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1 - 9 Hydrogen production from pine-derived catalytic pyrolysis aqueous phase via microbial electrolysis
Brooks V, Lewis AJ, Dulin P, Beegle JR, Rodriguez M, Borole AP
10 - 21 An integrated sustainability model for a bioenergy system: Forest residues for electricity generation
Jin EZ, Sutherland JW
22 - 30 Performance evaluation of different techniques for firewood storage in Southern Europe
Manzone M
31 - 36 Hydroprocessing of lipids extracted from marine microalgae Nannochloropsis sp over sulfided CoMoP/Al2O3 catalyst
Poddar MK, Anand M, Farooqui SA, Martin GJO, Maurya MR, Sinha AK
37 - 42 The effect of output unit choice on detection of feedstock effects on chipper productivity and fuel consumption
Eliasson L, Fridh L, Spinelli R
43 - 53 Impact of biomass diversity on torrefaction: Study of solid conversion and volatile species formation through an innovative TGA-GC/MS apparatus
Martinez MG, Dupont C, Thiery S, Meyer XM, Gourdon C
54 - 60 Advances and opportunities in biomass conversion technologies and biorefineries for the development of a bio-based economy
Yamakawa CK, Qin F, Mussatto SI
61 - 68 Application of an immobilized Rhizopus oryzae lipase to batch and continuous ester synthesis with a mixture of a lauric acid and fusel oil
Boas RNV, Ceron AA, Bento HBS, de Castro HF
69 - 74 Thermo-economic evaluation of a new approach to extract sugarcane wax integrated to a first and second generation biorefinery
Albarelli JQ, Santos DT, Meireles MAA
75 - 89 Simultaneous effective sludge stabilization and direct electricity generation by merging microbial fuel cell (MFC) and Fered-Fenton reactor: An experimental study
Sadabad HR, Gholikandi GB
90 - 96 Anaerobic co-digestion of grass and forbs - Influence of cattle manure or grass based inoculum
Cong WF, Moset V, Feng L, Moller HB, Eriksen J
97 - 108 Modeling of gasification reaction to produce activated carbon from pistachio shells in a spouted bed
Niksiar A, Nasernejad B
109 - 120 Short rotation coppices, grasses and other herbaceous crops: Productivity and yield energy value versus 26 genotypes
Stolarski MJ, Snieg M, Krzyzaniak M, Tworkowski J, Szczukowski S
121 - 127 Combined extrusion and alkali pretreatment improves grass storage towards fermentation and anaerobic digestion
Khor WC, Vervaeren H, Rabaey K
128 - 134 Adsorption of metals by crosslinked chitosan beads in sugarcane contaminated streams
Geromel-Costa CGA, Corbi JJ, Gorni GR, Colombo V, Correa RC, Flamingo A, Campana-Filho SP
135 - 143 Furfural, 5-HMF, acid-soluble lignin and sugar contents in C. ladanifer and E. arborea lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysates obtained from microwave-assisted treatments in different solvents
Carrion-Prieto P, Martin-Ramos P, Hernandez-Navarro S, Sanchez-Sastre LF, Marcos-Robles JL, Martin-Gil J
144 - 154 The usefulness of walnut shells as waste biomass fuels in direct carbon solid oxide fuel cells
Dudek M, Adamczyk B, Sitarz M, Sliwa M, Lach R, Skrzypkiewicz M, Razniak A, Ziabka M, Zuwala J, Grzywacz P
155 - 165 Biomass yield and biochemical profile of fourteen species of fast-growing green algae from eutrophic bloomed freshwaters of Kerala, South India
Santhakumaran P, Kookal SK, Ray JG
166 - 172 Synthesis of biolubricant by transesterification of palm kernel oil with simulated fusel oil: Batch and continuous processes
Ceron AA, Boas RNV, Biaggio FC, de Castro HF
173 - 178 High production of syngas from catalytic steam reforming of biomass glycerol in the presence of methane
Huang C, Xu CH, Wang B, Hu XD, Li JJ, Liu JY, Liu J, Li CX
179 - 190 Biomass ash interactions with a manganese ore used as oxygen-carrying bed material in a 12 MWth CFB boiler
Hanning M, Corcoran A, Lind F, Ryden M
191 - 197 Enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass at high-solids loadings through fed-batch operation
Hernandez-Beltran JU, Hernandez-Escoto H
198 - 205 Genotypic differences in biomass production during three rotations of short-rotation coppice
Vanbeveren SPP, Ceulemans R
206 - 216 Crop residue removal and nitrification inhibitor application as strategies to mitigate N2O emissions in sugarcane fields
Gonzaga LC, Carvalho JLN, de Oliveira BG, Soares JR, Cantarella H
217 - 228 Towards high-temperature fuel ethanol production using Kluyveromyces marxianus: On the search for plug-in strains for the Brazilian sugarcane-based biorefinery
Madeira-Jr JV, Gombere AK
229 - 236 Pyrolysis behavior of raw/torrefied rice straw after different demineralization processes
Dong Q, Zhang SP, Ding K, Zhu SG, Zhang HL, Liu XZ
237 - 245 Impact of inorganic contaminants on microalgal biofuel production through multiple conversion pathways
Hess D, Quinn JC
246 - 252 The influence of hydrothermal extraction conditions on recovery and properties of hemicellulose from wheat chaff - A modeling approach
Dordevic T, Antov M
253 - 262 Exergoenvironmental analysis concerning the wood chips and wood pellets production chains
Pereira MF, Nicolau VP, Bazzo E
263 - 276 Bio-oil derived from palm empty fruit bunches: Fast pyrolysis, liquefaction and future prospects
Chang SH
277 - 283 Influence of key variables on the simultaneous isomerization and fermentation (SIF) of xylose by a native Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain co-encapsulated with xylose isomerase for 2G ethanol production
Milessi TS, Aquino PM, Silva CR, Moraes GS, Zangirolami TC, Giordano RC, Giordano RLC
284 - 292 Catalytic production of sugars and lignin from agricultural residues using dilute sulfuric acid in gamma-valerolactone
Oyola-Rivera O, Gonzalez-Rosario AM, Cardona-Martinez N
293 - 303 Characteristics of biochar and bio-oil produced from wood pellets pyrolysis using a bench scale fixed bed, microwave reactor
Nhuchhen DR, Afzal MT, Dreise T, Salema AA
304 - 313 New contributions for industrial n-butanol fermentation: An optimized Clostridium strain and the use of xylooligosaccharides as a fermentation additive
Grassi MCB, Carazzolle MF, Nakagawa BT, Ferrari A, Nagamatsu S, Santos CR, Murakami MT, Pirolla RAS, Pereira GAG
314 - 321 Alkaline sulfite pretreatment for integrated first and second generation ethanol production: A techno-economic assessment of sugarcane hybrids
Mendes FM, Vasconcelos MH, Dias MOS, Ferraz A, Milagres AMF, Santos JC, Jesus CDF, Watanabe MDB, Junqueira TL, Bonomi A
322 - 334 Ectopic expression of sugarcane SHINE changes cell wall and improves biomass in rice
Martins APB, Brito MD, Mayer JLS, Llerena JPP, Oliveira JF, Takahashi NC, Carlin SD, Borges DNAF, Andrade LM, Peixoto-Junior RF, Goldman MHD, Mazzafera P, Creste S, Nobile PM
335 - 345 Gasification of lignocellulosic biomass to produce syngas in a 50 kW downdraft reactor
Monir MU, Abd Aziz A, Kristanti RA, Yousuf A
346 - 353 How and why does willow biochar increase a clay soil water retention capacity?
Rasa K, Heikkinen J, Hannula M, Arstila K, Kulju S, Hyvaluoma J
354 - 363 Analytical correlation to model diluent concentration repercussions on the burning velocity of biogas lean flames: Effect of CO2 and N-2
Quintino FM, Fernandes EC
364 - 380 A spatial-explicit price impact analysis of increased biofuel production on forest feedstock markets: A scenario analysis for Sweden
Ouraich I, Wetterlund E, Forsell N, Lundmark R
381 - 391 Investigation of innovative and conventional pyrolysis of ligneous and herbaceous biomasses for biochar production
Fiore S, Berruti F, Briens C
392 - 410 Influence of biomass torrefaction parameters on fast pyrolysis products under flame-equivalent conditions
Pielsticker S, Moller G, Govert B, Kreitzberg T, Hatzfeld O, Yonder O, Angenent V, Hattig C, Schmid R, Kneer R
411 - 417 Hydraulic and organic rates applied to pilot scale UASB reactor for sugar cane vinasse degradation and biogas generation
Del Nery V, Alves I, Damianovic MHRZ, Pires EC
418 - 428 Influencing parameters on mechanical-physical properties of pellet fuel made from corn harvest residues
Djatkov D, Martinov M, Kaltschmitt M
429 - 435 Site-adapted production of bioenergy feedstocks on poorly drained cropland through the cultivation of perennial crops. A feasibility study on biomass yield and biochemical methane potential
Rue T, Emmerling C
436 - 445 Assessing sugarcane expansion to ethanol production under climate change scenarios in Paranaiba river basin - Brazil
Tayt'Sohn FCO, Nunes AMB, Pereira AO
446 - 455 Isolation of lignin from Ammonia Fiber Expansion (AFEX) pretreated biorefinery waste
Meyer JR, Waghmode SB, He J, Gao Y, Hoole D, Sousa LD, Balan V, Foston MB
456 - 461 Variation of fatty acids composition in the hydrocarbon producer Botryococcus braunii BOT 22
Sadeghin B, Sarrafzadeh MH, Jin J, Dupre C, Watanabe M, Legrand J, Grizeau D
462 - 472 Environmental optimization of biomass use for energy under alternative future energy scenarios for Switzerland
Vadenbo C, Tonini D, Burg V, Astrup TF, Theesb O, Hellweg S
473 - 479 Catalytic cracking of pyrolytic oil by using bentonite clay for green liquid hydrocarbon fuels production
Kar Y
480 - 491 Influence of lignocellulose and plant cell walls on biomass char morphology and combustion reactivity
Pang CH, Lester E, Wu T
492 - 502 Economic potential of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran (MTHF) and ethyl levulinate (EL) produced from hemicelluloses-derived furfural
Silva JFL, Mariano AP, Maciel R
503 - 508 Low variation in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal associations and effects on biomass among switchgrass cultivars
Emery SM, Kinnetz ER, Bell-Dereske L, Stahlheber KA, Gross KL, Pennington D