Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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3831 - 3836 Heavy metal impact on bacterial biomass based on DNA analyses and uptake by wild plants in the abandoned copper mine soils
Guo ZH, Megharaj M, Beer M, Ming H, Rahman MM, Wu WH, Naidu R
3837 - 3842 Immobilization of lignin peroxidase on nanoporous gold: Enzymatic properties and in situ release of H2O2 by co-immobilized glucose oxidase
Qiu HJ, Li Y, Ji GL, Zhou GP, Huang XR, Qu YB, Gao PJ
3843 - 3847 Biogas generation apple pulp
Coalla HL, Fernandez JMB, Moran MAM, Bobo MRL
3848 - 3854 Effect of pH-neutralized leachate recirculation on a combined hydrolytic-aerobic biopretreatment for municipal solid waste
Zhang DQ, He PJ, Shao LM
3855 - 3861 Experimental studies and kinetic modeling for removal of methyl ethyl ketone using biofiltration
Raghuvanshi S, Babu BV
3862 - 3868 Congo red adsorption from aqueous solutions by using chitosan hydrogel beads impregnated with nonionic or anionic surfactant
Chatterjee S, Lee DS, Lee MW, Woo SH
3869 - 3876 Ammonia biofiltration and community analysis of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in biofilters
Yin J, Xu WF
3877 - 3881 Comparative performance between intermittently cyclic activated sludge-membrane bioreactor and anoxic/aerobic-membrane bioreactor
Wang YL, Yu SL, Shi WX, Bao RL, Zhao Q, Zuo XT
3882 - 3890 Sludge dewatering and stabilization in drying reed beds: Characterization of three full-scale systems in Catalonia, Spain
Uggetti E, Llorens E, Pedescoll A, Ferrer I, Castellnou R, Garcia J
3891 - 3896 Feasibility of a two-stage biological aerated filter for depth processing of electroplating-wastewater
Liu B, Yan DD, Wang Q, Li S, Yang SG, Wu WF
3897 - 3905 Ecofriendly degradation of sulfonated diazo dye CI Reactive Green 19A using Micrococcus glutamicus NCIM-2168
Saratale RG, Saratale GD, Chang JS, Govindwar SP
3906 - 3913 Fractionation of wheat and barley straw to access high-molecular-mass hemicelluloses prior to ethanol production
Persson T, Ren JL, Joelsson E, Jonsson AS
3914 - 3920 Enhanced ethanol production by fermentation of rice straw hydrolysate without detoxification using a newly adapted strain of Pichia stipitis
Huang CF, Lin TH, Guo GL, Hwang WS
3921 - 3926 Cultivation of microalgae for oil production with a cultivation strategy of urea limitation
Hsieh CH, Wu WT
3927 - 3932 Hydrocracking of used cooking oil for biofuels production
Bezergianni S, Kalogianni A
3933 - 3940 Semichemical pulping of Miscanthus giganteus. Effect of pulping conditions on some pulp and paper properties
Marin F, Sanchez JL, Arauzo J, Fuertes R, Gonzalo A
3941 - 3947 2-Steps KOH activation of rice straw: An efficient method for preparing high-performance activated carbons
Basta AH, Fierro V, Ei-Saied H, Celzard A
3948 - 3962 Physical and chemical characterizations of corn stover and poplar solids resulting from leading pretreatment technologies
Kumar R, Mago G, Balan V, Wyman CE
3963 - 3973 Use of autocatalytic kinetics to obtain composition of lignocellulosic materials
Barneto A, Carmona J, Alfonso JE, Alcaide L
3974 - 3981 Determination of thermal properties of composting bulking materials
Ahn HK, Sauer TJ, Richard TL, Glanville TD
3982 - 3990 'Alperujo' compost amendment of contaminated calcareous and acidic soils: Effects on growth and trace element uptake by five Brassica species
Fornes F, Garcia-de-la-Fuente R, Belda RM, Abad M
3991 - 3996 Compost product optimization for surface water nitrate treatment in biofiltration applications
Alcala M, Jones KD, Ren JH, Andreassen TE
3997 - 4004 Use of a granular bioplastic formulation for carrying conidia of a non-aflatoxigenic strain of Aspergillus flavus
Accinelli C, Sacca ML, Abbas HK, Zablotowicz RM, Wilkinson JR
4005 - 4011 The probable metabolic relation between phosphate uptake and energy storages formations under single-stage oxic condition
Wang DB, Li XM, Yang Q, Zheng W, Liu ZY, Liu YL, Cao JB, Yue X, Shen TT, Zeng GM, Deng JH
4012 - 4016 Medium optimization for the production of avermectin B1a by Streptomyces avermitilis 14-12A using response surface methodology
Gao H, Liu M, Liu JT, Dai HQ, Zhou XL, Liu XY, Zhuo Y, Zhang WQ, Zhang LX
4017 - 4025 Effects of the methane-inhibitors nitrate, nitroethane, lauric acid, Lauricidin and the Hawaiian marine algae Chaetoceros on ruminal fermentation in vitro
Bozic AK, Anderson RC, Carstens GE, Ricke SC, Callaway TR, Yokoyama MT, Wang JK, Nisbet DJ
4026 - 4031 Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of Arundo donax using thermogravimetric analysis
Jeguirim M, Trouve G
4032 - 4040 In-vessel bioreduction provides an effective storage and pre-treatment method for livestock carcasses prior to final disposal
Williams AP, Edwards-Jones G, Jones DL
4041 - 4046 Effects of earthworm mucus and amino acids on cadmium subcellular distribution and chemical forms in tomato seedlings
Zhang SJ, Hu F, Li HX
4047 - 4049 Experimental study on cyclone air gasification of wood powder
Sun SZ, Zhao YJ, Tian HM, Ling F, Su FM
4050 - 4053 Sitosterol bioconversion with resting cells in liquid polymer based systems
Carvalho F, Marques MPC, de Carvalho CCCR, Cabral JMS, Fernandes P
4054 - 4057 TG-FTIR study on co-pyrolysis of municipal solid waste with biomass
Ren QQ, Zhao CS, Wu X, Liang C, Chen XP, Shen JZ, Tang GY, Wang Z
4058 - 4061 Attitudes towards forest, biomass and certification - A case study approach to integrate public opinion in Japan
Kraxner F, Yang J, Yamagata Y
4062 - 4065 Relationships between biological and chemical parameters on the composting of a municipal solid waste
Tejada M, Garcia-Martinez AM, Parrado J