Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Special issue on International Biotechnology Symposium, IBS-2012: September 16-21, Daegu, Korea Preface
Park JM, Agathos SN, Jeon CO
2 - 9 Aerobic methane oxidation coupled to denitrification in a membrane biofilm reactor: Treatment performance and the effect of oxygen ventilation
Sun FY, Dong WY, Shao MF, Lv XM, Li J, Peng LY, Wang HJ
10 - 16 Batch and semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of food waste in a dual solid-liquid system
Zhang CS, Su HJ, Tan TW
17 - 24 Study on the factors affecting simultaneous removal of ammonia and manganese by pilot-scale biological aerated filter (BAF) for drinking water pre-treatment
Han M, Zhao ZW, Gao W, Cui FY
25 - 32 Distribution and abundance of Spirochaetes in full-scale anaerobic digesters
Lee SH, Park JH, Kang HJ, Lee YH, Lee TJ, Park HD
33 - 36 Biodegradation of a mixture of the herbicides ametryn, and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) in a compartmentalized biofilm reactor
Sandoval-Carrasco CA, Ahuatzi-Chacon D, Galindez-Mayer J, Ruiz-Ordaz N, Juarez-Ramirez C, Martinez-Jeronimo F
37 - 42 Sorption equilibrium, mechanism and thermodynamics studies of 1,3-propanediol on beta zeolite from an aqueous solution
Wang Z, Wu Z, Tan TW
43 - 47 Construction of a plant-microbe phytoremediation system: Combination of vetiver grass with a functional endophytic bacterium, Achromobacter xylosoxidans F3B, for aromatic pollutants removal
Ho YN, Hsieh JL, Huang CC
48 - 56 Comparison of methanogenic community structure and anaerobic process performance treating swine wastewater between pilot and optimized lab scale bioreactors
Kim W, Cho K, Lee S, Hwang S
57 - 64 Isolation of a BTEX-degrading bacterium, Janibacter sp SB2, from a sea-tidal flat and optimization of biodegradation conditions
Jin HM, Choi EJ, Jeon CO
65 - 70 Study of anaerobic ammonium oxidation bacterial community in the aged refuse bioreactor with 16S rRNA gene library technique
Wang C, Xie B, Han L, Xu XF
71 - 79 Determination of optimum conditions for dairy wastewater treatment in UAASB reactor for removal of nutrients
Amini M, Younesi H, Lorestani AAZ, Najafpour G
80 - 89 Microbial community structure in a thermophilic aerobic digester used as a sludge pretreatment process for the mesophilic anaerobic digestion and the enhancement of methane production
Jang HM, Park SK, Ha JH, Park JM
90 - 96 Influence of pretreated activated sludge for electricity generation in microbial fuel cell application
Yusoff MZM, Hu AY, Feng CJ, Maeda T, Shirai Y, Hassan MA, Yu CP
97 - 102 Biobutanol from sweet sorghum bagasse hydrolysate by a hybrid pervaporation process
Cai D, Zhang T, Zheng J, Chang Z, Wang Z, Qin PY, Tan TW
103 - 107 Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of fungal pretreated cornstalk for hydrogen production using Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum W16
Zhao L, Cao GL, Wang AJ, Guo WQ, Ren HY, Ren NQ
108 - 115 Comparative proteomics using lipid over-producing or less-producing mutants unravels lipid metabolisms in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Choi YE, Hwang H, Kim HS, Ahn JW, Jeong WJ, Yang JW
116 - 122 Continuous mode of carbon dioxide sequestration by C. sorokiniana and subsequent use of its biomass for hydrogen production by E. cloacae IIT-BT 08
Kumar K, Roy S, Das D
123 - 127 Characterization and engineering of an o-xylene dioxygenase for biocatalytic applications
Kim D, Yoo M, Choi KY, Kang BS, Kim E
128 - 132 Impact of bleaching on subcritical water- and Formosolv-pretreated tulip tree to enhance enzyme accessibility
Myint AA, Kim DS, Lee HW, Yoon J, Choi IG, Choi JW, Lee YW
133 - 133 Special issue on International Conference on Industrial Bioprocesses, IFIB-2012: October 7-10, 2012, Taipei, Taiwan Preface
Lee DJ, Dussap CG, Hallenbeck PC, Huang CC
134 - 141 Algal biofuels: Challenges and opportunities
Leite GB, Abdelaziz AEM, Hallenbeck PC
142 - 149 Bioprocess development on microalgae-based CO2 fixation and bioethanol production using Scenedesmus obliquus CNW-N
Ho SH, Li PJ, Liu CC, Chang JS
150 - 156 An updated comprehensive techno-economic analysis of algae biodiesel
Nagarajan S, Chou SK, Cao SY, Wu C, Zhou Z
157 - 161 Bio-oil from cassava peel: A potential renewable energy source
Ki OL, Kurniawan A, Lin CX, Ju YH, Ismadji S
162 - 165 Effects of light availability on the biomass production, CO2 fixation, and bioethanol production potential of Thermosynechococcus CL-1
Su CM, Hsueh HT, Li TY, Huang LC, Chu YL, Tseng CM, Chu H
166 - 174 Biological upgrading of volatile fatty acids, key intermediates for the valorization of biowaste through dark anaerobic fermentation
Singhania RR, Patel AK, Christophe G, Fontanille P, Larroche C
175 - 181 Application of kaolin-based catalysts in biodiesel production via transesterification of vegetable oils in excess methanol
Dang TH, Chen BH, Lee DJ
182 - 187 Biobutanol production from rice straw by a non acetone producing Clostridium sporogenes BE01
Gottumukkala LD, Parameswaran B, Valappil SK, Mathiyazhakan K, Pandey A, Sukumaran RK
188 - 192 Inhibitory effects of fruit flavors on methane production during anaerobic digestion
Wikandari R, Gudipudi S, Pandiyan I, Millati R, Taherzadeh MJ
193 - 203 Kinetics of transesterification of olive oil with methanol catalyzed by immobilized lipase derived from an isolated Burkholderia sp strain
Tran DT, Lin YJ, Chen CL, Chang JS
204 - 209 Fermentation approach for enhancing 1-butanol production using engineered butanologenic Escherichia coli
Chen SK, Chin WC, Tsuge K, Huang CC, Li SY
210 - 216 Bioethanol production from Yarrowia lipolytica Po1g biomass
Tsigie YA, Wu CH, Huynh LH, Ismadji S, Ju YH
217 - 223 Enhanced production of recombinant aspartase of Aeromonas media NFB-5 in a stirred tank reactor
Singh RS, Yadav M
224 - 228 The enhancement of butanol production by in situ butanol removal using biodiesel extraction in the fermentation of ABE (acetone-butanol-ethanol)
Yen HW, Wang YC
229 - 232 Lipase-immobilized biocatalytic membranes for biodiesel production
Kuo CH, Peng LT, Kan SC, Liu YC, Shieh CJ
233 - 239 Efficient transformation of grease to biodiesel using highly active and easily recyclable magnetic nanobiocatalyst aggregates
Ngo TPN, Li AT, Tiew KW, Li Z
240 - 247 Test of an anaerobic prototype reactor coupled with a filtration unit for production of VFAs
Poughon L, Creuly C, Farges B, Dussap CG, Schiettecatte W, Jovetic S, De Wever H
248 - 253 Optimization of sodium loading on zeolite support for catalyzed transesterification of triolein with methanol
Wang YY, Chou HY, Chen BH, Lee DJ
254 - 258 Crude glycerol-based production of amino acids and putrescine by Corynebacterium glutamicum
Meiswinkel TM, Rittmann D, Lindner SN, Wendisch VF
259 - 263 Bioflocculants from hydrolysates of corn stover using isolated strain Ochrobactium ciceri W2
Wang L, Ma F, Lee DJ, Wang AJ, Ren NQ
264 - 270 Production of a novel mixture of mycosubtilins by mutants of Bacillus subtilis
Bechet M, Castera-Guy J, Guez JS, Chihib NE, Coucheney F, Coutte F, Fickers P, Leclere V, Wathelet B, Jacques P
271 - 274 Membraneless microfluidic microbial fuel cell for rapid detection of electrochemical activity of microorganism
Wang HY, Su JY
275 - 279 Pretreatment and hydrolysis methods for recovery of fermentable sugars from de-oiled Jatropha waste
Kumar G, Sen B, Lin CY
280 - 284 Immobilized keratinase and enrofloxacin loaded on pectin PVA cryogel patches for antimicrobial treatment
Martinez YN, Cavello I, Hours R, Cavalitto S, Castro GR
285 - 289 Characterization of flocculating agent from the self-flocculating microalga Scenedesmus obliquus AS-6-1 for efficient biomass harvest
Guo SL, Zhao XQ, Wan C, Huang ZY, Yang YL, Alam MA, Ho SH, Bai FW, Chang JS
290 - 296 Microbial synthesis of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate and its application as targeted drug delivery vehicle
Althuri A, Mathew J, Sindhu R, Banerjee R, Pandey A, Binod P
297 - 301 Synergistic effect of Trichoderma reesei cellulases on agricultural tea waste for adsorption of heavy metal Cr(VI)
Ng IS, Wu XM, Yang XM, Xie YP, Lu YH, Chen CX
302 - 306 Exploring novel ultrafine Eri silk bioscaffold for enzyme stabilisation in cellobiose hydrolysis
Verma ML, Rajkhowa R, Wang XG, Barrow CJ, Puri M
307 - 312 Engineering strategies for simultaneous enhancement of C-phycocyanin production and CO2 fixation with Spirulina platensis
Chen CY, Kao PC, Tsai CJ, Lee DJ, Chang JS
313 - 320 Comparative isocline analysis upon microbial decolorization in immobilized cell bioreactor using biocarriers
Hong JM, Jiang JS, Chang CT, Chen BY
321 - 325 Deciphering mediating characteristics of decolorized intermediates for reductive decolorization and bioelectricity generation
Chen BY, Hsueh CC, Liu SQ, Ng IS, Wang YM
326 - 330 Study of whey fermentation by kefir immobilized on low cost supports using C-14-labelled lactose
Soupioni M, Golfinopoulos A, Kanellaki M, Koutinas AA
331 - 336 Photoheterotrophic growth of Chlorella vulgaris ESP6 on organic acids from dark hydrogen fermentation effluents
Liu CH, Chang CY, Liao Q, Zhu X, Chang JS
337 - 344 Synergistic collaboration of gut symbionts in Odontotermes formosanus for lignocellulosic degradation and bio-hydrogen production
Mathew GM, Mathew DC, Lo SC, Alexios GM, Yang JC, Sashikumar JM, Shaikh TM, Huang CC
345 - 350 Separation and fractionation of exopolysaccharides from Porphyridium cruentum
Patel AK, Laroche C, Marcati A, Ursu AV, Jubeau S, Marchal L, Petit E, Djelveh G, Michaud P
351 - 356 Autotrophic and heterotrophic denitrification by a newly isolated strain Pseudomonas sp C27
Chen C, Ho KL, Liu FC, Ho M, Wang AJ, Ren NQ, Lee DJ
357 - 361 Characterization of detergent compatible protease of a halophilic Bacillus sp EMB9: Differential role of metal ions in stability and activity
Sinha R, Khare SK
362 - 369 Biodiesel production with continuous supercritical process: Non-catalytic transesterification and esterification with or without carbon dioxide
Tsai YT, Lin HM, Lee MJ