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1 - 7 Synergistic mechanism of steam explosion combined with fungal treatment by Phellinus baumii for the pretreatment of corn stalk
Li GH, Chen HZ
8 - 23 A mixed-integer optimization model for the economic and environmental analysis of biomass production
Cobuloglu HI, Buyuktahtakin IE
24 - 31 Electricity generation and microbial community structure of air-cathode microbial fuel cells powered with the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and inoculated with different seeds
El-Chakhtoura J, El-Fadel M, Rao HA, Li D, Ghanimeh S, Saikaly PE
32 - 45 Combined methodology of optimization and life cycle inventory for a biomass gasification based BCHP system
Wang JJ, Yang K, Xu ZL, Fu C, Li L, Zhou ZK
46 - 52 Reduced pretreatment severity and enzyme loading enabled through switchgrass pelleting
Nahar N, Pryor SW
53 - 59 Optimization of ethanol production from sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) juice using response surface methodology
Luo ZL, Wang LJ, Shahbazi A
60 - 71 Development of a biomass-based system for nocturnal temperature and diurnal CO2 concentration control in greenhouses
Sanchez-Molina JA, Reinoso JV, Acien FG, Rodriguez F, Lopez JC
72 - 78 Effects of algal hydrolyzate as reaction medium on enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocelluloses
Chen R, Thomas BD, Liu Y, Mulbry W, Liao W
79 - 88 Biological abatement of inhibitors in rice hull hydrolyzate and fermentation to ethanol using conventional and engineered microbes
Nichols NN, Hector RE, Saha BC, Frazer SE, Kennedy GJ
89 - 98 Elemental composition of biogas residues: Variability and alteration during anaerobic digestion
Zirkler D, Peters A, Kaupenjohann M
99 - 107 Production of anhydrous ethanol using oil palm empty fruit bunch in a pilot plant
Jeon H, Kang KE, Jeong JS, Gong G, Choi JW, Abimanyu H, Ahn BS, Suh DJ, Choi GW
108 - 118 Environmental and economic assessment of producing hydroprocessed jet and diesel fuel from waste oils and tallow
Seber G, Malina R, Pearlson MN, Olcay H, Hileman JI, Barrett SRH
119 - 124 Comparison among electric generators fueled with different vegetable oils by means of the antioxidant level analysis in lubricating oil
Duca D, Toscano G
125 - 136 Behavior of nickel catalysts in supercritical water gasification of glucose: Influence of support
Lu YJ, Zhu YM, Li S, Zhang XM, Guo LJ
137 - 144 Phenotypic and genotypic variability of F-2 plants derived from Jatropha curcas x integerrima hybrid
One KT, Tanya P, Muakrong N, Laosatit K, Srinives P
145 - 159 Dark fermentative hydrogen production from lignocellulosic hydrolyzates - A review
Nissila ME, Lay CH, Puhakka JA
160 - 166 Herbage production and chemical characteristics for bioenergy production by plant functional groups from semi-natural grasslands
Melts I, Heinsoo K, Ivask M
167 - 178 Effect of air staging on fine particle, dust and gaseous emissions from masonry heaters
Nuutinen K, Jokiniemi J, Sippula O, Lamberg H, Sutinen J, Horttanainen P, Tissari J
179 - 187 Effect of cadmium on growth, photosynthesis, mineral nutrition and metal accumulation of an energy crop, king grass (Pennisetum americanum x P. purpureum)
Zhang XF, Zhang XH, Gao B, Li ZA, Xia HP, Li HF, Li J
188 - 192 Planters performance during a very Short Rotation Coppice planting
Manzone M, Balsari P
193 - 200 Interesterification of rapeseed oil catalyzed by tin octoate
Galia A, Centineo A, Saracco G, Schiavo B, Scialdone O
201 - 211 Breeding bird community response to establishing intercropped switchgrass in intensively-managed pine stands
Loman ZG, Riffell SK, Wheat BR, Miller DA, Martin JA, Vilella FJ
212 - 222 Importance of root system in total biomass for Eucalyptus globulus in northern Spain
Herrero C, Juez L, Tejedor C, Pando V, Bravo F
223 - 230 Forest owner motivations and attitudes towards supplying biomass for energy in Europe
Blennow K, Persson E, Lindner M, Faias SP, Hanewinkel M
231 - 242 Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket-hollow centered packed bed (UASB-HCPB) reactor for thermophilic palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment
Poh PE, Chong MP
243 - 251 Improving anaerobic digestion of pig manure by adding in the same reactor a stabilizing agent formulated with low-grade magnesium oxide
Romero-Guiza MS, Astals S, Chimenos JM, Martinez M, Mata-Alvarez J
252 - 259 What type of landowner would supply marginal land for energy crops?
Skevas T, Swinton SM, Hayden NJ
260 - 269 Influences of carbon sources on the biomass, production and compositions of exopolysaccharides from Paecilomyces hepiali HN1
Wu ZW, Yang ZJ, Gan D, Fan JL, Dai ZQ, Wang XQ, Hu B, Ye H, Abid M, Zeng XX
270 - 278 Status and prospects of oil palm in the Brazilian Amazon
Villela AA, Jaccoud DB, Rosa LP, Freitas MV
279 - 287 Diurnal regulation of photosynthesis in Jatropha curcas under drought during summer in a semi-arid region
Torninaga J, Inafuku S, Coetzee T, Kawamitsu Y
288 - 296 Effects of fuel properties on the natural downward smoldering of piled biomass powder: Experimental investigation
He F, Yi WM, Li YJ, Zha JW, Luo B
297 - 303 Long-term acclimation of anaerobic sludges for high-rate methanogenesis from LCFA
Silva SA, Cavaleiro AJ, Pereira MA, Stams AJM, Alves MM, Sousa DZ
304 - 311 Life cycle assessment of corn- and cassava-based ethylene production
Hong JL, Zhang YL, Xu X, Li XZ
312 - 318 Biomass-derived, thermally conducting, carbon foams for seasonal thermal storage
Jana P, Fierro V, Pizzi A, Ceizard A
319 - 338 Fungal solid-state fermentation and various methods of enhancement in cellulase production
Yoon LW, Ang TN, Ngoh GC, Chua ASM
339 - 346 Evaluation of methane production from maize silage by harvest of different plant portions
Negri M, Bacenetti J, Manfredini A, Louarelli D, Fiala M, Maggiore TM, Bocchi S
347 - 353 Effect of harvesting method on the amount of logging residues in the thinning of Scots pine stands
Hytonen J, Moilanen M
354 - 362 Harvesting microalgae by CTAB-aided foam flotation increases lipid recovery and improves fatty acid methyl ester characteristics
Coward T, Lee JGM, Caldwell GS
363 - 371 When does decentralized production of biogas and centralized upgrading and injection into the natural gas grid make sense?
Hengeveld EJ, van Gernert WJT, Bekkering J, Broekhuis AA
372 - 389 Evaluating the potential for producing energy from agricultural residues in Mexico using MILP optimization
Aldana H, Lozano FJ, Acevedo J
390 - 400 Experimental and numerical investigations of mixing in raceway ponds for algae cultivation
Prussi M, Buffi M, Casini D, Chiaramonti D, Martelli F, Carnevale M, Tredici MR, Rodolfi L
401 - 412 Analysis of commercial short rotation coppices in Bavaria, southern Germany
Hauk S, Wittkopf S, Knoke T
413 - 424 Comparison of energy potentials from combined ethanol and methane production using steam-pretreated corn stover impregnated with acetic acid
Bondesson PM, Galbe M, Zacchi G
425 - 434 A property rights-based analysis of the illegal logging for fuelwood in Kosovo
Bouriaud L, Nichiforel L, Nunes L, Pereira H, Bajraktari A
435 - 442 Potential of Short Rotation Coppice plantations to reinforce functional biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
Verheyen K, Hout MB, Vangansbeke P, De Dobbelaere A, Verdonckt P, Bonte D
443 - 450 Biodiesel production from olive-pomace oil of steam-treated alperujo
Lama-Munoz A, Alvarez-Mateos P, Rodriguez-Gutierrez G, Duran-Barrantes MM, Fernandez-Bolanos J
451 - 459 Glutamic acid production from wheat by-products using enzymatic and acid hydrolysis
Sari YW, Alting AC, Floris R, Sanders JPM, Bruins ME
460 - 465 Integrating waste activated sludge (WAS) acidification with denitrification by adding nitrite (NO2-)
Wang B, Wang SY, Li BK, Peng CY, Peng YZ
466 - 472 Critical parameters in cost-effective alkaline extraction for high protein yield from leaves
Zhang C, Sanders JPM, Bruins ME
473 - 482 Implementation of lignin-based biorefinery into a Canadian softwood kraft pulp mill: Optimal resources integration and economic viability, assessment
Benali M, Perin-Levasseur Z, Savulescu L, Kouisni L, Jemaa N, Kudra T, Paleologou M