Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Effect of organic loading rate and feedstock composition on foaming in manure-based biogas reactors
Kougias PG, Boe K, Angelidaki I
8 - 13 Growth rate, organic carbon and nutrient removal rates of Chlorella sorokiniana in autotrophic, heterotrophic and mixotrophic conditions
Kim S, Park JE, Cho YB, Hwang SJ
14 - 20 Recycling harvest water to cultivate Chlorella zofingiensis under nutrient limitation for biodiesel production
Zhu LD, Takala J, Hiltunen E, Wang ZM
21 - 27 Immobilizing Cr3+ with SO3H-functionalized solid polymeric ionic liquids as efficient and reusable catalysts for selective transformation of carbohydrates into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural
Li H, Zhang QY, Liu XF, Chang F, Zhang YP, Xue W, Yang S
28 - 37 Selection and evaluation of CO2 tolerant indigenous microalga Scenedesmus dimorphus for unsaturated fatty acid rich lipid production under different culture conditions
Vidyashankar S, Deviprasad K, Chauhan VS, Ravishankar GA, Sarada R
38 - 43 Hydrolysis for direct esterification of lipids from wet microalgae
Takisawa K, Kanemoto K, Miyazaki T, Kitamura Y
44 - 49 Construction and evaluation of an exopolysaccharide-producing engineered bacterial strain by protoplast fusion for microbial enhanced oil recovery
Sun SS, Luo YJ, Cao SY, Li WH, Zhang ZZ, Jiang LX, Dong HP, Yu L, Wu WM
50 - 56 Environmentally friendly pretreatment of plant biomass by planetary and attrition milling
Kim HJ, Lee S, Kim J, Mitchell RJ, Lee JH
57 - 66 A low-cost culture medium for the production of Nannochloropsis gaditana biomass optimized for aquaculture
Camacho-Rodriguez J, Ceron-Garcia MC, Gonzalez-Lopez CV, Fernandez-Sevilla JM, Contreras-Gomez A, Molina-Grima E
67 - 73 Microwave-assisted hydrolysis of polysaccharides over polyoxometalate clusters
Tsubaki S, Oono K, Ueda T, Onda A, Yanagisawa K, Mitani T, Azuma J
74 - 79 Analysis of oxygen reduction and microbial community of air-diffusion biocathode in microbial fuel cells
Wang ZJ, Zheng Y, Xiao Y, Wu S, Wu YC, Yang ZH, Zhao F
80 - 85 Performances of anaerobic co-digestion of fruit & vegetable waste (FVW) and food waste (FW): Single-phase vs. two-phase
Shen F, Yuan HR, Pang YZ, Chen SL, Zhu BN, Zou DX, Liu YP, Ma JW, Yu L, Li XJ
86 - 93 Nutrient removal performance and microbial community structure in an EBPR system under the limited filamentous bulking state
Yang X, Peng YZ, Ren NQ, Guo JH, Tang XX, Song JC
94 - 99 Electricity generation from food wastes and microbial community structure in microbial fuel cells
Jia JN, Tang Y, Liu BF, Wu D, Ren NQ, Xing DF
100 - 106 Aerobic biodegradation process of petroleum and pathway of main compounds in water flooding well of Dagang oil field
Cai MM, Yao J, Yang HJ, Wang RX, Masakorala K
107 - 114 Analysis of the stability of high-solids anaerobic digestion of agro-industrial waste and sewage sludge
Aymerich E, Esteban-Gutierrez M, Sancho L
115 - 120 Sewage sludge biochar as an efficient catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in an microbial fuel cell
Yuan Y, Yuan T, Wang DM, Tang JH, Zhou SG
121 - 127 Decentralized application of anaerobic digesters in small poultry farms: Performance analysis of high rate self mixed anaerobic digester and conventional fixed dome anaerobic digester
Rao AG, Gandu B, Sandhya K, Kranti K, Ahuja S, Swamy YV
128 - 134 Removal of chromium and lead by a sulfate-reducing consortium using peat moss as carbon source
Marquez-Reyes JM, Lopez-Chuken UJ, Valdez-Gonzalez A, Luna-Olvera HA
135 - 140 Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of heptyl-beta-glycosides: Effect of water coalescence at high temperature
Montiel C, Bustos-Jaimes I, Barzana E
141 - 148 Dynamic effect of total solid content, low substrate/inoculum ratio and particle size on solid-state anaerobic digestion
Motte JC, Escudie R, Bernet N, Delgenes JP, Steyer JP, Dumas C
149 - 155 Benefit of sodium hydroxide pretreatment of ensiled sorghum forage on the anaerobic reactor stability and methane production
Sambusiti C, Ficara E, Malpei F, Steyer JP, Carrere H
156 - 164 Biohydrogen production from microalgal biomass: Energy requirement, CO2 emissions and scale-up scenarios
Ferreira AF, Ortigueira J, Alves L, Gouveia L, Moura P, Silva C
165 - 171 Performance of microbial fuel cell coupled constructed wetland system for decolorization of azo dye and bioelectricity generation
Fang Z, Song HL, Cang N, Li XN
172 - 178 Co-production of furfural and acetic acid from corncob using ZnCl2 through fast pyrolysis in a fluidized bed reactor
Oh SJ, Jung SH, Kim JS
179 - 185 Wheat bran biorefinery - A detailed investigation on hydrothermal and enzymatic treatment
Reisinger M, Tirpanalan O, Pruckler M, Huber F, Kneifel W, Novalin S
186 - 193 Recycling cellulase from enzymatic hydrolyzate of acid treated wheat straw by electroultrafiltration
Chen GQ, Song WJ, Qi BK, Lu JR, Wan YH
194 - 201 Thermo-alkaline pretreatment of waste activated sludge at low-temperatures: Effects on sludge disintegration, methane production, and methanogen community structure
Kim J, Yu Y, Lee C
202 - 209 Calibration of hydrodynamic behavior and biokinetics for TOC removal modeling in biofilm reactors under different hydraulic conditions
Zeng M, Soric A, Roche N
210 - 215 Pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse with liquid hot water and aqueous ammonia
Yu Q, Zhuang XS, Yuan ZH, Qi W, Wang W, Wang Q, Tan XS
216 - 224 Biotransformation of benzimidazole anthelmintics in reed (Phragmites australis) as a potential tool for their detoxification in environment
Podlipna R, Skalova L, Seidlova H, Szotakova B, Kubicek V, Stuchlikova L, Jirasko R, Vanek T, Vokral I
225 - 231 Effect of temperature on continuous fermentative hydrogen production from Laminaria japonica by anaerobic mixed cultures
Shi XQ, Kim DH, Shin HS, Jung KW
232 - 239 Specific effects of fiber size and fiber swelling on biomass substrate surface area and enzymatic digestibility
Ju XH, Grego C, Zhang X
240 - 246 Microwave pyrolysis of microalgae for high syngas production
Beneroso D, Bermudez JM, Arenillas A, Menendez JA
247 - 254 The fate of pharmaceuticals, steroid hormones, phytoestrogens, UV-filters and pesticides during MBR treatment
Wijekoon KC, Hai FI, Kang JG, Price WE, Guo WS, Ngo HH, Nghiem LD
255 - 260 Comparison of Synechocystis sp PCC6803 and Nannochloropsis salina for lipid production using artificial seawater and nutrients from anaerobic digestion effluent
Cai T, Ge XM, Park SY, Li YB
261 - 267 Photoautotrophic outdoor two-stage cultivation for oleaginous microalgae Scenedesmus obtusus XJ-15
Xia L, Ge HM, Zhou XP, Zhang DL, Hu CX
268 - 274 Relationship between starch and lipid accumulation induced by nutrient depletion and replenishment in the microalga Parachlorella kessleri
Fernandes B, Teixeira J, Dragone G, Vicente AA, Kawano S, Bisova K, Pribyl P, Zachleder V, Vitova M
275 - 280 Biological decolorization of malachite green by Deinococcus radiodurans R1
Lv GY, Cheng JH, Chen XY, Zhang ZF, Fan LF
281 - 287 Effects of total ammonia nitrogen concentration on solid-state anaerobic digestion of corn stover
Wang ZJ, Xu FQ, Li YB
288 - 295 CO2 gasification reactivity of biomass char: Catalytic influence of alkali, alkaline earth and transition metal salts
Lahijani P, Zainal ZA, Mohamed AR, Mohammadi M
296 - 303 Net energy production and emissions mitigation of domestic wastewater treatment system: A comparison of different biogas-sludge use alternatives
Chen SQ, Chen B
304 - 310 Improving the flexibility of microbial desalination cells through spatially decoupling anode and cathode
Ping QY, He Z
311 - 320 Scale-up and kinetic modeling for bioethanol production
Imamoglu E, Sukan FV
321 - 327 Improving CO2 fixation efficiency by optimizing Chlorella PY-ZU1 culture conditions in sequential bioreactors
Cheng J, Huang Y, Feng J, Sun J, Zhou JH, Cen KF
328 - 336 Contribution of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) and their subfractions to the sludge aggregation in membrane bioreactor coupled with worm reactor
Li ZP, Tian Y, Ding Y, Wang HY, Chen L
337 - 343 Correlation of physicochemical properties and sludge dewaterability under chemical conditioning using inorganic coagulants
Niu MQ, Zhang WJ, Wang DS, Chen Y, Chen RL
344 - 349 Effect of ozone pretreatment on hydrogen production from barley straw
Wu JN, Ein-Mozaffari F, Upreti S
350 - 359 Process design and dynamics of a series of continuously fed aerated tank reactors treating dairy manure
Alitalo A, Alakukku L, Aura E
360 - 369 Manipulation of culture conditions alters lipid content and fatty acid profiles of a wide variety of known and new oleaginous yeast species
Sitepu IR, Sestric R, Ignatia L, Levin D, German JB, Gillies LA, Almada LAG, Boundy-Mills KL
370 - 379 Comparison of real waste (MSW and MPW) pyrolysis in batch reactor over different catalysts. Part II: Contaminants, char and pyrolysis oil properties
Miskolczi N, Ates F, Borsodi N
380 - 386 Treatment of high-salinity chemical wastewater by indigenous bacteria -bioaugmented contact oxidation
Li Q, Wang MD, Feng J, Zhang W, Wang YY, Gu YY, Song CJ, Wang SF
387 - 395 Anaerobic digestion for treatment of stillage from cellulosic bioethanol production
Tian ZL, Mohan GR, Ingram L, Pullammanappallil P
396 - 400 Effects of different pretreatment methods on chemical composition of sugarcane bagasse and enzymatic hydrolysis
Gao YS, Xu JL, Zhang Y, Yu Q, Yuan ZH, Liu YY
401 - 409 Dye removal of activated carbons prepared from NaOH-pretreated rice husks by low-temperature solution-processed carbonization and H3PO4 activation
Chen Y, Zhai SR, Liu N, Song Y, An QD, Song XW
410 - 419 Acute impact of erythromycin and tetracycline on the kinetics of nitrification and organic carbon removal in mixed microbial culture
Katipoglu-Yazan T, Pala-Ozkok I, Ubay-Cokgor E, Orhon D
420 - 428 Potential impact of biofouling on the photobioreactors of the Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae (OMEGA) system
Harris L, Tozzi S, Wiley P, Young C, Richardson TMJ, Clark K, Trent JD
429 - 434 Synergistic benefits of ionic liquid and alkaline pretreatments of poplar wood. Part 1: Effect of integrated pretreatment on enzymatic hydrolysis
Yuan TQ, Wang W, Xu F, Sun RC
435 - 444 Phototrophic cultivation of a thermo-tolerant Desmodesmus sp for lutein production: Effects of nitrate concentration, light intensity and fed-batch operation
Xie YP, Ho SH, Chen CNN, Chen CY, Ng IS, Jing KJ, Chang JS, Lu YH
445 - 451 An integrated microalgal growth model and its application to optimize the biomass production of Scenedesmus sp LX1 in open pond under the nutrient level of domestic secondary effluent
Wu YH, Li X, Yu Y, Hu HY, Zhang TY, Feng-Min L
452 - 459 Hydrogenotrophic denitrification for tertiary nitrogen removal from municipal wastewater using membrane diffusion packed-bed bioreactor
Li P, Xing W, Zuo JN, Tang L, Wang YJ, Lin J
460 - 466 Evaluation of hot compressed water pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification of tulip tree sawdust using severity factors
Kim DS, Myint AA, Lee HW, Yoon J, Lee YW
467 - 476 Determination of porosity of lignocellulosic biomass before and after pretreatment by using Simons' stain and NMR techniques
Meng XZ, Foston M, Leisen J, DeMartini J, Wyman CE, Ragauskas AJ
477 - 484 Stability characterization and modeling of robust distributed benthic microbial fuel cell (DBMFC) system
Karra U, Huang GX, Umaz R, Tenaglier C, Wang L, Li BK
485 - 491 Effective removal of Congo red dye from aqueous solution using modified xanthan gum/silica hybrid nanocomposite as adsorbent
Ghorai S, Sarkar AK, Panda AB, Pal S
492 - 498 French Brittany macroalgae screening: Composition and methane potential for potential alternative sources of energy and products
Jard G, Marfaing H, Carrere H, Delgenes JP, Steyer JP, Dumas C
499 - 503 Production of biodiesel from microalgae Chlamydomonas polypyrenoideum grown on dairy industry wastewater
Kothari R, Prasad R, Kumar V, Singh DP
504 - 512 Effects of Kraft lignin on hydrolysis/dehydration of sugars, cellulosic and lignocellulosic biomass under hot compressed water
Daorattanachai P, Viriya-empikul N, Laosiripojana N, Faungnawakij K
513 - 520 Feasibility of anaerobic co-digestion of poultry blood with maize residues
Cuetos MJ, Gomez X, Martinez EJ, Fierro J, Otero M
521 - 528 Inoculation of Pichia kudriavzevii RB1 degrades the organic acids present in raw compost material and accelerates composting
Nakasaki K, Araya S, Mimoto H
529 - 538 Trichloroethylene aerobic cometabolism by suspended and immobilized butane-growing microbial consortia: A kinetic study
Frascari D, Zanaroli G, Bucchi G, Rosato A, Tavanaie N, Fraraccio S, Pinelli D, Fava F
539 - 547 Fed-batch semi-simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of reed pretreated with liquid hot water for bio-ethanol production using Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Lu J, Li XZ, Yang RF, Yang L, Zhao J, Liu YJ, Qu YB
548 - 553 Parametric sensitivity analysis for temperature control in outdoor photobioreactors
Pereira DA, Rodrigues VO, Gomez SV, Sales EA, Jorquera O
554 - 562 Bioaugmentation for treating transient 4-fluorocinnamic acid shock loads in a rotating biological contactor
Amorim CL, Duque AF, Afonso CMM, Castro PML
563 - 571 Oxy-fuel combustion characteristics and kinetics of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris by thermogravimetric analysis
Chen CX, Lu ZG, Ma XQ, Long J, Peng YN, Hu LK, Lu Q
572 - 578 Biological pretreatment of corn stover with ligninolytic enzyme for high efficient enzymatic hydrolysis
Wang FQ, Xie H, Chen W, Wang ET, Du FG, Song AD
579 - 586 Enhancement of biogas production from swine manure by a lignocellulolytic microbial consortium
Tuesorn S, Wongwilaiwalin S, Champreda V, Leethochawalit M, Nopharatana A, Techkarnjanaruk S, Chaiprasert P
587 - 594 Production and application of an enzyme blend from Chrysoporthe cubensis and Penicillium pinophilum with potential for hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse
Visser EM, Falkoski DL, de Almeida MN, Maitan-Alfenas GP, Guimaraes VM
595 - 601 Assessing removal efficiency of dissolved organic matter in wastewater treatment using fluorescence excitation emission matrices with parallel factor analysis and second derivative synchronous fluorescence
Yu HB, Song YH, Tu X, Du ED, Liu RX, Peng JF
602 - 607 Modeling microalgal flocculation and sedimentation
Salim S, Gilissen L, Rinzema A, Vermue MH, Wijffels RH
608 - 614 Mixotrophic continuous flow cultivation of Chlorella protothecoides for lipids
Wang Y, Rischer H, Eriksen NT, Wiebe MG
615 - 622 Taguchi approach for co-gasification optimization of torrefied biomass and coal
Chen WH, Chen CJ, Hung CI
623 - 631 A novel anaerobic co-culture system for bio-hydrogen production from sugarcane bagasse
Cheng JR, Zhu MJ
632 - 636 Acidic and alkaline pretreatments of activated carbon and their effects on the performance of air-cathodes in microbial fuel cells
Wang X, Gao NSJ, Zhou QX, Dong H, Yu HB, Feng YJ
637 - 643 Screening high oleaginous Chlorella strains from different climate zones
Xu J, Hu HH
644 - 651 Adsorption, inhibition, and biotransformation of ciprofloxacin under aerobic conditions
Liu ZG, Sun PZ, Pavlostathis SG, Zhou XF, Zhang YL
652 - 657 Electron beam inactivation of selected microbial pathogens and indicator organisms in aerobically and anaerobically digested sewage sludge
Praveen C, Jesudhasan PR, Reimers RS, Pillai SD
658 - 663 UV-Vis as quantification tool for solubilized lignin following a single-shot steam process
Lee RA, Bedard C, Berberi V, Beauchet R, Lavoie JM
664 - 668 FT-IR/ATR univariate and multivariate calibration models for in situ monitoring of sugars in complex microalgal culture media
Girard JM, Deschenes JS, Tremblay R, Gagnon J
669 - 674 Effects of thermal treatment on chemical, mechanical and colour traits in Norway spruce wood
Kacikova D, Kacik F, Cabalova I, Durkovic J
675 - 679 An interactive study of influential parameters for shikimic acid production using statistical approach, scale up and its inhibitory action on different lipases
Rawat G, Tripathi P, Yadav S, Saxena RK
680 - 683 Removal of inhibitors from lignocellulosic hydrolyzates by vacuum membrane distillation
Chen JW, Zhang YQ, Wang YF, Ji XS, Zhang L, Mi XG, Huang H
684 - 688 Sustainable bio-production of styrene from forest waste
Azeem M, Borg-Karlson AK, Rajarao GK
689 - 692 Time behavior and capacitance analysis of nano-Fe3O4 added microbial fuel cells
Peng XH, Yu HB, Ai LN, Li N, Wang X
693 - 697 High activity cellulase production by recombinant Trichoderma reesei ZU-02 with the enhanced cellobiohydrolase production
Fang H, Xia LM
698 - 698 A kinetic evaluation of anaerobic treatment of swine wastewater at two temperatures in a temperate climate zone (vol 102, pg 3724, 2011)
Lim SJ, Fox P, Ellis TG
699 - 699 Evaluation of a static granular bed reactor using a chemical oxygen demand balance and mathematical modeling (vol 102, pg 6399, 2011)
Lim SJ, Fox P, Ellis TG