Automatica, Vol.93 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0005-1098 (Print) 

In this Issue (62 articles)

1 - 11 Scattering-based stabilization of non-planar conic systems
Usova AA, Polushin IG, Patel RV
12 - 19 A necessary and sufficient condition for stability of LMS-based consensus adaptive filters
Xie SY, Guo L
20 - 25 Dynamic controllers for column synchronization of rotation matrices: A QR-factorization approach
Thunberg J, Markdahl J, Goncalves J
26 - 32 Output formation-containment of interacted heterogeneous linear systems by distributed hybrid active control
Wang YW, Liu XK, Xiao JW, Shen YJ
33 - 41 Asynchronous sliding mode control of Markovian jump systems with time-varying delays and partly accessible mode detection probabilities
Song J, Niu YG, Zou YY
42 - 54 Design of robust fuzzy fault detection filter for polynomial fuzzy systems with new finite frequency specifications
Chibani A, Chadli M, Ding SX, Braiek NB
55 - 63 A hybrid stochastic game for secure control of cyber-physical systems
Miao F, Zhu QY, Pajic M, Pappas GJ
64 - 74 Stabilization and control Lyapunov functions for language constrained discrete-time switched linear systems
Fiacchini M, Jungers M, Girard A
75 - 82 A distributed Kalman filter with event-triggered communication and guaranteed stability
Battistelli G, Chisci L, Selvi D
83 - 91 Consensus control for linear systems with optimal energy cost
Zhang H, Hu XM
92 - 97 Dynamic output feedback stabilization of switched linear systems with delay via a trajectory based approach
Ahmed S, Mazenc F, Ozbay H
98 - 105 Adaptive control of a class of strict-feedback time-varying nonlinear systems with unknown control coefficients
Huang JS, Wang W, Wen CY, Zhou J
106 - 113 Recursive identification of systems with binary-valued outputs and with ARMA noises
Song QJ
114 - 125 Signed bounded confidence models for opinion dynamics
Altafini C, Ceragioli F
126 - 137 Distributed time synchronization for networks with random delays and measurement noise
Stankovic MS, Stankovic SS, Johansson KH
138 - 148 Cooperative global robust output regulation for a class of nonlinear multi-agent systems by distributed event-triggered control
Liu W, Huang J
149 - 160 Linear predictors for nonlinear dynamical systems: Koopman operator meets model predictive control
Korda M, Mezic I
161 - 171 Trajectory curvature guidance for Mars landings in hazardous terrains
Cui PY, Qin T, Zhu SY, Liu Y, Xu R, Yu ZS
172 - 182 Coupling based estimation approaches for the average reward performance potential in Markov chains
Li YJ, Wu XY, Lou YJ, Chen HY, Li JG
183 - 188 Suppressing phase damping decoherence by periodical imperfect projective measurements
Liu BY, Zhang M, Kang P, Dai HY
189 - 196 Extremum seeking-based perfect adaptive tracking of non-PE references despite nonvanishing variance of perturbation
Radenkovic MS, Krstic M
197 - 210 Pointwise exponential stabilization of a linear parabolic PDE system using non-collocated pointwise observation
Wang JW, Liu YQ, Sun CY
211 - 223 Distributed Pareto-optimal state estimation using sensor networks
Boem F, Zhou YL, Fischione C, Parisini T
224 - 230 Optimizing Kalman optimal observer for state affine systems by input selection
Scola IR, Besancon G, Georges D
231 - 243 Active vibration control of a flexible rod moving in water: Application to nuclear refueling machines
Shah UH, Hong KS
244 - 256 A decentralized energy-optimal control framework for connected automated vehicles at signal-free intersections
Malikopoulos AA, Cassandras CG, Zhang YJ
257 - 261 Complexity of deciding detectability in discrete event systems
Masopust T
262 - 273 Synthesis of virtual holonomic constraints for obtaining stable constraint dynamics
Costalunga A, Consolini L
274 - 281 Global robust output tracking control for a class of uncertain cascaded nonlinear systems
Yu JB, Zhao Y, Wu YQ
282 - 289 A two-experiment approach to Wiener system identification
Bottegal G, Castro-Garcia R, Suykens JAK
290 - 301 Switching and sweeping vibration absorbers: Theory and experimental validation
Miani S, Zilletti M, Gardonio P, Blanchini F, Colaneri P
302 - 310 Design of interval observers and controls for PDEs using finite-element approximations
Kharkovskaya T, Efimov D, Polyakov A, Richard JP
311 - 320 Stabilization of strictly dissipative discrete time systems with discounted optimal control
Gaitsgory V, Grune L, Hoger M, Kellett CM, Weller SR
321 - 332 System identification using kernel-based regularization: New insights on stability and consistency issues
Pillonetto G
333 - 342 Adaptive Kalman filter for actuator fault diagnosis
Zhang QH
343 - 351 Recursive nonlinear-system identification using latent variables
Mattsson P, Zachariah D, Stoica P
352 - 362 Synchronization control for reaction-diffusion FitzHugh-Nagumo systems with spatial sampled-data
Chen S, Lim CC, Shi P, Lu ZY
363 - 368 UDE-based robust boundary control for an unstable parabolic PDE with unknown input disturbance
Dai JG, Ren BB
369 - 378 Enforcement of opacity by public and private insertion functions
Ji YD, Wu YC, Lafortune S
379 - 388 Reliable non-linear state estimation involving time uncertainties
Rohou S, Jaulin L, Mihaylova L, Le Bars F, Veres SM
389 - 396 Higher order moment stability region for Markov jump systems based on cumulant generating function
Luan XL, Huang B, Liu F
397 - 406 Robustness of critical bit rates for practical stabilization of networked control systems
Da Silva A, Kawan C
407 - 414 Scalable distributed model predictive control for constrained systems
Asadi E, Richards A
415 - 421 Speeding up finite-time consensus via minimal polynomial of a weighted graph A numerical approach
Wang ZM, Ong CJ
422 - 427 The effects of linear and nonlinear characteristic parameters on the output frequency responses of nonlinear systems: The associated output frequency response function
Zhu YP, Lang ZQ
428 - 434 Riemannian optimal model reduction of linear port -Hamiltonian systems
Sato K
435 - 443 Set-membership approach and Kalman observer based on zonotopes for discrete-time descriptor systems
Wang Y, Puig V, Cembrano G
444 - 453 Adaptive tracking control for nonlinear time-varying delay systems with full state constraints and unknown control coefficients
Li DJ, Li DP
454 - 461 Request-based gossiping without deadlocks
Liu J, Mou SS, Morse AS, Anderson BDO, Yu CB
462 - 468 Sensitivity of linear systems to input orientation and novelty
Kumar G, Menolascino D, Ching SN
469 - 475 Stability and active power sharing in droop controlled inverter interfaced microgrids: Effect of clock mismatches
Kolluri RR, Mareels I, Alpcan T, Brazil M, de Hoog J, Thomas DA
476 - 488 Guaranteed model-based fault detection in cyber-physical systems: A model invalidation approach
Harirchi F, Ozay N
489 - 497 Hybrid controller concept for dynamic positioning of marine vessels with experimental results
Brodtkorb AH, Vaerno SA, Teel AR, Sorensen AJ, Skjetne R
498 - 509 Distributed extremum-seeking control over networks of dynamically coupled unstable dynamic agents
Guay M, Vandermeulen I, Dougherty S, McLellan PJ
510 - 519 A projection-based algorithm for model-order reduction with H-2 performance: A convex-optimization setting
Ibrir S
520 - 526 Mild solutions to the dynamic programming equation for stochastic optimal control problems
Barbu V, Benazzoli C, Di Persio L
527 - 534 Envelope-constrained H-infinity filtering for nonlinear systems with quantization effects: The finite horizon case
Ma LF, Wang ZD, Han QL, Lam HK
535 - 539 Affine Bessel-Legendre inequality: Application to stability analysis for systems with time-varying delays
Lee WI, Lee SY, Park P
540 - 544 Barrier function-based adaptive sliding mode control
Obeid H, Fridman LM, Laghrouche S, Harmouche M
545 - 549 A note on establishing convergence in adaptive systems
Anfinsen H, Aamo OM
550 - 553 Further results on "Reduced order disturbance observer for discrete-time linear systems"
Su JY, Chen WH
554 - 558 On the reduction of the continuous-time generalized algebraic Riccati equation: An effective procedure for solving the singular LQ problem with smooth solutions
Ferrante A, Ntogramatzidis L