296 Performance and techno-economic assessment of several solid-liquid separation technologies for processing dilute-acid pretreated corn stover
Sievers DA, Tao L, Schell DJ
297 - 302 Polyhydroxyalkanoate production as a side stream process on a municipal waste water treatment plant
Pittmann T, Steinmetz H
303 - 309 Enhanced reductive transformation of p-chloronitrobenzene in a novel bioelectrode-UASB coupled system
Zhu L, Gao KT, Qi JQ, Jin J, Xu XY
310 - 315 A fluidized bed membrane bioelectrochemical reactor for energy-efficient wastewater treatment
Li J, Ge Z, He Z
316 - 323 Microbial characterization and degradation of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate in an anaerobic reactor treating wastewater containing soap powder
Carosia MF, Okada DY, Sakamoto IK, Silva EL, Varesche MBA
324 - 330 Inhibitory effect of vanillin on cellulase activity in hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass
Li Y, Qi BK, Wan YH
331 - 335 Effect of storage on the respirometric relationship between substrate utilization and microbial growth
Ciggin AS, Orhon D
336 - 342 Co-metabolic oxidation of pharmaceutical compounds by a nitrifying bacterial enrichment
Dawas-Massalha A, Gur-Reznik S, Lerman S, Sabbah I, Dosoretz CG
343 - 348 Ultrasound-assisted production of biodiesel and ethanol from spent coffee grounds
Rocha MVP, de Matos LJBL, de Lima LP, Figueiredo PMD, Lucena IL, Fernandes FAN, Goncalves LRB
349 - 357 Conversion of microalgae to jet fuel: Process design and simulation
Wang HY, Bluck D, Van Wie BJ
358 - 366 Cell growth kinetics of Chlorella sorokiniana and nutritional values of its biomass
Kumar K, Dasgupta CN, Das D
367 - 375 Effective flocculation of target microalgae with self-flocculating microalgae induced by pH decrease
Liu JX, Tao YJ, Wu JH, Zhu Y, Gao BY, Tang Y, Li AF, Zhang CW, Zhang YM
376 - 382 Botryococcus braunii cells: Ultrasound-intensified outdoor cultivation integrated with in situ magnetic separation
Wang SK, Wang F, Stiles AR, Guo C, Liu CZ
383 - 389 The influence of duckweed species diversity on biomass productivity and nutrient removal efficiency in swine wastewater
Zhao Z, Shi HJ, Liu Y, Zhao H, Su HF, Wang ML, Zhao Y
390 - 397 The effect of bark on sulfur dioxide-ethanol-water fractionation and enzymatic hydrolysis of forest biomass
Yamamoto M, Niskanen T, Iakovlev M, Ojamo H, van Heiningen A
398 - 406 Isolation and functional analysis of a glycolipid producing Rhodococcus sp strain IITR03 with potential for degradation of 1,1, 1-trichloro-2,2-bis(4-chlorophenyl)ethane (DDT)
Bajaj A, Mayilraj S, Mudiam MKR, Patel DK, Manickam N
407 - 415 Effect of hydraulic retention time (HRT) on the anaerobic co-digestion of agro-industrial wastes in a two-stage CSTR system
Dareioti MA, Kornaros M
416 - 424 Improving energetics of triacylglyceride extraction from wet oleaginous microbes
Willis RM, McCurdy AT, Ogborn MK, Wahlen BD, Quinn JC, Pease LF, Seefeldt LC
425 - 432 Catalytic pyrolysis of palm kernel shell waste in a fluidized bed
Kim SW, Koo BS, Lee DH
433 - 440 Regulation of extracellular oxidoreduction potential enhanced (R, R)-2,3-butanediol production by Paenibacillus polymyxa CJX518
Dai JJ, Cheng JS, Liang YQ, Jiang T, Yuan YJ
441 - 446 Concentrated microalgae cultivation in treated sewage by membrane photobioreactor operated in batch flow mode
Gao F, Yang ZH, Li C, Wang YJ, Jin WH, Deng YB
447 - 455 Enzymatic hydrolysis of beech wood lignocellulose at high solid contents and its utilization as substrate for the production of biobutanol and dicarboxylic acids
Tippkotter N, Duwe AM, Wiesen S, Sieker T, Ulber R
456 - 461 Impact resistance of different factors on ammonia removal by heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification bacterium Aeromonas sp HN-02
Chen MX, Wang WC, Feng Y, Zhu XH, Zhou HZ, Tan ZL, Li XD
462 - 468 Autotrophic biocathode for high efficient sulfate reduction in microbial electrolysis cells
Luo HP, Fu SY, Liu GL, Zhang RD, Bai YP, Luo XN
469 - 475 Enzymatic degradation of Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) stems: Influence of the pith and bark in the total hydrolysis
Perez-Boada M, Prieto A, Prinsen P, Forquin-Gomez MP, del Rio JC, Gutierrez A, Martinez AT, Faulds CB
476 - 483 A novel model-based adaptive control strategy for step-feed SBRs dealing with influent fluctuation
Luo T, Yang M, Han JY, Sun PD
484 - 489 Hydrolysis of ionic cellulose to glucose
Vo HT, Widyaya VT, Jae J, Kim HS, Lee H
490 - 494 Enhanced bioelectricity generation by improving pyocyanin production and membrane permeability through sophorolipid addition in Pseudomonas aeruginosa-inoculated microbial fuel cells
Shen HB, Yong XY, Chen YL, Liao ZH, Si RW, Zhou J, Wang SY, Yong YC, OuYang PK, Zheng T
495 - 502 Application of Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 to describe the syntrophic acetate oxidation of poultry litter in thermophilic anaerobic digestion
Rivera-Salvador V, Lopez-Cruz IL, Espinosa-Solares T, Aranda-Barradas JS, Huber DH, Sharma D, Toledo JU
503 - 509 Evaluation of the potential of 9 Nannochloropsis strains for biodiesel production
Ma YB, Wang ZY, Yu CJ, Yin YH, Zhou GK
510 - 513 Effects of a static magnetic field on phenol degradation effectiveness and Rhodococcus erythropolis growth and respiration in a fed-batch reactor
Kriklavova L, Truhlar M, Skodova P, Lederer T, Jirku V
514 - 520 Comparison of lab, pilot, and industrial scale low consistency mechanical refining for improvements in enzymatic digestibility of pretreated hardwood
Jones BW, Venditti R, Park S, Jameel H
521 - 529 Photosynthetic acclimation of Nannochloropsis oculata investigated by multi-wavelength chlorophyll fluorescence analysis
Szabo M, Parker K, Guruprasad S, Kuzhiumparambil U, Lilley RM, Tamburic B, Schliep M, Larkum AWD, Schreiber U, Raven JA, Ralph PJ
530 - 538 Enzymatic hydrolysis of hardwood and softwood harvest residue fibers released by sulfur dioxide-ethanol-water fractionation
Yamamoto M, Iakovlev M, Bankar S, Tunc MS, van Heiningen A
539 - 546 High retention membrane bioreactors: Challenges and opportunities
Luo WH, Hai FI, Price WE, Guo WS, Ngo HH, Yamamoto K, Nghiem LD
547 - 550 Esterases immobilized on aminosilane modified magnetic nanoparticles as a catalyst for biotransformation reactions
Alex D, Mathew A, Sukumaran RK
551 - 554 Corn stalks char from fast pyrolysis as precursor material for preparation of activated carbon in fluidized bed reactor
Wang ZQ, Wu JL, He T, Wu JH
555 - 559 An alternative feedstock of corn meal for industrial fuel ethanol production: Delignified corncob residue
Lei C, Zhang J, Xiao L, Bao J
560 - 563 Enhancement of anammox activity by addition of compatible solutes at high salinity conditions
Liu M, Peng YZ, Wang SY, Liu TT, Xiao H
564 - 568 Hydrolytic and acidogenic fermentation potential of food waste with source segregated feces-without-urine as co-substrate
Rajagopal R, Ahamed A, Wang JY
569 - 573 Sorption and cosorption of lead (II) and methylene blue on chemically modified biomass
Ding ZH, Hu X, Zimmerman AR, Gao B
574 - 577 Protic acid resin enhanced 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride pretreatment of Arundo donax Linn.
You TT, Zhang LM, Zhou SK, Xu F
578 - 581 Fate and risk assessment of heavy metals in residue from co-liquefaction of Camellia oleifera cake and sewage sludge in supercritical ethanol
Chen HM, Zhai YB, Xu BB, Xiang BB, Zhu L, Qiu L, Liu XT, Li CT, Zeng GM
582 - 586 Factors affecting cellulose hydrolysis based on inactivation of adsorbed enzymes
Ye ZL, Berson RE