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Applied Surface Science, Vol.493 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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Microstructural origins of high hardness and toughness in cathodic arc evaporated Cr-Al-N coatings
Zhou SH, Kuang TC, Qiu ZG, Zeng DC, Zhou KS
1 - 8 Electrically conductive silver/polyimide fabric composites fabricated by spray-assisted electroless plating
Lin FB, Li W, Du XD, Chen NL, Wu YB, Tang YS, Jiang JH
9 - 17 Insight into the effect of oxygen species and Mn chemical valence over MnOx on the catalytic oxidation of toluene
Zhang XJ, Zhao H, Song ZX, Liu W, Zhao JG, Ma ZA, Zhao M, Xing Y
18 - 31 Silver loaded protonated graphitic carbon nitride (Ag/pg-C3N4) nanosheets for stimulating CO2 reduction to fuels via photocatalytic bi-reforming of methane
Tahir B, Tahir M, Amin NAS
32 - 40 Formation and stability of highly conductive semitransparent copper Meso-grids covered with graphene
Alvarez-Fraga L, Bartolome J, Aguilar-Pujol MX, Ramirez-Jimenez R, Prieto C, de Andres A
41 - 54 MOF-based In2S3-X2S3 (X = Bi; Sb)@TFPT-COFs hybrid materials for enhanced photocatalytic performance under visible light
Xue KH, He R, Yang TL, Wang J, Sun RR, Wang L, Yu XL, Omeoga U, Pi SF, Yang T, Wang WL
55 - 62 Facile fabrication of Al2O3-doped Co3O4/graphene nanocomposites for high performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhang GF, Qin P, Song JM
63 - 69 Preparation of rare-earth thulium doped tin-oxide thin films and their applications in thin film transistors
Ren JH, Huang YT, Li KW, Shen J, Zeng WY, Sheng CM, Shao JJ, Han YB, Zhang Q
70 - 80 Bimetallic palladium-supported halloysite nanotubes for low temperature CO oxidation: Experimental and DFT insights
Ahmad YH, Mohamed AT, Hassan WMI, Soliman A, Mahmoud KA, Aljaber AS, Al-Qaradawi SY
81 - 86 Wax-assisted crack-free transfer of monolayer CVD graphene: Extending from standalone to supported copper substrates
Qi PW, Huang YN, Yao YZ, Li Q, Lian YB, Lin L, Wang XB, Gu YD, Li LQ, Deng Z, Peng Y, Liu ZF
87 - 93 UV-irradiated photocatalytic performance of yttrium doped ceria for hazardous Rose Bengal dye
Chahal S, Rani N, Kumar A, Kumar P
94 - 104 Printable and conductive supramolecular hydrogels facilitated by peptides and group 1B metal ions
Li GH, Liu MY, Song CK, Yuan ZW
105 - 111 Effect of rapid thermal annealing of copper indium aluminium gallium diselenide solar cell devices and its deposition challenges
Karthikeyan S, Hwang S, Sibakoti M, Bontrager T, Liptak RW, Campbell SA
112 - 124 Cu-Sn alloy microtube assembly fabricated by electroless plating on polyester nonwoven fabric and its lithiation-delithiation performance
Fujiwara Y, Shibasaki K, Takahashi M, Ikeda S, Kobayashi Y
125 - 130 Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposited silicon dioxide with divalent Si precursor [N,N '-tert-butyl-1,1-dimethylethylenediamine silylene]
Lee JH, Kim HM, Lee SH, Park JW, Park J, Park JS
131 - 138 Molecular dynamics simulation study on the mechanism of NPBA enhancing interface strength of NEPE propellant
Zhang PG, Pang AM, Tang G, Deng JR
139 - 145 Structure-controlled synthesis of one-dimensional PdCu nanoscatalysts via a seed-mediated approach for oxygen reduction reaction
Wu DF, Cheng DJ
146 - 156 Preparation of a composite photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity: Smaller TiO2 carried on SiO2 microsphere
Wang J, Sun SJ, Ding H, Chen WT, Liang Y
157 - 164 Multifunctional TiO2/polyacrylonitrile nanofibers for high efficiency PM2.5 capture, UV filter, and anti-bacteria activity
Chen KN, Sari FNI, Ting JM
165 - 176 Facile one-pot synthesis of dual-cation incorporated titanosilicate and its deposition to membrane surfaces for simultaneous removal of Cs+ and Sr2+
Kim YK, Kim S, Kim Y, Bae K, Harbottle D, Lee JW
177 - 184 Nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon with ultrathin graphitic framework for superior lithium storage
Guo DC, Sun CS, Wu W, Wu ZS, Gao J, Su N, Chen J
185 - 192 Utilization of a dicopper(II) complex of tetrapyridyl ligand as the precursor for the synthesis of copper-based composites and their catalysis
Pi WH, Li QJ, Wu M, Huang YZ, Deng XL, Huang L, Jiang LB, Zhang HX
193 - 201 Surface-modified halloysite nanotube-embedded polyvinyl alcohol/polyvinyl amine blended membranes for pervaporation dehydration of water/isopropanol mixtures
Chaudhari S, Baek M, Kwon Y, Shon M, Nam S, Park Y
202 - 211 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2/RCN heterojunction photocatalyst for production of hydrogen and rhodamine B degradation
Huang H, He MR, Yang X, Tian Z, Hu J, Wen B
212 - 224 Contact stiffness effects on nanoscale high-speed grinding: A molecular dynamics approach
Papanikolaou M, Salonitis K
225 - 230 Influence of pulse reverse current on mechanical and corrosion resistance properties of Ni-MoSe2 nanocomposite coatings
Narayanasamy M, Kirubasankar B, Joseph A, Yan C, Angaiah S
231 - 238 One-step fabrication of bi- and quad-directional femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on metal with a depolarizer
Hwang TY, Shin H, Kang J, Lee B, Guo C
239 - 249 Direct synthesis of layered double hydroxides monolayer nanosheets for co-assembly of nanobrick wall hybrid film with excellent corrosion resistance
Liu A, Ju XD, Tian HW, Yang HC, Li WH
250 - 260 Fabrication of a quartz crystal microbalance sensor based on graphene oxide/TiO2 composite for the detection of chemical vapors at room temperature
Jayawardena S, Siriwardena HD, Rajapakse RMG, Kubono A, Shimomura M
261 - 270 Al-Si/AlN nanomultilayered systems with reduced melting point: Experiments and simulations
Wejrzanowski T, Lipecka J, Janczak-Rusch J, Lewandowska M
271 - 278 Two-dimensional ordered growth of InAs nanowires assisted by randomly deposited silver nanoparticles on a topographically modified surface by a focused ion beam
Ribeiro-Andrade R, Vasconcelos TL, Kawabata RMS, Pires MP, Souza PL, Rodrigues WN
279 - 286 ZnTe dispersed in RGO matrix: Investigation of electrical transport processes, magnetic properties and their synergistic effect
Sarkar A, Bin Rahaman A, Chakraborty K, Pal T, Ghosh S, Banerjee D
287 - 293 Non-fluorinated superhydrophobic Al7075 aerospace alloy by ps laser processing
Jagdheesh R, Hauschwitz P, Muzik J, Brajer J, Rostohar D, Jiricek P, Kopecek J, Mocek T
294 - 307 Anisotropic crystal plane nature and wettability of fluorapatite
Xie J, Zhang Q, Mao S, Li XH, Shen ZH, Li LJ
308 - 319 Tunable optoelectronic properties in h-BP/h-BAs bilayers: The effect of an external electrical field
Ullah S, Denis PA, Menezes MG, Sato F
320 - 330 Picosecond laser scribing of bilayer molybdenum thin films on flexible polyimide substrate
Wang Z, Kuk S, Kim WM, Jeong JH, Hwang DJ
331 - 335 Spin induced inverter circuit with trinuclear chromium complexes
Amutha S, Sen A
336 - 350 Click-assembling film modified on different copper substrates and their comprehensive performance
Li J, Zhang DQ, Shi C, Gao LX, Wang YZ, Chen DH, Huang MH
351 - 358 Increased charge and mass transfer derived-sheet-like Fe0.67Ni0.33OOH-Fe2O3@NF array for robust oxygen evolution reaction
Wang MJ, Cao KS, Tian ZS, Sheng PT
359 - 367 Production of ibuprofen in crystalline and amorphous forms by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)
Gera T, Smausz T, Kopniczky J, Galbacs G, Ambrus R, Szabo-Revesz P, Hopp B
368 - 374 V-MOF derived porous V2O5 nanoplates for high performance aqueous zincion battery
Ding YC, Peng YQ, Chen WY, Niu YJ, Wu SG, Zhang XX, Hu LH
375 - 383 Effect of irradiation wavelength on femtosecond laser-induced homogenous surface structures
Biswas S, Ghosh A, Odusanya A, Kietzig AM
384 - 388 Surface studies of physicochemical properties of As films on GaN(0001)
Grodzicki M, Rousset JG, Ciechanowicz P, Piskorska-Hommel E, Hommel D
389 - 395 Sensitive, fast, and stable photodetector based on perovskite/MoS2 hybrid film
Sun B, Xi S, Liu ZY, Liu XY, Wang ZY, Tan XH, Shi TL, Zhou JX, Liao GL
396 - 403 The annealing temperature and films thickness effect on the surface morphology, preferential orientation and dielectric property of NiO films
Yang P, Li LX, Yu SH, Zheng HR, Peng W
404 - 410 Electronic structure and magnetic properties of 3d transition-metal atom adsorbed SnO monolayers
Nie K, Wang XC, Mi WB
411 - 422 Passivation of silicon substrate using two-step grown ternary aluminium doped zirconium oxide
Quah HJ, Hassan Z, Lim WF
423 - 430 Switching off the SERS signal for highly sensitive and homogeneous detection of glucose by attenuating the electric field of the tips
Zhang L, Li XD, Jin YY, Zhang YL, Liu XM, Chang YL, Xu LJ, Zhao HY, Tu LP, Wang D, Kong XG, Xue B
431 - 440 Excellent catalytic activity of a two-dimensional Nb4C3Tx (MXene) on hydrogen storage of MgH2
Liu YN, Gao HG, Zhu YF, Li SY, Zhang JG, Li LQ
441 - 447 High pressure homogenization treatment on graphene oxide and its electrochemical energy storage performance
Jiang L, Chen B, Wu J, Lu XY, Hu AL, Jiang Q
448 - 457 La-0.67(Ca0.24Sr0.09)MnO3:xAg(2)O (0 <= x <= 0.25) composites with improved room-temperature TCR and MR for advanced uncooling infrared bolometers and magnetic sensors
Sun T, Liu Y, Dong G, Zhang S, Li ZD, Chu KL, Pu XR, Li HJ, Ji FQ, Zhang H, Chen QM, Liu X
458 - 469 Fabrication of magnetic quantum dots modified Z-scheme Bi2O4/g-C3N4 photocatalysts with superior hydroxyl radical productivity for the degradation of rhodamine B
Qin YY, Li H, Lu J, Ma CC, Liu XL, Meng MJ, Yan YS
470 - 477 Surface engineering of magnetic and mechanical properties of Ta/Pt/GdFeC/IrMn/Pt heterostructures by femtosecond laser pulses
Koplak O, Talantsev A, Hehn M, Vallobra P, Mangin S, Morgunov R, Kravchukc K, Useinov A
478 - 484 Identification of a suitable passivation route for high-k/SiGe interface based on ozone oxidation
Ma XL, Zhou LX, Xiang JJ, Yang H, Wang XL, Li YL, Zhang J, Zhao C, Yin HX, Wang WW, Ye TC
485 - 496 Structural and tribological properties of CrMoCN coatings with various Mo contents in artificial seawater
Zhang MD, Zhou F, Wang QZ, Fu YQ, Zhou ZF
497 - 505 Effect of stacking fault nanolayers on the photoluminescence properties of SiC nanowires
Fu X, Wang DH
506 - 513 Polyaniline coated 3D crosslinked carbon nanosheets for high-energy-density supercapacitors
Li YN, Yan Q, Wang YZ, Li YJ, Zhu M, Cheng K, Ye K, Zhu K, Yan J, Cao DX, Zhang XF, Wang GL
514 - 524 Synthesis and visible-light photocatalytic N-2/H2O to ammonia of ZnS nanoparticles supported by petroleum pitch-based graphene oxide
Wang SX, Maimaiti H, Xu B, Awati A, Zhou GB, Cui YD
525 - 532 Photochemical low-temperature synthesis of iron(III) oxide thin films
With PC, Lehnert J, Seifert L, Dietrich S, Krautscheid H, Naumov S, Prager A, Abel B, Prager L, Helmstedt U
533 - 540 A novel graphene oxide-wrapped sulfur composites cathode with ultra-high sulfur content for lithium-sulfur battery
Chabu JM, Zeng K, Chen WS, Mustapha A, Li YJ, Liu YN
541 - 550 High-performance microwave absorption of hierarchical graphene-based and MWCNT-based full-carbon nanostructures
Zhang X, Fu ZH, Wang XQ, Meng FB, Wei R, Li Y, Liu XF, Zhang RF, Du SY
551 - 560 Construction of covalently integrated core-shell TiO2 nanobelts@COF hybrids for highly selective oxidation of alcohols under visible light
Lu GL, Huang XB, Wu ZY, Li Y, Xing LW, Gao HY, Dong WJ, Wang G
561 - 568 Novel organo modified MoCdS3 heterojunctions for enhancement of photocatalytic activity: The synergistic effects of surface modification and fast photogenerated carrier transfer
Chen ZH, Li C, Mi N, Wu H, Sheng F, Ling JY, Gu C
569 - 576 Efficient As(III) removal directly as basic iron arsenite by in-situ generated Fe(III) hydroxide from ferrous sulfate on the surface of CaCO3
Zhang TT, Zhao YL, Bai HY, Liu YP, Liu YC, Zhang QW
577 - 586 Influence of grain size on local work function and optoelectronic properties of n-ZTO/p-Si heterostructures
Singh R, Dutta A, Nandi P, Srivastava SK, Som T
587 - 592 Quantification of the sulfidation extent of Mo in CoMo HDS catalyst through XPS
Bravo-Sanchez M, Romero-Galarza A, Ramirez J, Gutierrez-Alejandre A, Solis-Casados DA
593 - 604 Facile single phase synthesis of Sr, Co co-doped BiFeO3 nanoparticles for boosting photocatalytic and magnetic properties
Puhan A, Bhushan B, Satpathy S, Meena SS, Nayak AK, Rout D
605 - 612 Enhanced tunable dual emission of Cu:InP/ZnS quantum dots enabled by introducing Ag ions
Wei X, Mei SL, Zhang GL, Su DL, Xie FX, Zhang WL, Guo RQ
613 - 619 Construction of MoS2/SnO2 heterostructures for sensitive NO2 detection at room temperature
Han YT, Ma YJ, Liu Y, Xu SS, Chen XW, Zeng M, Hu NT, Su YJ, Zhou ZH, Yang Z
620 - 627 Multilayered polyelectrolyte structures with potential for intracavity drug delivery systems
Exner G, Marudova M, Sotirov S, Marinova A, Viraneva A, Pilicheva B, Bodurov I, Vlaeva I, Uzunova Y, Yovcheva T
628 - 633 Improved interfacial and electrical properties of HfTiON gate-dielectric Ge MOS capacitor by using LaON/Si dual passivation layer and fluorine-plasma treatment
Huang Y, Xu JP, Liu L, Cheng ZX, Lai PT, Tang WM
634 - 644 Understanding the surface functionalization of myricetin-mediated gold nanoparticles: Experimental and theoretical approaches
Sathishkumar P, Li ZF, Huang BR, Guo X, Zhan QQ, Wang CY, Gu FL
645 - 656 Fabrication of silver nanoparticles decorated polysulfone composite membranes for sulfate rejection
Flower NAL, Rahulan KM, Sujatha RA, Sharath RA, Darson J, Gopalakrishnan C
657 - 664 Iodine-vacancy BiOI1-x ultrathin sheets for improved visible-light photooxidation activities
Wang XW, Li QC, Zhou CX, Zhang RB
665 - 672 Chemical evolution of target surfaces during RF magnetron sputtering and its effect on the performance of TCO films
Wu JY, Wang ZH, Chen F, Shen Q, Zhang LM
673 - 678 Characterization of Fe2O3 thin film on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite by AFM, Ellipsometry and XPS
Kaspar P, Sobola D, Dallaev R, Ramazanov S, Nebojsa A, Rezaee S, Grmela L
679 - 690 Bioinspired interfacial engineering of polymer based energetic composites towards superior thermal conductivity via reducing thermal resistance
He GS, Tian X, Dai Y, Li X, Lin CM, Yang ZJ, Liu SJ
691 - 702 Epitaxial growth of cobalt doped TiO2 thin films on LaAlO3(100) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy and their opto-magnetic based applications
Naseem S, Pinchuk IV, Luo YK, Kawakami RK, Khan S, Husain S, Khan W
703 - 709 Dynamic mode optimization for the deposition of homogeneous TiO2 thin film by atmospheric pressure PECVD using a microwave plasma torch
Perraudeau A, Dublanche-Tixier C, Tristant P, Chazelas C
710 - 718 Controlled self-assembly synthesis of CuCo2O4/rGO for improving the morphology-dependent electrochemical oxygen evolution performance
Sun W, Ling X, Wei W, Hu HH, Jiang ZF, Yan ZX, Xie JM
719 - 728 Highly-efficient photocatalytic generation of superoxide radicals by phase-pure rutile TiO2 nanoparticles for azo dye removal
Korosi L, Bognar B, Bouderias S, Castelli A, Scarpellini A, Pasquale L, Prato M
729 - 739 Laser shock processing improving the high temperature oxidation resistance of the aluminized coating on GH202 by pack cementation
Cao JD
740 - 746 Template-free synthesis of porous Mo3P/MoP nanobelts as efficient catalysts for hydrogen generation
Sun AK, Lv KY, Wang DZ, Wu ZZ
747 - 765 A combined surface treatment of surface texturing-double glow plasma surface titanizing on AISI 316 stainless steel to combat surface damage: Comparative appraisals of corrosion resistance and wear resistance
Lin NM, Zhang LX, Zou JJ, Liu Q, Yuan S, Zhao LL, Yu Y, Liu ZQ, Zeng QF, Liu XP, Wang ZH, Tang B, Wu YC
766 - 778 Determination of momentum accommodation coefficients and velocity distribution function for Noble gas-polymeric surface interactions using molecular dynamics simulation
Yousefi-Nasab S, Safdari J, Karimi-Sabet J, Norouzi A, Amini E
779 - 786 Surface and subsurface film growth of titanium dioxide on polydimethylsiloxane by atomic layer deposition
Astaneh SH, Jursich G, Sukotjo C, Takoudis CG
787 - 794 Synthesis of ultra-long boron nanowires as supercapacitor electrode material
Tuzluca FN, Yesilbag YO, Ertugrul M
795 - 806 The IV period transition metal modified carbon@TiO2 nanoflower with high photo-electrochemical water oxidation performance under solar irradiation
Liu YY, Guo XL, Chen ZT, Zhang WJ, Zheng YM, Wang YX, Tang X, Zhang Y, Wang ZM, Zhang T
807 - 817 Surface oxidation of amorphous Si and Ge slanted columnar and mesoporous thin films: Evidence, scrutiny and limitations for infrared optics
Santos AJ, Lacroix B, Maudet F, Corvisier A, Paumier F, Dupeyrat C, Girardeau T, Garcia R, Morales FM
818 - 828 Surface manipulation techniques of Roman denarii
Manukyan K, Fasano C, Majumdar A, Peaslee GF, Raddell M, Stech E, Wiescher M
829 - 837 Enhanced organic species identification via laser structuring of carbon monolithic surfaces
He XY, Chikarakara E, Nesterenko EP, Nesterenko PN, Mousavian RT, Paull B, Brabazon D
838 - 846 Stabilizing the nanostructure of SnO2 anode by constructing heterogeneous yolk@shell hollow composite
Tian QH, Chen FT, Liu Y, Chen KY, Yang L
847 - 851 Investigation of the effect of operating parameters on the synthesis of gas hydrate by the method based on self-organizing process of boiling-condensation of a hydrate-forming gas in the volume of water
Meleshkin AV, Bartashevich MV, Glezer VV
852 - 861 Controllable synthesis of Mo-O linkage enhanced CoP ultrathin nanosheet arrays for efficient overall water splitting
Tao KY, Dan HM, Hai Y, Liu L, Gong Y
862 - 872 Preparation of transparent amorphous ZnSnO3 cubic nanoparticles and light-induced homostructures: Application in UV sensor and room-temperature gas sensor
Wang XY, Xia MZ, Li H, Zhu XT, Leng BX, Tao T, Xu W, Xu JT
873 - 881 g-C3N4/oxygen-deficient BiOCl nanocomposite assisted by distinguished properties of graphene quantum dots for the efficient photocatalytic removal of organic vapors
Choi JU, Jo WK
882 - 888 Oxidation simulation study of silicon carbide nanowires: A carbon-rich interface state
Gao HF, Wang HJ, Niu M, Su L, Fan XY, Wen JB, Wei Y
889 - 896 Corrosion behavior of epoxy composite coatings reinforced with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets in the high salinity environments
Zhu LJ, Feng C, Cao YQ
897 - 903 Uniform and reactive hydrogen polysilsesquioxane hollow spheres immobilized with silver nanoparticles for catalytic reduction of methylene blue
Li HW, Lu LY, Xiong YZ, Dong FP
904 - 912 Effects of biaxial strain on interfacial intermixing and local structures in strain engineered GeTe-Sb-2 Te-3 superlattices
Huang Y, Liu FR, Zhang YZ, Li WQ, Han G, Sun NX, Liu F
913 - 925 Constructing a 2D/2D Bi2O2CO3/Bi4O5Br2 heterostructure as a direct Z-scheme photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity for NOx removal
Zhu GQ, Li SP, Gao JZ, Zhang FC, Liu CL, Wang QZ, Hojamberdiev M
926 - 932 An unexpected interaction between a H2O2 molecule and anatase TiO2(101) surface
Wang LM, Wang QG, Ren FZ, Wang YX
933 - 947 A molecular dynamic study of nano-grinding of a monocrystalline copper-silicon substrate
Xu YX, Wang MC, Zhu FL, Liu XJ, Chen Q, Hu JX, Lu ZL, Zeng PJ, Liu YH
948 - 955 Tuning the period of femtosecond laser induced surface structures in steel: From angled incidence to quill writing
Fuentes-Edfuf Y, Sanchez-Gil JA, Garcia-Pardo M, Serna R, Tsibidis GD, Giannini V, Solis J, Siegel J
956 - 962 Surface characteristics investigation of HVAF sprayed cermet coatings
Vijay S, Wang LT, Lyphout C, Nylen P, Markocsan N
963 - 974 Reduced graphene oxide supported nitrogen-doped porous carbon-coated NiFe alloy composite with excellent electrocatalytic activity for oxygen evolution reaction
Yue XY, Song CS, Yan ZY, Shen XP, Ke WT, Ji ZY, Zhu GX, Yuan AH, Zhu J, Li BL
975 - 981 Comparison of mesoporous materials based on mixed-organic-cation hole-conductor-free perovskite solar cells
Huang YM, Zhao L, Li YY, Li WL, Wang SM
982 - 993 Growth process and grain boundary defects in Er doped BaTiO3 processed by EB-PVD: A study by XRD, FTIR, SEM and AFM
Clabel HJL, Awan IT, Rivera VAG, Nogueira IC, Pereira-da-Silva MA, Li MS, Ferreira SO, Marega E
994 - 1003 NiCo2O4@TiO2 electrode based on micro-region heterojunctions for high performance supercapacitors
Xue CY, Chen Y, Li YK, Chen HM, Cui DF, Lin LW
1004 - 1012 Facile fabrication of durable superhydrophobic and oleophobic surface on cellulose substrate via thiol-ene click modification
Zeng TC, Zhang PF, Li XX, Yin YJ, Chen KL, Wang CX
1013 - 1020 Controllable synthesis of silver anchored N-doped yolk-shell carbon@mSiO(2) spheres and their application for the catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Liu SJ, Qi YL, Cui L, Dai QQ, Zeng SJ, Bai CX
1021 - 1031 Structure and wettability of heterogeneous monomolecular films of phospholipids with cholesterol or lauryl gallate
Jurak M, Mroczka R, Lopucki R, Wiacek AE
1032 - 1041 Self-assembly of chitosan and cellulose chains into a 3D porous polysaccharide alloy films: Co-dissolving, structure and biological properties
Zhang RH, Xie JY, Yang BB, Fu FY, Tang HY, Zhang JJ, Zhao YT, Zhang YY, Liu L, Zhu YF, Liu XD, Zhou JP, Yao JM
1042 - 1047 Chemisorption enhancement of single carbon and oxygen atoms near the grain boundary on Fe surface: ab initio study
Lobzenko I, Shiihara Y, Sakakibara A, Uchiyama Y, Umeno Y, Todaka Y
1048 - 1054 Milling-induced chemical decomposition of the surface of EuBaCo2O5.5 powders studied by means of soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Galakhov VR, Udintseva MS, Mesilov VV, Gizhevskii BA, Naumov SV, Telegin SV, Smirnov DA
1055 - 1066 From highly dispersed Rh3+ to nanoclusters and nanoparticles: Probing the low-temperature NO plus CO activity of Rh-doped CeO2 catalysts
Kibis LS, Svintsitskiy DA, Derevyannikova EA, Kardash TY, Slavinskaya EM, Stonkus OA, Svetlichnyi VA, Boronin AI
1067 - 1074 Information content of ToF-SIMS data: Effect of spectral binning
Madiona RMT, Alexander DLJ, Winkler DA, Muir BW, Pigram PJ
1075 - 1082 Cu/SnO2 gas sensor fabricated by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for effective detection of carbon monoxide
Tombak A, Ocak YS, Bayansal F
1083 - 1089 Facile synthesis of Fe/Fe3C-C core-shell nanoparticles as a high-efficiency microwave absorber
Kuang DT, Hou LZ, Wang SL, Luo H, Deng LW, He J, Song M
1090 - 1097 Using irradiation effect to study the disparate anchoring stabilities of polar-organic molecules adsorbed on bulk and thin-film metal surfaces
Arumugam K, Chen HM, Dai JH, Gao MF, Goyal A, Lin MK, Nakayama Y, Pi TW, Metz S, Papadopoulos TA, Jeng HT, Tang SJ
1098 - 1105 Effect of Cr2AlC nanolamella addition on tribological properties of 5W-30 engine oil
Davis D, Shah AF, Panigrahi BB, Singh S
1106 - 1114 One-pot solvothermal synthesis of V2O5/MWCNT composite cathode for Li ion batteries
Partheeban T, Kesavan T, Vivekanantha M, Sasidharan M
1115 - 1124 Multifunctional transition metal doped Sb2O3 thin film with high near-IR transmittance, anti-reflectance and UV blocking features
Divya KV, Abraham KE
1125 - 1133 TiO2-C nanowire arrays@polyaniline core-shell nanostructures on carbon cloth for high performance supercapacitors
Wang QQ, Wang JB, Wang HY, Zhan JH, Zhu YL, Zhang QL, Shen QH, Yang H
1134 - 1141 Adsorption of a chiral modifier on an oxide surface: Chemical nature of tartaric acid on rutile TiO2 (110)
Meriggio E, Lazzari R, Chenot S, David P, Methivier C, Carrier X, Cabailh G, Humblot V
1142 - 1149 Enhancement in photocatalytic activity of CO2 reduction to CH4 by 0D/2D Au/TiO2 plasmon heterojunction
Wang R, Shen J, Sun KH, Tang H, Liu QQ
1150 - 1158 Remarkable improvements in the performance and stability of Si photoanodes adopting nanocrystalline NiOx electrocatalyst and stoichiometric SiO2 protection
Jung JY, Yu JY, Shinde SS, Kim SH, Kim DH, Lin C, Wehrspohn RB, Lee JH
1159 - 1166 Controllable synthesis of highly active Au@Ni nanocatalyst supported on graphene oxide for electrochemical sensing of hydrazine
Zhang XJ, Zheng JB
1167 - 1176 Immobilizing CuO/BiVO4 nanocomposite on PDA-templated cotton fabric for visible light photocatalysis, antimicrobial activity and UV protection
Ran JH, Chen HB, Bai X, Bi SG, Jiang HY, Cai GM, Cheng DS, Wang X
1177 - 1186 Structure, mechanical and tribological properties in seawater of multilayer TiSiN/Ni coatings prepared by cathodic arc method
Ye YW, Yao YR, Chen H, Guo SD, Li JL, Wang LP
1187 - 1194 Effects of graphene quantum dots interlayer on performance of ZnO-based photodetectors
Mousavi SS, Kazempour A, Efafi B, Ara MHM, Sajad B
1195 - 1204 Investigation on the photocatalytic performance of Ag4P2O7 microcrystals for the degradation of organic pollutants
Pereira WD, Gozzo CB, Longo E, Leite ER, Sczancoski JC
1205 - 1214 Effective boron doping in three-dimensional nitrogen-containing carbon foam with mesoporous structure for enhanced all-solid-state supercapacitor performance
Yang ZC, Xie LQ, Chen YT, Xue T, Ma B, Zhang KL, Zhao JS, Wei J
1215 - 1223 Role of substrate interface energy in the synthesis of high quality uniform layered ReS2
Hafeez M, Rehman SU, Saleemi AS, Saeed M, Zhu L
1224 - 1235 Enhanced corrosion protective performance of graphene oxide-based composite films on AZ31 magnesium alloys in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution
Chen YN, Li JJ, Yang WG, Gao SY, Cao R
1236 - 1242 Interfacial reconstruction, exchange bias and photocurrent effect in epitaxial Fe3O4/Co3O4 spinel heterostructure
Wang P, Jin C, Pang X, Zheng WC, Gao GQ, Wang DS, Zheng DX, Dai HT, Bai HL
1243 - 1254 Compatibility of fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces and addition of inhibitors in designing corrosion prevention strategies for electrodeposited nickel in saline solutions
Nezhad AHN, Arefinia R, Kashefi M, Davoodi A, Hosseinpour S
1255 - 1259 Synthesis of turbostratic graphene by direct carbon ions implantation on LiNbO3
Liu KJ, Lu F, Li KK, Xu YH, Ma CD
1260 - 1267 Adsorption characteristics of formaldehyde on nitrogen doped graphene-based single atom adsorbents: A DFT study
Liu ZJ, Zhang DW, Wei TH, Wang LQ, Li XJ, Liu BX
1268 - 1277 Air bubbles induced piezophotocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants using nanofibrous poly(vinylidene fluoride)-titanium dioxide hybrid
Durairaj A, Ramasundaram S, Sakthivel T, Ramanathan S, Rahaman A, Kim B, Vasanthkumar S
1278 - 1285 Synthesis of Ag/AgCuS/CuInS2 hybrid nanoparticles by reductive cation exchange and their asymmetric heterostructure
Kuzuya T, Kuwada T, Inukai H, Hamanaka Y, Hirai S
1286 - 1290 Temperature-dependent gas sensing properties of porous silicon oxycarbide: Insight from first principles
Liao NB, Zhang M, Zheng BR, Xue W
1291 - 1298 Characterization of 167 MeV Xe ion irradiated n-type 4H-SiC
Madito MJ, Hlatshwayo TT, Skuratov VA, Mtshali CB, Manyala N, Khumalo ZM
1299 - 1305 Ultraviolet-light emission enhancement and morphology stability for ZnO:Ga nanorod array treated by hydrogen plasma
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