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1 - 7 Obtaining tailored surface characteristics by combining shot peening and electropolishing on 316L stainless steel
Lopez-Ruiz P, Garcia-Blanco MB, Vara G, Fernandez-Pariente I, Guagliano M, Bagherifard S
8 - 15 Graphyne doped with transition-metal single atoms as effective bifunctional electrocatalysts for water splitting
Gao XP, Zhou YN, Tan YJ, Liu SQ, Cheng ZW, Shen ZM
16 - 22 A simple descriptor for binding and charge transfer at blue phosphorene-metal interfaces
Sharma D, Gautam G, Narasimhan S
23 - 26 Graphene growth on sapphire via palladium silicidation
Lee D, Seo J
27 - 36 Surface functionalization of graphene oxide by disodium guanosine 5 '- monophosphate and its excellent performance for lipase immobilization
Zhuang W, Gu WW, Zhu QQ, Zhu JH, Wang ZF, Niu HQ, Liu D, Wu JL, Chen Y, Li M, Zhu CJ, Ying HJ
37 - 44 The novel g-C3N4/MoS2/ZnS ternary nanocomposite with enhanced lithium storage properties
Xu J, Xu YY, Tang GG, Tang H, Jiang HB
45 - 54 Gold nanoparticles supported on functionalized silica as catalysts for alkyne hydroamination: A chemico-physical insight
Parise C, Ballarin B, Barreca D, Cassani MC, Dambruoso P, Nanni D, Ragazzini I, Boanini E
55 - 65 Fabrication of robust silk fibroin film by controlling the content of beta-sheet via the synergism of Uv-light and ionic liquids
Xie CX, Li WJ, Liang QQ, Yu ST, Li L
66 - 72 The effect of sonication time on the surface morphology and dissolubility of naproxen sodium powders
Savaroglu G, Caglar M, Ildaser AC, Hur E, Ilican S
73 - 81 Effect of fuel content on the electrocatalytic methanol oxidation performance of Pt/ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by solution combustion
Matin MA, Saad MAHS, Kumar A, Al-Marri MJ, Mansour SA
82 - 88 Synthesis of NiO hollow nanospheres via Kirkendall effect and their enhanced gas sensing performance
Chu SS, Yang C, Su XT
89 - 98 New insights into the surface relaxation and oxidation of chalcopyrite exposed to O-2 and H2O: A first-principles DFT study
Wei ZL, Li YB, Gao HM, Zhu YG, Qian GJ, Yao J
99 - 107 Spectroscopic study on amorphous tantalum oxynitride thin films prepared by reactive gas-timing RF magnetron sputtering
Lertvanithphol T, Rakreungdet W, Chananonnawathorn C, Eiamchai P, Limwichean S, Nuntawong N, Patthanasettakul V, Klamchuen A, Khemasiri N, Nukeaw J, Seawsakul K, Songsiriritthigul C, Chanlek N, Nakajima H, Songsiriritthigul P, Horprathum M
108 - 115 Selectively encapsulating Ag nanoparticles on the surface of two-dimensional graphene for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Su KLM, Zhang Y, Chen SN, Zuo S, Ha YS, Dan JC, Chen WF, Sun CH, Dai ZX, Shi XT
116 - 124 A novel highly selective and sensitive NH3 gas sensor based on monolayer Hf2CO
Wang YR, Ma SH, Wang LF, Jiao ZY
125 - 134 Surface co-modification with highly-dispersed Mn & Cu oxides of g-C3N4 nanosheets for efficiently photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CO and CH4
Zhang XX, Hu K, Zhang XL, Ali W, Li ZJ, Qu Y, Wang H, Zhang QY, Jing LQ
135 - 142 Influence of oxygen adsorption for vacancy-induced d(0) magnetism in rutile TiO2 (001) surface
Zhou M, Zhang YJ, Sun L, Hao WT, Cao ES, Yang Z
143 - 149 Identifying surface structural changes in a newly-developed Ga-based alloy with melting temperature below 10 degrees C
Yu Q, Zhang QB, Zong JJ, Liu SY, Wang XL, Wang XD, Zheng HM, Cao QP, Zhang DX, Jiang JZ
150 - 156 Effect of nanoparticles concentration on the evaporation characteristics of biodiesel
Jiang GZ, Yan J, Wang G, Dai ML, Xu CS, Wang JG
157 - 165 Density functional theory calculation on two-dimensional MoS2/BiOX (X = Cl, Br, I) van der Waals heterostructures for photocatalytic action
Gao B, Zhang JR, Chen L, Guo JK, Shen S, Au CT, Yin SF, Cai MQ
166 - 176 Flower-like g-C3N4 assembly from holy nanosheets with nitrogen vacancies for efficient NO abatement
Duan YY, Li XF, Lv KL, Zhao L, Liu Y
177 - 188 Roles of growth mechanisms of Ni deposits on corrosion behaviors of Ni-xAl-yTi composite coatings
Zhao YT, Xing SL, Wang LB, Sun YL, Liu HB, Zhan K, Jiang CH, Ji V, Li WG
189 - 198 Flexible self-powered ultraviolet-visible photodetector based on polyaniline-titanium dioxide heterostructures: The study of the rearrangement of layers
Mojtabavi EA, Nasirian S
199 - 208 In situ preparation of graphene coating bonded to stainless steel substrate via Cr-C bonding for excellent anticorrosion and wear resistant
Xu H, Zang J, Yuan Y, Tian P, Wang Y
209 - 218 Surface and bulk charge distribution in manganese sulfide doped with lanthanide ions
Syrokvashin MM, Korotaev EV, Kryuchkova NA, Zvereva VV, Filatova IY, Kalinkin AV
219 - 227 Covalent bonding of ZnO nanostructures with dispersible carbon nanotubes for self-assembly photocatalytic heterostructures
Tie WW, Jin JM, Bhattacharyya SS, Yue HW, Lei Y, Zheng Z, He WW, Lee SH
228 - 238 Understanding the adsorption and anticorrosive mechanism of DNA inhibitor for copper in sulfuric acid
Qiang YJ, Zhang ST, Wang LP
239 - 244 Nucleation engineering for atomic layer deposition of uniform sub-10 nm high-K dielectrics on MoTe2
Lin YS, Kwak I, Chung TF, Yang JR, Kummel AC, Chen MJ
245 - 254 Investigation of the initial deposition steps and the interfacial layer of Atomic Layer Deposited (ALD) Al2O3 on Si
Gakis GP, Vahlas C, Vergnes H, Dourdain S, Tison Y, Martinez H, Bour J, Ruch D, Boudouvis AG, Caussat B, Scheid E
255 - 263 Theoretical study on design of novel superalkalis doped graphdiyne: A new donor-acceptor (D-pi-A) strategy for enhancing NLO response
Shehzadi K, Ayub K, Mahmood T
264 - 271 Ultrathin NiMn-layered double hydroxide nanosheets coupled with alpha-Fe2O3 nanorod arrays for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Yu XL, Liu JQ, Yin WC, Wang T, Quan L, Ran Y, Cui JY, Wang L, Zhang YH
272 - 279 Study on the wear resistance of graphene modified nanostructured Al2O3/TiO2 coatings
Wang L, Liu SY, Gou JF, Zhang QW, Zhou FF, Wang Y, Chu RQ
280 - 284 Visualization and characterization of localized outgassing position on surface-treated specimens: Chromium oxide layer on stainless steel
Miyauchi N, Iwasawa T, Yakabe T, Tosa M, Shindo T, Takagi S, Itakura AN
285 - 297 Hydrodynamic phenomena induced by laser ablation of metal into liquid
Petrov YV, Khokhlov VA, Zhakhovsky VV, Inogamov NA
298 - 308 Urethane-silica functionalized graphene oxide for enhancing mechanical property and fire safety of waterborne polyurethane composites
Du WN, Jin Y, Lai SQ, Shi LJ, Shen YC, Pan JZ
309 - 313 A perspective on effective medium models of thermal conductivity in (ultra) nanocrystalline diamond films
Sandu T, Tibeica C
314 - 327 Effect of pH value and preparation temperature on the formation of magnesium phosphate conversion coatings on AZ31 magnesium alloy
Zai W, Su YC, Man HC, Lian JS, Li GY
328 - 336 Layered Al2O3-SiO(2 )and Al2O3-Ta2O5 thin-film composites for high dielectric strength, deposited by pulsed direct current and radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Hanby BVT, Stuart BW, Gimeno-Fabra M, Moffat J, Gerada C, Grant DM
337 - 348 Investigating the role of ATP towards amplified peroxidase activity of Iron oxide nanoparticles in different biologically relevant buffers
Vallabani NVS, Singh S, Karakoti AS
349 - 361 Reversible wettability transition between superhydrophilicity and superhydrophobicity through alternate heating-reheating cycle on laser-ablated brass surface
Li XY, Jiang Y, Jiang ZH, Li YC, Wen C, Lian JS
362 - 368 Near ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy monitoring of the surface immobilization cascade on a porous silicon-gold nanoparticle FET biosensor
Rodriguez C, Dietrich P, Torres-Costa V, Cebrian V, Gomez-Abad C, Diaz A, Ahumada O, Silvan MM
369 - 373 Theoretical investigation of the structural and electronic properties of Al-decorated TiO2/perovskite interfaces
Xiao W, Pu WH, Wang JW, Wang X, Sun L, Cui JD, Wang LG
374 - 381 Lossy mode resonance-based fiber optic sensor using layer-by-layer SnO2 thin film and SnO2 nanoparticles
Wang Q, Li X, Zhao WM, Jin SW
382 - 391 Laser engraving optimization for achieving smooth sidewalls
Sikora A, Coustillier G, Sarnet T, Sentis M
392 - 398 Role of zinc interstitial defects in indium and magnesium codoped ZnO transparent conducting films
Zhang H, Li WJ, Qin GP, Ruan HB, Huang Z, Wu F, Kong CY, Fang L
399 - 406 Adsorption behavior of thiadiazole derivatives as anticorrosion additives on copper oxide surface: Computational and experimental studies
Xiong S, Liang D, Ba ZX, Zhang Z, Luo S
407 - 416 Highly efficient non-enzymatic glucose sensor based on CuxS hollow nanospheres
Cao MM, Wang H, Kaman P, Ji S, Wang XP, Zhao Q, Linkov V, Wang RF
417 - 425 Electrospun Fe, N co-doped porous carbon nanofibers with Fe4N species as a highly efficient oxygen reduction catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
Deng DJ, Tian YH, Li HN, Li HP, Xu L, Qian JC, Li HM, Zhang Q
426 - 434 Designed fabrication of super high hardness Ni-B-Sc nanocomposite coating for anti-wear application
Tao YQ, Ma FL, Teng MY, Jia ZF, Zeng ZX
435 - 448 Elastic behavior and intrinsic carrier mobility for monolayer SnS and SnSe: First-principles calculations
Shi LB, Yang M, Cao S, You Q, Niu YY, Wang YZ
449 - 454 Highly sensitive and low detection limit of resistive NO2 gas sensor based on a MoS2/graphene two-dimensional heterostructures
Hong HS, Phuong NH, Huong NT, Nam NH, Hue NT
455 - 463 Acetylene black enhancing the electrochemical performance of NiCo-MOF nanosheets for supercapacitor electrodes
Liu YX, Wang YZ, Wang HQ, Zhao PH, Hou H, Guo L
464 - 472 Hierarchically porous structured carbon derived from peanut shell as an enhanced high rate anode for lithium ion batteries
Murali G, Harish S, Ponnusamy S, Ragupathi J, Therese HA, Navaneethan M, Muthamizhchelvan C
473 - 486 Core-shell synergy and Eu3+ doping in boosting charge transfer in Eu3+ doped TiO2-carbon core-shell nanohybrids: Sustainable synthesis and visible light-driven photocatalysis
Rajeswari PV, Ram S, Pradhan D
487 - 496 Synergistic adsorption and photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) using Zn-Al-layered double hydroxide and TiO2 composites
Yang YT, Yan LG, Li J, Li JY, Yan T, Sun M, Pei ZG
497 - 503 Surface modification of tungsten disulfide with polypyrrole for enhancement of the conductivity and its impact on hydrogen evolution reaction
Stejskal J, Acharya U, Bober P, Hajna M, Trchova M, Micusik M, Omastova M, Pasti I, Gavrilov N
504 - 512 Facile synthesis of MOFs derived Fe7S8/C composites for high capacity and long-life rechargeable lithium/sodium batteries
Wu XL, Zhao H, Xu JM, Zhang ZF, Sheng WX, Dai SG, Xu TT, Zhang S, Wang XC, Wang Y, Li XJ
513 - 519 Electronic and optical properties of van der Waals heterostructures of g-GaN and transition metal dichalcogenides
Cui Z, Ren K, Zhao YM, Wang X, Shu HB, Yu J, Tang WC, Sun ML
520 - 526 In situ synthesis of ternary nickel iron selenides with high performance applied in dye-sensitized solar cells
Wei PK, Li J, Hao ZW, Yang Y, Li XM, Jiang CJ, Liu L
527 - 539 Z-scheme MgFe2O4/Bi2MoO6 heterojunction photocatalyst with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity for malachite green removal
Jia J, Du X, Zhang QQ, Liu EZ, Fan J
540 - 549 Development and characterization of magnetron sputtered self-lubricating Au-Ni/a-C nano-composite coating on CuCrZr alloy substrate
Chen ZX, Qiao L, Hillairet J, Song YT, Turq V, Wang P, Laloo R, Bernard JM, Lu K, Cheng Y, Yang QX, Hernandez C
550 - 557 A smartphone-integrated dual-mode nanosensor based on novel green-fluorescent carbon quantum dots for rapid and highly selective detection of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol and pH
Fan YZ, Tang Q, Liu SG, Yang YZ, Ju YJ, Xiao N, Luo HQ, Li NB
558 - 570 Large-area mechanical interlocking via nanopores: Ultra-high-strength direct bonding of polymer and metal materials
Xie Y, Zhang JH, Zhou T
571 - 578 Graphitied carbon-coated bimetallic FeCu nanoparticles as original g-C3N4 cocatalysts for improving photocatalystic activity
Chen SB, Li ML, Yang SY, Li X, Zhang SS
579 - 590 An MD simulation study to the indentation size effect of polystyrene and polyethylene with various indenter shapes and loading rates
Peng C, Zeng FL, Yuan B, Wang YS
591 - 597 Manipulation of the magnetoabsorption effect in Co-coated ZnO nanowires with Au decoration
Hsu HS, Hsu HS, Lin JX, Sun SJ, Tseng YT, Remes Z
598 - 606 Photosensitization of CdS by acid red-94 modified alginate: Dual ameliorative effect upon photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wang L, Gao ZQ, Li Y, She HD, Huang JW, Yu BR, Wang QZ
607 - 616 Mechanically prepared copper surface in oxidizing and non-oxidizing conditions
Serafin D, Nowak WJ, Wierzba B
617 - 625 Pd-Ru-Bi nanoalloys modified three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide/MOF-199 composites as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for ethylene glycol electrooxidation
Zhang SJ, Liu L, Yang JY, Zhang YQ, Wan ZR, Zhou LQ
626 - 633 Fast-dissolving electrospun nanofibrous films of paracetamol/cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
Yildiz ZI, Uyar T
634 - 643 Interaction of DNA nucleobases with boron, nitrogen, and sulfur doped graphene nano-ribbon for sequencing: An Ab initio study
Rastgoo M, Fathipour M
644 - 650 Quantitative investigation of plasmonic hot-electron injection by KPFM
Jian AQ, Feng K, Jia HP, Zhang QW, Sang SB, Zhang XM
651 - 660 An XPS investigation on the influence of the substrate and growth conditions on pyrite thin films surface composition
Morales C, Flores E, Yoda S, Nino MA, Marero DMY, Soriano L, Rojo J, Ares JR, Ferrer IJ, Sanchez C
661 - 668 Enhancing the performance of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) with nitrophenyl modified carbon nanotubes-based anodes
Iftimie S, Dumitru A
669 - 682 Iron surface functionalization system - Iron oxide nanostructured arrays with polycaprolactone coatings: Biodegradation, cytocompatibility, and drug release behavior
Zhou JC, Yang YY, Detsch R, Boccaccini AR, Virtanen S
683 - 689 Suppressed loss tangent and conductivity in high-permittivity Ag-BaTiO3/PVDF nanocomposites by blocking with BaTiO3 nanoparticles
Silakaew K, Thongbai P
690 - 702 Direct double Z-scheme O-g-C3N4/Zn2SnO4N/ZnO ternary heterojunction photocatalyst with enhanced visible photocatalytic activity
Wang M, Tan GQ, Ren HJ, Xia A, Liu Y
703 - 710 Nanostructure phase and interface engineering via controlled Au self-assembly on GaAs(001) surface
Janas A, Jany BR, Szajna K, Kryshtal A, Cempura G, Kruk A, Kruk F
711 - 717 Sputter deposition of copper oxide films
Dulmaa A, Vrielinck H, Khelifi S, Depla D
718 - 725 Electrochemical biosensor for the detection of hydrogen peroxide using cytochrome c covalently immobilized on carboxyl functionalized ionic liquid/multiwalled carbon nanotube hybrid
Murphy M, Theyagarajan K, Prabusankar G, Senthilkumar S, Thenmozhi K
726 - 735 Electrochemical detection and catalytic removal of 4-nitrophenol using CeO2-Cu2O and CeO2-Cu2O/CH nanocomposites
Khan SB, Akhtar K, Bakhsh EM, Asiri AM
736 - 745 The role of surface N-H groups on the selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde over Co/BN catalysts
Zhang R, Wang LC, Yang X, Tao Z, Ren XB, Lv BL
746 - 755 A novel intercalation pseudocapacitive electrode material: VO(OH)(2)/CNT composite with cross-linked structure for high performance flexible symmetric supercapacitors
Chen M, Zhang YF, Liu YY, Zheng JQ, Meng CG
756 - 764 Single-crystalline ultrathin nanofilms of Ni aerogel with Ni(OH)(2) hybrid nanoparticles towards enhanced catalytic performance for ethanol electro-oxidation
Zhou XC, Yang XY, Fu ZB, Yang Q, Yang X, Tang YJ, Wang CY, Yi Y
765 - 775 Modification the surface quality and mechanical properties by laser polishing of Al/PLA part manufactured by fused deposition modeling
Chen L, Zhang XZ
776 - 784 Water adsorption on nitrogen-doped carbons for adsorption heat pump/desiccant cooling: Experimental and density functional theory calculation studies
Fujiki J, Yogo K
785 - 791 Surface characteristics, Ni ion release, and antibacterial efficacy of anodized NiTi alloy using HNO3 electrolyte of various concentrations
Ohtste NFM, Hirano YM, Yamaguchi KO, Yamasaki KO
792 - 807 Electrochemical and XPS analytical investigation of the accelerative effect of bicarbonate/carbonate ions on AISI 304 in alkaline environment
Wang LW, Tian HY, Gao H, Xie FZ, Zhao K, Cui ZY
808 - 817 Constructing of Z-scheme 3D g-C3N4-ZnO@graphene aerogel heterojunctions for high-efficient adsorption and photodegradation of organic pollutants
Zhang JY, Mei JY, Yi SS, Guan XX
818 - 825 Constructing copper-ceria nanosheets with high concentration of interfacial active sites for enhanced performance in CO oxidation
Li W, Shen X, Zeng R, Chen J, Xiao WM, Ding SM, Chen C, Zhang RB, Zhang N
826 - 842 Theoretical insight into the role of pyridinic nitrogen on the catalytic activity of boron-doped graphene towards oxygen reduction reaction
Larijani HT, Khorshidian M
843 - 848 Effect of copper size and structure on catalytic hydrogenation of acetyl: A comparative DFT study
Dong XQ, Ma TF, Liu Q, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
849 - 855 Facile synthesis of cactus-shaped CdS-Cu9S5 heterostructure on copper foam with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Wang L, Qian YT, Du JM, Wu HR, Wang Z, Li G, Li KD, Wang WM, Kang DJ
856 - 861 Carrier selective metal-oxides for self-doped silicon nanowire solar cells
Manjunatha KN, Paul S
862 - 870 Towards an efficient and durable superhydrophobic mesh coated by PDMS/TiO2 nanocomposites for oil/water separation
Bolvardi B, Seyfi J, Hejazi I, Otadi M, Khonakdar HA, Davachi SM
871 - 878 Nitrogen-doped carbon-coated Li[Ni0.8Co0.1Mn0.1]O-2 cathode material for enhanced lithium-ion storage
Nanthagopal M, Santhoshkumar P, Shaji N, Praveen S, Kang HS, Senthil C, Lee CW
879 - 885 Poly (triazine imide) (PTI) and graphene hybrids supported Pt-Sn catalysts for enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of ethanol
Jia XX, Guan QQ, Chen Y, Wang Y, Zhao Q, Li JP
886 - 895 Aluminium segregation profiles in the (110), (100) and (111) surface regions of the Fe0.85Al0.15 random body-centered cubic alloy
Dai ZB, Borghetti P, Chenot S, David P, Koltsov A, Jupille J, Cabailh G, Goniakowski J, Lazzari R
896 - 908 Improved surface charge storage properties of Prosopis juliflora (pods) derived onion-like porous carbon through redox-mediated reactions for electric double layer capacitors
Shanmugapriya S, Surendran S, Lee YS, Selvan RK
909 - 918 Implausibility of bidentate bonding of the silanol headgroup to oxidized aluminum surfaces
Poberznik M, Kokalj A
919 - 935 Ab initio investigation of phosphorus and hydrogen co-segregation and embrittlement in alpha-Fe twin boundaries
Schuler T, Christien F, Ganster P, Wolski K
936 - 943 Effects of internal structure and chemical compositions on the hygroscopic property of bamboo fiber reinforced composites
Zhang YM, Huang XA, Yu YL, Yu WJ
944 - 945 Modification of Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13]O-2 cathode with alpha-MoO3 via a simple wet chemical coating process (vol 479, pg 1277, 2019)
Meng FB, Guo HJ, Wang ZX, Wang JX, Yan GC, Wu XW, Li XH, Zhou LJ