Bioresource Technology

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1 - 2 Special issue on the Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering, CESE-2013: 29 Oct.-2 Nov., EXCO, Daegu, South Korea Preface
Jegatheesan JV, Shu L, Kim D, Bae J, Zakaria Z, Navaratna D
3 - 8 Integration of the first and second generation bioethanol processes and the importance of by-products
Lennartsson PR, Erlandsson P, Taherzadeh MJ
9 - 12 Effect of fungal and phosphoric acid pretreatment on ethanol production from oil palm empty fruit bunches (OPEFB)
Ishola MM, Isroi, Taherzadeh MJ
13 - 20 The influence of anodic helical design on fluid flow and bioelectrochemical performance
Michie IS, Kim JR, Dinsdale RM, Guwy AJ, Premier GC
21 - 26 Evaluation of electricity generation from ultrasonic and heat/alkaline pretreatment of different sludge types using microbial fuel cells
Oh SE, Yoon JY, Gurung A, Kim DJ
27 - 30 Enhanced current production by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans biofilm in a mediator-less microbial fuel cell
Kang CS, Eaktasang N, Kwon DY, Kim HS
31 - 37 Growth and lipid accumulation properties of microalgal Phaeodactylum tricornutum under different gas liquid ratios
Song MM, Pei HY, Hu WR, Han F, Ji Y, Ma GX, Han L
38 - 41 Nutrient removal and lipid accumulation properties of newly isolated microalgal strains
Han L, Pei HY, Hu WR, Han F, Song MM, Zhang S
42 - 49 Removal of pharmaceuticals and organic matter from municipal wastewater using two-stage anaerobic fluidized membrane bioreactor
Dutta K, Lee MY, Lai WWP, Lee CH, Lin AYC, Lin CF, Lin JG
50 - 59 Microbial adaptation to biodegrade toxic organic micro-pollutants in membrane bioreactor using different sludge sources
Boonnorat J, Chiemchaisri C, Chiemchaisri W, Yamamoto K
60 - 68 Long-term effect on membrane fouling in a new membrane bioreactor as a pretreatment to seawater desalination
Jeong S, Rice SA, Vigneswaran S
69 - 74 A comparison study on membrane fouling in a sponge-submerged membrane bioreactor and a conventional membrane bioreactor
Deng LJ, Guo WS, Ngo HH, Zhang J, Liang S, Xia SQ, Zhang ZQ, Li JX
75 - 80 Anaerobic treatment of low-strength wastewater: A comparison between single and staged anaerobic fluidized bed membrane bioreactors
Bae J, Shin C, Lee E, Kim J, McCarty PL
81 - 87 Influences of dissolved organic matter characteristics on trihalomethanes formation during chlorine disinfection of membrane bioreactor effluents
Ma DF, Peng B, Zhang YH, Gao BY, Wang Y, Yue QY, Li Q
88 - 95 Scale-up of osmotic membrane bioreactors by modeling salt accumulation and draw solution dilution using hollow-fiber membrane characteristics and operation conditions
Kim S
96 - 104 Simultaneous nitrification/denitrification and trace organic contaminant (TrOC) removal by an anoxic-aerobic membrane bioreactor (MBR)
Phan HV, Hai FI, Kang JG, Dam HK, Zhang R, Price WE, Broeckmann A, Nghiem LD
105 - 110 Effect of zinc on anammox activity and performance of simultaneous partial nitrification, anammox and denitrification (SNAD) process
Daverey A, Chen YC, Sung SW, Lin JG
111 - 115 Quantification method of N2O emission from full-scale biological nutrient removal wastewater treatment plant by laboratory batch reactor analysis
Lim Y, Kim DJ
116 - 121 Effects of compound bioflocculant on coagulation performance and floc properties for dye removal
Huang X, Bo XW, Zhao YX, Gao BY, Wang Y, Sun SL, Yue QY, Li Q
122 - 128 Performance comparison between mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic reactors for treatment of palm oil mill effluent
Jeong JY, Son SM, Pyon JH, Park JY
129 - 136 Biomass production from fermented starch wastewater in photo-bioreactor with internal overflow recirculation
Prachanurak P, Chiemchaisri C, Chiemchaisri W, Yamamotob K
137 - 144 Transcriptional responses of bacterial amoA gene to dimethyl sulfide inhibition in complex microbial communities
Fukushima T, Whang LM, Lee YC, Putri DW, Chen PC, Wu YJ
145 - 151 Bioremoval and recovery of Cd(II) by Pseudoalteromonas sp SCSE709-6: Comparative study on growing and grown cells
Zhou WZ, Liu DS, Zhang HO, Kong WQ, Zhang YZ
152 - 157 Effective anaerobic biodegradation of municipal solid waste fresh leachate using a novel pilot-scale reactor: Comparison under different seeding granular sludge
Luo JH, Zhou JZ, Qian GR, Liu JY
158 - 161 Effect of hydraulic retention time on lactic acid production and granulation in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor
Kim DH, Lee MK, Moon C, Yun YM, Lee W, Oh SE, Kim MS
162 - 165 Effect of extracellular polymeric substances on corrosion of cast iron in the reclaimed wastewater
Jin JT, Wu GX, Zhang ZH, Guan YT
166 - 173 Adsorption characteristics of arsenic from micro-polluted water by an innovative coal-based mesoporous activated carbon
Li WG, Gong XJ, Wang K, Zhang XR, Fan WB
174 - 182 Bacterial and methanogenic archaeal communities during the single-stage anaerobic digestion of high-strength food wastewater
Jang HM, Kim JH, Ha JH, Park JM
183 - 190 Alkaline-mechanical pretreatment process for enhanced anaerobic digestion of thickened waste activated sludge with a novel crushing device: Performance evaluation and economic analysis
Cho SK, Ju HJ, Lee JG, Kim SH
191 - 198 The removal of cyanobacteria and their metabolites through anoxic biodegradation in drinking water sludge
Ma GX, Pei HY, Hu WR, Xu XC, Ma CX, Li XQ
199 - 200 Special issue on International Conference on Advances in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics 2013 Preface
Nawani N, Binod P, Koutinas AA, Khan F
201 - 204 Extraction of extracellular lipids from chemoautotrophic bacteria Serratia sp ISTD04 for production of biodiesel
Bharti RK, Srivastava S, Thakur IS
205 - 213 Bioethanol production from hemicellulose rich Populus nigra involving recombinant hemicellulases from Clostridium thermocellum
Gupta A, Das SP, Ghosh A, Choudhary R, Das D, Goyal A
214 - 222 Boosting accumulation of neutral lipids in Rhodosporidium kratochvilovae HIMPA1 grown on hemp (Cannabis sativa Linn) seed aqueous extract as feedstock for biodiesel production
Patel A, Pravez M, Deeba F, Pruthi V, Singh RP, Pruthi PA
223 - 232 Bioaugmentation of potent acidogenic isolates: A strategy for enhancing biohydrogen production at elevated organic load
Goud RK, Sarkar O, Chiranjeevi P, Mohan SV
233 - 240 Back propagation neural network modelling of biodegradation and fermentative biohydrogen production using distillery wastewater in a hybrid upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor
Sridevi K, Sivaraman E, Mullai P
241 - 249 Induction of anoxic microenvironment in multi-phase metabolic shift strategy during periodic discontinuous batch mode operation enhances treatment of azo dye wastewater
Reddy CN, Kumar AN, Modestra JA, Mohan SV
250 - 256 Metagenomic analysis of oxygenases from activated sludge
Jadeja NB, More RP, Purohit HJ, Kapley A
257 - 264 Shifts in microbial community in response to dissolved oxygen levels in activated sludge
Yadav TC, Khardenavis AA, Kapley A
265 - 269 Biodegradation of chlorpyrifos by Pseudomonas sp in a continuous packed bed bioreactor
Yadav M, Srivastva N, Singh RS, Upadhyay SN, Dubey SK
270 - 273 Extracellular synthesis and characterization of nickel oxide nanoparticles from Microbacterium sp MRS-1 towards bioremediation of nickel electroplating industrial effluent
Sathyavathi S, Manjula A, Rajendhran J, Gunasekaran P
274 - 278 Development of a microbial process for the recovery of petroleum oil from depleted reservoirs at 91-96 degrees C
Arora P, Ranade DR, Dhakephalkar PK
279 - 287 Regulatory function of organic carbon supplementation on biodiesel production during growth and nutrient stress phases of mixotrophic microalgae cultivation
Chandra R, Rohit MV, Swamy YV, Mohan SV
288 - 294 Salinity stress induced lipid synthesis to harness biodiesel during dual mode cultivation of mixotrophic microalgae
Mohan SV, Devi MP
295 - 301 Cultivation of microalgae in dairy effluent for oil production and removal of organic pollution load
Beevi US, Sukumaran RK
302 - 308 Promoter and signal sequence from filamentous fungus can drive recombinant protein production in the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis
Madhavan A, Sukumaran RK
309 - 313 An alkali-thermostable xylanase from Bacillus pumilus functionally expressed in Kluyveromyces lactis and evaluation of its deinking efficiency
Thomas L, Ushasree MV, Pandey A
314 - 318 Novel thermostable endo-xylanase cloned and expressed from bacterium Geobacillus sp WSUCF1
Bhalla A, Bischoff KM, Uppugundla N, Balan V, Sani RK
319 - 322 Hydrothermal conversion of lignin to substituted phenols and aromatic ethers
Singh R, Prakash A, Dhiman SK, Balagurumurthy B, Arora AK, Puri SK, Bhaskar T
323 - 331 Systematic approach to assess biohydrogen potential of anaerobic sludge and soil rhizobia as biocatalysts: Influence of crucial factors affecting acidogenic fermentation
Nikhil GN, Mohan SV, Swamy YV
332 - 335 Lactic acid fermentation by cells immobilised on various porous cellulosic materials and their alginate/poly-lactic acid composites
Kumar MN, Gialleli AI, Masson JB, Kandylis P, Bekatorou A, Koutinas AA, Kanellaki M
336 - 342 Characterization of liquid and solid product from pyrolysis of Pongamia glabra deoiled cake
Chutia RS, Kataki R, Bhaskar T
343 - 349 Development of a hybrid fermentation-enzymatic bioprocess for the production of ethyl lactate from dairy waste
Koutinas M, Menelaou M, Nicolaou EN
350 - 354 Enzymatic electrosynthesis of formate through CO2 sequestration/reduction in a bioelectrochemical system (BES)
Srikanth S, Maesen M, Dominguez-Benetton X, Vanbroekhoven K, Pant D
355 - 364 Microbial catalyzed electrochemical systems: A bio-factory with multi-facet applications
Mohan SV, Velvizhi G, Krishna KV, Babu ML
365 - 371 Influence of headspace composition on product diversity by sulphate reducing bacteria biocathode
Sharma M, Varanasi JL, Jain P, Dureja P, Lal B, Dominguez-Benetton X, Pant D, Sarma PM
372 - 382 Induced catabolic bio-electrohydrolysis of complex food waste by regulating external resistance for enhancing acidogenic biohydrogen production
Chandrasekhar K, Mohan SV