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1613 - 1622 A comparison of the drivers influencing adoption of on-farm anaerobic digestion in Germany and Australia
Wilkinson KG
1623 - 1632 Impact of biofuel production and other supply and demand factors on food price increases in 2008
Mueller SA, Anderson JE, Wallington TJ
1633 - 1645 Techniques for transformation of biogas to biomethane
Ryckebosch E, Drouillon M, Veruaeren H
1646 - 1654 Identifying the regional straw potential for energetic use on the basis of statistical information
Gauder M, Graeff-Honninger S, Claupein W
1655 - 1662 Energy wood resources in Northwest
Gerasimov Y, Karjalainen T
1663 - 1667 The explained variation by lignin and extractive contents on higher heating value of wood
Telmo C, Lousada J
1668 - 1674 Biogas production in low-cost household digesters at the Peruvian Andes
Ferrer I, Garfi M, Uggetti E, Ferrer-Marti L, Calderon A, Velo E
1675 - 1682 Removal of heavy metals by adsorption on Pleurotus ostreatus
Javaid A, Bajwa R, Shafique U, Anwar J
1683 - 1692 Expression profiles of genes involved in fatty acid and triacylglycerol synthesis in developing seeds of Jatropha (Jatropha curcas L.)
Xu RH, Wang RL, Liu AZ
1693 - 1701 Evaluation the potential economic impacts of Taiwanese biomass energy production
Chen CC, McCarl B, Chang CC, Tso C
1702 - 1709 New trends in biodiesel production: Chemical interesterification of sunflower oil with methyl acetate
Casas A, Ramos MJ, Perez A
1710 - 1715 Mixotrophic cultivation of Botryococcus braunii
Zhang HF, Wang WL, Li YG, Yang WJ, Shen GM
1716 - 1720 Chronologically constrained composite curves for carbon constrained agricultural planning
Wong WH, Foo DCY, Tan RR
1721 - 1731 The use of forest-derived specific gravity for the conversion of volume to biomass for open-grown trees on agricultural land
Zhou XH, Brandle JR, Awada TN, Schoeneberger MM, Martin DL, Xin Y, Tang ZH
1732 - 1738 Dynamic changes of lignin contents of MT-1 elephant grass and its closely related cultivars
Xie XM, Zhang XQ, Dong ZX, Guo HR
1739 - 1746 A green catalyst for biodiesel production from jatropha oil: Optimization study
Yee KF, Wu JCS, Lee KT
1747 - 1755 Improving the environmental performance of biofuels with industrial symbiosis
Martin M, Eklund M
1756 - 1764 Optimizing biofuel production: An economic analysis for selected biofuel feedstock production in Hawaii
Tran N, Illukpitiya P, Yanagida JF, Ogoshi R
1765 - 1772 Pyrolytic characteristics and kinetic studies of three kinds of red algae
Li DM, Chen LM, Zhang XW, Ye NH, Xing FG
1773 - 1778 Genetic variability and divergence studies in seed and oil parameters of mahua (Madhuca longifolia Koenig) JF Macribide accessions
Yadav S, Suneja P, Hussain Z, Abraham Z, Mishra SK
1779 - 1788 Productivity, aboveground biomass, nutrient uptake and carbon content in fast-growing tree plantations of native and introduced species in the Southern Region of Costa Rica
Arias D, Calvo-Alvarado J, Richter DD, Dohrenbusch A
1789 - 1796 Isolation and cationization of hemicelluloses from pre-hydrolysis liquor of kraft-based dissolving pulp production process
Liu ZH, Ni YH, Fatehi P, Saeed A
1797 - 1803 High quality biodiesel from yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana) seed oil
Deka DC, Basumatary S
1804 - 1810 Improving the quality of fast pyrolysis bio-oil by reduced pressure distillation
Zheng JL, Wei Q
1811 - 1817 The mRNA abundance of pepc2 gene is negatively correlated with oil content in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Deng XD, Li YJ, Fei XW
1818 - 1822 Halophytes: Potential source of ligno-cellulosic biomass for ethanol production
Abideen Z, Ansari R, Khan MA
1823 - 1832 Energy budget of fodder harvesting pattern along the altitudinal gradient in Garhwal Himalaya, India
Dhyani S, Maikhuri RK, Dhyani D
1833 - 1840 Organosolv pretreatment of Liriodendron tulipifera and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation for bioethanol production
Koo BW, Kim HY, Park N, Lee SM, Yeo H, Choi IG
1841 - 1850 How to analyse and maximise the forest fuel supply availability to power plants in Eastern Finland
Ranta T, Korpinen OJ
1851 - 1862 Economic tradeoff between biochar and bio-oil production via pyrolysis
Yoder J, Galinato S, Granatstein D, Garcia-Perez M
1863 - 1872 Utilization possibilities of palm shell as a source of biomass energy in Malaysia by producing bio-oil in pyrolysis process
Abnisa F, Daud WMAW, Husin WNW, Sahu JN
1873 - 1877 Cultivation studies of Taiwanese native Miscanthus floridulus lines
Huang CL, Liao WC, Lai YC
1878 - 1884 Pretreatment and hydrolysis of cellulosic agricultural wastes with a cellulase-producing Streptomyces for bioethanol production
Hsu CL, Chang KS, Lai MZ, Chang TC, Chang YH, Jang HD
1885 - 1896 Energy and greenhouse gas emission effects of corn and cellulosic ethanol with technology improvements and land use changes
Wang MQ, Han J, Haq Z, Tyner WE, Wu M, Elgowainy A
1897 - 1905 Molecular characterisation of Jatropha curcas L. genetic resources from Chiapas, Mexico through AFLP markers
Pecina-Quintero V, Anaya-Lopez JL, Colmenero AZ, Garcia NM, Colin CAN, Bonilla JLS, Aguilar-Rangel MR, Langarica HRG, Bustamante DJM
1906 - 1911 Microbial lipid production by the oleaginous yeast Cryptococcus curvatus O3 grown in fed-batch culture
Zhang J, Fang X, Zhu XL, Li Y, Xu HP, Zhao BF, Chen L, Zhang XD
1912 - 1924 Economics of electricity and heat production by gasification or flash pyrolysis of short rotation coppice in Flanders (Belgium)
Voets T, Kuppens T, Cornelissen T, Thewys T
1925 - 1934 Increment and biomass in hybrid poplar and some practical implications
Johansson T, Karacic A
1935 - 1939 Biomass and lipid productivities of marine microalgae isolated from the Persian Gulf and the Qeshm Island
Moazami N, Ranjbar R, Ashori A, Tangestani M, Nejad AS
1940 - 1945 The inhomogeneity of corn stover and its effects on bioconversion
Chen HZ, Li HQ, Liu LY
1946 - 1953 Development of a new bioethanol feedstock - Anaerobically digested fiber from confined dairy operations using different digestion configurations
Yue ZB, Teater C, MacLellan J, Liu Y, Liao W
1954 - 1959 Effect of deashing rice straws on their derived activated carbons produced by phosphoric acid activation
Basta AH, Fierro V, Saied H, Celzard A
1960 - 1966 Airflow versus pressure drop for bulk wood pellets
Yazdanpanah F, Sokhansanj S, Lau AK, Lim CJ, Bi X, Melin S
1967 - 1976 Transformation of levoglucosan over H-MCM-22 zeolite and H-MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieve catalysts
Kaldstrom M, Kumar N, Heikkila T, Tiitta M, Salmi T, Murzin DY
1977 - 1982 Optimal fermentation conditions for maximizing the ethanol production by Kluyveromyces fragilis from cheese whey powder
Dragone G, Mussatto SI, Silva JBAE, Teixeira JA
1983 - 1994 Potential of agrifood wastes in mitigation of climate change and eutrophication - Two case regions
Kahiluoto H, Kuisma M, Havukainen J, Luoranen M, Karttunen P, Lehtonen E, Horttanainen M
1995 - 2005 Assessment of the availability of agricultural and forest residues for bioenergy production in Romania
Scarlat N, Blujdea V, Dallemand JF
2006 - 2012 Analysis of sugars by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry in Jerusalem artichoke tubers for bioethanol production optimization
Matias J, Gonzalez J, Royano L, Barrena RA
2013 - 2017 Microwave-promoted conversion of concentrated fructose into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in ionic liquids in the absence of catalysts
Li CZ, Zhao ZBK, Cai HL, Wang AQ, Zhang T
2018 - 2027 Pelleted biochar: Chemical and physical properties show potential use as a substrate in container nurseries
Dumroese RK, Heiskanen J, Englund K, Tervahauta A
2028 - 2033 Effects of preheating vegetable oils on performance and emission characteristics of two diesel engines
Yilmaz N, Morton B
2034 - 2043 A downdraft high temperature steam-only solar gasifier of biomass char: A modelling study
Gordillo ED, Belghit A
2044 - 2052 An investigation into the energy use in relation to yield of traditional crops in central Himalaya, India
Chandra A, Saradhi PP, Rao KS, Saxena KG, Maikhuri RK
2053 - 2058 Enhanced saccharification of SO2 catalyzed steam-exploded corn stover by polyethylene glycol addition
Jia OY, Ma R, Huang WT, Li X, Chen M, Yong Q
2059 - 2071 Strategic design and investment capacity planning of the ethanol supply chain under price uncertainty
Dal-Mas M, Giarola S, Zamboni A, Bezzo F
2072 - 2079 Kraft lignin behavior during reaction in an alkaline medium
Mancera C, Ferrando F, Salvado J, El Mansouri NE
2080 - 2086 Characterisation of land types and agro-ecological conditions for production of Jatropha as a feedstock for biofuels in Zimbabwe
Jingura RM, Matengaifa R, Musademba D, Musiyiwa K
2087 - 2092 Ensiling - Wet-storage method for lignocellulosic biomass for bioethanol production
Oleskowicz-Popiel P, Thomsen AB, Schmidt JE
2093 - 2105 Physical properties of solid biomass
Wu MR, Schott DL, Lodewijks G
2106 - 2116 Waste biomass to liquids: Low temperature conversion of sugarcane bagasse to bio-oil. The effect of combined hydrolysis treatments
Cunha JA, Pereira MM, Valente LMM, de la Piscina PR, Homs N, Santos MRL
2117 - 2126 Comparing biological and thermochemical processing of sugarcane bagasse: An energy balance perspective
Leibbrandt NH, Knoetze JH, Gorgens JF
2127 - 2132 Technical options for optimization of production of Jatropha as a biofuel feedstock in arid and semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe
Jingura RM
2133 - 2142 Estimating national costs, benefits, and potential for cellulosic ethanol production from forest thinnings
Kocoloski M, Griffin WM, Matthews HS
2143 - 2155 The technical potential of first-generation biofuels obtained from energy crops in Spain
Gomez A, Rodrigues M, Montanes C, Dopazo C, Fueyo N
2156 - 2162 A simple technique for estimating above-ground biomass in short-rotation willow plantations
Hangs RD, Van Rees KCJ, Schoenau JJ, Guo X
2163 - 2170 Evaluation of two round baling systems for harvesting understory biomass
do Canto JL, Klepac J, Rummer B, Savoie P, Seixas F
2171 - 2183 A nonlinear regression based multi-objective optimization of parameters based on experimental data from an IC engine fueled with biodiesel blends
Maheshwari N, Balaji C, Ramesh A
2184 - 2193 Potential of native forests for the mitigation of greenhouse gases in Salta, Argentina
Manrique S, Franco J, Nunez V, Seghezzo L
2194 - 2199 Comparative characteristics of compression ignited engines operating on biodiesel produced from waste vegetable oil
Yilmaz N, Morton B
2200 - 2216 Water quality impact assessment of large-scale biofuel crops expansion in agricultural regions of Michigan
Love BJ, Nejadhashemi AP
2217 - 2223 The influence of free fatty acid intermediate on biodiesel production from soybean oil by whole cell biocatalyst
Lin YH, Luo JJ, Hwang SCJ, Liau PR, Lu WJ, Lee HT
2224 - 2233 Valorization of Leucaena leucocephala for energy and chemicals from autohydrolysis
Feria MJ, Lopez F, Garcia JC, Perez A, Zamudio MAM, Alfaro A
2234 - 2244 Net energy balance of small-scale on-farm biodiesel production from canola and soybean
Fore SR, Porter P, Lazarus W
2245 - 2253 Mixotrophic cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris and its potential application for the oil accumulation from non-sugar materials
Heredia-Arroyo T, Wei W, Ruan R, Hu B
2254 - 2267 Evaluation of biomass and thermal energy utilization efficiency of oilseed Brassica (Brassica juncea) under altered microenvironments
Adak T, Chakravarty NVK, Muthukumar M, Deshmukh PS, Joshi HC, Katiyar RK
2268 - 2279 Identification of potential areas for biomass production in China: Discussion of a recent approach and future challenges
Schweers W, Bai ZG, Campbell E, Hennenberg K, Fritsche U, Mang HP, Lucas M, Li ZF, Scanlon A, Chen HR, Zhihao Q, Cai DX, Jin YX, Zhang J, Tu LL, Gemmer M, Jiang T, Zhang N
2280 - 2284 Biodiesel production from sediments of a eutrophic reservoir
Kuchkina AY, Gladyshev MI, Sushchik NN, Kravchuk ES, Kalachova GS
2285 - 2297 Investigating the effectiveness of environmental assessment of land use change: A comparative study of the approaches taken to perennial biomass crop planting in Sao Paulo and England
Gallardo ALCF, Bond A
2298 - 2305 Bioenergy in Australia: An improved approach for estimating spatial availability of biomass resources in the agricultural production zones
Herr A, Dunlop M
2306 - 2309 Oxygen transfer capacity of willow (Salix viminalis L.)
Randerson PF, Moran C, Bialowiec A