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1 - 16 Biomass densification: Effect of cow dung on the physicochemical properties of wheat straw and rice husk based biomass pellets
Iftikhar M, Asghar A, Ramzan N, Sajjadi B, Chen WY
17 - 27 Comparative study of hybrid and wild black poplar genotypes in the first three-year cycle of multi-stem short-rotation coppice
Saulino L, Allevato E, Todaro L, Rossi S, Bonanomi G, Saracino A
28 - 36 Bio-catalytic hydrolysis of paper pulp using in- and ex-situ multi-physical approaches: Focus on semidilute conditions to progress towards concentrated suspensions
Nguyen TC, Anne-Archard D, Cameleyre X, Lombard E, To KA, Fillaudeau L
37 - 44 Asset fixity and economic competitiveness of US ethanol production
Wang ZD, Wlodarz M, McCarl B
45 - 52 How willing are different types of landowner to supply hardwood timber residues for bioenergy?
Dulys-Nusbaum E, Klammer SSH, Swinton SM
53 - 62 Role of neutral extractives and inherent active minerals in pyrolysis of agricultural crop residues and bio-oil formations
Wan SQ, Zheng N, Zhang J, Wang J
63 - 75 Experimental investigation on flow properties of different biomass and torrefied biomass powders
Xu GL, Li MH, Lu P
76 - 83 Hydrotropic pretreatment on wheat straw for efficient biobutanol production
Qi GX, Xiong L, Li HL, Huang QL, Luo MT, Tian LL, Chen XF, Huang C, Chen XD
84 - 89 A method for differentiating between exogenous and naturally embedded ash in bio-based feedstock by combining ED-XRF and NIR spectroscopy
Thyrel M, Aulin R, Lestander TA
90 - 98 Herbaceous perennial biomass production on frequently saturated marginal soils: Influence on N2O emissions and shallow groundwater
Rau BM, Adler PR, Dell CJ, Saha D, Kemanian AR
99 - 108 A practical field trial to assess the potential of Sida hermaphrodita as a versatile, perennial bioenergy crop for Central Europe
von Gehren P, Gansberger M, Pichler W, Weigl M, Feldmeier S, Wopienka E, Bochmann G
109 - 116 Tissue fractionation of corn stover through steam explosion-assisted mechanical carding: Its effect on enzymatic hydrolysis and pulping
Khatun MHA, Wang L, Zhao JY, Chen HZ
117 - 125 A review of biogas production from sugarcane vinasse
Parsaee M, Kiani MKD, Karimi K
126 - 132 Anaerobic digestion of wetland biomass from conservation management for biogas production
Roj-Rojewski S, Wysocka-Czubaszek A, Czubaszek R, Kamocki A, Banaszuk P
133 - 144 Decomposition of sugarcane straw: Basis for management decisions for bioenergy production
Pimentel LG, Cherubin MR, Oliveira DMS, Cerri CEP, Cerri CC
145 - 155 Oxidative filtration for flyash & tar removal from 1.0 MWth fixed-bed biomass air gasification
Lang L, Yang WS, Xie JJ, Yin XL, Wu CZ, Lin JYS
156 - 164 Anaerobic co-digestions of agro-industrial waste blends using mixture design
Rahman MA, Saha CK, Ward AJ, Moller HB, Alam MM
165 - 174 Evaluation of the biomass production, energy yield and nutrient removal of Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden grown in short rotation coppice under two initial planting densities and harvest systems
Bentancor L, Hernandez J, del Pino A, Califra A, Resquin F, Gonzalez-Barrios P
175 - 182 Effects of temperature, time and acidity of hydrothermal carbonization on the hydrochar properties and nitrogen recovery from corn stover
Zhang Y, Jiang Q, Xie WL, Wang YF, Kang JM
183 - 192 Biomass production of poplar short rotation coppice over five and six rotations and its aptitude as a fuel
Stochlova P, Novotna K, Costa M, Rodrigues A
193 - 201 Thermo-kinetics and gaseous product analysis of banana peel pyrolysis for its bioenergy potential
Tahir MH, Zhao ZL, Ren JM, Rasool T, Naqvi SR
202 - 210 Determining the repair and maintenance cost of wood chippers
Spinelli R, Eliasson L, Magagnotti N
211 - 220 Optimization of microalgae Scenedesmus SP. growth rate using a central composite design statistical approach
Derakhshandeh M, Un UT
221 - 230 Fuel quality impact analysis for practical implementation of corn COB gasification gas in conventional gas turbine power plants
Bozo MG, Valera-Medina A, Syred N, Bowen PJ
231 - 237 Batch investigation of constructed wetland microbial fuel cell with reverse osmosis (RO) concentrate and wastewater mix as substrate
Das B, Thakur S, Chaithanya MS, Biswas P
238 - 256 Designing a hub location model in a bagasse-based bioethanol supply chain network in Iran (case study: Iran sugar industry)
Saadati M, Hosseininezhad SJ
257 - 269 Integrated and spatially explicit assessment of sustainable crop residues potential in Europe
Scarlat N, Fahl F, Lugato E, Monforti-Ferrario F, Dallemand JF
270 - 279 A comparison of multiple methods for mapping local-scale mesquite tree aboveground biomass with remotely sensed data
Ku NW, Popescu SC
280 - 289 Enhancing algal biomass and lipid production through bacterial co-culture
Berthold DE, Shetty KG, Jayachandran K, Laughinghouse HD, Gantar M
290 - 297 Pyrolysis of cellulose mixed with ionic liquids 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide [bmim] [TFSI], 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate [bmim] [BF4], and 1-butyl-2,3-dimethylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate [bmmim] [BF4]
Behrens M, Cross JS, Akasaka H, Ohtake N
298 - 304 Engineering a malic enzyme to enhance lipid accumulation in Chlorella protothecoides and direct production of biodiesel from the microalgal biomass
Yan JY, Kuang YL, Gui XH, Han XF, Yan YJ
305 - 312 Process optimization of biomass liquefaction in isopropanol/water with Raney nickel and sodium hydroxide as combined catalysts
Wang YL, Pan XJ, Ye YY, Li SR, Wang D, Liu YQ
313 - 321 Bioenergy and its effects on landscape aesthetics - A survey contrasting conventional and wild crop biomass production
Huth E, Paltrinieri S, Thiele J
322 - 330 Effects of moisture content during densification of biomass pellets, focusing on polysaccharide substances
Frodeson S, Henriksson G, Berghel J
331 - 335 Bee diversity and abundance on flowers of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)
O'Brien C, Arathi HS
336 - 342 Steam gasification of pyrolysis char from spent mushroom substrate
Slezak R, Krzystek L, Ledakowicz S
343 - 348 Composition and growth of sorghum biomass genotypes for ethanol production
de Almeida LGF, Parrella RAD, Simeone MLF, Ribeiro PCD, dos Santos AS, da Costa ASV, Guimaraes AG, Schaffert RE
349 - 360 Production and characterization of slow pyrolysis biochar from lignin-rich digested stillage from lignocellulosic ethanol production
Ghysels S, Ronsse F, Dickinson D, Prins W
361 - 374 A review on life cycle assessment of biogas production: Challenges and future perspectives in Malaysia
Aziz NIHA, Hanafiah MM, Gheewala SH
375 - 380 Fast determination of lignocellulosic composition of poplar biomass by thermogravimetry
Rego F, Dias APS, Casquilho M, Rosa FC, Rodrigues A
381 - 390 Pyrolytic temperature evaluation of macauba biochar for uranium adsorption from aqueous solutions
Guilhen SN, Masek O, Ortiz N, Izidoro JC, Fungaro DA
391 - 399 Bioelectricity potential from ecologically available sugarcane straw in Brazil: A spatially explicit assessment
Cervi WR, Lamparelli RAC, Seabra JEA, Junginger M, van der Hilst F
400 - 413 Options for using solid oxide fuel cell technology in complex integrated biomass gasification cogeneration plants
Kalina J
414 - 425 Estimation methods developing with remote sensing information for energy crop biomass: A comparative review
Chao ZH, Liu N, Zhang PD, Ying TY, Song KH
426 - 432 Microalgae cultivation using biogas and digestate carbon sources
Nguyen MLT, Lin CY, Lay CH
433 - 445 Sugarcane bagasse gasification: Simulation and analysis of different operating parameters, fluidizing media, and gasifier types
Motta IL, Miranda NT, Maciel R, Maciel MRW
446 - 456 Potential, environmental, and socio-economic assessment of biogas production in Ethiopia: The case of Amhara regional state
Gabisa EW, Gheewala SH
457 - 465 Barriers and opportunities to bioenergy transitions: An integrated, multi-level perspective analysis of biogas uptake in Bali
Bossner S, Devisscher T, Suljada T, Ismail CJ, Sari A, Mondamina NW
466 - 471 Analysis of biochar with different pyrolysis temperatures used as filler in epoxy resin composites
Giorcelli M, Savi P, Khan A, Tagliaferro A
472 - 480 Pyrolysis as an economical and ecological treatment option for municipal sewage sludge
Barry D, Barbiero C, Briens C, Berruti F
481 - 489 Increase of reducing sugars release by enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse intensified by ultrasonic treatment
Silvello MAD, Martinez J, Goldbeck R
490 - 490 Editorial: Special issue of the 25th European Biomass Conference and exhibition held in Stockholm, June 2017
Thornley P, Prins W, Overend R