Bioresource Technology

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1 - 9 Effect of light intensity, pH, and temperature on triacylglycerol (TAG) accumulation induced by nitrogen starvation in Scenedesmus obliquus
Breuer G, Lamers PP, Martens DE, Draaisma RB, Wijffels RH
10 - 17 Effect of earthworms on the biochemical characterization of biofilms in vermifiltration treatment of excess sludge
Yang J, Liu J, Xing MY, Lu ZB, Yan Q
18 - 24 Evaluating the effect of medium composition and fermentation condition on the microbial oil production by Trichosporon cutaneum on corncob acid hydrolysate
Chen XF, Huang C, Yang XY, Xiong L, Chen XD, Ma LL
25 - 31 Ammonia recycling enables sustainable operation of bioelectrochemical systems
Cheng KY, Kaksonen AH, Cord-Ruwisch R
32 - 39 Preparation of wheat straw based superabsorbent resins and their applications as adsorbents for ammonium and phosphate removal
Liu J, Su Y, Li Q, Yue QY, Gao BY
40 - 45 An electroanalytical approach for evaluation of biochar adsorption characteristics and its application for Lead and Cadmium determination
Suguihiro TM, de Oliveira PR, de Rezende EIP, Mangrich AS, Marcolino LH, Bergamini MF
46 - 52 Effect of NaCl on the heavy metal tolerance and bioaccumulation of Zygosaccharomyces rouxii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Li CS, Xu Y, Jiang W, Dong XY, Wang DF, Liu BJ
53 - 58 Production of monosaccharides from napier grass by hydrothermal process with phosphoric acid
Takata E, Tsutsumi K, Tsutsumi Y, Tabata K
59 - 67 Directional synthesis of ethylbenzene through catalytic transformation of lignin
Fan MH, Jiang PW, Bi PY, Deng SM, Yan LF, Zhai Q, Wang TJ, Li QX
68 - 75 Effect of sludge age on population dynamics and acetate utilization kinetics under aerobic conditions
Pala-Ozkok I, Rehman A, Kor-Bicakci G, Ural A, Schilhabel MB, Ubay-Cokgor E, Jonas D, Orhon D
76 - 82 A decentralized wastewater treatment system using microbial fuel cell techniques and its response to a copper shock load
Feng CJ, Hu AY, Chen SH, Yu CP
83 - 87 Simultaneous removal of organic matter and nitrogen by a heterotrophic nitrifying-aerobic denitrifying bacterial strain in a membrane bioreactor
Yao YC, Zhang QL, Liu Y, Liu ZP
88 - 95 Use of image analysis tool for the development of light distribution pattern inside the photobioreactor for the algal cultivation
Kumar K, Sirasale A, Das D
96 - 103 Reduced temperature hydrolysis at 134 degrees C before thermophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge at increasing organic load
Gianico A, Braguglia CM, Cesarini R, Mininni G
104 - 111 Evaluation of integrated anaerobic-aerobic biofilm reactor for degradation of azo dye methyl orange
Murali V, Ong SA, Ho LN, Wong YS
112 - 116 Simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation of un-detoxified rice hull hydrolysate by Saccharomyces cerevisiae ICV D254 and Spathaspora arborariae NRRL Y-48658 for the production of ethanol and xylitol
Hickert LR, de Souza-Cruz PB, Rosa CA, Ayub MAZ
117 - 125 Optimizing the thermophilic hydrolysis of grass silage in a two-phase anaerobic digestion system
Orozco AM, Nizami AS, Murphy JD, Groom E
126 - 130 A one-pot glycerol-based additive-blended ethyl biodiesel production: A green process
Zanin FG, Macedo A, Archilha MVLR, Wendler EP, Dos Santos AA
131 - 138 Short mechanical biological treatment of municipal solid waste allows landfill impact reduction saving waste energy content
Scaglia B, Salati S, Di Gregorio A, Carrera A, Tambone F, Adani F
139 - 146 Hydrothermal carbonization: Process water characterization and effects of water recirculation
Stemann J, Putschew A, Ziegler F
147 - 153 Oxalate degradation in a bioelectrochemical system: Reactor performance and microbial community characterization
Bonmati A, Sotres A, Mu Y, Rozendal R, Rabaey K
154 - 162 Knockdown of PsbO leads to induction of HydA and production of photobiological H-2 in the green alga Chlorella sp DT
Lin HD, Liu BH, Kuo TT, Tsai HC, Feng TY, Huang CC, Chien LF
163 - 171 Engineering strategies for improving the CO2 fixation and carbohydrate productivity of Scenedesmus obliquus CNW-N used for bioethanol fermentation
Ho SH, Kondo A, Hasunuma T, Chang JS
172 - 177 Membrane fouling related to microbial community and extracellular polymeric substances at different temperatures
Gao DW, Wen ZD, Li B, Liang H
178 - 186 Denitrification of simulated municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent using a three-dimensional biofilm-electrode reactor: Operating performance and bacterial community
Hao RX, Li SM, Li JB, Meng CC
187 - 195 Nitritation and denitrifying phosphorus removal via nitrite pathway from domestic wastewater in a continuous MUCT process
Zeng W, Wang XD, Li BX, Bai XL, Peng YZ
196 - 203 The role of carbohydrate binding module (CBM) at high substrate consistency: Comparison of Trichoderma reesei and Thermoascus aurantiacus Cel7A (CBHI) and Cel5A (EGII)
Le Costaouec T, Pakarinen A, Varnai A, Puranen T, Viikari L
204 - 211 Enhanced biological nutrient removal in sequencing batch reactors operated as static/oxic/anoxic (SOA) process
Xu DC, Chen HB, Li XM, Yang Q, Zeng TJ, Luo K, Zeng GM
212 - 220 Intensification of hemicellulose hot-water extraction from spruce wood in a batch extractor - Effects of wood particle size
Krogell J, Korotkova E, Eranen K, Pranovich A, Salmi T, Murzin D, Willfor S
221 - 230 The steady state anaerobic digestion of Laminaria hyperborea - Effect of hydraulic residence on biogas production and bacterial community composition
Hinks J, Edwards S, Sallis PJ, Caldwell GS
231 - 237 Effect of algogenic organic matter (AOM) and sodium chloride on Nannochloropsis salina flocculation efficiency
Garzon-Sanabria AJ, Ramirez-Caballero SS, Moss FEP, Nikolov ZL
238 - 241 Heterologous expression of Lactobacillus casei RecO improved the multiple-stress tolerance and lactic acid production in Lactococcus lactis NZ9000 during salt stress
Wu CD, Zhang J, Du GC, Chen J
242 - 250 Effects of CO2 enrichment and nutrients supply intermittency on batch cultures of Isochrysis galbana
Picardo MC, de Medeiros JL, Araujo ODF, Chaloub RM
251 - 257 Influence of thermal pretreatment on the biochemical methane potential of wheat straw
Ferreira LC, Donoso-Bravo A, Nilsen PJ, Fdz-Polanco F, Perez-Elvira SI
258 - 264 Production of furfural from pentosan-rich biomass: Analysis of process parameters during simultaneous furfural stripping
Agirrezabal-Telleria I, Gandarias I, Arias PL
265 - 274 Immobilized acclimated biomass-powdered activated carbon for the bioregeneration of granular activated carbon loaded with phenol and o-cresol
Toh RH, Lim PE, Seng CE, Adnan R
275 - 281 Enhanced membrane filtration of wood hydrolysates for hemicelluloses recovery by pretreatment with polymeric adsorbents
Koivula E, Kallioinen M, Sainio T, Anton E, Luque S, Manttari M
282 - 288 Production and characterization of low molecular weight sophorolipid under fed-batch culture
Morya VK, Park JH, Kim TJ, Jeon S, Kim EK
289 - 297 Treatment of swine wastewater using chemically modified zeolite and bioflocculant from activated sludge
Guo JY, Yang CP, Zeng GM
298 - 307 Bioenergy co-products derived from microalgae biomass via thermochemical conversion - Life cycle energy balances and CO2 emissions
Khoo HH, Koh CY, Shaik MS, Sharratt PN
308 - 314 Characterization of a new zeaxanthin producing strain of Chlorella saccharophila isolated from New Zealand marine waters
Singh D, Puri M, Wilkens S, Mathur AS, Tuli DK, Barrow CJ
315 - 321 Effects of Ca2+ on activity restoration of the damaged anammox consortium
Liu ST, Zhang ZT, Ni JR
322 - 329 Butyric acid from anaerobic fermentation of lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysates by Clostridium tyrobutyricum strain RPT-4213
Liu SQ, Bischoff KM, Leathers TD, Qureshi N, Rich JO, Hughes SR
330 - 336 Evaluation of thermal, ultrasonic and alkali pretreatments on mixed-microalgal biomass to enhance anaerobic methane production
Cho S, Park S, Seon J, Yu J, Lee T
337 - 343 In situ laccase treatment enhances the fermentability of steam-exploded wheat straw in SSCF processes at high dry matter consistencies
Moreno AD, Tomas-Pejo E, Ibarra D, Ballesteros M, Olsson L
344 - 352 Effects of dilution rate and water reuse on biomass and lipid production of Scenedesmus obliquus in a two-stage novel photobioreactor
Lucas-Salas LM, Castrillo M, Martinez D
353 - 359 Effect of gaseous cement industry effluents on four species of microalgae
Talec A, Philistin M, Ferey F, Walenta G, Irisson JO, Bernard O, Sciandra A
360 - 368 Modeling of breakthrough curves of single and quaternary mixtures of ethanol, glucose, glycerol and acetic acid adsorption onto a microporous hyper-cross-linked resin
Zhou JW, Wu JL, Liu YN, Zou FX, Wu J, Li KC, Chen Y, Xie JJ, Ying HJ
369 - 377 Enhanced CO2 sequestration by a novel microalga: Scenedesmus obliquus SA1 isolated from bio-diversity hotspot region of Assam, India
Basu S, Roy AS, Mohanty K, Ghoshal AK
378 - 383 Degradation mechanism of monosaccharides and xylan under pyrolytic conditions with theoretic modeling on the energy profiles
Wang SR, Ru B, Lin HZ, Luo ZY
384 - 390 Direct conversion of chitin biomass to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in concentrated ZnCl2 aqueous solution
Wang YX, Pedersen CM, Deng TS, Qiao Y, Hou XL
391 - 396 Enhancement of enzymatic saccharification of sugarcane bagasse by liquid hot water pretreatment
Zhang HD, Xu SH, Wu SB
397 - 404 Enhanced butanol production by coculture of Clostridium beijerinckii-and Clostridium tyrobutyricum
Li L, Ai HX, Zhang SX, Li S, Liang ZX, Wu ZQ, Yang ST, Wang JF
405 - 412 Repetitive succinic acid production from lignocellulose hydrolysates by enhancement of ATP supply in metabolically engineered Escherichia coli
Liang LY, Liu RM, Li F, Wu MK, Chen KQ, Ma JF, Jiang M, Wei P, Ouyang PK
413 - 422 Characteristics of free endoglucanase and glycosidases multienzyme complex from Fusarium verticillioides
de Almeida MN, Falkoski DL, Guimaraes VM, Ramos HJD, Visser EM, Maitan-Alfenas GP, de Rezende ST
423 - 430 Capability of Thai Mission grass (Pennisetum polystachyon) as a new weedy lignocellulosic feedstock for production of monomeric sugar
Tatijarern P, Prasertwasu S, Komalwanich T, Chaisuwan T, Luengnaruemitchai A, Wongkasemjit S
431 - 438 Evaluation of system performances and microbial communities of two temperature-phased anaerobic digestion systems treating dairy manure
Lv W, Zhang WF, Yu ZT
439 - 446 Microbial community and N removal of aerobic granular sludge at high COD and N loading rates
Zhao YG, Huang J, Zhao H, Yang H
447 - 454 Reaction pathways of beta-D-glucopyranose pyrolysis to syngas in hydrogen plasma: A density functional theory study
Huang XY, Cheng DG, Chen FQ, Zhan XL
455 - 460 Sulfate removal by Desulfovibrio sp CMX in chelate scrubbing solutions for NO removal
Chen MX, Zhang Y, Zhou JT, Dong XY, Wang XJ, Shi Z
461 - 466 Nitrogen removal in intermittently aerated vertical flow constructed wetlands: Impact of influent COD/N ratios
Fan JL, Wang WG, Zhang B, Guo YY, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Zhang J, Wu HM
467 - 475 Butanol production from wood pulping hydrolysate in an integrated fermentation-gas stripping process
Lu CC, Dong J, Yang ST
476 - 482 Performance of aerated submerged biofilm reactor packed with local scoria for carbon and nitrogen removal from municipal wastewater
El-Shafai SA, Zahid WM
483 - 489 Reduction of sludge generation by the addition of support material in a cyclic activated sludge system for municipal wastewater treatment
de Araujo MM, Lermontov A, Araujo PLD, Zaiat M
490 - 498 Plate column biosorption of Cu(II) on membrane-type biosorbent (MBS) of Penicillium biomass: Optimization using statistical design methods
Xiao G, Zhang X, Su HJ, Tan TW
499 - 504 Microalgal cultivation in wastewater from the fermentation effluent in Riboflavin (B2) manufacturing for biodiesel production
Sun XF, Wang CW, Li ZH, Wang WG, Tong YJ, Wei J
505 - 511 Effects of thermal pretreatment on anaerobic digestion of Nannochloropsis salina biomass
Schwede S, Rehman ZU, Gerber M, Theiss C, Span R
512 - 518 Molecular characterization of bacterial and archaeal communities in a full-scale anaerobic reactor treating corn straw
Qiao JT, Qiu YL, Yuan XZ, Shi XS, Xu XH, Guo RB
519 - 524 A kinetic study of struvite precipitation recycling technology with NaOH/Mg(OH)(2) addition
Yu RT, Ren HQ, Wang YR, Ding LL, Geng JJ, Xu K, Zhang Y
525 - 530 Volatile fatty acids production from food waste: Effects of pH, temperature, and organic loading rate
Jiang JG, Zhang YJ, Li KM, Wang Q, Gong CX, Li ML
531 - 537 Improved tolerance of recombinant Escherichia coli to the toxicity of crude glycerol by overexpressing trehalose biosynthetic genes (otsBA) for the production of beta-carotene
Nguyen ADQ, Kim YG, Kim SB, Kim CJ
538 - 548 Simulation and optimization of ammonia removal at low temperature for a double channel oxidation ditch based on fully coupled activated sludge model (FCASM): A full-scale study
Yang M, Sun PD, Wang RY, Han JY, Wang JQ, Song YQ, Cai J, Tang XD
549 - 554 Renewable biofuel additives from the ozonolysis of lignin
Chuck CJ, Parker HJ, Jenkins RW, Donnelly J
555 - 561 Effect of magnetic nanoparticles on the performance of activated sludge treatment system
Ni SQ, Ni JY, Yang N, Wang J
562 - 574 Thermogravimetric-mass spectrometric analysis on combustion of lignocellulosic biomass
Lopez-Gonzalez D, Fernandez-Lopez M, Valverde JL, Sanchez-Silva L
575 - 583 Deoxy-liquefaction of switchgrass in supercritical water with calcium formate as an in-situ hydrogen donor
Ramsurn H, Gupta RB
584 - 591 Effects of co-substrate and biomass acclimation concentration on the bioregeneration of azo dye-loaded mono-amine modified silica
Al-Amrani WA, Lim PE, Seng CE, Ngah WSW
592 - 597 The morphological and settling properties of ANAMMOX granular sludge in high-rate reactors
Lu HF, Ji QX, Ding S, Zheng P
598 - 607 Ethanol production from glucose and xylose by immobilized Thermoanaerobacter pentosaceus at 70 degrees C in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor
Sittijunda S, Tomas AF, Reungsang A, O-Thong S, Angelidaki I
608 - 614 Bacterial communities predominant in the degradation of C-13(4)-4,5,9,10-pyrene during composting
Peng JJ, Zhang Y, Su JQ, Qiu QF, Jia ZJ, Zhu YG
615 - 622 Trichloroethylene adsorption by pine needle biochars produced at various pyrolysis temperatures
Ahmad M, Lee SS, Rajapaksha AU, Vithanage M, Zhang M, Cho JS, Lee SE, Ok YS
623 - 631 Detection of algal lipid accumulation due to nitrogen limitation via dielectric spectroscopy of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii suspensions in a coaxial transmission line sample cell
Bono MS, Ahner BA, Kirby BJ
632 - 641 A critical review on inhibition of anaerobic digestion process by excess ammonia
Rajagopal R, Masse DI, Singh G
642 - 646 Treatability study of 3,3',4',5-tetrachlorosalicylanilide (TCS) combined with 2,4,6-trichlorophenol (TCP) to reduce excess sludge production in a sequence batch reactor
Feng XC, Guo WQ, Chen C, Yang SS, Jin WB, Ren NQ, Zheng HS, Du JS, Liu B
647 - 652 Biowaste: A Lactobacillus habitat and lactic acid fermentation substrate
Probst M, Fritschi A, Wagner A, Insam H
653 - 656 Biodiesel from Forsythia suspense [(Thunb.) Vahl (Oleaceae)] seed oil
Jiao J, Gai QY, Wei FY, Luo M, Wang W, Fu YJ, Zu YG
657 - 659 Separation of lignocresol from eucalyptus lignocresol-cellulase complex using organic solvents
Nonaka H, Kobayashi A, Funaoka M
660 - 664 Increased solubilization of excess sludge does not always result in enhanced anaerobic digestion efficiency
Kim DH, Cho SK, Lee MK, Kim MS
665 - 668 Efficient production of polymer-grade L-lactate by an alkaliphilic Exiguobacterium sp strain under nonsterile open fermentation conditions
Jiang X, Xue YF, Wang AY, Wang LM, Zhang GM, Zeng QT, Yu B, Ma YH
669 - 673 Improved azo dye decolorization in a modified sleeve-type bioelectrochemical system
Kong FY, Wang AJ, Liang B, Liu WZ, Cheng HY
674 - 677 High-level production of calcium malate from glucose by Penicillium sclerotiorum K302
Wang ZP, Wang GY, Khan I, Chi ZM
678 - 681 Phenol oxidation by mushroom waste extracts: A kinetic and thermodynamic study
Pigatto G, Lodi A, Aliakbarian B, Converti A, da Silva RMG, Palma MSA
682 - 685 Effects of step-feed on long-term performances and N2O emissions of partial nitrifying granules
Yang S, Gao MM, Liang S, Wang SG, Wang XH
686 - 690 Transesterification of soybean oil using bovine bone waste as new catalyst
Smith SM, Oopathum C, Weeramongkhonlert V, Smith CB, Chaveanghong S, Ketwong P, Boonyuen S
691 - 694 Identification, characterization, and application of a virulence factor (EfEstA) from Enterococcus faecalis
Jang E, Ryu BH, Ju H, Kim TD
695 - 698 Lipid production for biofuels from hydrolyzate of waste activated sludge by heterotrophic Chlorella protothecoides
Wen QX, Chen ZQ, Li PF, Duan R, Ren NQ
699 - 702 Reductive degradation of chloramphenicol using bioelectrochemical system (BES): A comparative study of abiotic cathode and biocathode
Sun F, Liu H, Liang B, Song RT, Yan Q, Wang AJ