Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.102, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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427 - 436 Protein extraction from biomass in a bioethanol refinery - Possible dietary applications: Use as animal feed and potential extension to human consumption
Chiesa S, Gnansounou E
437 - 451 Life cycle assessment of bioenergy systems: State of the art and future challenges
Cherubini F, Stromman AH
452 - 460 Biodiesel production from jatropha oil by catalytic and non-catalytic approaches: An overview
Juan JC, Kartika DA, Wu TY, Hin TYY
461 - 468 Upstream and downstream strategies to economize biodiesel production
Hasheminejad M, Tabatabaei M, Mansourpanah Y, Far MK, Javani A
469 - 474 Stable and efficient immobilization technique of aldolase under consecutive microwave irradiation at low temperature
Wang AM, Wang MZ, Wang QY, Chen FF, Zhang FK, Li HF, Zeng ZW, Xie TA
475 - 482 Immobilization of chloroperoxidase onto highly hydrophilic polyethylene chains via bio-conjugation: Catalytic properties and stabilities
Bayramoglu G, Altintas B, Yilmaz M, Arica MY
483 - 489 Carbonyl reductase SCRII from Candida parapsilosis catalyzes anti-Prelog reaction to (S)-1-phenyl-1,2-ethanediol with absolute stereochemical selectivity
Zhang RZ, Geng YW, Xu Y, Zhang WC, Wang SS, Xiao R
490 - 498 Integrated reactive absorption process for synthesis of fatty esters
Kiss AA, Bildea CS
499 - 506 Immobilization of Candida rugosa lipase on glass beads for enantioselective hydrolysis of racemic Naproxen methyl ester
Yilmaz E, Can K, Sezgin M, Yilmaz M
507 - 512 Kinetically controlled synthesis of monoglyceryl esters from chiral and prochiral acids methyl esters catalyzed by immobilized Rhizomucor miehei lipase
Acosta A, Filice M, Fernandez-Lorente G, Palomo JM, Guisan JM
513 - 518 Kinetics and bioreactor studies of immobilized invertase on polyurethane rigid adhesive foam
Cadena PG, Wiggers FN, Silva RA, Lima JL, Pimentel MCB
519 - 523 Improving the remaining activity of lignocellulolytic enzymes by membrane entrapment
Chang KL, Thitikorn-amorn J, Chen SH, Hsieh JF, Ratanakhanokchai K, Huang PJ, Lin TC, Chen ST
524 - 528 Reversible removal of SO2 at low temperature by Bacillus licheniformis immobilized on gamma-Al2O3
Jia LS, Deng RP, Song H
529 - 535 Immobilization of penicillin G acylase on macro-mesoporous silica spheres
Zhao JQ, Wang YJ, Luo GS, Zhu SL
536 - 542 Characteristics of nitrogenous substrate conversion by anammox enrichment
Hu AH, Zheng P, Mahmood Q, Zhang L, Shen LD, Ding SA
543 - 549 Absorptive removal of biomass tar using water and oily materials
Phuphuakrat T, Namioka T, Yoshikawa K
550 - 557 Wastewater treatment efficiency of a multi-media biological aerated filter (MBAF) containing clinoptilolite and bioceramsite in a brick-wall embedded design
Ji GD, Tong JJ, Tan YF
558 - 566 FAHP ranking and selection of pretreatment module for membrane separation processes in textile cluster
Manekar P, Nandy T, Sargaonkar A, Rathi B, Karthik M
567 - 575 Biodegradation kinetics of peptone and 2,6-dihydroxybenzoic acid by acclimated dual microbial culture
Cokgor EU, Insel G, Katipoglu T, Orhon D
576 - 584 Ethylene removal efficiency and bacterial community diversity of a natural zeolite biofilter
Fu YM, Shao LZ, Tong L, Liu H
585 - 591 Batch culture enrichment of ANAMMOX populations from anaerobic and aerobic seed cultures
Suneethi S, Joseph K
592 - 599 Enhanced biomethanation of kitchen waste by different pre-treatments
Ma JX, Duong TH, Smits M, Verstraete W, Carballa M
600 - 605 Investigation of Cr(VI) adsorption onto chemically treated Helianthus annuus: Optimization using Response Surface Methodology
Jain M, Garg VK, Kadirvelu K
606 - 611 Dry-thermophilic anaerobic digestion of simulated organic fraction of Municipal Solid Waste: Process modeling
Fdez-Guelfo LA, Alvarez-Gallego C, Marquez DS, Garcia LIR
612 - 620 Anaerobic digestion of source-segregated domestic food waste: Performance assessment by mass and energy balance
Banks CJ, Chesshire M, Heaven S, Arnold R
621 - 626 EDTA-assisted phytoextraction of heavy metals by turfgrass from municipal solid waste compost using permeable barriers and associated potential leaching risk
Zhao SL, Lian F, Duo LA
627 - 632 Bio-kinetic analysis on treatment of textile dye wastewater using anaerobic batch reactor
Gnanapragasam G, Senthilkumara M, Arutchelvan V, Velayutham T, Nagarajan S
633 - 640 Chemical reaction- and particle diffusion-based kinetic modeling of metal biosorption by a Phormidium sp.-dominated cyanobacterial mat
Kumar D, Gaur JP
641 - 646 Pathogen removal in farm-scale psychrophilic anaerobic digesters processing swine manure
Masse D, Gilbert Y, Topp E
647 - 651 Trypsin-enabled construction of anti-fouling and self-cleaning polyethersulfone membrane
Shi Q, Su YL, Ning X, Chen WJ, Peng JM, Jiang ZY
652 - 659 Development of a simultaneous partial nitrification and anaerobic ammonia oxidation process in a single reactor
Cho S, Fujii N, Lee T, Okabe S
660 - 666 Assessment of the influence of thermal pre-treatment time on the macromolecular composition and anaerobic biodegradability of sewage sludge
Donoso-Bravo A, Perez-Elvira S, Aymerich E, Fdz-Polanco F
667 - 671 Anaerobic storage as a pretreatment for enhanced biodegradability of dewatered sewage sludge
Xu HC, He PJ, Wang GZ, Shao LM, Lee D
672 - 676 High-rate nitrogen removal by the Anammox process at ambient temperature
Yang J, Zhang L, Hira D, Fukuzaki Y, Furukawa K
677 - 682 Removal of sulphate, COD and Cr(VI) in simulated and real wastewater by sulphate reducing bacteria enrichment in small bioreactor and FTIR study
Singh R, Kumar A, Kirrolia A, Kumar R, Yadav N, Bishnoi NR, Lohchab RK
683 - 689 Sulfidogenic fluidized bed treatment of real acid mine drainage water
Sahinkaya E, Cones FM, Ucar D, Kaksonen AH
690 - 696 Optimization of the anaerobic treatment of a waste stream from an enhanced oil recovery process
Alimahmoodi M, Mulligan CN
697 - 702 Bipolar effects of settling time on active biomass retention in anaerobic sequencing batch reactors digesting flushed dairy manure
Wang ZW, Ma JW, Chen SL
703 - 709 Characterization of a copper-resistant symbiotic bacterium isolated from Medicago lupulina growing in mine tailings
Fan LM, Ma ZQ, Liang JQ, Li HF, Wang ET, Wei GH
710 - 715 A control strategy of partial nitritation in a fixed bed bioflim reactor
Liang ZW, Han ZY, Yang SY, Liang XQ, Du P, Liu GF, Yang Y
716 - 723 A novel magnetic biochar efficiently sorbs organic pollutants and phosphate
Chen BL, Chen ZM, Lv SF
724 - 728 Performances of toluene removal by activated carbon derived from durian shell
Tham YJ, Latif PA, Abdullah AM, Shamala-Devi A, Taufiq-Yap YH
729 - 735 Multi stage high rate biomethanation of poultry litter with self mixed anaerobic digester
Rao AG, Prakash SS, Joseph J, Reddy AR, Sarma PN
736 - 741 A multi-level bioreactor to remove organic matter and metals, together with its associated bacterial diversity
Wu YH, Hu ZY, Kerr PG, Yang LZ
742 - 747 Degradation of raw corn stover powder (RCSP) by an enriched microbial consortium and its community structure
Feng YJ, Yu YL, Wang X, Qu YP, Li DM, He WH, Kim BH
748 - 752 Effect of increasing the surface area of primary sludge on anaerobic digestion at low temperature
Halalsheh M, Kassab G, Yazajeen H, Qumsieh S, Field J
753 - 757 Performance of a pilot-scale sewage treatment: An up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) and a down-flow hanging sponge (DHS) reactors combined system by sulfur-redox reaction process under low-temperature conditions
Takahashi M, Yamaguchi T, Kuramoto Y, Nagano A, Shimozaki S, Sumino H, Araki N, Yamazaki S, Kawakami S, Harada H
758 - 764 Mechanistic investigation of decolorization and degradation of Reactive Red 120 by Bacillus lentus BI377
Oturkara CC, Nemade HN, Mulik PM, Patole MS, Hawaldar RR, Gawai KR
765 - 771 Application of a novel bacterial consortium for mineralization of sulphonated aromatic amines
Barsing P, Tiwari A, Joshi T, Garg S
772 - 778 Effect of biosurfactant and fertilizer on biodegradation of crude oil by marine isolates of Bacillus megaterium, Corynebacterium kutscheri and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Thavasi R, Jayalakshmi S, Banat IM
779 - 785 Robustness of archaeal populations in anaerobic co-digestion of dairy and poultry wastes
Zhang Y, Zamudio Canas EM, Zhu ZW, Linville JL, Chen S, He Q
786 - 796 Nonlinear modelisation of heavy metal removal from aqueous solution using Ulva lactuca algae
Zakhama S, Dhaouadi H, M'Henni F
797 - 804 Effects of Cr(VI) on the performance and kinetics of the activated sludge process
Cheng L, Li XC, Jiang RX, Wang C, Yin HB
805 - 813 Contributions of functional groups and extracellular polymeric substances on the biosorption of dyes by aerobic granules
Gao JF, Zhang QA, Wang JH, Wu XL, Wang SY, Peng YZ
814 - 821 Comparison of the effects of microwave irradiation with different intensities on the biodegradability of sludge from the dairy- and meat-industry
Sandor B, Zsuzsanna L, Horvath ZH, Gabor S, Cecilia H
822 - 827 Influence of substrate concentration and moisture content on the specific methanogenic activity of dry mesophilic municipal solid waste digestate spiked with propionate
Le Hyaric R, Chardin C, Benbelkacem H, Bollon J, Bayard R, Escudie R, Buffiere P
828 - 834 Biosorption of Acid Black 172 and Congo Red from aqueous solution by nonviable Penicillium YW 01: Kinetic study, equilibrium isotherm and artificial neural network modeling
Yang YY, Wang GA, Wang B, Li ZL, Jia XM, Zhou QF, Zhao YH
835 - 841 Microbial treatment of high-strength perchlorate wastewater
Nor SJ, Lee SH, Cho KS, Cha DK, Lee KI, Ryu HW
842 - 847 Functional stability of a hybrid anaerobic digester/microbial fuel cell system treating municipal wastewater
Weld RJ, Singh R
848 - 853 Growing duckweed in swine wastewater for nutrient recovery and biomass production
Xu JL, Shen GX
854 - 862 Isolation and nitrogen removal characteristics of an aerobic heterotrophic nitrifying-denitrifying bacterium, Bacillus subtilis A1
Yang XP, Wang SM, Zhang DW, Zhou LX
863 - 871 Modelling N mineralization from bovine manure and sewage sludge composts
Gil MV, Carballo MT, Calvo LF
872 - 878 Novel approach towards recovery of glycosaminoglycans from tannery wastewater
Rao JR, Nair BU
879 - 888 Potential of combined fungal and bacterial treatment for color removal in textile wastewater
Novotny C, Svobodova K, Benada O, Kofronova O, Heissenberger A, Fuchs W
889 - 893 Effect of impeller type and stirring frequency on the behavior of an AnSBBR in the treatment of low-strength wastewater
Cubas SA, Foresti E, Rodrigues JAD, Ratusznei SM, Zaiat M
894 - 903 Effect of aspartate and glutamate on the fate of enhanced biological phosphorus removal process and microbial community structure
Zengin GE, Artan N, Orhon D, Satoh H, Mino T
904 - 912 The role of loading rate, backwashing, water and air velocities in an up-flow nitrifying tertiary filter
Vigne E, Choubert JM, Canler JP, Heduit A, Sorensen KH, Lessard P
913 - 922 Response of nitrifying bacterial communities to the increased thiocyanate concentration in pre-denitrification process
Kim YM, Cho HU, Lee DS, Park C, Park D, Park JM
923 - 927 Coagulation/flocculation-based removal of algal-bacterial biomass from piggery wastewater treatment
de Godos I, Guzman HO, Soto R, Garcia-Encina PA, Becares E, Munoz R, Vargas VA
928 - 936 Bacterial transformation and biodegradation processes simulation in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands using CWM1-RETRASO
Llorens E, Saaltink MW, Poch M, Garcia J
937 - 941 Improving the treatment efficiency of constructed wetlands with zeolite-containing filter sands
Bruch I, Fritsche J, Banninger D, Alewell U, Sendelov M, Huerlimann H, Hasselbach R, Alewell C
942 - 947 Study on activated carbon derived from sewage sludge for adsorption of gaseous formaldehyde
Wen QB, Li CT, Cai ZH, Zhang W, Gao HL, Chen LJ, Zeng GM, Shu X, Zhao YP
948 - 959 Modelling mono-digestion of grass silage in a 2-stage CSTR anaerobic digester using ADM1
Thamsiriroj T, Murphy JD
960 - 966 Nitrogen transformations under different conditions in open ponds by means of microalgae-bacteria consortium treating pig slurry
Gonzalez-Fernandez C, Molinuevo-Salces B, Garcia-Gonzalez MC
967 - 974 Enhanced denitrification and organics removal in hybrid wetland columns: Comparative experiments
Saeed T, Sun GZ
975 - 981 Effect of membrane bioreactor configurations on sludge structure and microbial activity
Clouzot L, Roche N, Marrot B
982 - 989 Selection of non-conventional yeasts and their use in immobilized form for the bioremediation of olive oil mill wastewaters
Bleve G, Lezzi C, Chiriatti MA, D'Ostuni I, Tristezza M, Di Venere D, Sergio L, Mita G, Grieco F
990 - 995 Bioaugmentation of a biological contact oxidation ditch with indigenous nitrifying bacteria for in situ remediation of nitrogen-rich stream water
Jiao Y, Zhao QL, Jin WB, Hao XD, You SJ
996 - 1004 Plants for waste water treatment - Effects of heavy metals on the detoxification system of Typha latifolia
Lyubenova L, Schroder P
1005 - 1011 Anaerobic co-digestion of desugared molasses with cow manure; focusing on sodium and potassium inhibition
Fang C, Boe K, Angelidaki I
1012 - 1018 Numerical simulation of mechanical mixing in high solid anaerobic digester
Yu LA, Ma JW, Chen SL
1019 - 1027 Post-anoxic denitrification driven by PHA and glycogen within enhanced biological phosphorus removal
Coats ER, Mockos A, Loge FJ
1028 - 1034 Treatment of waste gas from the breather vent of a vertical fixed roof p-xylene storage tank by a trickle-bed air biofilter
Chang ST, Lu CS, Hsu SC, Lai HT, Shang WL, Chuang YS, Cho CH, Chen SH
1035 - 1043 Effect of prolonged hypoxia in autotrophic conditions in the hydrogen production by the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in photobioreactor
Degrenne B, Pruvost J, Legrand J
1044 - 1050 Influence of vegetable oils fatty acid composition on reaction temperature and glycerides conversion to biodiesel during transesterification
Pinzi S, Gandia LM, Arzamendi G, Ruiz JJ, Dorado MP
1051 - 1058 Feasibility of hydrogen production from ripened fruits by a combined two-stage (dark/dark) fermentation system
Hwang JH, Choi JA, Abou-Shanab RAI, Min B, Song H, Kim Y, Lee ES, Jeon BH
1059 - 1065 Influence of vegetable oils fatty-acid composition on biodiesel optimization
Pinzi S, Mata-Granados JM, Lopez-Gimenez FJ, de Castro MDL, Dorado MP
1066 - 1072 Two-step biodiesel production from Calophyllum inophyllum oil: Optimization of modified beta-zeolite catalyzed pre-treatment
SathyaSelvabala V, Selvaraj DK, Kalimuthu J, Periyaraman PM, Subramanian S
1073 - 1078 Optimization of bio-diesel production from soybean and wastes of cooked oil: Combining dielectric microwave irradiation and a SrO catalyst
Koberg M, Abu-Much R, Gedanken A
1079 - 1086 Anaerobic digestion of whole stillage from dry-grind corn ethanol plant under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions
Eskicioglu C, Kennedy KJ, Marin J, Strehler B
1087 - 1094 Feasibility study of a Great Lakes bioenergy system
Hacatoglu K, McLellan PJ, Layzell DB
1095 - 1102 A packed bed membrane reactor for production of biodiesel using activated carbon supported catalyst
Baroutian S, Aroua MK, Raman AAA, Sulaiman NMN
1103 - 1108 The influence of ferrous sulfate utilization on the sugar yields from dilute-acid pretreatment of softwood for bioethanol production
Monavari S, Galbe M, Zacchi G
1109 - 1117 Potential of mixed microalgae to harness biodiesel from ecological water-bodies with simultaneous treatment
Mohan SV, Devi MP, Mohanakrishna G, Amarnath N, Babu ML, Sarma PN
1118 - 1123 Preparation of capacitor's electrode from sunflower seed shell
Li XA, Xing W, Zhuo SP, Zhou J, Li F, Qiao SZ, Lu GQ
1124 - 1130 Rapid evaluation of the antibiotic susceptibility of fuel ethanol contaminant biofilms
Rich JO, Leathers TD, Nunnally MS, Bischoff KM
1131 - 1136 Understanding the role of Fe(III)/Fe(II) couple in mediating reductive transformation of 2-nitrophenol in microbial fuel cells
Feng CH, Li FB, Sun KW, Liu YY, Liu LA, Yue XJ, Tong H
1137 - 1141 Role of extracellular polymeric substances in Cu(II) adsorption on Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas putida
Fang LC, Wei X, Cai P, Huang QY, Chen H, Liang W, Rong XM
1142 - 1148 Effects of light/dark cycle, mixing pattern and partial pressure of H-2 on biohydrogen production by Rhodobacter sphaeroides ZX-5
Li X, Wang YH, Zhang SL, Chu J, Zhang M, Huang MZ, Zhuang YP
1149 - 1158 The techno-economic potential of renewable energy through the anaerobic digestion of microalgae
Zamalloa C, Vulsteke E, Albrecht J, Verstraete W
1159 - 1165 Understanding interactive characteristics of bioelectricity generation and reductive decolorization using Proteus hauseri
Chen BY, Wang YM, Ng IS
1166 - 1173 Electricity generation and microbial community response to substrate changes in microbial fuel cell
Zhang YF, Min B, Huang LP, Angelidaki I
1174 - 1184 Dynamic model-based evaluation of process configurations for integrated operation of hydrolysis and co-fermentation for bioethanol production from lignocellulose
Morales-Rodriguez R, Meyer AS, Gernaey KV, Sin G
1185 - 1193 Sustainability of algae derived biodiesel: A mass balance approach
Pfromm PH, Amanor-Boadu V, Nelson R
1194 - 1199 Production and selected fuel properties of biodiesel from promising non-edible oils: Euphorbia lathyris L., Sapium sebiferum L. and Jatropha curcas L.
Wang R, Hanna MA, Zhou WW, Bhadury PS, Chen Q, Song BA, Yang S
1200 - 1204 Highly efficient Bronsted acidic ionic liquid-based catalysts for biodiesel synthesis from vegetable oils
Ghiaci M, Aghabarari B, Habibollahi S, Gil A
1205 - 1213 The removal of nitrogen and organics in vertical flow wetland reactors: Predictive models
Saeed T, Sun GZ
1214 - 1219 Microwave-assisted pretreatment of cellulose in ionic liquid for accelerated enzymatic hydrolysis
Ha SH, Ngoc LM, An GM, Koo YM
1220 - 1227 Adsorption of monocomponent enzymes in enzyme mixture analyzed quantitatively during hydrolysis of lignocellulose substrates
Varnai A, Viikari L, Marjamaa K, Siika-aho M
1228 - 1233 Comparison and optimization of enzymatic saccharification of soybean fibers recovered from aqueous extractions
Karki B, Maurer D, Kim TH, Jung S
1234 - 1239 Effect of autohydrolysis and enzymatic treatment on oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) frond fibres for xylose and xylooligosaccharides production
Sabiha-Hanim S, Noor MAM, Rosma A
1240 - 1245 Conditioning of dilute-acid pretreated corn stover hydrolysate liquors by treatment with lime or ammonium hydroxide to improve conversion of sugars to ethanol
Jennings EW, Schell DJ
1246 - 1253 Impact of torrefaction on the grindability and fuel characteristics of forest biomass
Phanphanich M, Mani S
1254 - 1263 Improving the fermentability of enzymatic hydrolysates of lignocellulose through chemical in-situ detoxification with reducing agents
Alriksson B, Cavka A, Jonsson LJ
1264 - 1269 Separation of lignocellulosic materials by combined processes of pre-hydrolysis and ethanol extraction
Liu ZH, Fatehi P, Jahan MS, Ni YH
1270 - 1276 Dilute acid pretreatment of rapeseed straw for fermentable sugar generation
Castro E, Diaz MJ, Cara C, Ruiz E, Romero I, Moya M
1277 - 1283 Evaluating the impact of ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX) pretreatment conditions on the cost of ethanol production
Bals B, Wedding C, Balan V, Sendich E, Dale B
1284 - 1288 Effect of additives on fiber yield improvement for kraft pulping of kadam (Anthocephalus chinensis)
Biswas D, Misbahuddin M, Roy U, Francis RC, Bose SK
1289 - 1297 Catalytic reactive distillation process development for 1,1 diethoxy butane production from renewable sources
Agirre I, Barrio VL, Guemez B, Cambra JF, Arias PL
1298 - 1307 Influence of bulking agents on organic matter evolution during sewage sludge composting; consequences on compost organic matter stability and N availability
Doublet J, Francou C, Poitrenaud M, Houot S
1308 - 1315 Exploitation of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin from Hesperaloe funifera
Sanchez R, Rodriguez A, Garcia JC, Rosal A, Jimenez L
1316 - 1328 Development of water requirement factors for biomass conversion pathway
Singh S, Kumar A
1329 - 1337 High-throughput enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass via in-situ regeneration
Bharadwaj R, Wong A, Knierim B, Singh S, Holmes BM, Auer M, Simmons BA, Adams PD, Singh AK
1338 - 1343 Exploring the potential of fungal manganese-containing lipoxygenase for pitch control and pulp delignification
Marques G, Molina S, Babot ED, Lund H, del Rio JC, Gutierrez A
1344 - 1351 Challenges and models in supporting logistics system design for dedicated-biomass-based bioenergy industry
Zhu XY, Li XP, Yao QZ, Chen YR
1352 - 1358 Changes in composition and sugar release across the annual rings of Populus wood and implications on recalcitrance
DeMartini JD, Wyman CE
1359 - 1366 Hydrolysis of different chain length xylooliogmers by cellulase and hemicellulase
Qing Q, Wyman CE
1367 - 1377 Respirometric screening of several types of manure and mixtures intended for composting
Barrena R, Turet J, Busquets A, Farres M, Font X, Sanchez A
1378 - 1382 Direct enzymatic acylation of cellulose pretreated in BMIMCl ionic liquid
Gremos S, Zarafeta D, Kekos D, Kolisis F
1383 - 1388 Changes in the actinomycetal communities during continuous thermophilic composting as revealed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and quantitative PCR
Xiao Y, Zeng GM, Yang ZH, Ma YH, Huang C, Xu ZY, Huang J, Fan CZ
1389 - 1398 Assessment of commercial hemicellulases for saccharification of alkaline pretreated perennial biomass
Sills DL, Gossett JM
1399 - 1405 Optimization of microwave-assisted transesterification of dry algal biomass using response surface methodology
Patil PD, Gude VG, Mannarswamy A, Cooke P, Munson-McGee S, Nirmalakhandan N, Lammers P, Deng SG
1406 - 1414 Spatial distributions of biofilm properties and flow pattern in NiiMi process
Zhang LB, Xing MY, Wu YF, Huang ZD, Yang JA
1415 - 1424 High temperature dilute acid pretreatment of coastal Bermuda grass for enzymatic hydrolysis
Redding AP, Wang ZY, Keshwani DR, Cheng JJ
1425 - 1432 Life cycle assessment of energy self-sufficiency systems based on agricultural residues for organic arable farms
Kimming M, Sundberg C, Nordberg A, Baky A, Bernesson S, Noren O, Hansson PA
1433 - 1439 Enhanced bioenergy recovery from rapeseed plant in a biorefinery concept
Luo G, Talebnia F, Karakashev D, Xie L, Zhou Q, Angelidaki I
1440 - 1446 Response surface optimization of oxalic acid pretreatment of yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) for production of glucose and xylose monosaccarides
Kim HY, Lee JW, Jeffries TW, Choi IG
1447 - 1454 Composting domestic sewage sludge with natural zeolites in a rotary drum reactor
Villasenor J, Rodriguez L, Fernandez FJ
1455 - 1461 Rapid estimation of nutrients in chicken manure during plant-field composting using physicochemical properties
Huang GQ, Wang XY, Han LJ
1462 - 1467 Preparation of PEI-coated bacterial biosorbent in water solution: Optimization of manufacturing conditions using response surface methodology
Mao JA, Kwak IS, Sathishkumar M, Sneha K, Yun YS
1468 - 1474 Effects of struvite formation and nitratation promotion on nitrogenous emissions such as NH3, N2O and NO during swine manure composting
Fukumoto Y, Suzuki K, Kuroda K, Waki M, Yasuda T
1475 - 1480 Enhancement of wood waste decomposition by microbial inoculation prior to vermicomposting
Kumar R, Shweta
1481 - 1488 Bacteria involved in sulfur amendment oxidation and acidification processes of alkaline'alperujo' compost
Garcia-de-la-Fuente R, Cuesta G, Sanchis-Jimenez E, Botella S, Abad M, Fornes F
1489 - 1495 Effects of ensilage on storage and enzymatic degradability of sugar beet pulp
Zheng Y, Yu CW, Cheng YS, Zhang RH, Jenkins B, VanderGheynst JS
1496 - 1502 An artificial intelligence approach to Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CCMI 1051 cultures: Application to the production of anti-fungal compounds
Caldeira AT, Arteiro JM, Roseiro JC, Neves J, Vicente H
1503 - 1508 Expression of bacterial levanase in yeast enables simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of grass juice to bioethanol
Martel CM, Parker JE, Jackson CJ, Warrilow AGS, Rolley N, Greig C, Morris SM, Donnison IS, Kelly DE, Kelly SL
1509 - 1515 Enhanced hexadecane degradation and low biomass production by Aspergillus niger exposed to an electric current in a model system
Velasco-Alvarez N, Gonzalez I, Damian-Matsumura P, Gutierrez-Rojas M
1516 - 1520 Interaction and nanotoxic effect of ZnO and Ag nanoparticles on mesophilic and halophilic bacterial cells
Sinha R, Karan R, Sinha A, Khare SK
1521 - 1527 Kinetic analysis of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain adapted for improved growth on glycerol: Implications for the development of yeast bioprocesses on glycerol
Ochoa-Estopier A, Lesage J, Gorret N, Guillouet SE
1528 - 1536 Cloning and expression in E. coli of an organic solvent-tolerant and alkali-resistant glucose 1-dehydrogenase from Lysinibacillus sphaericus G10
Ding HT, Du YQ, Liu DF, Li ZL, Chen XJ, Zhao YH
1537 - 1542 Resolution of racemic sulfoxides with high productivity and enantioselectivity by a Rhodococcus sp strain as an alternative to biooxidation of prochiral sulfides for efficient production of enantiopure sulfoxides
Li AT, Yu HL, Pan JA, Zhang JD, Xu JH, Lin GQ
1543 - 1548 Antibiotic resistance profiles and virulence markers of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from composts
Kaszab E, Szoboszlay S, Dobolyi C, Hahn J, Pek N, Kriszt B
1549 - 1555 Growth behaviors of bacteria in biofouling cake layer in a dead-end microfiltration system
Chao YQ, Zhang T
1556 - 1561 Logistic distributed activation energy model - Part 1: Derivation and numerical parametric study
Cai JM, Jin CA, Yang SY, Chen Y
1562 - 1566 CO2 mineralization induced by fungal nitrate assimilation
Hou WG, Lian B, Zhang XQ
1567 - 1573 Bioleaching of tungsten-rich spent hydrocracking catalyst using Penicillium simplicissimum
Amiri F, Yaghmaei S, Mousavi SM
1574 - 1580 Mosquito biolarvicide production by sequential fermentation with dual strains of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus using sewage sludge
Zhuang L, Zhou SG, Wang YQ, Chang M
1581 - 1586 Particle geometry affects differentially substrate composition and enzyme profiles by Pleurotus ostreatus growing on sugar cane bagasse
Membrillo I, Sanchez C, Meneses M, Favela E, Loera O
1587 - 1592 Green processing of tropical banagrass into biofuel and biobased products: An innovative biorefinery approach
Takara D, Khanal SK
1593 - 1601 Enhanced ethanol production from Kinnow mandarin (Citrus reticulata) waste via a statistically optimized simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process
Oberoi HS, Vadlani PV, Nanjundaswamy A, Bansal S, Singh S, Kaur S, Babbar N
1602 - 1607 "Isolation, identification, characterization and polymetallic concentrate leaching studies of tryptic soy- and peptone-resistant thermotolerant Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans SRDSM2"
Patel MJ, Tipre DR, Dave SR
1608 - 1614 Continuous lactose fermentation by Clostridium acetobutylicum -Assessment of acidogenesis kinetics
Napoli F, Olivieri G, Russo ME, Marzocchella A, Salatino P
1615 - 1621 Effects of nitrogen source and concentration on biomass and oil production of a Scenedesmus rubescens like microalga
Lin QA, Lin JD
1622 - 1627 A new method to determine initial viability of entrapped cells using fluorescent nucleic acid staining
Wadhawan T, Maruska ZB, Siripattanakul S, Hill CB, Gupta A, Pruss BM, McEvoy JM, Khan E
1628 - 1635 The role of EPS concentration in MBR foaming: Analysis of a submerged pilot plant
Di Bella G, Torregrossa M, Viviani G
1636 - 1643 Mode of action of Chrysosporium lucknowense C1 alpha-L-arabinohydrolases
Kuhnel S, Westphal Y, Hinz SWA, Schols HA, Gruppen H
1644 - 1648 The effect of vinyl acetate in acetoclastic methanogenesis
Duran U, Gomez J, Monroy O, Ramirez F
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