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1 - 8 Anaerobic digestion of blood serum water integrated in a valorization process of the bovine blood treatment
Langone M, Ferrentino R, Freddi F, Andreottola G
9 - 20 A regional approach to determine economic, environmental and social impacts of different sugarcane production systems in Brazil
Cardoso TF, Watanabe MDB, Souza A, Chagas MF, Cavalett O, Morais ER, Nogueira LAH, Leal MRLV, Braunbeck OA, Cortez LAB, Bonomi A
21 - 27 Can alternative N-fertilization methods influence GHG emissions and biomass production in sugarcane fields?
Borges CD, Carvalho JLN, Kolln OT, Sanches GM, Silva MJ, Castro SGQ, Castro SAQ, Sousa LL, Oliveira JVC, Cantarella H, Vargas VP, Tsai SM, Franco HCJ
28 - 39 Pyrolysis of different wood species: Impacts of C/H ratio in feedstock on distribution of pyrolysis products
Hu X, Guo HY, Gholizadeh M, Sattari B, Liu Q
40 - 48 The economics of renewable CaC2 and C2H2 production from biomass and CaO
Paakkonen A, Tolvanen H, Kokko L
49 - 58 Static microplate fermentation and automated growth analysis approaches identified a highly-aldehyde resistant Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain
de Mello FDB, Coradini ALV, Tizei PAG, Carazzolle MF, Pereira GAG, Teixeira GS
59 - 67 Biomass-bound biocatalysts for biodiesel production: Tuning a lipolytic activity from Aspergillus nigerMYA 135 by submerged fermentation using agro-industrial raw materials and waste products
Regner EL, Salvatierra HN, Baigori MD, Pera LM
68 - 76 Characterization of residual biomasses from the coffee production chain and assessment the potential for energy purposes
Martinez CLM, Rocha EPA, Carneiro ADO, Gomes FJB, Batalha LAR, Vakkilainen E, Cardoso M
77 - 83 Biochar from residual biomass as a concrete filler for improved thermal and acoustic properties
Cuthbertson D, Berardi U, Briens C, Berruti F
84 - 90 Genetic variation and growth stability of hybrid poplars in high-density short-rotation coppice stands in central Chile
Yanez MA, Zamudio F, Espinoza S, Ivkovic M, Guerra F, Espinosa C, Baettig RM
91 - 106 Effective bioeconomy policies for the uptake of innovative technologies under resource constraints
Maes D, Van Passel S
107 - 116 Comparison of product distribution, content and fermentability of biomass in a hybrid thermochemical/biological processing platform
Chi ZY, Zhao XF, Daugaard T, Dalluge D, Rover M, Johnston P, Salazar AM, Santoscoy MC, Smith R, Brown RC, Wen ZY, Zabotina OA, Jarboe LR
117 - 134 Quality parameters relevant for densification of bio-materials: Measuring methods and affecting factors - A review
Gilvari H, de Jong W, Schott DL
135 - 143 Assessing the impact of fertilizer application on net soil-derived emission budgets from a temperate willow (Salix miyabeana) short rotation coppice system
Lutes K, Oelbermann M, Thevathasan NV, Gordon AM
144 - 155 Mass and energy balances of an autothermal pilot carbonization unit
Rizzo AM, Pettorali M, Nistri R, Chiaramonti D
156 - 165 Microalgal biodiesel production at outdoor open and polyhouse raceway pond cultivations: A case study with Scenedesmus accuminatus using low-cost farm fertilizer medium
Koley S, Mathimani T, Bagchi SK, Sonkar S, Mallick N
166 - 175 Hydrothermal carbonization characteristics of sewage sludge and lignocellulosic biomass. A comparative study
Wilk M, Magdziarz A, Jayaraman K, Szymanska-Chargot M, Gokalp I
176 - 188 Microalgal harvesting using foam flotation: A critical review
Zhang HY, Zhang XZ
189 - 199 Climate impact and energy efficiency of woody bioenergy systems from a landscape perspective
Hammar T, Stendahl J, Sundberg C, Holmstrom H, Hansson PA
200 - 210 Modelling of pine wood sawdust thermochemical liquefaction
Braz A, Mateus MM, dos Santos RG, Machado R, Bordado JM, Correia MJN
211 - 218 Predicting the silo discharge behavior of wood chips - A choice of method
Salehi H, Poletto M, Barletta D, Larsson SH
219 - 223 Biochar as a cheap and environmental friendly filler able to improve polymer mechanical properties
Giorcelli M, Khan A, Pugno NM, Rosso C, Tagliaferro A
224 - 228 Hydrothermal liquefaction of green microalga Kirchneriella sp. under sub- and super-critical water conditions
Dandamudi KPR, Muppaneni T, Markovski JS, Lammers P, Deng SG
229 - 239 Reduced planting spacing increase radiation use efficiency and biomass for energy in black wattle plantations: Towards sustainable production systems
Schwerz F, Eloy E, Elli EF, Caron BO
240 - 256 Reasons for processing of rice coproducts: Reality and expectations
Abaide ER, Tres MV, Zabot GL, Mazutti MA
257 - 264 Biohydrogen production from dairy industry wastewater in an anaerobic fluidized-bed reactor
da Silva AN, Macedo WV, Sakamoto IK, Pereyra DDD, Mendes CO, Maintinguer SI, Caffaro RA, Damianovic MHZ, Varesche MBA, de Amorim ELC
265 - 272 One-step microalgal biodiesel production from Chlorella pyrenoidosa using subcritical methanol extraction (SCM) technology
Thiruvenkadam S, Izhar S, Hiroyuki Y, Harun R
273 - 280 Salinity effects on germination, seedlings and full-grown plants of upland and lowland switchgrass cultivars
Zanetti F, Zegada-Lizarazu W, Lambertini C, Monti A
281 - 290 A mass- and energy balance-based process modelling study for the pyrolysis of cotton stalks with char utilization for sustainable soil enhancement and carbon storage
Schaffer S, Proll T, Al Afif R, Pfeifer C
291 - 300 Characteristics of solids accumulation on steel samples during co-combustion of biomass and coal in a CFB boiler
Opydo M, Dudek A, Kobylecki R
301 - 312 Effect of torrefaction intensity on the flow properties of lignocellulosic biomass powders
Pachon-Morales J, Colin J, Pierre F, Puel F, Perre P
313 - 323 From Paris agreement to business cases for upgraded biogas: Analysis of potential market uptake for biomethane plants in Germany using biogenic carbon capture and utilization technologies
Horschig T, Welfle A, Billig E, Thran D
324 - 331 Contribution of the wood-processing industry for sustainable power generation: Viability of biomass-fuelled cogeneration in Sub-Saharan Africa
Nzotcha U, Kenfack J
332 - 338 Methacrylation of kraft lignin for UV-curable coatings: Process optimization using response surface methodology
Hajirahimkhan S, Ragogna PJ, Xu C
339 - 349 Production and characterization of H2S and PO43- carbonaceous adsorbents from anaerobic digested fibers
Ayiania M, Carbajal-Gamarra FM, Garcia-Perez T, Frear C, Suliman W, Garcia-Perez M
350 - 358 Effects of one-step alkaline and two-step alkaline/dilute acid and alkaline/steam explosion pretreatments on the structure of isolated pine lignin
Das P, Stoffel RB, Area MC, Ragauskas AJ
359 - 366 Fuel property changes of switchgrass during one-year of outdoor storage
Ogden CA, Ileleji KE, Johnson KD
367 - 375 Residential fuelwood consumption in Brazil: Environmental and social implications
Gioda A
376 - 386 Untapped volume of surplus forest growth as feedstock for bioenergy
Durocher C, Thiffault E, Achim A, Auty D, Barrette J
387 - 395 Lipid production from corn stover by a cost-efficient system featuring ammonium carbonate-steam explosion and recirculating enzymatic hydrolysis
Xu H, Zhao N, Yao HY, Qin H, Zeng J, Ran YL, Yang YB, Qiao DR, Cao Y
396 - 403 The effect of land use change from grassland to bioenergy crops Miscanthus and reed canary grass on nitrous oxide emissions
Krol DJ, Jones MB, Williams M, Choncubhair ON, Lanigan GJ
404 - 416 A PLS-MGA analysis of farming characteristics on the intentions of smallholder oil palm planters to collect palm residues for biofuel production
Chin HC, Choong WW, Alwi SRW, Mohammed AH
417 - 425 Natural deep eutectic solvents (DES) for fractionation of waste lignocellulosic biomass and its cascade conversion to value-added bio-based chemicals
Mamilla JLK, Novak U, Grilc M, Likozar B
426 - 432 Dendrometric analysis of Tamarix africana L.,species of river and wetlands of the Mediterranean area. Characterisation of biomass
Marti BV, Sanchez JRT, Ferre AJC, Cortes IL
433 - 438 Penicillium citrinum whole-cells catalyst for the treatment of lipid-rich wastewater
Alves AM, de Moura RB, Carvalho AKF, de Castro HF, Andrade GSS
439 - 447 Evaluation of a native oleaginous marine microalga Nannochloropsis oceanicafor dual use in biodiesel production and aquaculture feed
Ashour M, Elshobary ME, El-Shenody R, Kamil AW, Abomohra A
448 - 457 Sugarcane ethanol and beef cattle integration in Brazil
de Souza NRD, Fracarolli JA, Junqueira TL, Chagas MF, Cardoso TF, Watanabe MDB, Cavalett O, Venzke SP, Dale BE, Bonomi A, Cortez LAB
458 - 470 Physico-chemistry of biochars produced through steam gasification and hydro-thermal gasification of canola hull and canola meal pellets
Azargohar R, Nanda S, Dalai AK, Kozinski JA
471 - 478 Statistical analysis of sustainable production of algal biomass from wastewater treatment process
Ambat I, Tang WZ, Sillanpaa M