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Applied Surface Science, Vol.494 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of In2.77S4 nanoparticles doped graphene oxide hybrids as efficient counter electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cells
Wang QW, Wang YJ, Wei PK, Liu XL, Duan L
8 - 12 Stainless steel surface structure and initial oxidation at nanometric and atomic scales
Ma L, Wiame F, Maurice V, Marcus P
13 - 21 Multi-layer Ti3C2Tx-nanoparticles (MXenes) as solid lubricants - Role of surface terminations and intercalated water
Rosenkranz A, Grutzmacher PG, Espinoza R, Fuenzalida VM, Blanco E, Escalona N, Gracia FJ, Villarroel R, Guo LC, Kang RY, Mucklich F, Suarez S, Zhang ZY
22 - 28 Bifunctional self-assembled Ni0.7Co0.3P nanoflowers for efficient electrochemical water splitting in alkaline media
Dai KQ, Gao XY, Yin LX, Feng YN, Zhou XP, Zhao YF, Zhang B
29 - 36 3D nanotube-structured Ni@MnO2 electrodes: Toward enhanced areal capacitance of planar supercapacitors
Chen YB, Xie SJ, Li GJ, Jia SS, Gao XD, Li XM
37 - 45 Trap-assisted high responsivity of a phototransistor using bi-layer MoSe2 grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Choi YH, Kwon GH, Jeong JH, Jeong KS, Kwon H, An Y, Kim M, Kim H, Yi Y, Im S, Cho MH
46 - 50 Universal building block for (110)-family silicon and germanium surfaces
Zhachuk RA, Shklyaev AA
51 - 56 Magnetic interactions and dielectric behaviour of cobalt ferrite and barium titanate multiferroics nanocomposites
Mahalakshmi S, Jayasri R, Nithiyanatham S, Swetha S, Santhi K
57 - 62 Understanding the correlation between the electronic structure and catalytic behavior of TiC(001) and TiN(001) surfaces: DFT study
Wang Y, Fu ZM, Zhang XL, Yang ZX
63 - 71 Identification of ZnTiO3 nanostructures in oxidized TiN/ZnS thin films using X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Lee M, Mohamed AY, Kim D, Kim DH, Park TJ, Cho DY
72 - 79 Microstructures and mechanical properties of CoCrFeNiAl0.3 high-entropy alloy thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Lu TW, Feng CS, Wang Z, Liao KW, Liu ZY, Xie YZ, Hu JG, Liao WB
80 - 86 Oil extraction mechanism in CO2 flooding from rough surface: Molecular dynamics simulation
Fang TM, Zhang YN, Ma R, Yan YG, Dai CL, Zhang J
87 - 93 Increasing polarization-dependent SERS effects by optimizing the axial symmetry of plasmonic nanostructures
Zhu AN, Zhang F, Gao RX, Zhao XY, Chen L, Zhang YJ, Zhang XL, Wang YX
94 - 100 Boosting electrochemical performance of electrospun silicon-based anode materials for lithium-ion battery by surface coating a second layer of carbon
Liu SW, Xu WH, Ding CH, Yu JJ, Fang D, Ding YC, Hou HQ
101 - 110 Ruthenium and cobalt bimetal encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon material derived of ZIF-67 as enhanced hydrogen evolution electrocatalyst
Gao HW, Zang JB, Liu XX, Wang YH, Tian PF, Zhou SY, Song SW, Chen PP, Li W
111 - 115 Atomistic investigation on lithiation mechanism of silicon incorporated with amorphous carbon layer as anode material for lithium-ion battery
Zhang Z, Liao NB, Zhou HM, Xue W
116 - 123 Enhanced UV light induced photocatalytic degradation of Methyl Orange by Fe doped spray pyrolysis deposited ZnO thin films
Sree DN, Deborrah SPM, Gopinathan C, Inbanathan SSR
124 - 136 Plasma-sprayed nickel splats on chromium substrates: The role of substrate preheating and thermal conductivity
Zhang YG, Matthews S, Munroe P, Hyland M
137 - 151 Advances in modification of commercial activated carbon for enhancement of CO2 capture
Srenscek-Nazzal J, Kielbasa K
152 - 161 An atom probe analysis of self-assembled monolayers: A novel approach to investigate mixed and unmixed self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on gold
Mohanty SK, Tolochko O
162 - 169 A DFT study of In doped Tl2O: a superior NO2 gas sensor with selective adsorption and distinct optical response
Gao CS, Zhang YY, Yang HR, Liu Y, Liu YF, Du JH, Ye HY, Zhang GQ
170 - 178 Electrochemical hydrogen storage behaviors of as-milled Mg-Ce-Ni-Al-based alloys applied to Ni-MH battery
Zhang YH, Ji YQ, Zhang W, Hu F, Qi Y, Zhao DL
179 - 186 Synthesis and mechanism investigation of three-dimensional porous CoP3 nanoplate arrays as efficient hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalyst
Wu TL, Dang YL, He JK, Li T, Qu GX, Gao YY, Tan FR
187 - 195 Femtosecond laser patterning based on the control of surface reflectance
Lee K, Ki H
196 - 210 Formulation of a promising antimicrobial and anticorrosive bi-functional boronated hyperbranched oleo-polyurethane composite coating through the exploitation of functionalized reduced graphene oxide as chain extender
Ahmadi Y, Ahmad S
211 - 222 Fabrication of PbO2/SnO2 composite anode for electrochemical degradation of 3-chlorophenol in aqueous solution
Duan XY, Sui XY, Wang WY, Bai WH, Chang LM
223 - 229 Edge effects on Li atom adsorption and migration of MoS2 zigzag nanoribbons
Wen YN, Gao PF, Yang HH, Tian X, Dang WJ, Hu CX, Zhang SL
230 - 238 Supercapacitors with high nitrogen content by cage-like Ganoderma lucidum spore
Lian J, Cheng R, Xiong LS, Pang DQ, Tian XQ, Lei J, He R, Yu XF, Duan T, Zhu WK
239 - 248 Ultra-small cobalt nanocrystals embedded in 2D-MoS2 nano-sheets as efficient co-catalyst for solar-driven hydrogen production: Study of evolution rate dependence on cobalt nanocrystal size
Lee H, Reddy DA, Kumar DP, Lim M, Kim TK
249 - 258 Molecular dynamics study on water vapor condensation and infiltration characteristics in nanopores with tunable wettability
Hu HW, Li Q, Liu S, Fang TY
259 - 265 Fabrication of ZnO nanotube layer on Zn and evaluation of corrosion behavior and bioactivity in view of biodegradable applications
Dong HZ, Zhou JC, Virtanen S
266 - 274 Liquid N-2 quenching induced oxygen defects and surface distortion in TiO2 and the effect on the photocatalysis of methylene blue and acetone
Liu BS, Yan L, Wang JY
275 - 284 Hydrogen evolution by catalyzing water splitting on two-dimensional g-C3N4-Ag/AgBr heterostructure
Li W, Ma Q, Wang X, He SA, Li M, Ren LF
285 - 292 Reduction of nonradiative recombination in InGaN epilayers grown with periodical dilute hydrogen carrier gas
Wang HL, Lv ZS, Chen C, Zhang SP, Guo Y, Li B, Wu ZS, Jiang H
293 - 300 Visible-light-enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen production on semimetal bismuth nanorods
Liu S, Li YX, Shangguan WC, Wang CY, Hui DP, Zhu YQ
301 - 308 Nitrogen enriched C:H:N:O thin films for improved antibiotics doping
Kratochvil J, Kahoun D, Kylian O, Sterba J, Kretkova T, Kousal J, Hanus J, Vaclova J, Prysiazhnyi V, Sezemsky P, Fojtikova P, Lieskovska J, Langhansova H, Krakovsky I, Strank V
309 - 314 Complex core-shell morphologies of block copolymers revealed beneath the surface
Park S
315 - 325 Quantitative analysis of native reactive functional groups on carbon fiber surface: An electrochemical approach
Szabo L, Milotskyi R, Tsukegi T, Wada N, Takahashi K
326 - 334 Mechanochemical synthesis of quasi monodispersed core-shell silicon nanostructure
Biswas S, Nandi A, Mukhopadhyay S, Chaudhuri P, Saha H, Syed MH
335 - 352 Synthesis and characterization of biocompatible polymer-ceramic film structures as favorable interface in guided bone regeneration
Dascalu CA, Maidaniuc A, Pandele AM, Voicu SI, Machedon-Pisu T, Stan GE, Cimpean A, Mitran V, Antoniac IV, Miculescu F
353 - 360 Activation of CO and surface carbon species for conversion of syngas to light olefins on ZnCrOx-Al2O3 catalysts
Li YY, Hu J, Xu J, Zheng YP, Chen MS, Wan HL, Fu Q, Yang F, Bao XH
361 - 376 Exploration of Mo incorporated TiO2 composite for sustained biocorrosion control on zinc coating
Deepa MJ, Arunima SR, Riswana G, Riyas AH, Sha MA, Suneesh CV, Shibi SMA
377 - 383 Optical properties of nitrogen and sulfur co-doped carbon dots and their applicability as fluorescent probes for living cell imaging
Ni P, Li QY, Xu CF, Lai HQ, Bai Y, Chen TF
384 - 390 The semi-conductor of ZnO deposited in reactive HiPIMS
Wang ZD, Li Q, Yuan Y, Yang LZ, Zhang HB, Liu ZW, Ouyang JT, Chen Q
391 - 400 Study of structural and magnetic properties of hydro/solvothermally synthesized alpha-Fe2O3 nanoparticles and its toxicity assessment in zebrafish embryos
Madhubala V, Kalaivani T, Kirubha A, Prakash JS, Manigandan V, Dara HK
401 - 411 Mechanical properties and wear behavior of multi-layer diamond films deposited by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition
Yan GY, Wu YH, Cristea D, Liu LS, Tierean M, Wang YB, Lu F, Wang H, Yuan ZY, Munteanu D, Zhao DH
412 - 420 Creation of shuttle-shaped nanoparticles using the method of magnetic polarization pulse laser ablation
Pan Y, Wang L, Su XQ, Gao DW, Li SF, Han XW
421 - 429 Oxygen molecule dissociation on heteroatom doped graphdiyne
Feng Z, Ma YQ, Li Y, Li RY, Tang YN, Dai XQ
430 - 439 Monodisperse Cu nanoparticles @ MoS2 nanosheets as a lubricant additive for improved tribological properties
Jia XH, Huang J, Li Y, Yang J, Song HJ
440 - 451 Effect of synthesis route on the electrochemical performance of CoMnFeO4 nanoparticles as a novel supercapacitor electrode material
Ghadimi LS, Arsalani N, Ahadzadeh I, Hajalilou A, Abouzari-Lotf E
452 - 457 Origin of higher graphitization under higher humidity on the frictional surface of self-mated hydrogenated carbon films
Li RY, Wang YF, Zhang JY, Zhang JY
458 - 464 Integration of NaV6O15 center dot nH(2)O nanowires and rGO as cathode materials for efficient sodium storage
Shang CQ, Hu L, Lin Q, Fu XL, Wang X, Zhou GF
465 - 476 Biogenic synthesis of g-C3N4/Bi2O3 heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic activity and statistical optimization of reaction parameters
Devi KRS, Mathew S, Rajan R, Georgekutty J, Kasinathan K, Pinheiro D, Sugunan S
477 - 483 Ionic liquid gated 2D-CAP membrane for highly efficient CO2/N-2 and CO2/CH4 separation
Wang WS, Hou QG, Gong K, Yan YG, Zhang J
484 - 491 Fabrication of CuO nanosheets-built microtubes via Kirkendall effect for non-enzymatic glucose sensor
Yang P, Wang X, Ge CY, Fu X, Liu XY, Chai HX, Guo XL, Yao HC, Zhang YX, Chen K
492 - 500 Flower-like BiOBr decorated stainless steel wire-mesh as immobilized photocatalysts for photocatalytic degradation applications
Chang CJ, Chao PY, Lin KES
501 - 507 The preparation and photoelectric performance of MSe2/SnO2 (M = Mo, W) nanocomposites
Yang HM, Guo MM, Hu XY, Gao MT, Li YP, Liang ZH, Han PD
508 - 518 Less is more: Enhancement of photocatalytic activity of g-C3N4 nanosheets by site-selective atomic layer deposition of TiO2
Lv P, Zhao CY, Lee WJ, Huo SP, Kwon SH, Fang J, Yang Y
519 - 531 Self-assembly of Ag2O quantum dots on the surface of ZnIn2S4 nanosheets to fabricate p-n heterojunctions with wonderful bifunctional photocatalytic performance
Xiao Y, Peng ZY, Zhang WL, Jiang YH, Ni L
532 - 539 Tailoring nitrogen content in doped carbon by a facile synthesis with ionic liquid precursors for lithium ion batteries
Xiao MJ, Meng YS, Li YZ, Liu XL, Ke XY, Ren GF, Zhu FL
540 - 550 Interfacial design of sandwich-like CoFe@Ti3C2Tx composites as high efficient microwave absorption materials
Zhou CL, Wang XX, Luo H, Deng LW, Wang SL, Wei S, Zheng YW, Jia Q, Liu JQ
551 - 560 Enhancing the power conversion efficiency of SrTiO3/CdS/Bi2S3 quantum dot based solar cell using phosphor
Peter IJ, Vignesh G, Vijaya S, Anandan S, Ramachandran K, Nithiananthi P
561 - 565 Theoretical investigation of electron transport properties in organic functional isomers - Ab initio study
Aadhityan A, Kala CP, Thiruvadigal DJ
566 - 574 Interface characteristics comparison of sapphire direct and indirect wafer bonded structures by transmission electron microscopy
Li WW, Liang T, Liu WY, Lei C, Hong YP, Li YW, Li ZQ, Xiong JJ
575 - 582 Enhanced UV photodetector performance in bi-layer TiO2/WO3 sputtered films
Reddy YAK, Ajitha B, Sreedhar A, Varrla E
583 - 590 Reusable and long-life 3D Ag nanoparticles coated Si nanowire array as sensitive SERS substrate
Wu J, Du YJ, Wang CY, Bai S, Zhang T, Chen T, Hu AM
591 - 599 Synthesis of two-dimensional MoS2/graphene heterostructure by atomic layer deposition using MoF6 precursor
Kim Y, Choi D, Woo WJ, Lee JB, Ryu GH, Lim JH, Lee S, Lee Z, Im S, Ahn JH, Kim WH, Park J, Kim H
600 - 609 Microstructure and wear resistance of (Nb, Ti)C carbide reinforced Fe matrix coating with different Ti contents and interfacial properties of (Nb, Ti)C/alpha-Fe
Zhao CC, Xing XL, Guo J, Shi ZJ, Zhou YF, Ren XJ, Yang QX
610 - 618 Preparation and characteristics of waterborne polyurethane with various lengths of fluorinated side chains
Wen JT, Sun Z, Xiang J, Fan HJ, Chen Y, Yan J
619 - 626 Giant spin splitting induced by a symmetry-braking van der Waals interaction
Szary MJ, Michalewicz MT, Radny MW
627 - 634 Controlling the electronic properties of zigzag graphene nanoribbon using amino acids and oxygen molecule-A first principles DFT study
Kumar J, Mohanraj HR, Christian PK, David JT
635 - 643 Carbon dots rooted PVDF membrane for fluorescence detection of heavy metal ions
Zhang DD, Jiang WZ, Zhao YP, Dong Y, Feng X, Chen L
644 - 650 Epitaxial growth and characterization of GaN thin films on graphene/sapphire substrate by embedding a hybrid-AlN buffer layer
Ke WC, Liang ZY, Tesfay ST, Chiang CY, Yang CY, Chang KJ, Lin JC
651 - 658 Pulsed laser deposition of monolayer and bilayer graphene
Wang J, Fan L, Wang XM, Xiao TT, Peng LP, Wang XM, Yu J, Cao LH, Xiong ZW, Fu YJ, Wang CB, Shen Q, Wu WD
659 - 665 Si-coordinated nitrogen doped graphene: A robust and highly active catalyst for NO plus CO reaction
Esrafili MD, Vatanzadeh M
666 - 674 Photoluminescence and photocatalytic properties of europium doped ZnO nanoparticles
Dash D, Panda NR, Sahu D
675 - 683 Many-body dissipative particle dynamics simulation of the anisotropic effect of droplet wetting on stripe-patterned heterogeneous surfaces
Wang YX, Shangguan QQ, Zhang DN
684 - 690 Laser writing of Cu/CuxO integrated structure on flexible substrate for humidity sensing
Zhou XW, Guo W, Fu J, Zhu Y, Huang YD, Peng P
691 - 699 Ultrafine Co@nitrogen-doped carbon core-shell nanostructures anchored on carbon nanotubes for highly efficient oxygen reduction
Quan L, Yu XL, Wang T, Yin WC, Liu JQ, Wang L, Zhang YH
700 - 707 Graphene oxide induced dual cocatalysts formation on manganese sulfide with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production from hydrogen sulfide
Xiang JL, Dan M, Cai Q, Yu S, Zhou Y
708 - 720 Poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) hydrogel incorporated with Ag/TiO2 for rapid sterilization by photoinspired radical oxygen species and promotion of wound healing
Wang JM, Zhang C, Yang YQ, Fan AL, Chi RF, Shi J, Zhang XY
721 - 730 Atomistic description of phenol, CO and H2O adsorption over crystalline and amorphous silica surfaces for hydrodeoxygenation applications
Berro Y, Gueddida S, Lebegue S, Pasc A, Canilho N, Kassir M, Hassan FE, Badawi M
731 - 739 Dual-functional porous copper films modulated via dynamic hydrogen bubble template for in situ SERS monitoring electrocatalytic reaction
Yang H, Hao X, Tang J, Jin W, Liu CQ, Hou HS, Ji XB, Hu JG
740 - 748 Self-templated formation of AgCl/TiO2 hollow octahedra for improved visible-light photocatalytic activity
Wang XF, Yu JC, Fu C, Li TY, Yu HG
749 - 755 Co doped Ni0.85Se nanoparticles on RGO as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Xu PM, Zhang JM, Ye ZF, Liu YY, Cen TL, Yuan DS
756 - 762 Facile, cost-effective, nucleobase-mediated chemical deposition of solar absorber Cu2ZnSnS4 films
Gudala R, Kim S, Kim MR, Challa KK, Seo DB, Arepalli VK, Kim ET
763 - 770 Lithium and calcium decorated triphenylene-graphdiyne as potential high-capacity hydrogen storage medium: A first-principles prediction
Wang YH, Wu Q, Mao JN, Deng SX, Ma R, Shi JY, Ge JY, Huang X, Bi L, Yin J, Ren SL, Yan G, Yang ZH
771 - 782 Hydrothermal synthesis of C doped ZnO nanoparticles coupled with BiVO4 and their photocatalytic performance under the visible light irradiation
Srinivasan N, Anbuchezhiyan M, Harish S, Ponnusamy S
783 - 794 Facile construction of dual functional Fe3O4@C-MoO2-Ni composites for catalysis and adsorption
Zhang L, Liu XJ, Zhang M, Yuan HK, Zhang LJ, Lu J
795 - 804 Evaluating the role of precursor concentration in facile conformal coating of sub-micrometer thick Cu2ZnSnS4 films using non-toxic ethanol based solutions
Gupta I, Tiwari KJ, Malar P, Mohanty BC
805 - 816 Janus arrangement of smart polymer on magnetite nanoparticles through solvent evaporation from emulsion droplets
Khoee S, Soleymani M
817 - 828 Structural and electronic properties of CO and NO gas molecules on Pd-doped vacancy graphene: A first principles study
Shukri MSM, Saimin MNS, Yaakob MK, Yahya MZA, Taib MFM
829 - 840 Layered double hydroxide based active corrosion protective sealing of plasma electrolytic oxidation/sol-gel composite coating on AA2024
Bouali AC, Straumal EA, Serdechnova M, Wielan DCF, Starykevich M, Blawert C, Hammel JU, Lermontov SA, Ferreira MGS, Zheludkevich ML
841 - 849 Ag2S decorated TiO2 nanosheets grown on carbon fibers for photoelectrochemical protection of 304 stainless steel
Yang YY, Zhang WW, Xu Y, Sun HQ, Wang XM
850 - 858 Theoretical investigation of dissociative and non-dissociative acetic-acid on TiO2-B surfaces
Yan W, Yuan XJ, Liu XJ
859 - 866 First-principles insight into Ni-doped InN monolayer as a noxious gases scavenger
Cui H, Zhang XX, Li Y, Chen DC, Zhang Y
867 - 870 Anisotropy of thermal conductivity in In2Se3 nanostructures
Hsin CL, Huang JH, Spiewak P, Ciupinski L, Lee SW
871 - 879 Overcoming the insulating materials limitation in HiPIMS: Ion-assisted deposition of DLC coatings using bipolar HiPIMS
Tiron V, Ursu EL, Cristea D, Munteanu D, Bulai G, Ceban A, Velicu IL
880 - 885 An environmentally-friendly method to fabricate extreme wettability patterns on metal substrates with good time stability
Liu JY, Chen Y, Zheng HX, Zhang JC, Liu ZA, Zhang F, Chen FZ, Huang L, Sun J, Jin ZJ, Zhao DY, Liu X
886 - 894 Fabrication of Ag based ternary nanocomposite system for visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
Do JY, Chava RK, Kim YI, Cho DW, Kang M
895 - 907 Molecular structure optimization design of inhibitors based on frontier orbitals theory
Zhao X, Chen CF, Sun Q, Li YC, Yu HB
908 - 915 The electronic transport properties of pristine and defected alpha-graphyne nanotubes: Single and double vacancy
Mohammadi A, Zaminpayma E
916 - 928 Hydrothermal deposition of CoS nanostructures and its multifunctional applications in supercapattery and water electrolyzer
Surendran S, Shanmugapriya S, Ramasamy H, Janani G, Kalpana D, Lee YS, Sim U, Selvan RK
929 - 940 Fretting wear behavior of graphite-like carbon films with bias-graded deposition
Shi XR, Liskiewicz TW, Beake BD, Sun ZM, Chen J
941 - 951 Corrosion behavior of laser hardened 50CrMo4 (AISI 4150) steel: A depth-wise analysis
Maharjan N, Murugan VK, Zhou W, Seita M
952 - 958 Codoped g-C3N4 nanosheet for degradation of organic pollutants from oily wastewater
Roselin LS, Patel N, Khayyat SA
959 - 968 Insights into charge transfer and solar light photocatalytic activity induced by the synergistic effect of defect state and plasmon in Au nanoparticle-decorated hierarchical 3D porous ZnO microspheres
Cheng Y, Wang WZ, Yao LZ, Wang J, Liang YJ, Fu JL
969 - 976 Robust sandwich micro-structure coating layer for wear-resistant conductive polyester fabrics
Zhao HT, Tian MW, Li ZQ, Zhang YY, Chen ZH, Zhang WD, Zhe SF, Sun YN, Zhou ZH, Qu LJ
977 - 982 The damage mechanism and process of metal multi-layer dielectric gratings induced by ps-pulsed laser
Li ZL, Xia ZL
983 - 988 Intrinsic factors affecting the catalytic activity of doped TiC as potential cathode in Li-O-2 batteries
Yang YY, Chen J, Ran YZ, Wang XD, Huang H, Yao M
989 - 999 Hydrothermal syntheses and characterization of bio-modified TiO2 nanoparticles with Aqua Rosa and Protein powder for their biological applications
Maheswari P, Ponnusamy S, Harish S, Muthamizhchelvan C, Ganesh MR, Hayakawa Y
1000 - 1006 2-Dimensional rGO introduced PMN-PT and P(VDF-TrFE) flexible films for enhanced piezoelectric energy harvester
Kim J, Ji JH, Shin DJ, Yoon SY, Ko YH, Cho YH, Koh JY
1007 - 1012 Stand-off fabrication of irregularly shaped, multi-functional hydrophobic and antireflective metal surfaces using femtosecond laser filaments in air
Su Y, Wang SQ, Yao DW, Fu Y, Zang HW, Xu HL, Polynkin P
1013 - 1022 Effect of mechanical treatment on the distribution of valence electrons and characteristics of nanocomposite (SiO2)(x)(Al2O3)(1-x) (x=0.8, x=0.7) electrodes in lithium power sources
Zaulychnyy YV, Gunko VM, Yavorskyi YV, Gasyuk I, Wanderka N, Dudka OI
1023 - 1029 Large-area single-crystal organic patterned thin films by vertically confined lateral crystal growth via capillary force lithography
Park Y, Park J, Cho S, Sung MM
1030 - 1035 Few-layer graphene formation by carbon deposition on polycrystalline Ni surface
Loginov AB, Bozhev IV, Bokova-Sirosh SN, Obraztsova ED, Ismagilov RR, Loginov BA, Obraztsov AN
1036 - 1043 Effect of kerf characteristics on weld porosity of laser cutting-welding of AA2219 aluminum alloy
Chen C, Gao M, Mu HY, Zeng XY
1044 - 1054 Anti-sintering Pd@silicalite-1 for methane combustion: Effects of the moisture and SO2
Zhang ZS, Sun LW, Hu XF, Zhang YB, Tian HY, Yang XG
1055 - 1065 Short and long term surface chemistry and wetting behaviour of stainless steel with 1D and 2D periodic structures induced by bursts of femtosecond laser pulses
Giannuzzi G, Gaudiuso C, Di Mundo R, Mirenghi L, Fraggelakis F, Kling R, Lugara PM, Ancona A
1066 - 1071 Characterisation of Li in the surface film of a corrosion resistant Mg-Li(-Al-Y-Zr) alloy
Yan Y, Qiu Y, Gharbi O, Birbilis N, Nakashima PNH
1072 - 1082 Design of stable super-hydrophobic/super-oleophilic 3D carbon fiber felt decorated with Fe3O4 nanoparticles: Facial strategy, magnetic drive and continuous oil/water separation in harsh environments
He SJ, Zhan YQ, Zhao SM, Lin L, Hu JX, Zhang GY, Zhou M
1083 - 1090 The negative effect of P addition of La/HZSM-5 on the catalytic performance in methyl mercaptan abatement
Cao XH, He DD, Lu JC, Zhao YT, Mei Y, Han CY, Luo YM
1091 - 1099 Minimum and well-dispersed platinum nanoparticles on 3D porous nickel for highly efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction enabled by atomic layer deposition
Chen H, Chen JT, Shao L, Wang L, Fu XZ, Luo JL
1100 - 1108 Few-layer graphene oxide with high yield via efficient surfactant-assisted exfoliation of mildly-oxidized graphite
Hu Y, Su M, Xie X, Sun CB, Kou J
1109 - 1118 Evaluation of TiO2/CeO2 coating on Ti6Al4V alloy in PBS physiological medium using conventional and near field electrochemical techniques
Tavarez-Martine GM, Onofre-Bustamante E, De La Cruz-Terrazas E, Escudero-Rincon M, Dominguez-Crespo M
1119 - 1126 Ultraviolet irradiated PEO/LATP composite gel polymer electrolytes for lithium-metallic batteries (LMBs)
Siyal SH, Li MJ, Li H, Lan JL, Yu YH, Yang XP
1127 - 1137 TiO2 nanotree films for the production of green H-2 by solar water splitting: From microstructural and optical characteristics to the photocatalytic properties
Miquelot A, Debieu O, Rouessac V, Villeneuve C, Prud'homme N, Cure J, Constantoudis V, Papavieros G, Roualdes S, Vahlas C
1138 - 1147 XPS of cold pressed multilayered and freestanding delaminated 2D thin films of Mo2TiC2Tz and Mo2Ti2C3Tz (MXenes)
Halim J, Cook KM, Eklund P, Rosen J, Barsoum MW
1148 - 1155 Acrylonitrile vapor adsorption studies on armchair arsenene nanoribbon based on DFT study
Nagarajan V, Chandiramouli R
1156 - 1165 Al2O3 coated Na0.44MnO2 as high-voltage cathode for sodium ion batteries
Zhang Y, Liu L, Jamil S, Xie JJ, Liu W, Xia J, Nie S, Wang XY
1166 - 1176 Ceria-nano supported copper oxide catalysts for CO preferential oxidation: Importance of oxygen species and metal-support interaction
Zou Q, Zhao YH, Jin X, Fang J, Li DY, Li KZ, Lu JC, Luo YM