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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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Ultrafast catalytic reduction of environmental pollutants in water via MOF-derived magnetic Ni and Cu nanoparticles encapsulated in porous carbon
Ahsan MA, Jabbari V, El-Gendy AA, Curry ML, Noveron JC
DFT examination of potential of adsorbed Gallium oxide and Tin dioxide to carbon nanocages as anodes in metal ion batteries
Ashraf MA, Liu ZL, Li YY, Li C, Peng WX, Najafi MS
Interfacial oxidation protection and thermal-stable sinter Ag joining on bare Cu substrate by single-layer graphene coating
Chen C, Zhang Z, Kim D, Zhang B, Tanioku M, Ono T, Matsumoto K, Suganuma K
Tunable electronic structures in BP/MoSSe van der Waals heterostructures by external electric field and strain
Chen DC, Lei XL, Wang YN, Zhong SY, Liu G, Xu B, Ouyang CY
Liner- and barrier-free NiAl metallization: A perspective from TDDB reliability and interface status
Chen L, Ando D, Sutou Y, Yokogawa S, Koike J
An urchin-like Ag3PO4/Pd/LaPO4 photocatalyst with Z-scheme heterojunction for enhanced hydrogen evolution
Chen X, Zhang WW, Zhane LX, Feng LP, Wen JW, Yang JJ, Zhang CX, Jiang J, Wang H
DFT investigations into surface stability and morphology of delta-MoC catalyst
Cheng LH, Yu XH, Zhang J, Li WK, Zhao CB, Wang ZY, Jin LX
Atomic layer deposition of Ta-doped SnO2 films with enhanced dopant distribution for thermally stable capacitor electrode applications
Cho CJ, Pyeon JJ, Hwang CS, Kim JS, Kim SK
Multifunction applications of Bi2O3:Eu3+ nanophosphor for red light emission and photocatalytic activity
Divya J, Shivaramu NJ, Purcell W, Roos WD, Swart HC
TiO2 nanorods anchor on reduced graphene oxide (R-TiO2/rGO) composite as anode for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Fu YX, Dai Y, Pei XYN, Lyu SS, Heng Y, Mo DC
Electronic and geometric factors affecting oxygen vacancy formation on CeO2(111) surfaces: A first-principles study from trivalent metal doping cases
Gao Q, Hao JL, Qiu YH, Hu SL, Hu ZP
Optimization of synthesis conditions of high-tap density FeVO4 hollow microspheres via spray pyrolysis for lithium-ion batteries
Ghani F, Raza A, Kyung D, Kim HS, Lim J, Nah IW
Single step electrochemical deposition for the fabrication of CZTS kesterite thin films for solar cells
Khattak YH, Baig F, Toura H, Harabi I, Beg S, Soucase BM
Microstructure and corrosion behaviours of composite coatings on S355 offshore steel prepared by laser cladding combined with micro-arc oxidation
He X, Song RG, Kong DJ
Black phosphorus-Au filter paper-based three-dimensional SERS substrate for rapid detection of foodborne bacteria
Huang DQ, Zhuang ZF, Wang Z, Li ST, Zhong HQ, Liu ZM, Guo ZY, Zhang W
One-step synthesis of honeycomb-like Ni/Mn-PMo12 ultra-thin nanosheets for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Huang MJ, Wang PC, Liu Y, Zhao JP, Lin QH, Lu M
Ethanol plasma-induced polymerization of carbon fiber surface for improving mechanical properties of carbon fiber-reinforced lightweight oil well cement
Huang S, Cheng XW, Guo XY, Shi Y, Wang W
Flame-retardant polyvinyl alcohol/cellulose nanofibers hybrid carbon aerogel by freeze drying with ultra-low phosphorus
Huang YJ, Zhou T, He S, Xiao H, Dai HM, Yuan BH, Chen XF, Yang XB
CdS/TiO2 heterojunction in glass matrix: Synthesis, characterization, and application as an improved photocatalyst
Janbandhu SY, Joshi A, Munishwar SR, Gedam RS
Strong optical nonlinearity of ultrathin graphitic films synthesized on dielectric substrates
Kaplas T, Babaeian M, Cromey B, Baah M, Obraztsov P, Akhoundi F, Peyghambarian N, Kieu K, Svirko Y
Pore engineering of nanoporous carbon nanofibers toward enhanced supercapacitor performance
Kim CH, Yang CM, Kim YA, Yang KS
Understanding the synergic roles of MgO coating on the cycling and rate performance of Na0.67Mn0.5Fe0.5O2 cathode
Kong WJ, Wang HB, Sun LM, Su CJ, Liu XF
Catalysis of material surface defects: Multiscale modeling of methanol synthesis by CO2 reduction on copper
Kopac D, Likozar B, Hus M
Thermal conductivity and scattering models for graphene: From intrinsic scattering of pristine graphene to strong extrinsic scattering of functionalized graphene
Lee BS
The 2D nickel-molybdenum bimetals sulfide synergistic modified hollow cubic CdS towards enhanced photocatalytic water splitting hydrogen production
Li HL, Pan JQ, Zhao WJ, Li CR
One-step co-precipitation method to construct black phosphorus nanosheets/ZnO nanohybrid for enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Li ST, Wang PF, Wang RD, Liu YF, Jing RS, Li Z, Meng ZL, Liu YY, Zhang Q
Graphite assisted room-temperature synthesis of structurally defected OMS-2 nanorods for peroxymonosulfate activation
Li XX, Zou QC, Wei Y, Zhou XC, Wang ZY, Xu AH, Ruan XC
Ge3P2: New viable two-dimensional semiconductors with ultrahigh carrier mobility
Li ZQ, Shi XZ, He CY, Ouyang T, Li J, Zhang CX, Zhang SF, Tang C, Romer RA, Zhong JX
Higher gold atom efficiency over Au-Pd/TS-1 alloy catalysts for the direct propylene epoxidation with H-2 and O-2
Li ZS, Gao L, Ma WH, Zhong Q
Design and preparation of a multi-fluorination organic superhydrophobic coating with high mechanical robustness and icing delay ability
Liu YB, Fu K, Liu J, Tian Y, Zhang H, Wang RM, Zhang BL, Zhang HP, Zhou FT, Zhang QY
Residual gas adsorption effect on the stability of Cs-activated GaN nanowire photocathode
Lu FF, Liu L, Tian J
Low temperature selective growth of GaN single crystals on pre-patterned Si substrates
Mach J, Piastek J, Manis J, Calkovsky V, Samoril T, Damkova J, Bartosik M, Voborny S, Konecny M, Sikola T
Self-coupled nickel sulfide @ nickel vanadium sulfide nanostructure as a novel high capacity electrode material for supercapattery
Manikandan R, Raj CJ, Yu KH, Kim BC
Robust CNT-based conductive ultrafiltration membrane with tunable surface potential for in situ fouling mitigation
Mao HY, Qiu MH, Zhang TY, Chen XF, Da XW, Jing WH, Fan YQ
Phosphonic acid vs phosphonate metal organic framework influence on mild steel corrosion protection
Maranescu B, Plesu N, Visa A
Ageing effects at graphene/germanium interface
Mendoza CD, da Costa MEHM, Freire FL
Growth of islet carbon coating on nitrogen-activated polyurethane surface
Morozov IA, Kamenetskikh AS, Scherban MG, Izumov RI, Kiselkov DM
Designed lamination of binder-free flexible iron oxide/carbon cloth as high capacity and stable anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Narsimulu D, Nagaraju G, Sekhar SC, Ramulu B, Yu JS
Formation mechanism of oxide layer on AZ31 Mg alloy subjected to micro-arc oxidation considering surface roughness
Nashrah N, Komil MP, Yoon DK, Kim YG, Ko YG
Visible-light-induced self-cleaning functional fabrics using graphene oxide/carbon nitride materials
Pedrosa M, Sampaio MJ, Horvat T, Nunes OC, Drazic G, Rodrigues AE, Figueiredo JL, Silva CG, Silva AMT, Faria JL
Ultrahigh-sensitive gas sensors based on doped phosphorene: A first-principles investigation
Prasongkit J, Shukla V, Grigoriev A, Ahuja R, Amornkitbamrung V
Corrosion study of brazing Cu-Ag alloy in the presence of benzotriazole inhibitor
Rahmani H, Meletis EI
Visible light driven photocatalytic activity of palladium nanoparticles assisted potassium niobate microrods
Raja S, Babu RR, Mohan SC, Jothivenkatachalam K, Ramamurthi K
An experimental and computational study of enhanced charge storage capacity of chemical vapor deposited Ni3S2-reduced graphene oxide hybrids
Rout CS, Mondal S, Samal R, Gangan AS, Nayak SK, Chakraborty B
Influence of TiO2 layer's nanostructure on its thermoelectric power factor
Salleha F, Usop R, Saugi NS, Salih EY, Mohamad M, Ikeda H, Sabri MFM, Ahmad MK, Said SM
Assessing effects of (3-aminopropyl) trimethoxysilane self-assembled layers on surface characteristics of organosilane-grafted moisture-crosslinked polyethylene substrate: A comparative study between chemical vapor deposition and plasma-facilitated in situ grafting methods
Sarkari NM, Dogan O, Bat E, Mohseni M, Ebrahimi M
Flexoelectric healing of intrinsically more conductive nanochannels in NdNiO3 thin films
Seol D, Kim S, Oh C, Heo SY, Jang WS, Jeong HY, Kim YM, Son J, Kim Y
Direct conversion of biomass to nanoporous activated biocarbons for high CO2 adsorption and supercapacitor applications
Serafin J, Baca M, Biegun M, Mijowska E, Kalenczuk RJ, Srenscek-Nazzar J, Michalkiewicz B
Surface oxide modification enables super-linear photoresponse in a single Germanium nanowire photodetector
Sett S, Bisht RS, Ghatak A, Raychaudhuri AK
Three-dimensional interlinked Co3O4-CNTs hybrids as novel oxygen electrocatalyst
Shen J, Gao J, Ji LD, Chen XR, Wu C
Concentric microring structures containing gold nanoparticles for SERS-based applications
Stankevicius E, Daugnoraite E, Ignatjev I, Kuodis Z, Niaura G, Raciukaitis G
Sol-gel multilayered coatings for reduction of H-2 permeation
Szczurek A, Babiarczuk B, Kubacki J, Papin P, Renault P, Zak A, Kaleta J, Krzak J
Graphene epoxy spray on 3D-printed acrylonitrile butadiene styrene substrates as O-2 gas barrier
Tran NA, Jang S, Joo SW
MOFs-derived nitrogen-doped carbon interwoven with carbon nanotubes for high sulfur content lithium-sulfur batteries
Walle MD, Zhang MY, Zeng K, Li YJ, Liu YN
Microstructure and adhesion of MeN/TiSiN (Me = Ti, Cr, Zr, Mo, NbxAl1-x) multilayered coatings deposited by cathodic arc ion plating
Wan Q, Yang B, Liu HD, Chen J, Zhang J
Ruthenium/cobalt binary oxides supported on hollow alumina microspheres as highly efficient catalyst for vinyl chloride oxidation
Wang C, Liu N, Zhang CH, Liu XH, Li XY, Zhao XS
Enhanced photocatalytic degradation and antibacterial performance by GO/CN/BiOI composites under LED light
Wang Q, Li YP, Huang LY, Zhang F, Wang H, Wang CB, Zhang YR, Xie M, Li HM
The influence of annealing temperature on copper-manganese catalyst towards the catalytic combustion of toluene: The mechanism study
Wei GC, Zhang QL, Zhang DH, Wang J, Tang T, Wang HM, Liu X, Song ZX, Ning P
Highly dispersed Pd/modified-Al2O3 catalyst on complete oxidation of toluene: Role of basic sites and mechanism insight
Weng XY, Shi BQ, Liu AN, Sun JY, Xiong Y, Wan HQ, Zheng SR, Dong L, Chen YW
Enhancing the surface affinity with silver nano-particles for antibacterial cotton fabric by coating carboxymethyl chitosan and L-cysteine
Xu QB, Li RL, Shen LW, Xu W, Wang JP, Jiang QF, Zhang L, Fu FY, Fu YQ, Liu XD
Investigations on functionalized GO as selective and efficient amino acids carrier supported by density functional calculations
Yadav S, Singh S, Goel N, Singhal S
Selective oxidation of glycerol to carboxylic acids on Pt(111) in base-free medium: A periodic density functional theory investigation
Yan H, Yao S, Liang W, Feng X, Jin X, Liu YB, Chen XB, Yang CH
High strength and toughness epoxy nanocomposites reinforced with graphene oxide-nanocellulose micro/nanoscale structures
Yan ML, Jiao WC, Ding GM, Chu ZM, Huang YF, Wang RG
Fabrication of controllable wettability of crystalline silicon surfaces by laser surface texturing and silanization
Yang CJ, Jing XB, Wang FJ, Ehmann ORN, Tian YL, Pu ZH
A novel low thermal conductivity thermal barrier coating at super high temperature
Yang M, Zhu YP, Wang XY, Wang Q, Ai L, Zhao LL, Chu Y
Defects and strain engineering the electronic structure and magnetic properties of monolayer WSe2 for 2D spintronic device
Ye JX, An YK, Yan H, Liu JW
Theoretical study on wetting behavior of B-SWNT: Effects of doping concentration
Yeh CH, Lin WY, Jiang C
Theoretical understanding of the catalyst-free growth mechanism of GaAs < 111 > B nanowires
Yeu IW, Han G, Park J, Hwang CS, Choi JH
Breaking the anisotropy of alpha-CNH and improving the photoelectric performance by constructing Van der Waals heterojunction
Yu ZL, Zhao YQ, Liu B, Cai MQ
Construction of a novel BON-Br-AgBr heterojunction photocatalysts as a direct Z-scheme system for efficient visible photocatalytic activity
Zhang HS, Yu D, Wang W, Gao P, Zhang LS, Zhong S, Liu BJ
Adsorption of hydrogen sulfide by amine-functionalized metal organic framework (MOF-199): An experimental and simulation study
Zhang HY, Yang C, Geng Q, Fan HL, Wang BJ, Wu MM, Tian Z
Bacterial activation of surface-tethered antimicrobial peptides for the facile construction of a surface with self-defense
Zhang J, Zhou RT, Wang H, Jiang XY, Wang HY, Yan SJ, Yin JH, Luan SF
NiCo2S4 nanosheet-modified hollow Cu-Co-O nanocomposites as asymmetric supercapacitor advanced electrodes with excellent performance
Zhang P, He HW
The first-principle study on the performance of biaxial strained graphdiyne as the Li-ion battery anode
Zhang QX, Tang CM, Fu L
Synthesis of NiO-decorated ZnO porous nanosheets with improved CH4 sensing performance
Zhang SS, Li YW, Sun G, Zhanga B, Wang Y, Cao JL, Zhang ZY
Reactive superhydrophobic paper from one-step spray-coating of cellulose-based derivative
Zhang S, Li W, Wang W, Wang SF, Qin CR
Comparison of the interfacial bonding interaction between GAP matrix and ionic/non-ionic explosive: Computation simulation and experimental study
Zhao Y, Xie WX, Qi XF, Liu YF, Tang QF, Song KG, Zhang W
Silk fibroin-graphene oxide functionalized melamine sponge for efficient oil absorption and oil/water separation
Zhou J, Zhang Y, Yang YQ, Chen ZF, Jia GW, Zhang L
Influence of length and interface structure on electron transport properties of graphene-MoS2 in-plane heterojunction
Zhou YH, Yang Y, Guo YD, Wang Q, Yan XH