Automatica, Vol.99 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0005-1098 (Print) 

In this Issue (47 articles)

1 - 12 Stochastic learning in multi-agent optimization: Communication and payoff-based approaches
Tatarenko T
13 - 21 Stabilization of a class of slow-fast control systems at non-hyperbolic points
Jardon-Kojakhmetov H, Scherpen JMA, del Puerto-Flores D
22 - 32 Subspace identification with moment matching
Inoue M
33 - 40 Coordinated trajectory tracking of multiple vertical take-off and landing UAVs
Zou Y, Meng ZY
41 - 53 Hybrid mechanisms for robust synchronization and coordination of multi-agent networked sampled-data systems
Poveda JI, Teel AR
54 - 58 Time-optimal hands-off control for linear time-invariant systems
Ikeda T, Nagahara M
59 - 68 An exponential quantum projection filter for open quantum systems
Gao Q, Zhang GF, Petersen IR
69 - 81 Multi-stage discrete time and randomized dynamic average consensus
Franceschelli M, Gasparri A
82 - 91 Adaptive stabilization of switched affine systems with unknown equilibrium points: Application to power converters
Beneux G, Riedinger P, Daafouz J, Grimaud L
92 - 98 Event-triggered distributed predictive control for asynchronous coordination of multi-agent systems
Zou YY, Su X, Li SY, Niu YG, Li DW
99 - 111 Analysis and synthesis for a class of stochastic switching systems against delayed mode switching: A framework of integrating mode weights
Zhang LX, Ning ZP, Shi Y
112 - 119 Output feedback control for unknown LTI systems driven by unknown periodic disturbances
Yilmaz CT, Basturk HI
120 - 131 Sampled-data emulation of dynamic output feedback controllers for nonlinear time-delay systems
Di Ferdinando M, Pepe P
132 - 137 Decentralised estimation with correlation limited by optimal processing of independent data
Ajgl J, Straka O
138 - 148 On periodic optimal solutions of persistent sensor planning for continuous-time linear systems
Ha JS, Choi HL
149 - 156 Switching and information exchange in compressed estimation of coupled high dimensional processes
Narula K, Guivant JE
157 - 166 Innovative fractional derivative estimation of the pseudo-state for a class of fractional order linear systems
Wei YQ, Liu DY, Boutat D
167 - 174 Dynamics of semilattice networks with strongly connected dependency graph
Veliz-Cuba A, Laubenbacher R
175 - 180 Design of super-twisting control gains: A describing function based methodology
Perez-Ventura U, Fridman L
181 - 187 An interpretation of the Schrodinger equation in quantum mechanics from the control-theoretic point of view
Ohsumi A
188 - 194 Networked stabilization of multi-input systems over shared channels with scheduling/control co-design
Chen W, Yao J, Qiu L
195 - 202 Stability analysis of a system coupled to a heat equation
Baudouin L, Seuret A, Gouaisbaut F
203 - 212 On robust Kalman filter for two-dimensional uncertain linear discrete time-varying systems: A least squares method
Zhao D, Ding SX, Karimi HR, Li YY, Wang YQ
213 - 220 Distributed estimation based on multi-hop subspace decomposition
del Nozal AR, Millan P, Orihuela L, Seuret A, Zaccarian L
221 - 227 Reinforcement learning for a class of continuous-time input constrained optimal control problems
Yaghmaie FA, Braun DJ
228 - 236 Distributed Kalman filtering for time-varying discrete sequential systems
Chen B, Hu GQ, Ho DWC, Yu L
237 - 245 Observer-based consensus for second-order multi-agent systems with arbitrary asynchronous and aperiodic sampling periods
Menard T, Moulay E, Coirault P, Defoort M
246 - 252 Distributed algorithms for aggregative games of multiple heterogeneous Euler-Lagrange systems
Deng ZH, Liang S
253 - 265 Robust event-triggered state estimation: A risk-sensitive approach
Huang JR, Shi DW, Chen TW
266 - 274 Infinite-step opacity and K-step opacity of stochastic discrete-event systems
Yin X, Li ZJ, Wang WL, Li SY
275 - 288 Ensuring privacy with constrained additive noise by minimizing Fisher information
Farokhi F, Sandberg H
289 - 300 Detectability and observer design for switched differential-algebraic equations
Tanwani A, Trenn S
301 - 307 Global optimal consensus for higher-order multi-agent systems with bounded controls
Xie YJ, Lin ZL
308 - 316 Performance-based fault detection and fault-tolerant control for automatic control systems
Li LL, Luo H, Ding SX, Yang Y, Peng KX
317 - 322 Multi-objective generalized H-2 control
Balandin DV, Kogan MM
323 - 332 Dynamics of complex feedback architectures in metabolic pathways
Chaves M, Oyarzun DA
333 - 337 Robust region elimination for piecewise affine control laws
Maddalena ET, Galvao RKH, Afonso RJM
338 - 345 Identification of multi-sinusoidal signals with direct frequency estimation: An adaptive observer approach
Pin G, Wang Y, Chen BL, Parisini T
346 - 351 A novel model for linear dynamic system with random delays
Pang NJ, Luo YT, Zhu YM
352 - 360 H-infinity control of Markov jump time-delay systems under asynchronous controller and quantizer
Shen Y, Wu ZG, Shi P, Shu Z, Karimi HR
361 - 368 Finite-time stability and settling-time estimation of nonlinear impulsive systems
Li XD, Ho DWC, Cao JD
369 - 381 Detection and mitigation of biasing attacks on distributed estimation networks
Deghat M, Ugrinovskii V, Shames I, Langbort C
382 - 389 A multi-cluster time aggregation approach for Markov chains
Arruda E, Fragoso M, Ourique F
390 - 402 Stability of Kalman filtering with a random measurement equation: Application to sensor scheduling with intermittent observations
Marelli DE, Sui TJ, Rohr ER, Fu MY
403 - 411 Global sampled-data output feedback stabilization for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems
Du HB, Qian CJ, Li SH, Chu ZB
412 - 419 Consensus conditions of continuous-time multi-agent systems with time-delays and measurement noises
Zong XF, Li T, Zhang JF
420 - 424 Generalization of a Result of Fabian on the Asymptotic Normality of Stochastic Approximation
Hernandez K, Spall JC