Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Integrated thermophilic submerged aerobic membrane bioreactor and electrochemical oxidation for pulp and paper effluent treatment -towards system closure
Qu X, Gao WJ, Han MN, Chen A, Liao BQ
9 - 14 Effects of yeast-originating polymeric compounds on ethanol pervaporation
Gaykawad SS, van der Wielen LAM, Straathof AJJ
15 - 23 A spectroscopic study for understanding the speciation of Cr on palm shell based adsorbents and their application for the remediation of chrome plating effluents
Kushwaha S, Sreedhar B, Sudhakar PP
24 - 28 Oil recovery from refinery oily sludge using a rhamnolipid biosurfactant-producing Pseudomonas
Yan P, Lu M, Yang Q, Zhang HL, Zhang ZZ, Chen R
29 - 35 Hydrolysis of organosolv wheat pulp in formic acid at high temperature for glucose production
Kupiainen L, Ahola J, Tanskanen J
36 - 41 Combined effect of pelleting and pretreatment on enzymatic hydrolysis of switchgrass
Rijal B, Igathinathane C, Karki B, Yu M, Pryor SW
42 - 46 Methane potential of sterilized solid slaughterhouse wastes
Pitk P, Kaparaju P, Vilu R
47 - 52 Hydraulic characteristics and their effects on working performance of compartmentalized anaerobic reactor
Ji JY, Zheng K, Xing YJ, Zheng P
53 - 57 Preparation of biodiesel from rice bran fatty acids catalyzed by heterogeneous cesium-exchanged 12-tungstophosphoric acids
Srilatha K, Sree R, Devi BLAP, Prasad PSS, Prasad RBN, Lingaiah N
58 - 65 Optimization of levulinic acid from lignocellulosic biomass using a new hybrid catalyst
Ya'aini N, Amin NAS, Asmadi M
66 - 73 Simultaneous biodegradation of Ni-citrate complexes and removal of nickel from solutions by Pseudomonas alcaliphila
Qian JW, Li DP, Zhan GQ, Zhang L, Su WT, Gao P
74 - 79 A modified method for calculating practical ethanol yield at high lignocellulosic solids content and high ethanol titer
Zhang J, Bao J
80 - 85 Degradation of algal organic matter using microbial fuel cells and its association with trihalomethane precursor removal
Wang H, Liu DM, Lu L, Zhao ZW, Xu YP, Cui FY
86 - 91 A terracotta bio-battery
Ajayi FF, Weigele PR
92 - 98 Improving secondary sludge biodegradability using free nitrous acid treatment
Pijuan M, Wang QL, Ye L, Yuan ZG
99 - 106 Structural transformation of hemicelluloses and lignin from triploid poplar during acid-pretreatment based biorefinery process
Wang K, Yang HY, Yao X, Xu F, Sun RC
107 - 113 Influence of a glass wool hot vapour filter on yields and properties of bio-oil derived from rapid pyrolysis of paddy residues
Pattiya A, Suttibak S
114 - 119 Characterization of a bio-oil from pyrolysis of rice husk by detailed compositional analysis and structural investigation of lignin
Lu Y, Wei XY, Cao JP, Li P, Liu FJ, Zhao YP, Fan X, Zhao W, Rong LC, Wei YB, Wang SZ, Zhou J, Zong ZM
120 - 125 Physical and chemical characteristics of products from the torrefaction of yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)
Kim YH, Lee SM, Lee HW, Lee JW
126 - 132 Initial-rate based method for estimating the maximum heterotrophic growth rate parameter (mu(Hmax))
Fall C, Hooijmans CM, Esparza-Soto M, Olguin MT, Ba KM
133 - 139 Microwave-assisted direct liquefaction of Ulva prolifera for bio-oil production by acid catalysis
Zhuang YB, Guo JX, Chen LM, Li DM, Liu JH, Ye NH
140 - 146 Preparation of a pH-sensitive polyacrylate amphiphilic copolymer and its application in cellulase immobilization
Liang WJ, Cao XJ
147 - 154 Lignocellulose modifications by brown rot fungi and their effects, as pretreatments, on cellulolysis
Schilling JS, Ai J, Blanchette RA, Duncan SM, Filley TR, Tschirner UW
155 - 160 Effect of a milling pre-treatment on the enzymatic hydrolysis of carbohydrates in brewer's spent grain
Niemi P, Faulds CB, Sibakov J, Holopainen U, Poutanen K, Buchert J
161 - 169 Mechanical and hydraulic properties of sludge deposit on sludge drying reed beds (SDRBs): Influence of sludge characteristics and loading rates
Vincent J, Forquet N, Molle P, Wisniewski C
170 - 178 Batch anaerobic co-digestion of proteins and carbohydrates
Elbeshbishy E, Nakhla G
179 - 183 Effect of carbon and nitrogen sources on photo-fermentative H-2 production associated with nitrogenase, uptake hydrogenase activity, and PHB accumulation in Rhodobacter sphaeroides KD131
Kim MS, Kim DH, Cha J, Lee JK
184 - 189 A study on fluidized bed combustion characteristics of corncob in three different combustion modes
Chyang CS, Duan F, Lin SM, Tso J
190 - 194 Conversion of glucose into furans in the presence of AlCl3 in an ethanol-water solvent system
Yang Y, Hu CW, Abu-Omar MM
195 - 203 Zinc and cadmium biosorption by untreated and calcium-treated Macrocystis pyrifera in a batch system
Plaza Cazon J, Bernardelli C, Viera M, Donati E, Guibal E
204 - 213 Biodegradation of BTEX in a fungal biofilter: Influence of operational parameters, effect of shock-loads and substrate stratification
Rene ER, Mohammad BT, Veiga MC, Kennes C
214 - 219 Vermicomposting of milk processing industry sludge spiked with plant wastes
Suthar S, Mutiyar PK, Singh S
220 - 225 Hydrolysis of sweet sorghum bagasse and eucalyptus wood chips with liquid hot water
Yu Q, Zhuang XS, Wang Q, Qi W, Tan XS, Yuan ZH
226 - 233 Extractive fermentation for improved production and recovery of lipase derived from Burkholderia cepacia using a thermoseparating polymer in aqueous two-phase systems
Show PL, Tan CP, Anuar MS, Ariff A, Yusof YA, Chen SK, Ling TC
234 - 240 Overexpression and characterization of a new organic solvent-tolerant esterase derived from soil metagenomic DNA
Jin P, Pei XL, Du PF, Yin XP, Xiong XL, Wu HL, Zhou XL, Wang QY
241 - 246 High-level exogenous glutamic acid-independent production of poly-(gamma-glutamic acid) with organic acid addition in a new isolated Bacillus subtilis C10
Zhang HL, Zhu JZ, Zhu XC, Cai J, Zhang AY, Hong YZ, Huang J, Huang L, Xu ZN
247 - 251 Purification and characterization of maltooligosaccharide-forming alpha-amylase from moderately halophilic Marinobacter sp EMB8
Kumar S, Khare SK
252 - 258 Effects of biofilm geometry on deammonification biofilm performance: A simulation study
Liu ST, Horn H
259 - 265 Enhanced dewaterability of sewage sludge in the presence of Fe(II)-activated persulfate oxidation
Zhen GY, Lu XQ, Zhao YC, Chai XL, Niu DJ
266 - 270 Simultaneous heterotrophic nitrification and aerobic denitrification by bacterium Rhodococcus sp CPZ24
Chen PZ, Li J, Li QX, Wang YC, Li SP, Ren TZ, Wang LG
271 - 277 Autotrophic nitrogen removal from ammonium at low applied voltage in a single-compartment microbial electrolysis cell
Zhan GQ, Zhang LX, Li DP, Su WT, Tao Y, Qian JW
278 - 284 Release characteristics of alkali and alkaline earth metallic species during biomass pyrolysis and steam gasification process
Jiang L, Hu S, Xiang J, Su S, Sun LS, Xu K, Yao Y
285 - 289 Utilization of wasted sardine oil as co-substrate with pig slurry for biogas production - A pilot experience of decentralized industrial organic waste management in a Portuguese pig farm
Ferreira L, Duarte E, Figueiredo D
290 - 294 Interaction of uranium with a filamentous, heterocystous, nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium, Anabaena torulosa
Acharya C, Chandwadkar P, Apte SK
295 - 301 A novel process for enhancing oil production in algae biorefineries through bioconversion of solid by-products
Trzcinski AP, Hernandez E, Webb C
302 - 306 One-pot synthesis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural directly from starch over SO42-/ZrO2-Al2O3 solid catalyst
Yang Y, Xiang X, Tong DM, Hu CW, Abu-Omar MM
307 - 313 Growth characteristics of Chlorella sorokiniana in airlift and bubble column photobioreactors
Kumar K, Das D
314 - 319 Pilot-scale ethanol production from rice straw hydrolysates using xylose-fermenting Pichia stipitis
Lin TH, Huang CF, Guo GL, Hwang WS, Huang SL
320 - 326 Feedstock mixture effects on sugar monomer recovery following dilute acid pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis
Brodeur-Campbell M, Klinger J, Shonnard D
327 - 333 Synthesis of galactooligosaccharides by CBD fusion beta-galactosidase immobilized on cellulose
Lu LL, Xu SZ, Zhao RF, Zhang DY, Li ZY, Li YM, Xiao M
334 - 339 Efficient production of L-lactic acid with high optical purity by alkaliphilic Bacillus sp WL-S20
Meng Y, Xue YF, Yu B, Gao CH, Ma Y
340 - 347 Response of poly-phosphate accumulating organisms to free nitrous acid inhibition under anoxic and aerobic conditions
Zhou Y, Ganda L, Lim M, Yuan ZG, Ng WJ
348 - 354 Improvement of thermostability and activity of pectate lyase in the presence of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
Mukhopadhyay A, Dasgupta AK, Chattopadhyay D, Chakrabarti K
355 - 359 Hydrolysis of cellulose over functionalized glucose-derived carbon catalyst in ionic liquid
Guo HX, Qi XH, Li LY, Smith RL
360 - 365 Enhanced removal of carbon dioxide and alleviation of dissolved oxygen accumulation in photobioreactor with bubble tank
Chai XL, Zhao X
366 - 371 Membrane fouling mechanism in ultrafiltration of succinic acid fermentation broth
Wang CX, Li Q, Tang H, Yan DJ, Zhou W, Xing JM, Wan YH
372 - 378 Chemical and enzymatic sequential pretreatment of oat straw for methane production
Gomez-Tovar F, Cells LB, Razo-Flores E, Alatriste-Mondragon F
379 - 385 N2O and N-2 production during heterotrophic nitrification by Alcaligenes faecalis strain NR
Zhao B, An Q, He YL, Guo JS
386 - 395 Optimization of struvite crystallization protocol for pretreating the swine wastewater and its impact on subsequent anaerobic biodegradation of pollutants
Zhang DM, Chen YX, Jilani G, Wu WX, Liu WL, Han ZY
396 - 402 Drying characteristics and equilibrium moisture content of steam-treated Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii L.)
Lam PS, Sokhansanj S, Bi XTT, Lim CJ, Larsson SH
403 - 412 Gasification of pelletized biomass in a pilot scale downdraft gasifier
Simone M, Barontini F, Nicolella C, Tognotti L
413 - 420 Hydrothermal conversion of big bluestem for bio-oil production: The effect of ecotype and planting location
Gan J, Yuan WQ, Johnson L, Wang DH, Nelson R, Zhang K
421 - 427 Effects of turning on the microbial consortia and the in situ temperature preferences of microorganisms in a laboratory-scale swine manure composting
Kuok F, Mimoto H, Nakasaki K
428 - 434 Electron transfer capacity as a rapid and simple maturity index for compost
Yuan Y, Tao Y, Zhou SG, Yuan T, Lu Q, He J
435 - 440 Behaviors of glucose decomposition during acid-catalyzed hydrothermal hydrolysis of pretreated Gelidium amansii
Jeong TS, Choi CH, Lee JY, Oh KK
441 - 447 Excess sludge reduction using pilot-scale lysis-cryptic growth system integrated ultrasonic/alkaline disintegration and hydrolysis/acidogenesis pretreatment
Ma HJ, Zhang ST, Lu XB, Xi B, Guo XL, Wang H, Duan JX
448 - 452 Membrane-assisted extractive butanol fermentation by Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum N1-4 with 1-dodecanol as the extractant
Tanaka S, Tashiro Y, Kobayashi G, Ikegami T, Negishi H, Sakaki K
453 - 458 Microbially-reduced graphene scaffolds to facilitate extracellular electron transfer in microbial fuel cells
Yuan Y, Zhou SG, Zhao B, Zhuang L, Wang YQ
459 - 465 Application of conductive polymers in biocathode of microbial fuel cells and microbial community
Li C, Ding LL, Cui H, Zhang LB, Xu K, Ren HQ
466 - 470 Experimental study for growth potential of unicellular alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa on dairy waste water: An integrated approach for treatment and biofuel production
Kothari R, Pathak VV, Kumar V, Singh DP
471 - 476 Optimizing the torrefaction of mixed softwood by response surface methodology for biomass upgrading to high energy density
Lee JW, Kim YH, Lee SM, Lee HW
477 - 484 Influence of growth phase on harvesting of Chlorella zofingiensis by dissolved air flotation
Zhang XZ, Amendola P, Hewson JC, Sommerfeld M, Hu Q
485 - 491 Rapid production of maggots as feed supplement and organic fertilizer by the two-stage composting of pig manure
Zhu FX, Wang WP, Hong CL, Feng MG, Xue ZY, Chen XY, Yao YL, Yu M
492 - 496 Removal of inhibitors from pre-hydrolysis liquor of kraft-based dissolving pulp production process using adsorption and flocculation processes
Liu X, Fatehi P, Ni YH
497 - 501 Potential of Phragmites australis for the removal of veterinary pharmaceuticals from aquatic media
Carvalho PN, Basto MCP, Almeida CMR
502 - 506 A glucose bio-battery prototype based on a GDH/(polymethylene blue) bioanode and a graphite cathode with an iodide/tri-iodide redox couple
Wang JY, Nien PC, Chen CH, Chen LC, Ho KC
507 - 511 Improved performance of the microbial electrolysis desalination and chemical-production cell using the stack structure
Chen SS, Liu GL, Zhang RD, Qin BY, Luo Y, Hou YP
512 - 516 Biodiesel production from Palm oil using calcined waste animal bone as catalyst
Obadiah A, Swaroopa GA, Kumar SV, Jeganathan KR, Ramasubbu A
517 - 521 Enhanced elementary sulfur recovery in integrated sulfate-reducing, sulfur-producing rector under micro-aerobic condition
Xu XJ, Chen C, Wang AJ, Fang N, Yuan Y, Ren NQ, Lee DJ
522 - 525 Preparation of activated carbon by microwave heating of langsat (Lansium domesticum) empty fruit bunch waste
Foo KY, Hameed BH
526 - 528 A three-stage culture process for improved exopolysaccharide production by Tremella fuciformis
Zhu H, Tian BZ, Liu W, Zhang SS, Cao CX, Zhang Y, Zou WS
529 - 532 Readily-milled fraction of wet sugarcane bagasse as an advanced feedstock for monosaccharide production via the RT-CaCCO process
Shiroma R, Park JY, Arakane M, Ishikawa S, Terajima Y, Ike M, Tokuyasu K
533 - 535 Alteration of the biomass composition of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis under various amounts of limited phosphorus
Markou G
536 - 539 Potential of Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn. (kapok fiber) as a resource for second generation bioethanol: Effect of various simple pretreatment methods on sugar production
Tye YY, Lee KT, Abdullah WNW, Leh CP
540 - 544 Gamagrass varieties as potential feedstock for fermentable sugar production
Xu JL, Zhang XM, Sharma-Shivappa RR, Eubanks MW