Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials, Vol.28, No.31 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0935-9648 (Print) 

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6529 - 6545 Synthetic Two-Dimensional Materials: A New Paradigm of Membranes for Ultimate Separation
Zheng ZK, Grunker R, Feng XL
6546 - 6561 Amyloid Fibrils as Building Blocks for Natural and Artificial Functional Materials
Knowles TPJ, Mezzenga R
6562 - 6562 Organolead Halide Perovskites for Low Operating Voltage Multilevel Resistive Switching
Choi J, Park S, Lee J, Hong K, Kim DH, Moon CW, Park GD, Suh J, Hwang J, Kim SY, Jung HS, Park NG, Han S, Nam KT, Jang HW
6568 - 6568 Spontaneous Patterning of High-Resolution Electronics via Parallel Vacuum Ultraviolet
Liu XY, Kanehara M, Liu C, Sakamoto K, Yasuda T, Takeya J, Minari T
6574 - 6574 Giant Resistive Switching via Control of Ferroelectric Charged Domain Walls
Li LZ, Britson J, Jokisaari JR, Zhang Y, Adamo C, Melville A, Schlom DG, Chen LQ, Pan XQ
6581 - 6581 A Palladium-Binding Deltarhodopsin for Light-Activated Conversion of Protonic to Electronic Currents
Soto-Rodriguez J, Hemmatian Z, Josberger EE, Rolandi M, Baneyx F
6586 - 6586 Photoresponsive Cyanostilbene Bent-Core Liquid Crystals as New Materials with Light-Driven Modulated Polarization
Martinez-Abadia M, Robles-Hernandez B, de la Fuente MR, Gimenez R, Ros MB
6592 - 6592 Highly Sensitive Built-In Strain Sensors for Polymer Composites: Fluorescence Turn-On Response through Mechanochemical Activation
Li ZA, Toivola R, Ding FZ, Yang J, Lai PN, Howie T, Georgeson G, Jang SH, Li XS, Flinn BD, Jen AKY
6598 - 6598 Strong, Twist-Stable Carbon Nanotube Yarns and Muscles by Tension Annealing at Extreme Temperatures
Di JT, Fang SL, Moura FA, Galvao DS, Bykova J, Aliev A, de Andrade MJ, Lepro X, Li N, Haines C, Ovalle-Robles R, Qian D, Baughman RH
6606 - 6606 Light-Modulation of the Charge Injection in a Polymer Thin-Film Transistor by Functionalizing the Electrodes with Bistable Photochromic Self-Assembled Monolayers
Mosciatti T, del Rosso MG, Herder M, Frisch J, Koch N, Hecht S, Orgiu E, Samori P
6612 - 6612 Structured Liquids with pH-Triggered Reconfigurability
Huang CL, Sun ZW, Cui MM, Liu F, Helms BA, Russell TP
6619 - 6619 Harnessing Buckling to Design Architected Materials that Exhibit Effective Negative Swelling
Liu J, Gu TY, Shan SC, Kang SH, Weaver JC, Bertoldi K
6625 - 6625 Near-Infrared Upconversion Chemodosimeter for In Vivo Detection of Cu2+ in Wilson Disease
Liu Y, Su QQ, Chen M, Dong Y, Shi YB, Feng W, Wu ZY, Li FY
6631 - 6631 Persistent State-of-Charge Heterogeneity in Relaxed, Partially Charged Li1-xNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 Secondary Particles
Gent WE, Li YY, Ahn S, Lim J, Liu YJ, Wise AM, Gopal CB, Mueller DN, Davis R, Weker JN, Park JH, Doo SK, Chueh WC
6640 - 6640 Carbonized Silk Fabric for Ultrastretchable, Highly Sensitive, and Wearable Strain Sensors
Wang CY, Li X, Gao EL, Jian MQ, Xia KL, Wang Q, Xu ZP, Ren TL, Zhang YY
6649 - 6649 Simple Spinning of Heterogeneous Hollow Microfibers on Chip
Yu Y, Wei WB, Wang YQ, Xu C, Guo YQ, Qin JH
6656 - 6656 Dynamic Triboelectrification-Induced Electroluminescence and its Use in Visualized Sensing
Wei XY, Wang XD, Kuang SY, Su L, Li HY, Wang Y, Pan CF, Wang ZL, Zhu G
6665 - 6665 From ScOOH to Sc2O3: Phase Control, Luminescent Properties, and Applications
Zhao BZ, Xie XJ, Xu SL, Pan Y, Yang BX, Guo SH, Wei T, Su HQ, Wang HB, Chen XQ, Dravid VP, Huang L, Huang W
6672 - 6672 Blocking Oxidation Failures of Carbon Nanotubes through Selective Protection of Defects
Sun CF, Glaz BJ, Okada M, Baker E, Cheng XY, Karna SP, Wang YH
6680 - 6680 A Supramolecular Shear-Thinning Anti-Inflammatory Steroid Hydrogel
Liu Q, Zhan CY, Barhoumi A, Wang WP, Santamaria C, McAlvin JB, Kohane DS
6687 - 6687 Enhancing Crystalline Structural Orders of Polymer Semiconductors for Efficient Charge Transport via Polymer-Matrix-Mediated Molecular Self-Assembly
Lei YL, Deng P, Lin M, Zheng XL, Zhu FR, Ong BS
6695 - 6695 High Efficiency Pb-In Binary Metal Perovskite Solar Cells
Wang ZK, Li M, Yang YG, Hu Y, Ma H, Gao XY, Liao LS
6705 - 6705 Hierarchical Assemblies of Carbon Nanotubes for Ultraflexible Li-Ion Batteries
Ahmad S, Copic D, George C, De Volder M
6711 - 6711 Broad Detection Range Rhenium Diselenide Photodetector Enhanced by (3-Aminopropyl)Triethoxysilane and Triphenylphosphine Treatment
Jo SH, Park HY, Kang DH, Shim J, Jeon J, Choi S, Kim M, Park Y, Lee J, Song YJ, Lee S, Park JH
6719 - 6719 3D Freeze-Casting of Cellular Graphene Films for Ultrahigh-Power-Density Supercapacitors
Shao YL, El-Kady MF, Lin CW, Zhu GZ, Marsh KL, Hwang JY, Zhang QH, Li YG, Wang HZ, Kaner RB
6727 - 6727 Synthesis of Organized Layered Carbon by Self-Templating of Dithiooxamide
Xu JS, Zhu JX, Yang XF, Cao SW, Yu JG, Shalom M, Antonietti M
6734 - 6734 Thin Insulating Tunneling Contacts for Efficient and Water-Resistant Perovskite Solar Cells
Wang Q, Dong QF, Li T, Gruverman A, Huang JS
6740 - 6740 Double-Network Hydrogels Strongly Bondable to Bones by Spontaneous Osteogenesis Penetration
Nonoyama T, Wada S, Kiyama R, Kitamura N, Mredha MTI, Zhang X, Kurokawa T, Nakajima T, Takagi Y, Yasuda K, Gong JP
6746 - 6746 Recyclable Crosslinked Polymer Networks via One-Step Controlled Radical Polymerization
Jin KL, Li LQ, Torkelson JM
6751 - 6751 Ultrafast Nanocrystalline-TiO2(B)/Carbon Nanotube Hyperdispersion Prepared via Combined Ultracentrifugation and Hydrothermal Treatments for Hybrid Supercapacitors
Naoi K, Kurita T, Abe M, Furuhashi T, Abe Y, Okazaki K, Miyamoto J, Iwama E, Aoyagi S, Naoi W, Simon P
6758 - 6758 Modulation of Exciton Generation in Organic Active Planar pn Heterojunction: Toward Low Driving Voltage and High-Efficiency OLEDs Employing Conventional and Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Emitters
Chen DC, Liu KK, Gan L, Liu M, Gao K, Xie GZ, Ma YG, Cao Y, Su SJ