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1 - 7 Long term storage of poplar chips in Mediterranean environment
Pari L, Scarfone A, Santangelo E, Gallucci F, Spinelli R, Jirjis R, Del Giudice A, Barontini M
8 - 19 Drying kinetics of granulated cork: Effect of air drying stream conditions and granule size
Madaleno RO, Castro LM, Pinheiro MNC
20 - 28 Fungal pre-treatment of forestry biomass with a focus on biorefining: A comparison of biomass degradation and enzyme activities by wood rot fungi across three tree species
Baker PW, Charlton A, Hale MDC
29 - 38 Effects of increased soil fertility and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria inoculation on biomass yield, energy value, and physiological response of poplar in short-rotation coppices in a reclaimed tideland: A case study in the Saemangeum area of Korea
Jang JH, Woo SY, Kim SH, Khaine I, Kwak MJ, Lee HK, Lee TY, Lee WY
39 - 51 Supercritical water gasification of glucose using bimetallic aerogel Ru-Ni-Al2O3 catalyst for H-2 production
Hossain MZ, Chowdhury MBI, Jhawar AK, Charpentier PA
52 - 62 Steam gasification of sewage sludge with CaO as CO2 sorbent for hydrogen-rich syngas production
Chen SY, Sun Z, Zhang Q, Hu J, Xiang WG
63 - 73 Energetic shift of sugarcane bagasse using biogas produced from sugarcane vinasse in Brazilian ethanol plants
Joppert CL, dos Santos MM, Costa HKM, dos Santos EM, Moreira JRS
74 - 85 Multiyear Life Cycle Assessment of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) production in the Mediterranean region of Spain: A comparative case study
Escobar N, Ramirez-Sanz C, Chueca P, Molto E, Sanjuan N
86 - 92 Durability studies of limonite ore for catalytic decomposition of phenol as a model biomass tar in a fluidized bed
Kannari N, Satomi C, Oyama Y, Takarada T
93 - 101 Hemicellulose extraction from slash pine sawdust by steam explosion with sulfuric acid
Stoffel RB, Neves PV, Felissia FE, Ramos LP, Gassa LM, Area MC
102 - 112 A corn-stover harvest scheduling problem arising in cellulosic ethanol production
Aguayo MM, Sarin SC, Cundiff JS, Comer K, Clark T
113 - 121 Thermophysical properties of rapeseed oil methyl esters (RME) at high pressures and various temperatures evaluated by ultrasonic methods
Kielczynski P, Ptasznik S, Szalewski M, Balcerzak A, Wieja K, Rostocki AJ
122 - 134 Enhancing the productivity of hybrid poplar (Populus x hybrid) and switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) by the application of beneficial soil microbes and a seaweed extract
Fei H, Crouse M, Papadopoulos Y, Vessey JK
135 - 149 Fluid dynamic study of mixtures of sugarcane bagasse and sand particles: Minimum fluidization velocity
Perez NP, Pedroso DT, Machin EB, Antunes JS, Ramos RAV, Silveira JL
150 - 154 Development of heat-aided flocculation for flotation harvesting of microalgae
Laamanen CA, Scott JA
155 - 163 Fractionation of pyrolysis oil via supercritical carbon dioxide extraction: Optimization study using response surface methodology (RSM)
Chan YH, Yusup S, Quitain AT, Uemura Y, Loh SK
164 - 171 Maize, sweet sorghum, and high biomass sorghum ethanol yield comparison on marginal soils in Midwest USA
Maw MJW, Houx JH, Fritschi FB
172 - 181 Physico-chemical characterization of carbons produced from technical lignin by sub-critical hydrothermal carbonization
Atta-Obeng E, Dawson-Andoh B, Seehra MS, Geddam U, Poston J, Leisen J
182 - 190 The potential role of waste biomass in the future urban electricity system
Jiang Y, van der Werf E, van Ierland EC, Keesman KJ
191 - 197 Chemical composition and yield of rhizome biomass of Arundo donax L. grown for biorefinery in the Mediterranean environment
Proietti S, Moscatello S, Fagnano M, Fiorentino N, Impagliazzo A, Battistelli A
198 - 206 Poplar biomass production in short rotation under irrigation: A case study in the Mediterranean
Gonzalez-Gonzalez BD, Oliveira N, Gonzalez I, Canellas I, Sixto H
207 - 213 Effects of digestate fertilization on Sida hermaphrodita: Boosting biomass yields on marginal soils by increasing soil fertility
Nabel M, Schrey SD, Poorter H, Koller R, Jablonowski ND
214 - 218 A prototype for horizontal long cuttings planting in Short Rotation Coppice
Manzone M, Bergante S, Facciotto G, Balsari P
219 - 226 Effective and simple in vitro regeneration system of Miscanthus sinensis, M. x giganteus and M-sacchariflorus for planting and biotechnology purposes
Slusarkiewicz-Jarzina A, Ponitka A, Cerazy-Waliszewska J, Wojciechowicz MK, Sobanska K, Jezowski S, Pniewski T
227 - 232 Valorising faba bean residual biomass: Effect of farming system and planting time on the potential for biofuel production
Gomez LD, Amalfitano C, Andolfi A, Simister R, Somma S, Ercolano MR, Borrelli C, McQueen-Mason SJ, Frusciante L, Cuciniello A, Caruso G
233 - 243 Chemical, structural, and ultrastructural analysis of waste from the carrageenan and sugar-bioethanol processes for future bioenergy generation
Roldan IUM, Mitsuhara AT, Desajacomo JPM, de Oliveira LE, Gelli VC, Monti R, do Sacramento LVS, Masarin F
244 - 253 Towards a marine biorefinery through the hydrothermal liquefaction of macroalgae native to the United Kingdom
Raikova S, Le CD, Beacham TA, Jenkins RW, Allen MJ, Chuck CJ
254 - 260 Comparative emissions characterization of a small-scale wood chip-fired boiler and an oil-fired boiler in a school setting
Rector L, Miller PJ, Snook S, Ahmadi M
261 - 270 In-situ steam reforming of biomass tar over sawdust biochar in mild catalytic temperature
Feng DD, Zhao YJ, Zhang Y, Zhang ZB, Zhang LY, Sun SZ
271 - 278 Vegetative regeneration of beech coppices for biomass in Piedmont, NW Italy
Vacchiano G, Berretti R, Brenta P, Meloni F, Motta R, Nosenzo A, Terzuolo PG
279 - 286 Biomass from fruit trees for combined energy and food production
Winzer F, Kraska T, Elsenberger C, Kotter T, Pude R
287 - 298 Study of micro/macro ordered porous carbon with olive-shaped structure derived from Cladophora glomerata macroalgae as efficient working electrodes of supercapacitors
Pourhosseini SEM, Norouzi O, Naderi HR
299 - 304 Effects of hot water extraction pretreatment on pyrolysis of shrub willow
Tarves PC, Serapiglia MJ, Mullen CA, Boateng AA, Volk TA
305 - 310 Heterologous expression of thermoregulated xylanases in switchgrass reduces the amount of exogenous enzyme required for saccharification
Chen MH, Kim SM, Raab RM, Li XM, Singh V
311 - 316 Green algae Ankistrodesmus fusiformis cell disruption using different modes
Skorupskaite V, Makareviciene V, Ubartas M, Karosiene J, Gumbyte M
317 - 325 Nitrogen use efficiency and productivity of first year switchgrass and big bluestem from low to high soil nitrogen
Friesen PC, Cattani DJ
326 - 334 Root and soil total carbon and nitrogen under bioenergy perennial grasses with various nitrogen rates
Sainju UM, Allen BL, Lenssen AW, Mikha M
335 - 344 Anaerobic digestion of nine varieties of grape pomace: Correlation between biochemical composition and methane production
El Achkar JH, Lendormi T, Hobaika Z, Salameh D, Louka N, Maroun RG, Lanoiselle JL
345 - 352 Establishing miscanthus x giganteus crops in Ireland through nodal propagation by harvesting stems in autumn and sowing them immediately into a field
O'Loughlin J, McDonnell K, Finnan J
353 - 360 Continuous microwave-assisted in-situ transesterification of lipids in seeds of invasive Chinese tallow trees (Triadica sebifera L.): Kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Barekati-Goudarzi M, Muley PD, Clarens A, Nde DB, Boldor D
361 - 369 Exploring the potential of grass feedstock from marginal land in Ireland: Does marginal mean lower yield?
Meehan P, Burke B, Doyle D, Barth S, Finnan J
370 - 375 Water quality changes in a short-rotation woody crop riparian buffer
Rosa DJ, Clausen JC, Kuzovkina Y
376 - 383 Effects of the biomass moisture content and pelleting temperature on the pressure-induced agglomeration process
Lisowski A, Dabrowska-Salwin M, Ostrowska-Ligeza E, Nawrocka A, Stasiak M, Swietochowski A, Klonowski J, Sypula M, Lisowska B
384 - 397 Life cycle assessment of biomass densification systems
Muazu RI, Li Borrion A, Stegemann JA
398 - 410 Current and innovative technologies for pruning harvesting: A review
Pari L, Suardi A, Santangelo E, Garcia-Galindo D, Scarfone A, Alfano V
411 - 421 Chemically treated microwave-derived biochar: An overview
Wahi R, Zuhaidi NFQ, Yusof Y, Jamel J, Kanakaraju D, Ngaini Z